Chapter 9 - Stories and Personages of the People of Israel
                 The Story of Original Sin
                 Free Will and Original Sin
                 The Flood
                 The Unselfishness of Abraham
                 The Ladder to Heaven in Jacob's Dream
                 Joseph and his Brothers
                 The People of Israels Pilgrimage with Moses through the Desert
                 The Struggle of Elijah for the True God
                 The Twelve Tribes of Israel
                 The Prophets and First Kings of Israel
Chapter 10 - When the Time Came
                 The Waiting of the Jewish People for the Messiah
                 Mary, the earthly Mother of Jesus
                 The Adoration of the Baby Jesus
                 The Bond of Love between Jesus and Mary
                 The Wisdom of Jesus
                 The Incomprehension of the People of Nazareth
Chapter 11 - The Work of Jesus on earth
                 The Baptism in the Jordan; the Time of Preparation in the Desert
                 The Unity of Jesus Christ with God
                 The Rejection of Jesus as the awaited Messiah
                 Jesus as the Guest of Salvation among the Humble People
                 Jesus the Tireless Preacher
                 The Love of Jesus for Children and Nature
                 The Doctrine of Jesus
                 The "Miracles" of Jesus
                 The Adulteress
                 Mary Magdalene
                 Nicodemus and the Question of Reincarnation
                 The Transfiguration of Jesus
                 Lack of Courage to Commit Oneself
                 The Harassment of Jesus
                 Proclamation of His Parting
                 The Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem
                 The Last Supper
Chapter 12 - The Passion, Death, and Resurrection
                 Efforts and Suffering throughout the Life of Jesus
                 The Betrayal by Judas
                 The Passion of Jesus
                 The Saving Action of Jesus in the Worlds Beyond
                 The Appearance of Jesus after the Resurrection
Chapter 13 - Mission and Significance of Jesus and His Apostles
                 Correction of the Old Concept of God, and False Traditions
                 The Example of Jesus
                 The Importance of the Doctrine of Jesus
                 The Summoning, Learning, and Trials of the Apostles of Jesus
                 John the Apostle
                 The Apostles Peter and Paul
                 The Example of the Apostles
                 The Expansion of Christianity

II. Retrospection of the First and Second Revelations

Chapter 9 - Stories and Personages of the People of Israel

The Story of Original Sin           

1. The story of the first men thatinhabited earth was passed fromgeneration to generation until it waswritten down in the Book of the FirstEra. It is a living parable about thosefirst beings that populated the earth.Their purity and innocence permittedthem to feel the caress of MotherNature, a warmth of friendship existedbetween all beings, and completebrotherhood between all creatures.

2. In a Divine parable, I inspired thefirst men to begin to have knowledgeof their destiny, but the meaning ofMy revelations was poorlyinterpreted.

3. When you were told of the tree oflife, of the knowledge of Good andEvil, of which man ate, I only wishedto make you understand that whenman comes to have sufficientknowledge to distinguish between thejust and unjust, and began to beresponsible for his acts, from that timeHe began to gather the fruits of hisworks.

4. You know that God said to men:"Grow, multiply, and replenish theearth." That was the initial law thatyou were given. Oh, people! Later,the Father would not ask men only tomultiply, and that the species continueto grow, but rather that theirsentiments are ever more elevated,and that their spirits begin a broaddevelopment and unfolding.Moreover, if the first law were that ofthe propagation of the human race,how can you conceive of the Fatherapplying sanctions for obeying andfulfilling His mandate? People, is itpossible that such a contradictioncould exist in your God?

5. Look at what material interpretationmen gave to a parable thatspoke only of the awakening of thespirit in man; therefore, analyze Myteaching, and do not say any more thatyou are paying the debt the firstinhabitants acquired for disobedienceto your Father. Have a more elevatedidea of Divine justice. (105, 45 - 46)

6. This is the time in which you canunderstand Me when I tell you: Growand multiply, and replenish theUniverse with your good works andelevated thoughts. I welcome all whowish to come to Me, to all who seekperfection. (150, 48 - 49)

Free Will and Original Sin           

7. You say to Me that because of thefreedom of will you have fallen intofaults and errors. I also say thatthrough that gift you can infinitelyelevate yourselves beyond the pointfrom which you departed in thebeginning of your elevation.

8. In addition to the freedom of will Iendowed each spirit with My light inits conscience so that no one would belost, but those who did not want tohear My voice or did not want topenetrate into their innermost insearch of the spiritual light, werequickly tempted by the countlessbeauties of the human existence, theylost the support of My Law for theirspirit and they had to stumble and fall.

9. Just one fault brought manypainful consequences and the fact isthat imperfection does not harmonizewith the Divine love.

10. Those who yielded and repentedreturned immediately to the Fatherand humbly asked Him to cleanse andliberate them from their sinscommitted, the Father received withinfinite love and charity, Hecomforted their spirit, He sent them tocorrect their faults and strengthenedthem in their mission.

11. "Do not think that everyonereturned meek and repentant after thefirst disobedience. No, many arrivedfilled with arrogance or hate. Others,with shame, realizing their guilt, triedto justify their faults before Me, andfar from purifying themselves throughrepentance and atonement, which isproof of humility, they chose to createfor themselves a life of their ownchoosing; outside of the laws whichMy love dictates".

12. Then My justice manifesteditself, not to punish, but to correctthem, not to destroy, but to preservethem eternally, providing them withan ample opportunity to perfectthemselves.

13. How many of those first sinners,still have not rid themselves of theirblemishes, because fall after fall, theykept descending more and more intothe depths of an abyss, from whichonly the practice of My Law can savethem. (20, 40 - 46)

The Flood           

14. In the earliest times of humanity,there was innocence and simplicity inmen, but as they multiplied, due totheir evolution and their free will,their sins also continued to grow; andrather than their virtues, it was theirfrailty before My Law that developedfaster.

15. It was then that I prepared Noahby communicating with him fromSpirit to spirit because I establishedthis type of communication withmankind when man first came todwell on earth.

16. I said to Noah: "I will send agreat flood to earth to purify the spiritof man of all his sins. Build on ark,and tell your children, their wives, andyour grandchildren to go inside theark". Also place a pair of animalsfrom each specie on earth inside theark.

17. Noah was obedient to Mycommand, and the cataclysm arrivedin fulfillment of My word. The badseed was pulled up by its roots, andthe good seed conserved in Mygranaries, with which I formed a newhumanity that bore within it the lightof My justice, and knew how tocomply with My Law and livepracticing good customs.

18. Perhaps do you believe that thoseindividuals who suffered painfuldeaths perished both physically andspiritually? Truly I tell you, Mychildren, they did not. Those spiritswere saved by Me, and they awokebefore the judge of their ownconscience. They then were preparedto return once again to the path of lifein order to progress spiritually. (302,14 - 16)

The Unselfishness of Abraham           

19. It will not always be necessaryfor you to drain the cup of bitterness.It will be enough for Me to see yourfaith, your obedience, your purposeand intentions to obey Mycommandments, for Me to free youfrom the most difficult moments ofyour trials.

20. Remember that Abraham wasasked for the life of his son, Isaac,who He loved much; and that thepatriarch, overcoming his pain and thelove He felt for his child, preparedhimself to sacrifice him as a proof ofobedience, faith, love, and humilitythat you cannot yet understand. ButHe was not permitted to consummatethe sacrifice of his son, becausealready in the depths of his heart Hehad proven his obedience to theDivine Will, and that was enough. Oh,how great was the rejoicing ofAbraham when his hand was heldback by a greater force, preventinghim from sacrificing Isaac. Oh, howHe blessed the name of his Lord andmarveled at his wisdom! (308, 11)

21. In Abraham and his son Isaac, Igave you an image of what would bethe sacrifice of the Redeemer, whenHe put the love that Abrahamprofessed for Me to the test, asking ofhim that He sacrifice his son, hisbeloved Isaac, by his own hand.

22. In that act, if you know how tomeditate upon it, you will find asimilarity to what later was thesacrifice of My Only Son for thesalvation of the world.

23. Abraham was the representationof God, and Isaac the image of Jesus;at that moment the patriarch thoughtthat if the Lord asked him for the lifeof his son, it was so that the blood ofthe innocent might wash away thefailings of the people; and despiteloving deeply He who was the flesh ofhis flesh, obedience to God, andcharity and love for his people werestronger in him than the life of hisbeloved son.

24. The obedient Abraham wasabout to unleash the mortal blow athis son, but at the moment when,wracked with anguish, He raised hisarm to sacrifice him, My powerstopped him, ordering him to sacrificea lamb in place of his son, so that thissymbol would remain as a testimonyto love and obedience. (119, 18 - 19)

The Ladder to Heaven in Jacob's Dream           

25. Do you know what meaning iscontained in the ladder that Jacobbeheld in his dreams? That ladderrepresents the life and evolution of thespirits.

26. The body of Jacob slept at themoment of revelation, but his spiritwas awake. He had ascended towardsthe Father, seeking prayer as themeans, and upon entering into theregions of light, He came to receive acelestial message that would remainas a testament of revelations andspiritual truths for his people, which isall humanity, for Israel is not amaterial, but a spiritual name.

27. Jacob saw the ladder with itsbase on earth and its top touching thesky; this shows that the road ofspiritual elevation that begins on earththrough the flesh, and ends up unitingits light and essence with that of theFather, apart from all materialinfluence.

28. The patriarch saw that by thatladder angels ascended anddescended, representing the incessantincarnation and disincarnation, thecontinuous coming and going of thespirits in search of light, or also ontheir mission of restoration andpurification of themselves, to elevatethemselves a little more uponreturning to the spiritual world. It isthe road of spiritual evolution thatleads to perfection.

29. That is why Jacob beheld therepresentative form of Jehovah at thetop of the ladder, indicating that Godis the goal of your perfection, of youraspirations, and the supreme prize ofinfinite joy as the compensation forarduous struggle, prolonged suffering,and perseverance in reaching thebosom of the Father.

30. Amongst the vicissitudes andtrials, the spirit has always found theopportunity to earn merit for theascent. There, in each trial, the Ladderof Jacob has been always represented,inviting you to climb one more step.

31. A great revelation, oh disciples,was that, for in it the spiritual life wasspoken of at a time when theawakening of the spirit to the worshipof the Divine, the elevated, the pure,the good and true had barely begun.

32. That message could not havebeen for one single family, or even forone single people; its essence wasspiritual and therefore was universal.For that very reason, the voice of theFather said to Jacob: "I am the LordGod of Abraham thy Father, and theGod of Isaac: the land whereon thoulie, to thee I will give it, and to thyseed; and thy seed shall be as the dustof the earth, and thou shall spreadabroad to the west, and to the east,and to the north, and to the south: andin thee and in thy seed shall all thefamilies of the earth be blessed." (315,45 - 50)

Joseph and his Brothers           

33. Joseph, son of Jacob, had beensold by his own brothers to somemerchants who were traveling toEgypt. Joseph was still young but hadalready given evidence of a great giftfor prophecy; envy took charge of hisbrothers, who got rid of him believingthat they would never see him again;but the Lord, who watched over hisservant, protected him and made himimportant to the Pharaoh of Egypt.

34. Many years later, when theworld was stricken by drought andhunger, Egypt, guided by the counseland inspirations of Joseph, had storedenough provisions to withstand thetrial.

35. It was then that the sons of Jacobarrived in Egypt to search for food.Great was their consternation whenthey recognized that their brother,Joseph, had become minister andcounselor to the Pharaoh. Upon seeinghim, they fell from their feet to theirknees, repenting of theirtransgression, and recognized that theprophecies of their brother had beenrealized. He who had been given upfor dead was there before them full ofpower, virtue, and wisdom. Theprophet whom they had sold, wasshowing them the truth of theprophecy that the Lord had placed onhis lips as a child. The brother theyhad humiliated, selling him, waspardoning them. Do you understand,people? Now you know why I havesaid to you this day: When will yourecognize Me as Joseph wasrecognized by his brothers? (90, 2)

The People of Israels Pilgrimage with Moses through the Desert           

36. In the First Era, Moses was at thehead of Israel in guiding them throughthe desert for forty years to the land ofCanaan; but from disobedience, lackof belief, and materialism, someblasphemed, others reneged, and yetothers rose in rebellion. Moses,confronted with such a situation, toldthem with prudence and patience notto offend the Supreme Will, but to behumble and obedient before thatFather who, without considering theirdisobedience, had made manna fallfrom the sky and water spring forthfrom the rocks. (343, 53)

37. "Moses had offered sufficientproof that the true God was with him,but the people wanted more evidence.The messenger, taking the multitudesto the slopes of Mount Sinai calledupon the power of Jehovah; and theLord, hearing him, granted him greatproofs and miraculous things". (29,32)

38. "The people wanted to hear andto see the One to whom Moseslistened and the One whom Heperceived through his faith. Imanifested Myself to those people ina cloud and had them listen to Myvoice for hours and hours, but it wasso potent that men felt themselvesdying of fear; their bodies shook andtheir spirits trembled before that voiceof justice. Then the people beggedMoses to plead to Jehovah not tospeak any longer to his people, forthey could no longer listen to him.They recognized that they were stilltoo small to communicate directlywith the Eternal One". (29, 34)

39. Forge your spirit in the greatcombats of life, just as did that peopleof Israel in the desert. Do you knowhow great is the desert, which with itsharsh sun and burning sands appearsto have no end? Do you know whatloneliness, and silence are, and havingto maintain vigilance because enemieswatch? Truly, I tell you, it was therein the desert that the people knew thegreatness it was to believe in God, andlearned to love him. What could thatpeople hope for from the desert?Nonetheless, they had all: bread,water, a home in which to rest, and anoasis and sanctuary wherein to elevatetheir grateful spirits toward the Fatherand Creator. (107, 28)

The Struggle of Elijah for the True God           

40. In the First Era Elijah came toearth and found that humanity waspracticing idolatry and did not believein God. The world was beinggoverned by kings and priests, andboth had departed from the obedienceto Divine laws and were guiding theirpeople along paths of confusion andfalsehood. They had erected altars todifferent gods which they worshiped.

41. Elijah appeared in that time andspoke to them with words of justice,telling mankind: Open your eyes andsee that you have disrespected the lawof the Lord. You have forgotten theexample of his messengers and havefallen into a worship which isunworthy of the living and powerfulGod. It is necessary that you awaken,that you see and recognize him.Eliminate your idolatry and lift youreyes above every figure with whichyou have represented him.

42. Elijah heard My voice whichsaid to him, depart from the wickedpeople of that nation. Tell them thatrain will not fall for a long time, notuntil you order it so in My name.

43. And Elijah said, it will not rainuntil My Lord appoints the hour andMy voice orders it. And thus sayingHe departed.

44. "From that day forth the landwas dry; many normally rainy seasonspassed without rain. There were nosigns of water in the sky; the fieldsfelt the drought; the cattle began toperish; men unsuccessfully dug intothe earth looking for water to quenchtheir thirst; rivers dried up; overcomeby the rays of the red hot sun, thegrass withered; and men cried out totheir gods asking for rain to return tothem in order to sow and harvest theseed which fed them".

45. Elijah had departed by Divinemandate. He prayed and awaited thewill of his Lord. Men and womenbegan to leave their lands in search ofnew places which did not lack water.Wherever one looked there werecaravans, and all the land was dry.

46. Years went by, and one daywhen Elijah elevated his spirit to theFather, He heard His voice saying,seek out the king, and when I giveyou the sign, the waters once againwill fall over the land.

47. "Filled with obedience, Elijahhumbly went before the king of thatnation and showed his power beforethe worshipers of the false gods; afterthat, He spoke about the Father and ofhis power; then the signs appeared;lightning, thunder, and fire were seenin the sky, followed by an abundanceof rain. Once again the fields becamegreen and the trees were filled withfruit, and there was abundance ofmany things on earth".

48. Faced with this proof, the peopleawakened and remembered theirFather who called and warned themthrough Elijah. (53, 34 - 39)

The Twelve Tribes of Israel           

49. Do not believe that prophets,forerunners, and spirits of light haveexisted only in the bosom of thepeople of Israel; to other peoples alsoI have sent some of these, but mentook them as gods, not as envoys, andunder their teachings created religionsand cults.

50. The people of Israel did notunderstand the mission they had withthe other peoples, and slept in a bed ofblessings and complacency.

51. The Father had formed them as aperfect family in which one tribe hadthe mission of defending the peopleand maintaining peace, anotherworked the earth, and another werefishermen and navigators. To yetanother was entrusted spiritualworship, and so on; each one of thetwelve tribes that made up the peoplecarried out a different mission thattogether served as an example ofharmony. And truly, I say to you, thespiritual gifts that you possessed inthose first times, you have still. (135,15 - 16)

The Prophets and First Kings of Israel           

52. The prophets spoke with greattruth, they came to earth almostalways in times of great confusion andstraying, admonishing the peoples,inviting them to repentance, and tomake amends, proclaiming great trialsof justice if they did not turn back tothe good, and other times predictingblessings for observation andobedience to the Divine Law.

53. But, what those prophets spokeof was an exhortation toward thepracticing of good, justice, andrespect for one another. They did notcome revealing the life of the spirit,its destiny and evolution; not evenMoses himself, who I chose to bemade My representative and throughwhose channel I gave the Law for alltime, spoke of the spiritual life.

54. The Law of the Fatherencompasses wisdom and justice,teaches men to live in peace, to loveand respect one another, and makeyourselves worthy before Me, as men;but Moses did not show humanity thatwhich is beyond the threshold ofbodily death, nor what the restitutionof the disobedient spirits is, or theprize for those that are prudent andjealous of their mission.

55. Later, David reigned, full of giftsand inspiration, and in his moments ofelevation, in his ecstasy He heard thehymns and spiritual songs with whichHe formed the psalms to invite thepeople of Israel to pray and give thebest offerings of their hearts in tributeto the Lord. Yet David, with all hislove and inspiration, could not revealto the people the marvelous existenceof the spirits, nor their evolution ortheir goals.

56. And again Solomon, whosucceeded him in his reign, and whoalso showed the great gifts of wisdomand power that had been given to him,and for which He was loved andadmired, and whose counsel,judgments and proverbs are stillremembered today, if his people hadapproached him to ask: How is thespiritual life? What is beyond death?What is the spirit? Solomon, with allhis wisdom, could not have answered.(339, 12 - 15)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 10 - When the Time Came


1. Your Father prepared everythingfor the Word of God to dwell amonghumanity and to show it the path of itsrestitution with sublime examples ofhis love.

2. First He inspired the prophets whoannounced the form in which theMessiah would come to the world,what his work would be, and hissuffering and death as a man, so thatthose who knew the prophecies wouldimmediately recognize Christ whenHe appeared on earth.

3. Centuries before My presencethrough Jesus, the Prophet Isaiah said:“Therefore, the Lord will give youthis sign. For behold the Virgin willconceive and give birth to a child whowill be called Immanuel, which meansGod is with you.” With this prophecy,among others, He announced Mycoming.

4. Many centuries before My arrival,David, with songs filled with pain andprophetic meaning, sang of thesufferings of the Messiah during thecrucifixion. In those psalms, Hespeaks of one of My seven words onthe cross. He announces the contemptwith which the multitudes would leadMe to the sacrifice, the phrases ofmockery the men would use onhearing Me say that the Father was inMe, the solitude which My bodywould experience before humaningratitude, all the torments to which Iwould be subjected, and even the wayin which they would cast lots for Myclothing.

5. Each one of My prophets came toannounce My coming, to preparepaths, and to give precise signs so thatno one would be confused when theday came. (40, 1 - 5)

The Waiting of the Jewish People for the Messiah           

6. The world in this Era has notknown how to wait for Me as did thepeople of Israel in that Second Era.My great prophets had proclaimed aMessiah, a Savior, the Son of God,who would come to liberate theoppressed and enlighten the worldwith the light of the Word; and themore that people suffered, the morethey wished for the arrival of thepromised one; the more they drankfrom the cup of humiliation andoppression, the more they yearned forthe presence of the Messiah, andeverywhere they searched for signsand indications that spoke of theimminent arrival of their Savior.

7. From generation to generation,from parents to children they passedon the Divine promise that for muchtime made the chosen people of theLord watch and pray.

8. Finally, I arrived among Mypeople, but not all knew how torecognize Me; for although allawaited Me, some did so withspirituality and others through amaterialistic interpretation.

9. But for Me sufficed the purity andlove of those who felt My presenceand looked at the Reign of Heaven inthe light of My Word to believe in Mymanifestation; I sufficed with thosewho followed Me faithfully, and thosewho saw in Me their spiritual savior,for it was they who gave testimony ofMy truth after I left this world.

10. Although My message was forall the peoples of the earth, I called tothe hearts of the chosen people sothey could become thereafter thespokesmen for My Word. However, itwas not that people alone who felt Mypresence. In other nations as well menknew how to discover the signs of Mycoming, and foresaw the time of Mypresence on the earth. (315, 17 - 19)

11. Elijah appears before men ineach Era and in each Divinerevelation.

12. The Messiah had not yet come toearth. It would not be long before Hewould be born as a man. Meanwhile,the spirit of the prophet had alreadybeen incarnated in John, later calledthe Baptist, to announce the nearnessof the Kingdom of Heaven, whichwould be the presence of the DivineWord, the Messiah, among humanity.(31, 61 - 62)

Mary, the earthly Mother of Jesus           

13. From the earliest time, thepatriarchs and prophets began tospeak of the Coming of the Messiah.However the Messiah did not comeonly in Spirit, but came to makehimself flesh, to make himself man,and take the flesh from a woman.

14. "The Divine maternal essencehad to be made flesh as well, to bemade woman, like a flower of purity,so that from its petals the scent, theperfume of the Word of God that wasJesus might arise." (360, 26)

15. In Nazareth there lived a pureand tender flower, an unwed virginnamed Mary, who was precisely theone announced by the Prophet Isaiahto have the fruit of the true life sproutfrom her womb.

16. Unto her came the spiritualmessenger of the Lord to tell her ofthe mission which she brought toearth, saying to her: "Hail, you arehighly favored; the Lord is with you.Blessed are you among women".

17. The hour for the revelation of theDivine Mystery had come, and all thathad been said about the presence ofthe Messiah, the Savior, theRedeemer, was about to be fulfilled.But how few were the hearts whowere sensitive to My presence! Howfew the spirits that were prepared torecognize the Kingdom of Heaven inthe light of My truth! (40, 6 - 7)

The Adoration of the Baby Jesus           

18. Humanity is remembering onthis day that some wise men from theEast came to the manger in Bethlehemto adore the child - God. Today somehearts ask Me: Lord, is it true thatthose wise and powerful men boweddown to you, recognizing yourdivinity?

19. Yes, My children, it was science,power, and wealth that arrived toprostrate themselves before Mypresence.

20. There also were shepherds, andtheir wives and children, with humble,healthy, and simple presents, withwhich they received and saluted theRedeemer of the world and Mary asthe symbol of celestial tenderness.They represented humility, innocence,and simplicity, but those who held intheir parchments the prophecies andpromises that spoke of the Messiahslept deeply without so much as apremonition of who had arrived in theworld. (146, 9 - 11)

The Bond of Love between Jesus and Mary           

21. Jesus lived his childhood andyouth beside Mary enjoying hermotherly love. Mary, the DivineTenderness, offered much sweetnessto the Savior in his first years of lifein the world, for the hour would comewhen He was to drink muchbitterness.

22. How is it possible for anyone tothink that Mary, who conceived Jesusand lived with the Divine Master,could be lacking in spiritual elevation,in purity, and holiness?

23. Whoever loves Me will have tofirst love all that is mine, all that Ilove. (39, 52 - 54)

The Wisdom of Jesus           

24. Men say in their books that Jesuswas among the Essenes seeking theirknowledge, but He who knew all andwho was before the worlds, hadnothing to learn from men; the Divinehad nothing to learn from the human.Wherever I went, I taught. Can therebe anyone wiser than God on theearth? Christ came from the Father tobring Divine wisdom to men. Didyour Master not give you proof ofthis, when at twelve years of age Heleft the theologians, philosophers, anddoctors of the law of that timeastonished?

25. There are those who haveattributed to Jesus the weaknesses ofall men, and enjoy throwing upon theDivine unstained man, the mud thatthey carry in their own hearts. Thesedo not know Me.

26. If all the marvels of this Naturethat you behold are no more than thematerial form of Divine thoughts, doyou not think that the body of Christwas the materialization of a sublimethought of love from your Father?Therefore Christ loves you with theSpirit, not the flesh. My truth cannotbe counterfeited, for it containsabsolute light and force. (146, 35 - 36)

27. In the Second Era, I gave you anexample of how you should await theright hour to fulfill the mission thatbrought you to earth.

28. I waited for My body, that ofJesus, which was beheld by men, tocome to its best age, to fulfill theDivine mission of teaching you lovethrough him.

29. "When that body, that heart, andthat mind had come to their fulldevelopment, My Spirit spokethrough his lips, My wisdom crossedhis mind, My love rested in his heart,and the harmony between that bodyand the Divine light that illuminated itwas so perfect that many times I saidto the multitudes: "Who knows theSon, knows the Father."

30. Christ took the truth of God toteach it to men; He did not come totake it from the world. Not from theGreeks, the Chaldeans, the Essenes,nor the Phoenicians, from none didHe come to take light. They did notknow the road to heaven, and I cameto show that which was not known onearth.

31. Jesus had consecrated hisinfancy and youth to charity andprayer while the time approached toproclaim the Reign of Heaven, theLaw of love and justice, and theDoctrine of light and life.

32. Seek out the essence of MyWord poured out in that time, and sayto Me if it can have come from somehuman doctrine or from any sciencethen known.

33. Truly, I tell you, if I really couldhave found wisdom in those men, Iwould have sought My disciples fromamong them, and not from among therough and uneducated men withwhom I formed My apostolate. (169,62 - 68)

The Incomprehension of the People of Nazareth           

34. I had to seek refuge in the bosomof a people like the Egyptians, sincethe people to whom I had come didnot know how to shelter Me, but thatwas not the only pain that My heartwas to feel.

35. When I returned from Egypt tolive in Nazareth, at each step I wasridiculed and wounded by theirphrases of unbelief and envy.

36. Although I performed miraclesand manifested My power and charityamong the people of Nazareth, theyrejected Me. No one believed in Me,including those who had closelyknown My life and My deeds.

37. "Thus, when it was time for Meto begin My ministry, I told thepeople of Nazareth prior to Mydeparture: 'Truly I tell you that thereis no prophet who will be believed inhis own country; therefore, it isnecessary for him to go elsewhere inorder for his words to be heard." (299,70 - 72)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 11 - The Work of Jesus on earth

The Baptism in the Jordan; the Time of Preparation in the Desert           

1. Sweet Jesus, the humble Nazarenewho had awaited the hour in whichhis lips would issue the Divine word,sought out John, on the banks of theJordan, to receive from him the watersof baptism. Did Jesus go in search ofpurification? No, people. Did He go tofollow some rite? No. Jesus knew thatthe hour had arrived in which Heceased to be ; the hour in which theman disappeared so that the Spiritcould speak, and He wished to markthat hour by an act that would engraveitself upon the memory of humanity.

2. The symbolic waters did not needto cleanse any stain, but did serve asan example to humanity, for they tookfrom that body all its ties to the world,allowing melting itself in its will withthe spirit. It was then that those whowitnessed the act heard a humanizedDivine voice say: "This is Mybeloved son, in whom I am wellpleased. Listen to Him".

3. As of that moment, Christ, theDivine Word, manifested Himselfverbally through Jesus. Men referredto Jesus as Rabbi, Divine Master,Messenger, Messiah, and the Son ofGod. (308, 25 - 27)

4. Later I went into the desert tomeditate, to teach you to enter intocommunion with the Creator andcontemplate from the silence of thedesert the work that awaited Me, andto teach you with it that to raiseyourselves to the fulfillment of thework that I have entrusted you, firstyou must purify yourself. Then, in thesilence of your being, seek directcommunion with your Father, andthusly prepared, clean, strengthened,and resolved, rise with firmness to thefulfillment of your delicate mission.(113, 9)

The Unity of Jesus Christ with God           

5. I manifested Myself verbally threeyears through Jesus and My words orthoughts were never distorted ormisrepresented. He fulfilled My willthrough each of his deeds. He did thatbecause Jesus and Christ were trulyone, similar to how Christ is truly Onewith the Divine Father. (308, 28)

6. Behold the Father in Me, for trulyI tell you that Christ is One with theFather from eternity, even before theworlds came to be.

7. In the Second Era that Christ, whois One with God, incarnated on earthin the blessed body of Jesus and inthis way He came to be the Son ofGod, but only as Man, for again I sayto you that only one God exists. (9,48)

8. If I became man in Jesus, it wasnot to give you the impression thatGod has a human form, but to makeMyself be seen and heard by thosewho were blind and deaf to all whichis Divine.

9. If the body of Christ had been thebody of Jehovah, in truth I say to you,that He would not have bled or died.His was a perfect body but human andsensitive so that humanity couldbehold Him and through Him hear thevoice of their Heavenly Father. (3, 82)

10. "There were two natures inJesus, one material, human, created byMy will in the virginal bosom ofMary, which I named the Son of Man,and the other Divine, the Spirit, whowas named the Son of God. In thiswas the Divine Word of the Father,who spoke in Jesus; the other wasonly material and visible". (21, 29)

11. Christ, the Word of God, was Hewho spoke through the mouth ofJesus, the clean and pure man.

12. Jesus the man was born, lived,and died, but, regarding the Christ, Hewas not born, nor did He grow in theworld, nor did He die; for He is theVoice of love, the Spirit of love, theDivine Word, and the expression ofthe wisdom of the Creator, who hasbeen always with the Father. (91, 28 -29)

The Rejection of Jesus as the awaited Messiah           

13. In the Second Era I was notrecognized by all. When I appeared inthe bosom of the Jewish people, whowere already expecting Me becausethey had seen the signs given by theprophets fulfilled, My presenceconfused many who had not knownhow to interpret the prophecies. Theyexpected to see their Messiah as apowerful prince who struck down hisenemies, who humiliated kings andtheir oppressors, and who concededpossessions and earthly goods to thosewho awaited Him.

14. When this people beheld Jesuspoor and barefoot, covering his bodywith a humble tunic, when they sawhim born in a stable and then workingas a humble craftsman, they could notbelieve that He was the envoy of theFather. It was necessary for theMaster to perform miracles andtangible works for them to believe andcomprehend his Divine message.(227, 12 - 13)

15. Always it has been the humbleand the poor who discover Mypresence, for their understanding isnot filled with human theories to keepthem from clear judgment.

16. It happened also in the SecondEra, that the coming of the Messiahhaving been proclaimed, when Hearrived, those who sensed him werethe simple of heart, those of humblespirit and clean understanding.

17. The theologians had the books ofthe prophets in their hands, and dailyrepeated the words that proclaimedthe signs, the time, and the way inwhich the Messiah would come;nonetheless, they saw Me, and did notrecognize Me, heard Me, and deniedthat I was the promised Savior; sawMy works, and knew only how to bescandalized, when in truth, all of thishad been prophesized. (l50, 21 - 23)

18. Today they do not doubt Jesus,but many argue and still deny MyDivinity. Some attribute to Me greatspiritual elevation, others claim that Itoo walk along the path of theevolution of the spirit to reach theFather; but if that were so I would nothave come to tell you: "I am the way,the truth, and the life." (170, 7)

Jesus as the Guest of Salvation among the Humble People           

19. "Your mission is to imitate yourDivine Master during His stay onearth; remember that when I visitedthe homes, I always left in them amessage of peace, I healed the sick, Iconsoled the sorrowful with theDivine power which love possesses".

20. "Never did I fail to enter a homebecause I would not be believed there;I knew that on leaving that place, theheart of its dwellers would still beoverflowing with joy, forunknowingly, their spirit hadglimpsed the Kingdom of Heaven,through My teaching".

21. "At times I went to their hearts,in others, they searched for Me; but inall cases My love was the bread ofeternal life, that I delivered to them inthe essence of My word". (28, 3 – 5)

Jesus the Tireless Preacher           

22. On some occasions when Iretired to the solitude of a valley, onlyat moments did I remain alone,because the multitudes, eager to hearMe approached their Master in searchof the infinite gentleness of His gaze.I received them, pouring upon thosemen, women and children, thetenderness of My infinite charity,knowing that in each creature therewas a spirit that I had come to seek inthe world. Then I spoke to them aboutthe Kingdom of Heaven, which is thetrue home of the spirit, in order forthem to soothe their anxieties with Myword and be strengthened with thehope of attaining eternal life.

23. "There were occasions whenthere was someone concealed amongthe multitude who harbored theintention of shouting denials of Mytruth, assuring that I was a falseprophet; but My word would surprisehim before He had a chance to openhis lips. At other times, I permitted ablasphemer to offend Me, to provebefore the multitude that the Masterwas not disturbed by offenses, thusgiving them an example of humilityand love".

24. There were some who, ashamedbefore My gentleness, leftimmediately, repentant for havingoffended with their doubts the Onewho with His deeds was preaching thetruth; and as soon as an opportunitypresented itself, they came to Me,they followed Me along the pathways,tearful, moved by My word, not evendaring to speak and ask forgivenessfor the insults which they hadpreviously inflicted upon Me. I wouldcall them, caress them with My word,and granted them a certain grace. (28,6 - 7)

25. Listen: When I was on the earthwith you, men came to Me incaravans, men of high rank covered invanity, and rulers who secretly soughtMe out to hear Me. Some admiredMe, but from fear did not admit it,others denied Me.

26. To Me came multitudes formedby men, women, and children, andthey listened to Me morning,afternoon, and night. Always theyfound the Master willing to providethem with the word of God. Theyforgot themselves as they beheld theMaster neglecting himself, and theydidn't know when He ate so that hisbody would not waste away or hisvoice weaken, for they did not knowthat Jesus took strength from his ownspirit and within himself foundsustenance. (241, 23)

The Love of Jesus for Children and Nature           

27. There were times when, beingalone, I was discovered by childrenwho came to watch Me to offer Melittle flowers, tell Me some littlecomplaint and give Me their littlekisses.

28. Their mothers were embarrassedon finding their little ones in My armshearing My Word; the disciples,believing this to be a lack of respectfor the Master, tried to chase themaway from Me, it was then that I hadto say to them: "Let the childrencome unto Me, for to enter into theKingdom of Heaven it is necessary tohave the purity, thestraightforwardness, and thesimplicity of children."

29. I enjoyed that innocence andcandor just as one is delighted to see aflower bud about to open. (262, 62 -64)

30. How many times did hisdisciples find Jesus conversing withthe various creatures of the Universe!How many times was the Masterfound in dialog with birds, the fields,or the sea! But they knew that theMaster had not lost his mind. Theyknew that within their Master therevibrated the Creating Spirit of theFather; He who had given language toall beings, He who understood all hischildren, He who received praise andlove from all He had made.

31. How many times did hisdisciples or the people see Jesuscaressing a bird or a flower, andblessing them all. In his eyes was seena gaze of infinite love for allcreatures. The disciples guessed theDivine joy of that Lord upon seeinghim surrounded in such splendor, andof the wonders springing from hiswisdom; and many times too, theysaw tears in the eyes of the Master, asHe beheld the indifference of men tosuch grandeur, the insensibility andblindness of the human creatures inthe face of such splendor. Many timesthey saw the Master cry when Hebeheld the leper weeping because ofhis leprosy; and men and womencomplaining of their fate, even whilethey were being held in the lap ofperfect love! (332, 25 - 26)

The Doctrine of Jesus           

32. Jesus showed you charity,meekness, and love. He came to teachyou to pardon your enemies from theheart, to say to you that you must fleefrom lies, and love truth; He mademanifest to you that for the evil aswell as the good done to you, youmust return always good. He taughtyou to respect each one of yourfellows, and showed you how to findthe health of body and spirit and tohonor with your life the names ofyour parents, so that you in your turnmay be honored by your children.

33. Here are some of the mandatesthat must be followed by all who trulywish to be Christians. (151, 35-36)

34. When the Scribes and Phariseesobserved the acts of Jesus and foundthat they differed from their own, theysaid that the Doctrine that Hepreached went against the Law ofMoses. They were confusing the Lawwith the traditions, but I proved that Ihad not come to transgress the Lawthat the Father had revealed to Moses,but to fulfill it in word and deed.

35. Truly, I did set aside many of thetraditions of that people, for the timehad come for them to disappear inorder to give birth to a new Era ofmore elevated teachings. (149, 42 -43)

36. Remember that in the firstprecept of the Law that Moses gave tohumanity it said, "Thou shall notmake any graven image, or anylikeness of any thing that is in heavento bow down to and adore." From thatday the road was clearly traced forhumanity, and for the spirit.

37. Moses did not limit himself totransmitting the Ten Commandmentsto men; He also instituted secondarylaws for human life, rites and symbolswithin the spiritual worship, allaccording to the steps that the humanspirit was then taking.

38. But the promised Messiah cameand erased traditions, rites, symbols,and sacrifices, leaving intact only theLaw, and it was for this reason thatwhen the Pharisees said to the peoplethat Jesus went against the laws ofMoses, I responded that I did not goagainst the Law, but rather infulfillment of it. If I came erasingtraditions, it was because in followingthem the people had forgotten toobserve the Law. (254, 17 - 18)

39. The Divine yearning of Jesuswas for his disciples to become thesowers of his redeeming Doctrine;and so it was that in the suprememoment of his last lecture to hisdisciples, which was also the lastconversation between the Father andhis children, He said in a sweet voice:"A new commandment I give untoyou: That ye love one another,"kindling, from the light of that maxim,humanity's greatest hope. (254, 59)

40. My Word in this Era shall noterase those I said to you in theSecond. Times, centuries, and Eraswill fade, but the words of Jesus shallnot. Today I come to explain andreveal the content of that which I toldyou then, and which you did notunderstand. (114, 47)

The "Miracles" of Jesus           

41. So that this teaching wouldkindle faith in the hearts [of men], Iaccompanied it with miracles so thatthe teaching would be loved by them,and so that those miracles would bemore tangible, I performed them inthe bodies of the sick: I healed theblind, the deaf, the mute, theparalyzed, the possessed, and lepers. Ieven raised the dead.

42. How many miracles of loveChrist performed among men! Theirnames were gathered by history as anexample to future generations. (151,37 - 38)

43. Beings of light in the service ofthe Divine Work, and othersrebellious and ignorant, came fromeverywhere, and there appearedamong that humanity possessedpersons who science did not knowhow to liberate and who wererepudiated by the people. Neither thedoctors of the Law, nor the physicianswere able to restore those sick tohealth.

44. But I was disposed to all to teachand give proof of love, and I grantedthrough Jesus the healing of thesecreatures, to the astonishment ofmany.

45. The skeptical, those who hadheard talk of the power of Jesus andknew of his miracles, sought the mostdifficult tests to make him vacillate aninstant and demonstrate that He wasnot infallible; and the freeing of thepossessed, returning them to the stateof normal beings with only a touch ora look, or by directing an order tothem so that those spiritual beingsabandoned their minds, and one andall were freed from their heavyburden, confused them.

46. Before this power, the Pharisees,the scientists, the scribes, andpublicans had different reactions.Some recognized the authority ofJesus, others attributed his power tostrange influences, others could findnothing to say, but the sick who hadbeen healed blessed His name.

47. Some had been possessed byonly a single spirit, others by seven,as was Mary Magdalene, and othersby numbers so large that theythemselves said they were legion.

48. Throughout the life of the Masterspiritual manifestations occurred,some were seen by the twelvedisciples, others by the people on theroads or in their homes. It was thetime of prodigies, of marvels. (339, 20- 22)

49. "The miracle, according to theway you understand it, does not exist;there is nothing contradictory betweenthe Divine and the material".

50. You attribute many miracles toJesus and truly I say to you, that Hisdeeds were the natural effect of love,of that Divine force which althoughpresent within each spirit, you still donot know how to use it, because youdo not want to know the virtue oflove.

51. What existed in all the miracleswhich Jesus performed, if it was notlove?

52. Listen, O disciples: In order forthe love of God to manifest itself tomankind, the humility of theinstrument was necessary, and Jesuswas always humble, and as He cameto give an example to men, He said toyou on a certain occasion that withoutthe will of His Heavenly Father, Hecould do nothing. He, who does notpenetrate in the humility of thosewords, will believe that Jesus was anordinary man, but the truth is that Hewanted to give you a lesson ofhumility.

53. He knew that humility, that unitywith the Father, made Him Almightybefore mankind.

54. O! Immense and beautifultransfiguration that love, humility andwisdom gives!

55. Now you realize why Jesus,although saying that He couldaccomplish nothing without the willof His Father, in reality could masterit all, because He was obedient,because He was humble, because Hebecame the servant of the Law and ofmen, and because He knew how tolove.

56. Recognize then that, youyourselves knowing some of thevirtues of the spiritual love, still donot feel it, and that is why you cannotunderstand the reason for that whichyou call a miracle or Mystery, butwhich are deeds made possible by theDivine love.

57. What teachings did Jesus giveyou which were not of love? Whatlearning, methods or Mysteriousknowledge did He employ in leavingyou His examples of power andwisdom? Only the sweetness of love,with which everything can beaccomplished.

58. There is nothing contradictory inthe laws of the Father, simple in theirwisdom and wise because they aresaturated with love.

59. Understand the Master, He isyour Book. (17, 11 - 21)

60. The spirit which inspired Jesuswas My very own, that of your God,who became man to dwell among youand allowed himself to be seenbecause it was necessary that it be so.As man, I felt all human suffering.Men of science, who had studiednature came to Me and found thatthey knew nothing of My teaching.The great and small, the virtuous andsinners, the innocent and guiltyreceived the essence of My word, andI made them all worthy of Mypresence. And while many werecalled, few were the chosen, and evenfewer were close to Me. (44, 10)

The Adulteress           

61. I defended the sinners. Do younot recall the adulteress? When shewas brought to Me, persecuted andcondemned by the multitudes, thepharisees came and asked Me, whatshould we do with her? The priestshoped that I would say, bring her tojustice, in order that they might latersay, how could you teach love andpermit the sinner to be punished? Andhad I said, let her go, they would haveanswered, in the laws of Moses,which you claim to be confirming,there is a mandate which says: Everywoman who is found to be adulterousshall be stoned to death!

62. Observing their intentions, I didnot answer their words, and leaningover, I wrote in the dust of the earththe sins of those who were judgingher. Again they asked Me what theyshould do with that woman and Ianswered them, let anyone who is freeof sin throw the first stone. Thenrecognizing their errors, they left,covering their faces. No one was pure,and sensing that I saw into the depthsof their hearts, they no longer accusedthat woman for all of them hadsinned. The woman, along with otherswho had also committed adultery,repented and did not sin again. I sayto you, that it is easier to convert asinner through love than throughharshness. (44, 11)

Mary Magdalene           

63. Mary Magdalene, the sinner, asthe world has called her, merited Myaffection and My forgiveness.

64. She achieved her redemptionquickly, which does not happen withothers that weakly ask for pardon fortheir sins; while she quickly foundthat which she sought, others do notachieve it.

65. Magdalene won forgiveness forherself without making a display ofher repentance, she had sinned as yousin, but she loved much.

66. One who loves may have errorsin his human conduct, but love is theaffection that overflows the heart; ifyou wish to be pardoned, like her,turn your eyes to Me full of love andtrust, and you will, like her, beabsolved of all stain.

67. That women did not sin again,the love that overflowed from herheart she consecrated to the Doctrineof the Master.

68. She was forgiven although shehad committed errors, but in her heartshe bore the purifying fire, and for theforgiveness the sinner received, shedid not again leave Jesus for aninstant, sooner did My disciples leaveMe alone than that little one; Marydid not leave Me, did not deny Me,and did not feel shame or fear.

69. To her was granted to cry at thefoot of the cross and over Mysepulcher, her spirit was soonredeemed for loving much.

70. In her heart, she too bore thespirit of an apostle; her conversionshines like the light of truth; she knewto humble herself before My feet tosay to Me: "Lord, if you wish it, I willbe saved from sin."

71. While you, how many timeshave you tried to convince Me of yourinnocence covering your faults withlong prayers?

72. No, disciples, learn from her;love your Lord truly in each one ofyour brothers. Love much, and yoursins will be forgiven. Great will yoube when you make that truth flower inyour heart. (212, 68 - 75)

Nicodemus and the Question of Reincarnation           

73. In that time I said to Nicodemus,who had sought Me out in good faithto speak with Me: That which is bornof the flesh is flesh; and that which isborn of the Spirit is spirit. Marvel notthat I said to you that you must beborn again. Who understood thosewords?

74. With them I wished to say to youthat one human life is not enough tounderstand even one of My lessons,and for you to come to understand thebook that this life encompasses, manyexistences are necessary to you.Therefore the flesh must serve only asa crutch for the spirit in its journey onearth. (151, 59)

The Transfiguration of Jesus           

75. During the Second Time, Jesuswas walking one day followed by hisdisciples. They had climbed amountain, and while the Masterastonished those men with his words,they suddenly beheld the transfiguredbody of their Lord, which floated inspace, having the spirit of Moses to itsright and that of Elijah to its left.

76. The disciples, blinded by theDivine light, fell to the ground beforethat supernatural vision, but calmingthemselves quickly, they proposedthat their Master place upon hisshoulders the royal purple mantle, thesame as upon Moses and Elijah. Thenthey heard a voice which descendedfrom the infinite and said, This is Mybeloved Son in whom I am wellpleased. Listen to him.

77. Great fear invaded the discipleswhen they heard that voice. Liftingtheir eyes, they saw only their Masterwho said to them: Do not fear nor tellanyone about this vision until I haveresurrected from among the dead.Then they asked the Lord, why do thescribes say that it is necessary forElijah to come first? And Jesusanswered, truly, Elijah shall comefirst and restore all things. But I say toyou that Elijah has already come andthey knew him not. Rather they didwith him as they pleased. Then thedisciples understood that He spoke tothem of John the Baptist.

78. "In this era, how many timeshave I made the speaker throughwhom I communicate disappearbefore your eyes so that you mightbehold Me in the human form ofJesus, the form in which humanityknew Me; yet, you have not kneltbefore the new trasfiguration". (29, 15-18)

Lack of Courage to Commit Oneself           

79. In those days when as man Ilived among you, it happened manytimes that at night, when all slept,there were men who came to find Mesecretly, fearing to be discovered, forthey felt regret for having yelled andraised a scandal against Me as I spoketo the crowd; and their regret wasmore intense when it proved that intheir hearts My word had left a gift ofpeace and light, and that My healingbalm had flowed over their bodies.

80. Heads hanging, they presentedthemselves to Me, saying: Master,pardon us; we have recognized thetruth of your word. And I answeredthem: "If you have found that I speakonly truth, why do you hide? Do younot go out to receive the rays of thesun when it appears, and when haveyou ever been ashamed of the sun? Hewho loves Me truly never hides it, ordenies it, or feels shame for it.

81. I speak to you in this way,because I see many that come to seeMe stealthily, lying as to where theyhave gone, hiding what they haveheard, and sometimes denying thatthey have been with Me. Of what areyou ashamed? (133, 23 - 26)

The Harassment of Jesus           

82. In the Second Era I spoke to themultitudes. My word, perfect inessence and form, was heard by all.My gaze, penetrating hearts, saw allthat was kept there by each one. Insome there was doubt, in others faith,and in others an anguished voicespoke to Me: They were the sick, whopain had made hope for a miraclefrom Me. There were some who triedto hide their mockery when they heardMe say that I came from the Father tobring to men the Kingdom of Heaven,and there were hearts wherein I foundhatred for Me, and intentions ofsilencing Me or making Me disappear.

83. Those were the prideful: thePharisees who felt affected by Mytruth. For in spite of My word beingso clear, so full of love, and socomforting, in spite of being alwaysconfirmed by powerful works, manymen persisted in looking for [anothersupposed] truth behind My presence,judging Me in the form of Jesus,scrutinizing My life, concentrating onthe humility of My vestments and Myabsolute poverty of material goods.

84. And not content with judgingMe, they judged My disciples,observing them closely when theyspoke, when they followed Me on theroads, and when they sat at the table.How scandalized were the Phariseeswhen one time My disciples sat at atable without washing their hands.Poor minds that confuse the washingof the body with the purity of thespirit! They did not realize that whenin the temple they took up the sacredbread, they did it with clean hands buthearts full of rot. (356, 37 - 38)

85. Mankind scrutinized Me at eachstep. All of My words and deeds werejudged with evil intent. Most of thetime men were confused by My deedsor by the evidence I offered becausetheir human mind was not capable ofcomprehending that which only thespirit can comprehend.

86. If I prayed, they would say, whydoes He pray if He claims to be full ofpower and wisdom? What can Heneed or request? And if I did not pray,they would say that I did not fulfill theobligation of their religion.

87. If they saw that I did not nourishMyself while My disciples ate, theyjudged that I was not following thelaws instituted by God. And if theysaw Me eating, they askedthemselves, why does He need to eatto live, if He says that He is life? Theydid not understand that I had come tothe world to reveal to men howhumanity should live afterexperiencing a prolonged purificationon earth! From that long purification amore spiritualized generation shouldemerge that is above human misery,the demanding needs of the flesh, andthe selfish passions of the physicalsenses. (40, 11 - 13)

Proclamation of His Parting           

88. For three years Jesus lived withhis disciples. He was followed bygreat multitudes that loved himdeeply. For those disciples, nothingexisted but to hear the Masterpreaching his Divine teaching;following in his steps they felt neitherhunger nor thirst, there was nosetback or obstacle, all was peace andjoy in the environment thatsurrounded that group, but,nonetheless, just when they were mostabsorbed in the contemplation of theirbeloved Jesus, He said to them: "Thetimes will change, I will go from you,and you shall be as sheep amidstwolves." The hour comes when it isneedful for Me to return from whenceI came, and for you, who for a timeshall remain alone, to bear testimonyof that which you have seen and heardto those who hunger and thirst forlove and justice. Work in My name,and I shall carry you with Me to theeternal dwelling place."

89. These words saddened thedisciples, and as the hour came closerJesus repeated this announcementwith greater insistence; He spoke ofhis parting, but at the same timecomforted the hearts of those whoheard him, saying that his Spiritwould not leave and would continuewatching over the world, and that ifthey prepared themselves to carry hisword as a message of consolation andhope to the humanity of that time, Hewould speak through their mouths andperform prodigies. (354, 26 - 27)

The Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem           

90. Triumphally the multitudesreceived Me upon My entry into thecity of Jerusalem. From the towns andvillages the people came in crowds,men, women, and children to see theMaster's entry to the city. They werethose who had experienced theprodigy and proof of the power of theSon of God. The blind who now saw,the mute who could now sing theHosanna, and the bedridden who hadleft their beds to come hurrying to seethe Master in the Passover feast.

91. I knew that the triumph wasmomentary; I had already warned Mydisciples of what must later happen. Itwas only the beginning of Mystruggle, and now, at much distancefrom those events, I tell you that thelight of My truth continues in thestruggle against the darkness ofignorance, sin, and falsehood, forwhich reason I must add that Myabsolute triumph has not yet arrived.

92. How could you believe that theentrance to Jerusalem meant thetriumph of My cause when few werethose who had been converted, andmany those who did not know who Iwas?

93. And even if that humanity hadbeen converted to My Word, werethere not yet many generations tocome?

94. That moment of jubilation, thatfleeting, triumphal entry was only areflection of that triumph of light,good, truth, love, and justice that willcome one day, and to which you areall invited.

95. Know that if even one of Mychildren is still found outside NewJerusalem, there will be nocelebration, for God will not be ableto speak of triumph, He cannotcelebrate if his power has not beenable to save even the last of hischildren. (268, 17 - 21)

96. You are they who in the SecondTime sang the Hosanna when Jesusentered Jerusalem. Now that Imanifest to you in spirit, you do notthrow your cloaks before Me; it isyour hearts that you offer for thedwelling place of the Lord. Todayyour "Hosanna" is not shouted fromyour throats, this "Hosanna" springsfrom your spirit as a hymn ofhumility, love, and recognition of theFather, as a hymn of faith in thismanifestation that in the Third Erayour Lord has come to offer you.

97. Then, like now, you follow Mein My entrance to Jerusalem. Thegreat multitudes surrounded Me,captivated by My words of love; menand women, the elderly, and children,the city trembled with their voices ofjubilee. The very Priests andPharisees, fearing that the peoplemight rebel, said to Me: "Master, ifyou teach peace, why do you permityour disciples to raise a scandal in thismanner?" And I answered them: "Itell you that, if these should hold theirpeace, the stones would cry out." Forthese were moments of jubilee, theculmination and the glorification ofthe Messiah among those hungry andthirsty for justice: of those spirits thatfor a long time had awaited thecoming of the Lord in fulfillment ofthe prophecies.

98. In that Jubilee and gladness Mypeople also celebrated their liberationfrom Egypt. That commemoration ofthe Passover, I wished to makeunforgettable by My people, yet trulyI tell you that I did not comply withthe simple tradition of the sacrifice ofa lamb, no, I offered Myself in Jesus,the Sacrificial Lamb, as the roadthrough whom all My children mustbe redeemed. (318, 57 - 59)

The Last Supper           

99. When Jesus celebrated thePassover with his disciples accordingto the tradition of that people, He toldthem: Something new I will revealunto you; drink this wine, and eat thisbread, which represent My blood andMy body, and do this in memory ofMe.

100. After the parting of the Master,the disciples commemorated thesacrifice of the Lord drinking wineand eating the bread that symbolizedHe who gave all for love of humanity.

101. As the centuries passed thepeople divided into religions, andgave different interpretations to Mywords.

102. Today I come to tell you thatwhich was My feeling at that hour, atthat supper, where every word and actof Jesus was a lesson from a book ofprofound wisdom and infinite love. IfI took the bread and wine, it was tomake you understand that they werelike the love that is the sustenance andlife of the spirit, and if I told you: "Dothis in memory of Me," the Masterwished to tell you to love yourbrothers with a love like that of Jesus,giving yourselves as the truesustenance of humanity.

103. Any rite that you make of theseteachings will be sterile, if in yourlives you do not carry out the practiceof My teachings and examples; in thatis the difficulty for you, but in that iswhere merit lies. (151, 29 - 32 and 34)

104. Just as you are around Me now,so too was I in the Second Era on thatlast night. The sun was setting whenJesus conversed with his apostles forthe last time during that stay. Theywere the words of a Father agonizingover his very beloved children. Therewas sadness in Jesus, as well as in thedisciples who did not yet know what,only a few hours later, awaited Hewho had come to instruct them, andwho had so loved them. Their Lordwould leave them, but they did not yetknow how. Peter cried, clutching thecup to his heart. John wet the breast ofhis Master with his tears. Matthewand Bartholomew were in ecstasy atMy teaching. Phillip and Thomas hidtheir bitterness as they dined with Me.James the lesser, as well as thegreater, Thaddeus, Andrew, andSimon were mute from pain, thoughwith their hearts they said much toMe. Judas Iscariot also bore in hisheart pain, anguish, and regret, but Hecould not turn back, for darkness hadpossessed him.

105. When Jesus finished saying hislast words and recommendations,those disciples were bathed in tears,but one of them was no longer there,his spirit being unable to receive suchlove, nor to behold such light, andtherefore He had left because of thosewords that burned his heart. (94, 56 -58)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 12 - The Passion, Death, and Resurrection

Efforts and Suffering throughout the Life of Jesus           

1. I came to live among men, makingof My life an example, a book. I knewall the pains, the trials and thestruggles; the poverty, work, andpersecution; I knew being disownedby relatives, and ingratitude andbetrayal; I knew of the long days ofwork, hunger and thirst, mockery,loneliness, and death. I let all theweight of human sin fall upon Me. Iallowed man to scrutinize My Spirit inMy Word and in My pierced body,where even the last of My bonescould be seen. Being God, I wasturned into a king of fools, into mortalremains, having even to carry thecross of ignominy and climb the hillto where the thieves died. There Myhuman life ended, as proof that I amnot only a God in word, but also indeed. (217, 11)

2. When the hour approached andthe dinner had been concluded, Jesushad made his last recommendations tohis disciples. He walked to the Gardenof Olives, where He was accustomedto pray, and speaking to the Father,He said: "O My Father, if it bepossible, let this cup pass from Me:but above all, thy will be done." Itwas then that the one of My discipleswho was to betray Me cameaccompanied by the mob that was toapprehend Me. When they asked:"Which is Jesus of Nazareth?" Judasapproached his Master and kissedhim. In the hearts of those men therewas fear and tumult as they beheld theserenity of Jesus, and they askedagain: "Which is Jesus?" Then Iapproached them, saying: "Here I am,it is I." There My passion began.

3. They brought Me before highpriests, judges, and governors; theyquestioned Me, judged Me, andaccused Me of breaking the law ofMoses and of wanting to form akingdom that would destroy that ofCesar. (152, 6 - 7)

4. Do you not remember how manytimes I showed My love, not only tothose who believed in Me, but also toHe who betrayed Me, and to thosewho persecuted and judged Me? Nowyou may ask Me for what reason Icame to permit all those humiliations,and I answer you: It was necessary toleave them complete freedom ofthought and deed so that theappropriate circumstances would existin which to show Myself, and so thatall would feel the mercy and love withwhich I came to teach the world.

The Betrayal by Judas           

5. I did not move the heart of Judasto My betrayal; He served as theinstrument of a wrong thought whenhis heart filled with darkness; andwhen faced with the faithlessness ofthat disciple, I showed Myforgiveness.

6. It was not necessary that one ofMy own betray Me to give you thatdisplay of My humility, the Masterwould have shown it in anycircumstance that men might havepresented to him. To that disciple itcorresponded to be the instrument bywhich the Master showed his Divinehumility to the world; and althoughyou may have thought that theweakness of that man was whatcaused the death of Jesus, I say to youthat you are mistaken, for I came togive Myself to you completely; and ifit had not been in that form, you maybe sure it would have been in another.Therefore you have no right to curseor judge He who is your brother butwho in a moment of confusion lackedlove and the faithfulness that He owedto the Master. If you blame him forMy death, why do you not bless him,since you know that My blood wasspilled for the salvation of allmankind? It would be better for youto pray that none of you fall intotemptation, for the hypocrisy of thescribes and Pharisees still exists in theworld. (90, 37 - 39)

7. When I was questioned by thePontiff Caiphas saying to Me: I adjureyou by the living God, tell us if youare the Christ, the Messiah, the Son ofGod. I answered him: You have saidso". (21, 30)

The Passion of Jesus           

8. How many hearts, that daysbefore had admired and blessed Myworks, forgetting them, turnedungrateful and joined those whoblasphemed against Me; Yet, it wasnecessary that My sacrifice be verygreat, so that it would never be erasedfrom the hearts of humanity.

9. The world, and you in it, saw Meblasphemed, scourged, and humiliatedto the point where no man could havebeen, but I drained the cup that yougave Me to drink. Step by step Ifulfilled My destiny of love amongmen, giving all of Myself to Mychildren.

10. Blessed are those who in spite ofseeing their God bleeding and gaspingfor breath, believed in Him.

11. However something yet greaterstill awaited Me: to die nailed to across between two thieves; but so itwas written, and so it had to befulfilled for Me to be recognized asthe true Messiah. (152, 8 - 11)

12. Concerning this teaching that Inow give you, I gave already anexample in the Second Era. Jesusbeing on the cross, the Redeemeragonized before those multitudes thatHe had loved so much; each heart wasa door at which He had called. Amongthe mob were the man who governedmultitudes, the prince of the church,the publican, the Pharisee, the rich,the poor, the depraved, and those ofsimple heart. And while some, fromhaving seen his works and receivedbenefits from him, knew who it wasthat died that hour, others, thirsty forinnocent blood and eager forvengeance hurried the death of Hewho they mockingly called the Kingof the Jews, without knowing that Hewas King of not only one people, butof all the peoples of the earth and ofall the worlds of the Universe. Jesus,directing one of his last looks towardthat multitude, full of tenderness andpity, raised his plea to the Father,saying: "Forgive them, My Father, forthey know not what they do."

13. That look took in those whoenjoyed his torment, just as it didthose who wept for him; for the loveof the Master, which was the love ofthe Father, was the same for all. (103,26 - 27)

14. When the day arrived that themob, urged on by those disturbed bythe presence of Jesus, hurt and beathim, and they saw him bleed like asimple mortal under the affect of theblows; and later suffer and die likeany human, the Pharisees, princes,and priests exclaimed withsatisfaction: There is He who namedhimself the Son of God, who believedhimself a king, and who passedhimself off as the Messiah.

15. It was for their sake, more thanfor that of any others, that Jesus askedhis Father to forgive those who whileknowing the scriptures, denied himand pointed him out as an imposter tothe multitudes. It was they, in reality,who being doctors of the law, whenthey judged Jesus did not know whatthey were doing, even while amongthe mob were hearts broken by thepain of the injustice they werewitnessing and whose faces floodedwith tears before the sacrifice of therighteous Man. It was the men andwomen of simple hearts but of humbleand elevated spirit who knew who Hewas that had been in the world, andwhom they were losing with thedeparture of the Master. (150, 24 - 25)

16. He speaks to you: He who on thecross, agonizing, abused and torturedby the mob, raised his eyes to theinfinite, saying: "Forgive them,Father, for they know not what theydo."

17. In that Divine pardon I includedand embraced all mankind of alltimes, for I could see the past, thepresent, and the future of humanity. Ican say to you in truth and spirit, thatat that time I was looking upon youwho in this time are hearing My NewWord. (268, 38 - 39)

18. When from the height of thecross I directed My last looks to themultitude, I beheld Mary, andreferring to John, I said: "Woman,behold your son," and to John: "Son,behold your mother."

19. The mob was blind, so John wasthen the only one able to understandthe meaning of the phrase when Isaid: "I thirst," for it was the thirst forlove that My Spirit felt.

20. And the two criminals agonizedbeside Me also; and while one ofthem blasphemed and sank into theabyss, the other shone with the lightof faith, and in spite of seeing his Godnailed to the ignominious cross, andnear death, believed in his divinity,and said to him: "Remember Mewhen you come into your kingdom."To which I responded, moved by suchfaith: Truly, I say unto you, today youshall be with Me in Paradise.

21. None knew the tempests thatpassed through the heart of Jesus inthat hour; the unchained elementswere only a weak reflection of thatwhich occurred inside that man, andso great, and so real was the pain ofthe Divine Spirit, that the flesh,feeling for an instant weak,exclaimed: My God, My God, whyhave you forsaken Me?

22. If I came to teach men how tolive, I also came to teach them to die,forgiving and blessing even the veryones that injured and martyred Mewhen I said to the Father: "Forgivethem, for they know not what theydo."

23. And when the spirit abandonedthis dwelling place, I said: "Father,into thy hands I commend My spirit."The perfect lesson had come to anend; as God and man, I had spoken.(152, 12 - 17)

24. A moment was enough forDimas to save himself, and that wasthe last of his life; He spoke to Mefrom the cross, and in spite of seeingthat Jesus, of whom it was said thatHe was the Son of God, was in agony,He sensed that He was the Messiah,the Savior, and He committed himselfwith all the repentance of his heart,and all the humility of his spirit, and itwas for this that I promised himParadise on that very day.

25. I say unto you, that He who sinsunconsciously, but who at the end ofhis life speaks to Me with a heart fullof humility and faith, I shall make tofeel the tenderness of My charity,which shall raise him above themiseries of the earth, to make himknow the pleasures of a noble andelevated life.

26. Yes, beloved Dimas, you wentwith Me to the Paradise of light andspiritual peace, where I carried yourspirit in reward for your faith. Whowould have said to those who doubtedthat in the dying and bleeding Jesusthere dwelled a God and that in thethief who suffered on his right a spiritof light was hidden?

27. Time passed, and when calmcame again, many of those that deniedand scourged Me penetrated the lightof My truth, and therefore theirrepentance was great and their lovefor following Me unshakeable. (320,67)

28. In the Second Era I pronouncedsome last words from the cross whileMy physical body was in a state ofagony. Among My last phrases therewas one which was not understoodduring those moments or even later:My God, My God, why have youforsaken Me?

29. Because of those words, manybecame confused or doubtful,thinking that it was a moment ofweakness and that I had faltered. Butthey had not taken into account thatthat was not the last phrase, that afterit I still pronounced others whichrevealed strength and enlightenment:Father, into your hands I commendMy Spirit, and “All is accomplished”.

30. Now that I have returned to shedlight on your confusion and to clarifywhat you have called Mysteries, I sayto you, when I was on the cross, theagony was long and bloody. The bodyof Jesus, infinitely more sensitive thanthat of all men, suffered a prolongedagony, and death would not come.Jesus had already fulfilled his missionin the world. He had already said thelast word and taught the last lesson.Then that tortured body, that tornflesh, on feeling the absence of thespirit, painfully asked the Lord,Father, Father why have you forsakenMe? That was the sweet andsorrowful complaint of the woundedlamb to his Shepherd. It was proofthat Christ, the Word, truly becameman in Jesus and that his sufferingwas real.

31. How can you attribute thesewords to Christ when He is unitedeternally to the Father? Now youknow that it was a painful mooningfrom the body of Jesus, wounded andtortured by the blindness of men. Butwhen the caress of the Lord restedupon that tortured flesh, Jesus went onto speak, and his words were, “Father,into your hands I commend My Spirit.All is accomplished”. (34, 27 - 30)

32. When Jesus was on the cross,there was not a spirit which did notfeel shaken before the voice of loveand of justice of that one who wasdying naked, similar to what they feltwhen He delivered the truth in hisword. Whoever has analyzed the lifeof Jesus has recognized that neitherbefore nor after him has anyoneexisted who could accomplish a worklike his, for it was a Divine workwhich with his example will savehumanity.

33. I came meekly to the sacrifice,for I knew that My blood wouldconvert you and save you. I spokewith love and forgave you to the lastinstant because I came to bring you asublime teaching and to trace for youthe path toward eternity with perfectexamples.

34. Humanity wanted to make Megive up My mission with the fragilityof the flesh, but I did not give up.Men wanted to make Me blaspheme,but I did not blaspheme. The more thecrowds offended Me the more pityand love I had for them. The morethey hurt My body, the more bloodflowed from it to give life to thosewhose faith had died.

35. That blood is the symbol of thelove with which I traced the path forthe human spirit. I left My word offaith and hope to those who werehungry for justice, and the treasure ofMy revelations to the spirituallyenlightened ones.

36. "After time passed, humanitybecame aware of the one who hadbeen in the world; then the work ofJesus was considered to be perfect andDivine and recognized assuperhuman. There were many whoshed tears of repentance! There weremany spirits who experienced greatremorse!" (29, 37 - 41)

37. If Jesus, who was the Way, theTruth, and the Life, ended his missionwith that prayer of seven words,saying in the end to his Father: "Intoyour hands I commend My Spirit," doyou think that you, who are thestudents and disciples of that Master,can leave this life without offeringyourselves to the Father as a tribute ofobedience and humility, and that youwill be able to close your eyes in thisworld without asking of the Lord hisprotection, since you must open themin another ?

38. All the life of Jesus was anoffering of love to the Father. Thehours that his agony on the crossendured were a prayer of love,intercession, and forgiveness.

39. That, humanity, is the road that Icame to show you. Live imitatingyour Master and I promise to carryyou to My bosom, which is the originof all happiness. (94, 78 - 80)

40. I, Christ, through Jesus, the man,manifested the glory of the Father andhis wisdom and power. The powerwas used to perform prodigies infavor of those needful of faith in thespirit, of the light of understanding,and of peace in their hearts. Thatpower, which is the very strength oflove, was poured forth upon thosewho were needy, to be given entirelyto others, so much so that I did notemploy it for My own body, whichalso needed it in the supreme hour.

41. I did not wish to make use of Mypower to avoid the intense sufferingof My body, for upon making Myselfman, it was so that I would suffer foryou, giving you a concrete, Divine,and humane proof of My infinite loveand pity for the small, the needy, forthe sinners.

42. All the power I manifested forothers; whether in cleansing a leper,giving light to the blind, mobility tothe paralyzed, or converting sinnersand raising the dead; all the authorityI showed before the crowds to giveproof of My truth, by demonstratingMy power over the elements and Myauthority over life and death, I did notwish to use for Myself, allowing Mybody to live that passion and feel thatpain.

43. It is true that My power couldhave protected My body from all pain,but what merit would it have thenheld for you? What example,understandable by men, would I havegiven if I had made use of My powerto avoid the pain? It was necessary toput aside My power at thosemoments, to renounce the Divineforce in order to feel and live the painof the flesh, the sadness beforeingratitude, and loneliness, agony, anddeath.

44. That is why the lips of Jesusasked for help at the supreme hour:because his pain was real, but it wasnot only the physical pain thatwracked the feverish and exhaustedbody of Jesus, it was also the spiritualsensation of a God that through thatbody was being mocked and ridiculedby the blind, ungrateful, and arrogantchildren for whom He was giving hisblood.

45. Jesus was strong in the Spirit thatanimated him, which was the DivineSpirit, and He could have beenphysically insensible to the pain, andinvincible before the trials of hispersecutors; but it was necessary thatHe cry, and that He feel, that beforethe eyes of the multitude He fall onceand again, the strength drained fromhis fiber, and that He die when the lastdrop of blood had escaped from hisbody.

46. Thus My mission on earth wasfulfilled. Thus ended the existence inthe world of He whom only daysearlier the people had proclaimedKing, as He entered Jerusalem. (320,56 - 61)

The Saving Action of Jesus in the Worlds Beyond           

47. Humanity had attained very littlespiritual evolution during thebeginning Eras. Man had noknowledge about a spirit's destinyafter its departure from earth norabout its existence in the spiritualvalley. Consequently, when thosespiritual beings entered the spiritualvalley, after having departed fromearth, they were in a stale of deepspiritual sleep and confusion untilthey gradually began to awaken. Butwhen Christ became man in Jesus togive his teaching to all spirits, onceHe had fulfilled his mission amonghumanity, He sent his light tomultitudes of spiritual beings, whofrom the beginning of the worldawaited his coming to be liberatedfrom their confusion and to be able torise toward the Creator.

48. Only Christ could illuminate thatdarkness. Only his voice couldawaken those spirits and help them toevolve. When Christ died as a man,his Divine Spirit created light in thespiritual dwellings and also in thetombs, thus enlightening those spiritswho had dwelled in darkness, clingingto their material bodies. Those beingswandered that night throughout theworld, becoming visible to humaneyes as proof that the Redeemer waslife to all beings and the spirit wasimmortal. (41, 5 - 6)

49. Men and women perceived thesigns and voices from Beyond; theelderly and children as well, werewitnesses to those manifestations.And in the days before the death ofthe Redeemer, the spiritual lightentered the hearts of humanity, thebeings from the spiritual valley calledto the hearts of men, and on the daywhen the Master gave his last breathas a man, his light penetrated everynook and cranny of both the spiritualand material dwelling places in searchof those beings that had long beenawaiting for Him. Materialized spirits,disturbed and ill, having lost the road,tied by chains of remorse, and bearingburdens of iniquity, and other spiritsthat believed themselves dead butwere attached to their bodies, all arosefrom their lethargy and rose to life.

50. But before abandoning this earth,they went to those to whom they hadbelonged; to give testimony of Hisresurrection, of His existence, andwith all this, the world witnessedthese manifestations on that night ofbereavement and mourning.

51. The hearts of men trembled andchildren cried before those who haddied some time before, and who onthat day returned again for only amoment to bear witness of that Masterwho having descended to the earth tosow his seed of love, at the same timecultivated the spiritual fields inhabitedby an infinity of spirits, who are alsohis children, and healed them andfreed them from their ignorance. (339,22)

52. When I left My body, My Spiritmade its entrance to the world of thespirits to speak to them with the wordof truth as I had to you, I spoke tothem of Divine love, for that is thetrue knowledge of life.

53. Truly I tell you, the spirit ofJesus was not for a single instant inthe tomb; it had many other works ofcharity to perform in other worlds;My infinite wisdom had for them, as ithad for you, many revelations tomanifest.

54. There are also worlds where thespiritual beings do not know how tolove, where they dwell in darknessand yearn for light. Today men knowthat where there is selfishness and alack of love there is darkness; that warand passions are the key that locks thedoor to the road that leads to theKingdom of God.

55. Love, in turn, is the key thatopens the Kingdom of the light that istruth.

56. Here I have communicatedthrough matter, there I havecommunicated directly with theelevated spirits, so that they instructthose that are unable to receive Myinspiration directly. Those elevatedand enlightened beings are, for you,like the spokesmen. (213, 6 - 11)

The Appearance of Jesus after the Resurrection           

57. Days after My crucifixion, whenMy disciples were gathered aroundMary, I made My presence felt,represented in a spiritual vision of adove. In that blessed moment, no onedared move or say a single word.There was true ecstasy, while theybeheld that vision and their heartsthrobbed filled with strength and faith,realizing that the presence of theMaster, who had apparently departed,would be with them always in Spirit.(8, 15)

58. Why must you believe that Mycoming in spirit is without purpose?Remember that I after My death as aman, continued to speak to Mydisciples, presenting Myself in Spirit.

59. What would have become ofthem without those manifestations Iawarded them, strengthening theirfaith and encouraging them for itsfulfillment?

60. Sad was the picture theypresented when, after My parting, thetears did not cease to fall down theircheeks and sobs to escape at everyinstant from their chests. They prayedmuch, and the fear and remorse woreat them. They knew that one had soldMe, another had denied Me, andalmost all of them had abandoned Mein the supreme moment.

61. How could they be the witnessesof the Master of all perfection? Howcould they have the courage andstrength to confront men of diversecreeds and ways of thinking andliving?

62. It was then that My Spiritmanifested its presence among themto calm their pain, rekindle their faith,and set their hearts alight with theideal of My Doctrine.

63. I humanized My Spirit to thepoint of making it visible and tangibleto the disciples, but My presence wasspiritual, and look at the long lastingand important influence thosemanifestations had on My apostles.(279, 47 - 52)

64. My sacrifice was consumed, butknowing that those hearts needed Memore than ever because in them astorm of doubts, suffering, confusion,and fear had been unleashed, I quicklycame to them to give them one moreproof of My infinite charity. In Mylove and pity for those students of Myword, I humanized Myself, taking theform or image of the body that I borein the world, and let them see andhear Me, and with My words ignitedagain the faith of those crestfallenspirits. It was a new lesson, a newform of communicating with thosewho had accompanied Me on theearth, and they felt strengthened,inspired, and transfigured by the faithand knowledge of My Truth.

65. In spite of those proofs, of whichall were witnesses, there was one whoobstinately denied My manifestationsand the proofs that I came to givespiritually to My disciples, and it wasnecessary even to permit him to touchMy spiritual presence with hismaterial senses, so that He mightbelieve.

66. However, not only among Myclosest disciples did such doubts arise;no, among the multitudes, in thetowns, cities, and villages, amongthose who had received proofs of Mypower and for the sake of those worksfollowed Me, confusion, anguishedquestioning, surprise, andincomprehension surged because allhad ended in that manner.

67. I had pity on them all, and so, asI had with My closest disciples, I gavethem proofs that though I would nolonger accompany them as a man onthe earth, I had not left them. To eachheart, in each home, or family, and ineach town, I manifested Myself tothose hearts that believed in Me,making them feel My spiritualpresence in a multitude of forms.Then began the struggle of thoseChristians who had needed to losetheir Master on earth in order to raisethemselves up to preach the truth thatHe had revealed to them. You allknow their great works. (333, 38 - 41)

68. During the Second Era, when Imade Myself visible to My disciplesfor the last time, among the clouds,when I disappeared from their sight,there was sorrow in them for at thatmoment they felt to have been leftalone; but then they listened to thevoice of the angel, the emissary of theLord who said to them: "O men ofGalilee, what is it that you see? Thissame Jesus that you see ascendinginto Heaven you will beholddescending in the same manner."(8,13)

69. Then they understood that whenthe Master should return to men, Hewould do it spiritually. (8, 13 - 14)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 13 - Mission and Significance of Jesus and His Apostles

Correction of the Old Concept of God, and False Traditions           

1. Jesus, the Christ, has been theclearest teaching that I have given youin the world to show you how great isthe love and wisdom of the Father.Jesus was the living message that theCreator sent to the earth, so that youwould know the virtues of He whocreated you. Humanity saw inJehovah an angry and implacableGod, a terrible and vengeful judge,and by means of Jesus He came tosave you from your error.

2. See in the Master the Divine lovemade flesh; He came to judge youracts with his life of humility, sacrifice,and charity, and rather than punishingyou with death, He offered His bloodto help you to know the true life, thatof love. That Divine messageilluminated the life of humanity, andthe Word that the Divine Master gaveto men, gave origin to the religionsand sects through which you havesought Me, and continue to seek Me;yet truly I say, you have not yetunderstood the content of thatmessage.

3. Humanity has come to think thatthe love of God for his children isinfinite, since He, in Jesus, died forthe love of men. They have come tobe moved by the suffering of Jesusbefore his judges and executioners,they have come to see the Father inthe Son, but the content, the reach ofthat which the Lord wished to say tohumanity through the revelation thatbegan with a Virgin and concluded inthe cloud at Bethany, has not beeninterpreted to this day.

4. I have had to return in the samecloud in which the Word ascended tothe Father to give you the explanationand show you the true content of allthat was revealed to you in the birth,life, works, and death of Jesus.

5. The Spirit of Truth promised byChrist in that Era is this Divinemanifestation* that has come toilluminate the darkness and clarify theMysteries that the mind or heart ofman have not been able to penetrate.(81, 46 - 49)

* 13, 5 In Mexico 1866 - 1950

6. I came in the Second Era as aman, preaching My truth by example;I stopped the useless sacrifice ofinnocent and unconscious beings,sacrificing Myself on the altar for thesake of a perfect lesson of love. TheLamb of God, you called Me, becauseof that people having sacrificed Me ontheir traditional day of celebration.

7. Truly, My blood was spilled toteach men the road of redemption. MyDivine love was poured forth from thecross upon the humanity of that andevery time, so that in that example, inthat word, and in that perfect life,humanity be inspired and find itssalvation, purification from its sins,and the elevation of the spirit. (276,15)

The Example of Jesus           

8. It was necessary for Jesus to showyou the principles that you mustfollow and from which you haddeparted.

9. I showed you all My meekness,My love, My wisdom and My charity,and drained the cup of pain in front ofyou, so that your hearts would bemoved and your understanding wouldbe awoken. It was necessary that yourhearts awaken* to good, and that thepain of seeing Me crucified for thelove of them would act as a thorn thatremind them, that you must all sufferfor love in order to come to theFather. My promise for all who wishto take up their cross and follow Mewas eternal peace: the supreme wellbeing that in the spirit has no end.(240, 23 - 24) * were born

10. Christ is, and must be, yourmodel, it was for that reason that Icame to make Myself man in thattime. What was the manifestation thatJesus gave to humanity? His infinitelove, his Divine wisdom, his limitlessmercy, and his power.

11. I said to you: Imitate Me, andyou will come to perform the sameworks I do. If I came as Master, youmust understand that it was not toteach you lessons that are impossible,or out of reach of the understanding ofmen.

12. Understand then, that when youperform works like those Jesus taughtyou, you will have reached thefullness of life about which I spoke toyou before. (156, 25 - 27)

The Importance of the Doctrine of Jesus           

13. No other people of the earth ofany generation or race have found theDoctrine of Jesus given as anexample, like an open book forhumanity to study, nor anything likeit. For those who have arisen givingprecepts of justice or doctrines ofcharity, have been sent by Me to theearth as forerunners, or as emissaries,but not as Divinity. Only Christ cameamong you as Divinity. He came togive you the clearest and greatestlesson that the heart of man has everreceived. (219, 33)

The Summoning, Learning, and Trials of the Apostles of Jesus           

14. In this era, you havecommemorated the years of Mypreaching, those three years in whichI prepared My disciples, and in whichI lived with them. They beheld all Myworks, and during the preparationsucceeded in entering My heart andcontemplating the purity, majesty, andwisdom present in the Master.

15. In those days I performed noostentatious acts, My passage throughthe earth was humble, but He whowas prepared witnessed the grandeurof My presence and of the time thatHe lived.

16. Thus, I chose My disciples; someI found on the banks of the river, andcalled to, saying: "Follow Me." Whenthey fixed their gazes upon Me theyrealized who it was that spoke tothem, and so one by one, I went onchoosing. (342, 21)

17. I never said, as I was preachingin the world, that My disciples werealready teachers, or that they wouldbe heard. They were the pupils who,captivated by the light of My word,meekly followed Me, but who, evenso, made errors, for they needed timeto transform themselves and thereafterarise as examples for humanity. Theywere stones who were being polishedby the brush of Divine love, so thatlater they too could convert rocks todiamonds. (356, 39)

18. I have tested My disciples duringall Eras. How many times I submittedPeter to a test and only once did Heweaken, but do not misjudge him forthat act, for when He kindled his faith,He was like a torch among mankindpreaching and giving testimony of thetruth.

19. "Do not judge Thomas; considerhow many times you have witnessedMy deeds and even then you havedoubted. Do not regard Judas Iscariotwith contempt, that beloved disciplewho sold his Master for thirty piecesof silver, for there has never been agreater repentance than his."

20. I availed Myself of each one ofthem to give you lessons which wouldserve as an example and which wouldexist forever in the memory ofmankind. After their weakness theyhad their repentance, a conversion andabsolute devotion to the fulfillment oftheir mission. They were true apostlesand they left an example for allgenerations. (9, 22 - 23)

John the Apostle           

21. Remember, when My body waspried from the cross and then interred,My disciples, dismayed and unable tocomprehend what had happened,believed that with the death of theMaster all had ended. It was necessarythat their eyes see Me again, and theirears again hear Me for their faith to bekindled, and to reaffirm theirknowledge of My Word.

22. Now I must tell you that amongthe disciples there was one who neverdoubted Me, who never hesitatedbefore the trials and never abandonedMe for an instant. It was John, thefaithful, valiant, fervent, and mostloving disciple.

23. It was because of that love that Ientrusted Mary to him at the foot ofthe cross, so that He could continuedrinking from the love of thatblameless heart, and at her side bestrengthened yet more for the strugglethat awaited him.

24. While his brothers, the otherdisciples, fell one by one to the blowsof the executioners, sealing the truthof what they preached and the nameof their Master with their blood andtheir lives, John overcame this death,and escaped martyrdom.

25. Condemned to exile, hispersecutors did not know that there onthat island where they had cast him,the great revelation of the times thatyou are living in, the prophecy thatspeaks to men of what will be andwhat must be fulfilled, would descendto him from heaven.

26. After loving his brothers much,and dedicating his life to serving themin the name of his Master, John had tolive isolated from them, alone, butpraying constantly for humanity,thinking always of those for whomJesus had poured forth his blood.

27. The prayer, the silence, thewithdrawal, the purity of his existenceand the kindness of his thoughtsperformed the miracle that this oneman and that spirit evolved in a brieftime to a degree, other spirits haveneeded thousands of years to be ableto reach. (309, 41 - 44)

28. When I look upon the dwellersof this world, I see that the peopleknow My name, that millionspronounce My words, butnonetheless, and in spite of this, trulyI say to you that I do not see the loveof one another.

29. All that I taught you in that time,and all that happens in the world, isthe explanation and fulfillment of therevelation that through My apostle,John, I gave to humanity while Mydisciple inhabited the Island ofPatmos. I bore his spirit to the heights,to the Divine plane, to theunfathomable; to show him insymbols the beginning and the end,the Alpha and the Omega; and He sawthat which is, and which was, andwhich is to come.

30. He understood nothing at themoment, but My voice spoke to him,saying: "What you see, write," and Hewrote.

31. John had disciples who soughthim in his retreat, crossing the sea inboats. Avidly, those men asked Hewho had been the disciple of Jesus,how the Master had been, how werehis words and miracles; and John,imitating his Lord in love andwisdom, amazed them with his words.Even when He had arrived at old age,and with his body weakened by time,He still had the strength to bearwitness of his Master, and say to hisdisciples: "Love one another."

32. Those who sought him out,seeing that the day of the departure ofJohn approached, and wanting to haveall the wisdom that this apostlepossessed, begged him to reveal whatHe had learned from his Master, andfor an answer they heard only thatphrase: "Love one another."

33. Those who asked with such hopeand interest felt disappointed, andthought that age had erased from hismemory the words of Christ.

34. I tell you that John had notforgotten a single one of My words,but that from all My lessons flowedthat single essence that condenses allof the Law: The love of one another.

35. How could the lesson of theMaster He so loved be erased fromthis so much beloved disciple? (167,32 - 37)

36. After My departure in theSecond Era your Celestial Motherremained on earth to strengthen and toaccompany the disciples. After theirordeals and suffering, they foundwarmth in her gentleness andnourishment in her words. Theycontinued to follow the Divine pathinspired by Mary, who represented theDivine Master and continued teachingthem. Once she departed from earth,their struggle began, and each discipletook the path that was designated forhim. The love of Mary will be veryclose to you during this Third Era. Itwill strengthen you and encourageyou during your ordeals. (183, 15)

The Apostles Peter and Paul           

37. Do not forget what happened toPeter, My disciple, whom Saulintended to murder. I proved to Myfaithful apostle that He was not alonein his ordeal and that if He trusted inMy power, I would defend him fromthose who wanted to persecute him.

38. Saul was surprised by My Divinelight, when He went searching tocapture Peter. My light touched thedeepest part of Saul's heart, and Heknelt in My presence conquered byMy love and incapable of carrying outthe mission that He intended againstMy apostle Peter. Instead, He felt atransformation of his entire being,because of the great faith and love Hefelt for Christ. He then quickly wentlooking for Peter, not to murder him,but to ask Peter about the teachings ofChrist and to let him become activelyinvolved in the Lord's work.

39. Since then, Saul became knownas Paul. That change of namesignified the complete spiritualtransformation that had occurred inthat man. (308, 46 - 47)

40. Paul was not counted among Mytwelve apostles. He did not eat at Mytable, nor follow Me along the roadsto hear My teachings; rather, He didnot believe in Me, nor see kindlythose who followed Me. In his heartexisted the idea of exterminating theseed that I had confided to Mydisciples, which had already began tospread; but Paul did not know that Hehimself was one of mine. He knewthat the Messiah must come, and Hebelieved in Him, but could notimagine that the humble Jesus was thepromised Savior. His heart was full ofthe arrogance of the world, and that iswhy He had not felt the presence ofthe Lord.

41. Saul had risen up against hisRedeemer. He persecuted Mydisciples as well as those whoapproached them to hear My messagefrom the lips of those apostles. Thus Isurprised him, who was dedicated tothe persecution of those who weremine. I touched him in the mostsensitive part of his heart, and Herecognized Me at once, for his spirithad awaited Me, it was for this reasonthat He heard My voice.

42. It was My will that this publicman be converted in this manner, sothat the world continue witnessing ateach step these surprising works thatserve as stimulus to its faith andunderstanding.

43. Why cite, deed by deed, the lifeof the man who from that momentconsecrated his life to loving hisfellow men, inspired by love for hisMaster and for his Divine lessons?

44. Paul was one of the greatest ofthe apostles of My word; histestimony was always of love, purity,truth, and light. His prior materialismwas transformed to a very elevatedspirituality, his hardness becameinfinite tenderness, and thus was thepersecutor of My apostles made intothe most diligent sower of My word;the untiring traveler who carried tovarious nations, districts, and townsthe Divine message of his Lord, forwhom He lived and for whom Heoffered his life.

45. Here, beloved people, you have abeautiful example of conversion, anda demonstration that even withouthaving heard Me, men can come to beMy great apostles. (157, 42 - 47)

The Example of the Apostles           

46. Who, other than I, inspired thedisciples in the Second Era as theycontinued their journey on earthwithout the Divine Master? Do younot admire what each disciple wasable to accomplish? I say to you thatthose disciples had weaknesses as doall human beings, but later theydeveloped great faith and love. Theydid not fear being left on earth assheep among wolves, continuallybeing persecuted and ridiculed byothers.

47. They had the power to performmiracles and knew how to use thatgift to convert to the truth.

48. Blessed were those who heardwhat Jesus had said through the lipsof My apostles, because theypresented My Doctrine without anyalterations in a true and pure form.That is why those men, who heard Myapostles speak, felt in their spirits thepresence of the Lord. Theyexperienced a sensation of power,wisdom, and majesty.

49. In them you have a worthyexample: Those poor and humblefisherman from Galilee, transformedby love into spiritual fishermenmoved people and empires with theword they had learned from Jesus, andwith their perseverance and sacrificethey prepared the conversion of thepeoples and the establishment ofspiritual peace. From kings to beggarsthey knew My peace in those days oftrue Christianity.

50. That Era of spirituality was notlasting among men, but I, who knowall, had already promised andproclaimed My return, for I knew thatyou would once again have need ofMe. (279, 56 - 60)

The Expansion of Christianity           

51. My doctrine, on the lips and inthe works of My disciples, was asword of love and light that foughtagainst ignorance, idolatry, andmaterialism. A clamor of indignationwas raised by those who saw theirMyths and traditions would soon betoppled, while at the same time inother hearts a hymn of joy was raisedbefore the illuminated path thatopened to hope and faith for thosethirsty for truth and oppressed by sin.

52. Those that denied the spirituallife were exasperated on hearing therevelations of the Kingdom ofHeaven, while those who had sensedits existence, and who hoped forjustice and salvation, gave thanks tothe Father for having sent his OnlySon to the world.

53. The men who kept in their heartthe blessed passion to love and servetheir God with purity, saw their pathopened, and their understandingilluminated upon penetrating Myword, and felt relief in their spirits andhearts. The teachings of Christ, as thetrue spiritual bread, came to fill theimmense vacuum that they bore,fulfilling all the hopes of their spiritswith its perfection and its essence.

54. A new Era began, and a clearerroad leading to eternity opened.

55. What beautiful sentiments ofspiritual elevation, of love andtenderness awoke then in those whowere illuminated by faith to receiveMy Word. What courage and firmnessaccompanied those hearts that knewhow to suffer and face up to allwithout weakening for an instant.

56. Could it have been because theblood of the Master was still fresh?No, people, the spiritual essence ofthat blood, which was the spiritualrepresentation of Divine Love, willnever dry or vanish; it is present, andis as alive and warm now as it wasthen.

57. It is that in those hearts there wasalso love for the truth to which theyconsecrated their lives and offeredeven their blood, as confirmation thatthey had learned the lesson of theirMaster.

58. That nobly spilled bloodovercame the obstacles anddifficulties.

59. Oh how the spirituality of thedisciples of My Word contrasted withthe idolatry, the materialism, theselfishness, and the ignorance of thefanatics of the old traditions, or of thepagans who lived only to worshipmaterial pleasures. (316, 34 - 42)

60. Sow good examples along theroad, do not adulterate My teachings;in this, imitate My disciples of theSecond Era, who never fell intomaterial forms of worship to teachand explain My Doctrine. The idolatryinto which mankind later fell cannotbe attributed to them. Their handsnever erected altars, nor constructedpalaces for spiritual worship; but borethe teaching of Christ to humanity,brought health to the sick, hope andconsolation to the poor and miserable,and like their Master, showed the roadof salvation to the lost.

61. The Christian religion that youknow in these times is not even areflection of the Doctrine that Myapostles practiced and taught.

62. Once again I tell you that inthose disciples you can find theperfect models of humility, love,charity, and elevation. They sealedwith their blood the truth that theypronounced with their lips.

63. Humanity will no longer ask youfor blood to believe in your testimony,but they will ask you for truth. (256,30 - 33)

My peace be with you !