Chapter 14 - Christianity, Churches, and Worship
                 The Development of Christianity
                 Ceremonies of Worship
                 The Clergy
                 Communion and The Mass
                 Remembering the Dead
                 Material Symbols, Crucifixes and Relics
                 Veneration of the Saints
                 Religious Festivities
                 The Presence of God in spite of Misguided Worship
Chapter 15 - Pseudo - Christians, Mistaken Teachings of the Church
                 Christians in Name
                 Agnostics and Religious Fanatics
                 Adulteration of the Doctrine of Jesus Christ, and its Consequences
                 Mistaken Evolutions and Irregularities of Christianity

III. The Era of the Christian Church

Chapter 14 - Christianity, Churches, and Worship

The Development of Christianity           

1. After My departure in the SecondEra, My apostles continued My work,and those who came after My apostlescontinued their labor. They were thenew laborers, the cultivators of thatgreat land prepared by the Lord,fertilized with his blood, his tears, andhis Word, cultivated by the work ofthe first twelve, and also by those whofollowed them, but as time passedfrom generation to generation menMystified or adulterated My Workand My Doctrine.

2. Who told men they could makeMy image? Who told them torepresent Me hanging from the cross?Who told them they could make theimage of Mary, the forms of angels,or the face of the Father? Oh men oflittle faith, who in order to feel Mypresence, have had to materialize thespiritual.

3. The image of the Father wasJesus, the image of the Master, hisdisciples. I said in the Second Era:"Who knows the son, knows theFather." That means that Christ, whospoke in Jesus, was the Fatherhimself. Only the Father could makehis own image.

4. After My death as a man, Imanifested Myself alive to Myapostles so they would recognize thatI was life and eternity, and that inmaterial form, or not, I was presentamong you. Not all men understoodthis, and for that reason they fell intoidolatry and fanaticism. (113, 13 - 17)

5. I said to the woman of Samaria:Whosoever drinks of the water that Ishall give him shall never thirst again.Today I say unto you: If humanity haddrunk of that water, it would not bearsuch misery.

6. Humanity did not persevere in Myteachings, but preferred to take Myname to create religions according totheir interpretation and convenience. Iabolished traditions and taught theDoctrine of love, and today you cometo Me presenting Me with vain ritesand ceremonies that do nothing tobenefit the spirit. If there is nospirituality in your works, there canbe no truth, and what does not havetruth cannot come to the Father.

7. When that Samaritan woman feltthe light of My eyes penetrate thedepths of her heart, she said to Me:"Sir, you Jews say that in Jerusalem isthe place where men ought to worshipour God." Then I said to her:"Woman, believe Me, the hour comeswhen you shall neither on thismountain nor in Jerusalem worshipthe Father as you do now. But thehour comes when the Father shall beworshipped in spirit and truth, forGod is a Spirit".

8. This is My Doctrine for all times.Observe that having the truth in frontof your eyes, you have not wished tosee it. How can you live it if you donot know it? (151, 2 - 5)

Ceremonies of Worship           

9. If you love, you will not needmaterial worship or rituals, becauseyou will carry the light thatilluminates your inner temple, beforewhich the waves of all the tempeststhat would crush at you, will bebroken and the darkness of mankindwill be destroyed.

10. Do not profane any longer whatis Divine, for truly I say to you thatthe ingratitude that you demonstratebefore God is too much, when youperform those external practiceswhich you have inherited from yourfirst brethren, and in which you havebecome fanaticized. (21, 13 - 14)

11. Behold this humanity confused,because the great religions which callthemselves Christians, give moreimportance to what is ritualistic andexternal than to My own Doctrine.That word of life that I sealed withdeeds of love and blood upon thecross, no longer lives within the heartof men, it is locked and silent in agedbooks covered with dust. And thereyou have a Christian humanity whodoes not comprehend nor has theknowledge nor knows how to imitateChrist.

12. "That is why I have few disciplesduring this era; those who love theirbrethren, those who suffer, the oneswho alleviate other people's pain,those who live in virtue and practice itwith their examples; those are theDisciples of Christ".

13. He who knowing My Doctrinehides it or makes it known only withhis lips and not with his heart is notMy disciple.

14. "I have not come during thisperiod to seek temples made of stoneto appear in them; I come seekingspirits, hearts, and not materialelegance". (72, 47 - 50)

15. While the religions remainsubmerged in their dream and do notchange their routine, there will be noawakening of the spirit, norknowledge of spiritual ideals; andtherefore, there cannot be peacebetween men, nor will charity appear;the light that resolves the great humanconflicts cannot shine. (100, 38)

The Clergy           

16. Since you have been unable toknow true spiritual peace, you aresatisfied with yearning about it andattempting to achieve it in numerousways so that you can feel some degreeof tranquility, satisfaction, andcomfort. However, you have neverbeen able to achieve true spiritualpeace. I say to you that only when thechild obeys the will of the DivineFather, will it conquer true spiritualpeace.

17. There is a need in the world forthose who can explain and interpretMy words and teachings well. That iswhy humanity, even those who callthemselves Christians, live in spiritualbackwardness, for there is no one whocan make them tremble with My trueDoctrine, there is no one who cancultivate in their hearts the love withwhich I came to teach men.

18. Day after day, in meeting places,churches, and temples My name ispronounced and My words repeated,yet none vibrate, none tremble withthe light, and it is because men havemissed their meaning. The majoritybelieve that the virtue of the Word ofChrist comes from its constantautomatic repetition, notunderstanding that it is not necessaryto pronounce it, but to study, meditateon, practice, and live it.

19. If men knew how to seek theessence of the Word of Christ, eachtime they would find it to be new,fresh, alive, and moving. But theyknow it only superficially, and cannottherefore be sustained by it.

20. Poor humanity. Lost in darknesswhile the light is so near; crying inanguish when peace is within theirgrasp. Yet, they cannot see thatDivine light because there have beenthose who pitilessly blindfolded theireyes. I love you truly and come toyour aid, rescuing you from thedarkness and proving to you that whatI said in that Era was for all times, andthat you should not consider thatDivine word as an ancient doctrineand no longer relevant, because thelove that was the essence of all Myteachings is eternal, and in it is thesecret of your salvation in this Era ofconfusion, immense bitterness andunbridled passions. (307, 4 - 8)

21. I disapprove of those preaching ablind faith, a faith that lacksknowledge, that is acquired throughfear and superstitions.

22. Do not listen to the words ofthose who attribute to God all theadversity and hardships that humanityis experiencing the plagues, hunger,and epidemics that are occurring onearth, calling them God's punishmentand wrath. Those are the falseprophets.

23. Separate yourself from those,because they do not truly know Me,and want to teach mankind aboutGod.

24. You are now suffering theconsequences caused by those whohave misinterpreted the scripturesfrom the old and new testaments. Manhas not been able to correctly interpretthe Divine meaning and essence ofthose revelations and prophecies.Many individuals speak of the end ofthe world, of the judgment day, deathand hell without knowing any of thetruth. (290, 16 - 19)

25. Already you are in the Third Era,and still humanity is spirituallybackward. Your ministers, yourtheologians, and your spiritual pastorsdo little good, and sometimes revealnothing of eternal life. To them also, Ireveal the Mysteries of My Arcane,and I say to you: Why do they hidethem? Why do they fear to waken thedrowsy spirit of mankind? (245, 5)

26. My Doctrine teaches you aperfect form of worship, spiritual andpure toward the Father, for the spiritof humanity has arrived, withoutrealizing it, at the threshold of theLord's temple, where it will enter tofeel My presence, to hear My voicethrough its conscience, and to see Mein the light that descends upon itsminds.

27. The emptiness that men feelwithin their various religions in thisEra is because the spirit hungers andthirsts for spirituality; rites andtraditions are not enough for it. Ityearns to know My truth. (138, 43 -44)

Communion and The Mass           

28. I have never come before menhidden in Mystery. If I have spoken toyou figuratively in order to reveal theDivine to you or to represent theeternal in some material form, it hasbeen so that you would understandMe. But if men stop to worship forms,objects, or symbols instead of seekingthe meaning of those teachings, it willbe natural for them to remainspiritually unenlightened for centuriesand to perceive all things asMysterious.

29. From the times of Israel's stay inEgypt, when My blood wasrepresented by that of a lamb, therehave been men who only live bytraditions and rituals, notunderstanding that such a sacrificewas an image of the blood whichChrist would come to shed in order tohelp mankind attain spirituality.Others, believing that they arenourishing themselves with My body,eat material bread, not wanting tounderstand that when I gave Mydisciples the bread in the Cenacle, itwas to have them understand thatwhoever takes the essence of Myword will have taken nourishmentfrom Me.

30. How few are those who trulyknow how to understand My Divinelessons. Those few are the ones whoanalyze them with the spirit. Youneed to realize that I have not broughtyou My Divine revelation only onetime, but that I have been clarifying itwith each new lesson. (36, 7 - 9)

31. There is joy in the hearts of thesemultitudes. They know that a spiritualbanquet has been prepared for theirspirits where the Divine Master awaitsto give them the spiritual food anddrink, the bread and the wine of thetrue life.

32. "The table where Jesus met withhis disciples in that time was a symbolof the Kingdom of Heaven. TheFather was surrounded by hischildren. There was also the feast,representing life and love. The Divinevoice spoke; its essence was theuniversal concert, and the peacewhich reigned there was the peacepresent in the Kingdom of God".

33. "In the beginning of this periodyou have tried to purify yourselvesthinking that the Divine Master wouldbring you a new testament in hiswords, and such is the case. Today, Iallow you to remember the bread andthe wine with which I represented Mybody and My blood, but I have alsocome to tell you, that in this new timeyou will only find that nourishment inthe Divine essence of My word. If youseek My body and My blood, youmust seek it in the Divine things that Ihave created, because I am all spirit.Eat of this bread and drink of thiswine, but also fill My chalice, for Iwant to drink with you; I thirst foryour love".

34. Take this message to yourbrothers and be aware of that blood,which allows you to live, is thesymbol for eternal life which is truelove. It is through you that I ambeginning to enlighten humanity withMy new revelations. (48, 22 - 25)

35. I bring you peace and a newteaching. If My sacrifice of theSecond Era abolished the sacrifice ofinnocent victims whom youimmolated upon the altar of Jehovah,today the sustenance of My DivineWord has made you cease to representMy body and My blood with thebread and wine of this world.

36. "Every spirit who wishes to livewill have to be nourished from theDivine Spirit. He, who listens to MyWord and feels it within his heart, hastruly been nourished; He has not onlybeen fed by My body and drank ofMy blood, but He also has taken fromMy Spirit to nourish himself".

37. Who, after having had a taste ofthis heavenly nourishment, will againseek Me in bodies and manmadeforms?

38. From time to time I have comeerasing traditions, rituals and forms,and I leave in your spirit only the Lawand the essence of My teachings. (68,27)


39. People: in that era, John, calledalso the Baptist, baptized those whobelieved in his prophecy with water.That act was a symbol of thepurification of the original sin. To themultitudes who came to the JordanRiver to hear the words of theforerunner, He said: "Here I baptizeyou with water, but already He iscoming who shall baptize you withthe fire of the Holy Spirit."

40. From that Divine fire all thespirits were born. They sprang forthpure and clean, but if on their roadthey have managed to stainthemselves with the sin thatdisobedience brought with it, the fireof My Spirit will come again to pouritself over them, to destroy your sin,cleanse your stains, and return you toyour original purity.

41. If that spiritual baptism, insteadof being understood as thepurification that men achieve throughan act of true repentance before theircreator, you convert into a rite, andyou are satisfied with the symbolismof an act, then I tell you certainly thatyour spirit shall achieve nothing.

42. Who acts in this way, lives stillin the times of the Baptist, and it is asthough He had believed neither in hisprophecies, nor in the words that Hespoke about spiritual baptism: theDivine fire with which God purifieshis children, and immerses them inthe immortal light.

43. John called to men who were ofadult age, to pour over them thosewaters that symbolized purification.They came to him when they wereconscious of their acts and couldalready have the firm will to perseverein the path of good, of righteousness,and of justice. See how humanity haspreferred to practice the symbolic actof purification by means of water,instead of a true regeneration throughrepentance and the firm purpose ofreform that is born of the love forGod. The ceremony implies no effortat all, in contrast, purifying the heartand struggling to remain pure meanseffort, watchfulness, and evensacrifice, by men. That is why menhave preferred to cover their sins withappearances, settling for carrying outceremonies, acts, and rites that donothing to improve their moral orspiritual condition if the conscience isnot involved.

44. Disciples: That is why I do notwish rites to exist among you, so thatyou do not, to comply with them,forget that which truly gets to thespirit. (99, 56 - 61)

45. I am the one who sends spirits toincarnate according to the law ofevolution. And truly I say to you thatit will not be the influences of thisworld which will make Me deviatefrom My Divine plans, for My Divinewill shall be fulfilled in spite of mansambition for power.

46. Every human being brings amission to the earth. His destiny isoutlined by the Father, and his spiritanointed by My charity. In vain menperform ceremonies and anoint littlechildren. Verily I say to you, that atno material age will water be the oneto purify the spirit of its shortcomingsto My Law. And if I send a spiritwhich is free of all sin, from whatblemish do religious ministerscleanses it with baptism?

47. It is time for you to understandthat the origin of man is not a sin, butthat his birth is the result of thefulfillment of a natural law, a lawwhich not only man fulfills but allcreatures which comprise nature.Understand that I have said man, andnot his spirit. Man has My power tocreate beings similar to him, butspirits only emerge from Me.

48. To grow and multiply is auniversal law. In the same mannerthat stars sprouted from other largerstars, so the human seed did multiplyon earth. And never have I said that inso doing mankind has sinned oroffended the Creator. Why would yoube judged as sinners after fulfillingthat Divine mandate? Be aware thatman can never stain himself byfulfilling My law.

49. What stains man and separatesthe spirit from the path of evolutionare his low passions, immorality, vice,and lust, for all of them go against thelaw.

50. Study and carefully analyze untilyou find the truth, and thus you willcease to call sinful the mandates ofthe Creator of Life. Then you will beable to bless the existence of yourchildren with the example of yourgood deeds. (37, 18 - 23)

Remembering the Dead           

51. Men are conservative in theirtraditions and customs; it is well thatthey bear an indelible memory ofthose beings who have gone down tothe tomb, and that they are attracted tothe place where they have depositedtheir remains. Yet if they consider thereal meaning of material life, they willsee that on the disintegration of thatbody it returns atom by atom to thedifferent realms from which it isformed, and life continues to unfold.

52. But throughout time, man, forlack of study of the spiritual, hascreated a chain of worship servicesthat are fanatically materialist. Theytry to make the material lifeimperishable, and forget the spirit,who is truly the one who possesseseternal life. How far they still arefrom comprehending spiritual life!

53. Now you know that it servesnothing to take offerings to thoseplaces where a headstone that says"Died," should say, "Disintegrationand Life," for there Nature is in openflower, there is the earth that is thefertile and inexhaustible bosom ofcreatures and species.

54. When these lessons areunderstood, humanity will know howto give the material its place, and theDivine its own. That is when the cultof idolatry of one's ancestors willdisappear.

55. Man must recognize and love hisCreator, from spirit to Spirit.

56. Those altars are black crepe, andthe tombs are a proof of ignoranceand idolatry. I pardon all your faults,but truly, I must awaken you. Myteaching will be understood, and thetime will come when men change thematerial offerings for elevatedthoughts. (245, 16 - 21)

Material Symbols, Crucifixes and Relics           

57. In the First Era you knew thesymbols, the tabernacle, or sanctuarywhere the arc containing tablets of thelaw was kept. When those symbolshad fulfilled their mission, My willerased them from the earth, it hidthem from the sight of men so that theworld would not fall into idolatry, butthe meaning or essence of thoselessons I left engraved in theconscience of My servants.

58. In the Second Era, when thesacrifice of Christ had beenconsumated, I made the greatestsymbol of Christianity disappear: thecross, together with the crown [ofthorns], the chalice, and all that mighthave been the object of fanaticaladoration by humanity. (138, 36)

59. Humanity saw Jesus suffer andHis teachings and testimonies arebelieved by you. Why continuecrucifying Him in your sculptures?Are the centuries not enough that youmust keep on exhibiting Him as thevictim of your wickedness?

60. Instead of remembering Me inthe torments and agony of Jesus, whydo you not recall My resurrection, fullof light and glory?

61. Sometimes, while seeing youridols representing Me in the form ofJesus upon the cross, there are somewho have thought him to be a manweak, coward or timid, withoutrealizing that I am Spirit and I came toendure what you call a sacrifice butwhich I call an obligation of love, asan example for all mankind.

62. "If you meditate in the fact that Iwas One with the Father, rememberthat there were no weapons, or forcesor torture that would have made Meyield; but if as Man I suffered, bledand died, it was to give you Mysublime example of humility".

63. Men have not understood thegreatness of that lesson, andeverywhere they raise up the image ofthe crucified One, that represents adisgrace for this humanity, whowithout love or respect for the Onewhom they say they love, continues tocrucify and offend Him daily injuringthe heart of their brethren, for whomthe Master gave His life. (21, 15 - 19)

64. If you were to remove all thecrosses from earth that symbolizeyour Christian faith, and instead trulylove one another, I would not findfault with that. Your faith and worshipwould then be spiritual rather thanexternal. That is what I await frommankind.

65. If only your form of worship andsymbols had the strength to preventwars and addictions to vices, youwould live in peace! Behold how youlack respect for those things that aresacred and Divine.

66. Once again I tell you that itwould be better if there were not asingle temple, altar, symbol, orreligious image throughout the world.Instead, you need to pray with yourspirit, to love your Father, to believein him without the need of symbols,and to love one another as I havetaught you in My doctrine. Then youwould be saved and would befollowing the path that My footprintstraced with My blood, footprints thatsealed the truth of My teachings. (280,69 - 70)

Veneration of the Saints           

67. I give you these lessons becauseyou have converted the spirits ofmany of the just into divinities, whoyou beg from and adore as if theywere gods. Oh humanity, suchignorance! How can men judge thesanctity and perfection of a spirit byjust its human works?

68. I am the first to tell you toimitate the good examples that yourbrothers have written with theirworks, their lives, and their virtue,and I tell you also that uponremembering them, to hope for theirspiritual help and influence; but whyraise altars that serve only to offendthe humility of those spirits? Whycreate cults around their memories, asif they were the Divinity, putting themin place of the Father, whom youforget in order to adore your brothers?How painful the glory you give themhere has been for them.

69. What does humanity know aboutMy judgment of those who you callsaints? What do they know of thespiritual life of those beings, or of theplace that each one has achievedbefore the Lord?

70. Let none think that with theserevelations I come to erase from yourhearts the merit that My servants havegained among humanity, on thecontrary; I want you to know that thegrace that they have found before Meis great, and much have I conceded toyou for their prayers; but it isnecessary that you destroy yourignorance, from which religiousfanaticism, idolatry, and superstitioncome.

71. If you feel that the spirits ofthose beings float over your lives,trust those who are part of thespiritual world, so that they and you,united in the way of the Lord,consummate the work of spiritualfraternity, the work that I await as theresult of all My teachings. (115, 52 -56)

Religious Festivities           

72. Today, when the crowds run in afuss to their churches to celebrate themoment in which the glory opened upto receive Me, I tell you, that is only atradition to impress the hearts ofhumanity. They are merely rites thattoday make My Divine passion amaterial event.

73. You are not to follow thattendency, erecting altars and symbols;not to make representations of sacredevents, nor use special clothing todistinguish yourselves, for all of thatis idolatrous worship.

74. Invoke Me in your hearts,remember My teachings, and imitateMy examples. Offer Me the tribute ofyour reform, and you shall feel howthe doors of glory open to receiveyou.

75. Flee from the false and profanerepresentations that are made of Meand of My passion, for none canrepresent Me. Live My examples andteachings; any who do so, will haverepresented their Master on earth.(131, 11 - 13 and 16)

76. Humanity: During these dayswhen you celebrate the birth of Jesusyou allow your heart to feel peace.You are as a family that is living inharmony and joy.

77. I am aware that not allindividuals are sincerely happy asthey remember My arrival on earthduring the Second Era, as there areonly a few who truly meditate andspiritually rejoice remembering Myarrival.

78. Today, as in the past Eras, mancelebrates the birth of Jesus withfestivities and rituals, but they lackspirituality. These festivities onlysatisfy man's material and sensualpleasures but do not offer him truespiritual joy.

79. If man was to spirituallymeditate on My great love formankind as evidenced by My comingto earth to live among humanityduring the Second Era, truly I say thatyou would develop great faith. Thatgreat faith would guide you towardMe. Your spirit would develop greatvirtue and kindness, allowing you tooffer great charity, comfort, andtenderness to all the needy along yourpath. You would perceive each humanbeing as your true brother and wouldforgive those who offend you. Youwould sincerely feel compassion forall those you meet along your pathwho are lonely and for childrenwithout parents and who lack love anda true home. You would rememberthose nations that are without peacebecause war has destroyed all thegood, noble, and sacred things that arefound in life. You would then elevatea pure and sincere prayer and ask Me:Lord, what right do we have to live inpeace, while so many of our brethrenare suffering greatly?'

80. My response would be thefollowing: Now that you have felt thepain of your brethren, have beencharitable with them, and have prayedfor them, you may gather with yourloved ones in your home and enjoythis holy moment because I am nowwith you. I will be present in yourhome. Do not be afraid of feeling joyeven though you know that many ofyour brethren are now suffering. TrulyI tell you that if you truly feelcompassion for those who aresuffering, they will feel the peace,hope, and love that you feel for them.

81. No one should think that I nolonger want you to celebrate the birthof Jesus, the most important andholiest event of the year. I only cometo teach you to give to the world whatbelongs to the world and to give to thespirit what belongs to the spirit. Mancelebrates many of his worldlyaccomplishments in an unspiritualmanner; therefore, why not allow hisspirit to celebrate the birth of Jesus?This will allow your spirit to comebefore Me, like a small child, topresent its gift of love, as it learns toworship Me in the same simplemanner as did the shepherds duringthe Second Era and with the samehumility the wise men offered Mewhen they presented Me their gifts.

82. I have not come to limit the joythat men feel during these days.Although celebrating the birth of theSavior has become a strong tradition,man also feels My charity that toucheshim, My light that enlightens him, andMy love that surrounds him. His heartbecomes filled with great hope, joy,and tenderness. Although He isinspired to perform deeds of love andcharity, with his brethren, He does notalways choose to carry out those pureand elevated deeds; instead, Hechooses to please himself through thematerial pleasures of this world. Hedoes not allow his spirit to attainpurification, salvation, and spiritualenlightenment by practicing elevateddeeds. The Savior came to earthduring the Second Era to offersalvation to your spirit, and Hepresents himself eternally along yourpath in life to help you resurrectspiritually. (299, 43 - 48)

The Presence of God in spite of Misguided Worship           

83. Since man is in material form,He must seek Me through materialworship, and as He does not keep hisspiritual eyes open, He must forge Myimage in order to see Me. Because Heis not spiritually sensitized, He alwaysdemands material miracles andevidence to believe in My existence,and places conditions on serving Me,on loving Me; and in exchange for allI give him, He gives Me something.And so I see all the churches, all thereligions, and all the sects that menhave created on the face of the earth;they are enveloped in materialism,fanaticism, and idolatry, as well asMystification, falsification, andprofanation.

84. What do I accept from them?Only their intentions. What, from allof this, arrives to Me? The spiritual orphysical needs of My children, theirounce of love, their need for light.That is what arrives to Me, but I amwith all. I do not contemplatechurches, nor forms, nor rites. I cometo all My children equally. I receivetheir spirit in prayer. I draw toembrace them, so that they feel Mywarmth, and that warmth is thestimulus and encouragement in theirroad of vicissitudes and trials. But justbecause I know how to receive thegood intentions of humanity, I willnot let them remain forever indarkness, enveloped in their idolatryand fanaticism.

85. I want man to wake up, his spiritto ascend to Me, and that in hisascension He can behold the truesplendor of the Father, forgetting thefalse splendors of the liturgies andrites. I want him upon achieving histrue ascension to be regenerated andemancipated from his humanmiseries, and able to dominatematerialism, passions, andvicissitudes, finding himself, so thatHe never says to the Father that He isa vile worm, and knows that theFather created him in his image andsemblance. (360, 14 - 16)

86. Many religions exist on earth,and the majorities are based on faithin Christ, but they do not love oneanother, nor even recognize eachother as disciples of the DivineMaster.

87. Do you not believe that if any ofthem had understood My Doctrine,they would have practiced it bybringing reconciliation and peace tothe people? But it has not been thus.All of them have remained distancedfrom one another, distancing anddividing men spiritually so that theysee each other as enemies orstrangers. Each seeks means andarguments to demonstrate to the restthat He is the possessor of truth andthat the others are wrong; but nonehave the strength or courage tostruggle for the unification of all, nordo they have the good faith todiscover that in each belief and ineach cult exists something of truth.(326, 19 - 20)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 15 - Pseudo - Christians, Mistaken Teachings of the Church

Christians in Name           

1. The greatest part of humanity callsitself Christian, but the Master says toyou: If you were really Christians,you would already have conqueredthe rest of mankind with your love,humility, and peace; however, Mydoctrine, left you in the Second Era, isnot held in the hearts of humanity, itdoes not palpitate nor flower in theworks of men, but is guarded in dustybooks, and I have not come to talkabout those books.

2. In place of a book I brought youMy life, My word, My works, and Mypassion and death as a man, and thatis the reason that the greater part ofhumanity, while calling itselfChristian, has neither the peace northe grace of Christ: because they donot imitate him, and because they donot practice his Doctrine. (316, 5)

3. Listen to Me, O disciples, so thatyou will erase from your mind ancientbeliefs. Christianity was divided intosects which do not show love amongthemselves, which humiliate, rejectand threaten their brethren with falsejudgments. I say to you that they areChristians without love; therefore,they are not Christians, because Christis love.

4. There are those who representJehovah as an oldster, full of humanimperfections, vengeful, cruel andmore dreadful than the worst of yourjudges of earth.

5. I do not say this so that you willridicule anyone, but that your conceptof the Divine love be purified. Todayyou are unaware of how youworshipped Me in your past. (22, 33 -35)

6. How is it possible that the peoplewho call themselves Christiansdestroy each other through war andeven pray before going to kill theirbrethren, asking Me to give themvictory over their enemies? Is itpossible that My seed can exist whereinstead of love hatred prevails, andinstead of forgiveness, vengeance?(67, 28)

7. To all men of different beliefs andreligions I say to them that they havenot known how to situate the worldlyriches in order to rightfully place thatwhich corresponds to those of thespirit. If they were complying withMy laws, they would already becontemplating the silhouette of thePromised Land from here and hearingthe echo of the voices of its dwellers.

8. "You say that you believe in Myexistence and have faith in MyDivinity; you also say that My will bedone and truly I say to you: Howmeager is your faith and yourconformity to what I have disposed!However, I have been encouragingwithin you a true faith so that youmay be strong along the path I haveoutlined for you". (70, 12 - 13)

9. Today I do not come to ask youfor blood, nor that you sacrifice yourlife; what I ask of you is love,sincerity, truth, and unselfishness.

10. Thus I indoctrinate and teachyou, preparing thereby the disciples ofMy Divinity in this Third Era; for Isee you watching the march of theworld indifferently, and this isbecause you do not know how to enterthe hearts of humanity where there isso much misery and pain.

11. There is great inequality, for Isee lords who lack only a crown tocall themselves kings, and I seesubjects who are truly slaves. That iswhere the struggle has been ignited.Among these wealthy lords in theworld there are many who callthemselves Christians, yet I tell youthat they barely know My name.

12. Those who do not see theirfellow man in others, who accumulatewealth and take that which belongs toothers, are not Christians, for they donot know charity.

13. The struggle between thespiritual and the material shall come.Humanity will enter that struggle, but,oh, how much bitterness they willhave to suffer for the triumph ofjustice to arrive! (222, 43 - 45)

Agnostics and Religious Fanatics           

14. I tell you, it is better to be full ofuncertainties and denials than full offalse affirmations or lies that you passfor truth. It is better to make a sinceredenial that is born of doubt orignorance than a hypocriticalaffirmation of a falsehood. Cleandoubt, which hungers forunderstanding, is better than a firmbelief in any Myth. Desperateuncertainty that shouts for light isbetter than fanatical resolution oridolatry.

15. Today nonbelievers, theuntrusting, and the embittered aboundeverywhere. They are rebels whomany times see more clearly thanothers, and who do not sympathizewith the ritualism, nor are theyconvinced by the affirmations of thosewho lead mankind spiritually; for allof those complicated theories do notfill the heart that thirsts for purewaters to calm their anguish.

16. Those you judge rebels oftenshow more light in their questionsthan those who, believing themselveswise or great, answer them. They feel,see, touch, hear, and understand withmore clarity than many who callthemselves masters of the Divinelessons. (248, 12)

17. Oh, how transparent and simplethe truth is! How clear and simplespirituality is! Nonetheless, they aredifficult to comprehend for He whoremains obstinately in the darkness ofhis fanaticism and traditions. Hismind cannot conceive that there issomething beyond what He knows,and his heart resists renouncing whatfor him has been his God and Law:Tradition and rites.

18. Do you think that I abhor thosewho insist on not seeing My truth?No, My children, My charity isinfinite, and it is precisely those Iseek, to help them escape from theircaptivity so they may feel the ecstasyof seeing the light. To them arereserved the trials necessary toawaken their faith. They are not trialssuperior to their strength; they arelessons wisely appropriate to eachspirit, each life, and each man.

19. It is from among these darkenedminds, from among the hearts sickwith religious fanaticism andignorance that you see the greatfervent soldiers of the truth arise, forthe day that they are freed from theirchains and their darkness, and see thelight, they cannot contain their joy,and shout with all their might that Ihave come to save the world raising itto the true Kingdom on the spiritualladder. (318, 48 - 50)

Adulteration of the Doctrine of Jesus Christ, and its Consequences           

20. I give you My word with thesame essence with which I spoke toyou in the Second Era, and I havecome to remind you of many of Myteachings that you had forgotten, orfrom which you had withdrawn, dueto erroneous interpretations of yourpredecessors.

21. You had complied badly withMy Doctrine to such an extent that Ican say that you had created a pathcompletely different than mine, but towhich you applied the same name. Noone but I could draw you away fromyour error with words of life, love andtruth.

22. That is why today when you arelistening to Me, analyze andcomprehend My Word and there willbe light within you. This is the timewhen I come to tell you with allclearness that the reincarnation of thespirit exists, that it is so since thebeginning of humanity, like a light ofjustice and Divine love, withoutwhich you would be unable to evolvealong the extensive road of spiritualperfection. (66, 63 - 65)

23. There is really little that thereligions have revealed to humanityabout the spirit, but soon they shallawaken from their lethargy, andblessed will be those who overcomingtheir scruples and fears, uncover forhumanity the truth they haveconcealed. I will illuminate them withthe light of My forgiveness, of Mygrace, and My wisdom.

24. When humanity recognizes thatreligions do not exist only so that menlive morally on earth, but also havethe mission of leading the spirit to itseternal dwelling place, humanity willhave taken a step forward on the pathof its spiritual evolution. (109, 15 -16)

25. After I came to earth throughJesus in the Second Era, I continuedto sent others to earth who were Myapostles and soldiers to confirm Mydoctrine with their deeds and toprevent humanity from distorting Myteachings. However, many spirituallydeaf and blind have misinterpretedMy Word, disagreeing with each otherand creating different sects. Ifmankind is spiritually divided, howcan man love one another, which isthe main precept of My Law?

26. That is why I say to you, that thiscivilization is one in appearance only,for men themselves destroy it. Aslong as humanity does not construct aworld on the foundations of My lawof justice and love, they cannot havethe peace and light of the spirit uponwhose virtues they might forge andcreate a world of true elevation, in thespirit, just as in science and morality.(192, 17)

27. Only regeneration and the idealof perfection will enable you to returnto the path of truth.

28. "Those who regardingthemselves as interpreters of the Lawof God will tell you that infernalsuffering awaits your perversity andrebelliousness, and that only bydemonstrating your repentance,mortifying and injuring your bodiesand rendering to God materialofferings, will He forgive you andguide you to His Kingdom; in truth Isay that they are in confusion".

29. Where will you go, O humanity,guided by those whom you admire asgreat teachers of the holy revelationsand whom I see as confused? That iswhy I come to save you with the lightof this Doctrine, which will allow youto evolve along the path of My love.(24, 46 - 47)

30. The true essence of My teachinghas been hidden by men to show youa Christ that does not even resembleHim, who came to die so that youmight live.

31. Today you are living with theresults of your distancing from theMaster who came to teach you. Youare surrounded by an atmosphere ofpain, your smallness depresses youand your ignorance torments you, butthe time has come when the hiddenpowers and gifts of mankind awaken,announcing like heralds that the newEra has arrived.

32. The religions, science, and thejustice of men will try to impede theadvance of what to them will be astrange and evil influence, but therewill be no power that can stop theawakening and advancement of thespirit. The day of liberation is near.(114, 5 - 8)

33. Those who say they know Mehave represented Me poorly on earth,and that is why many have turnedtheir backs on Me.

34. I will not call to account thosewho call themselves atheists forhaving expelled Me from their hearts,but rather those who, adulterating thetruth, have shown them a God thatmany cannot accept.

35. All that is just, healthy, and goodcontains truth, which is what I haveproclaimed throughout all time.

36. The hour has arrived when youmust return to loving the truth, that is,return to recognizing the just and thegood, since having been born of Me,you must aspire to the elevated, theeternal, and the pure. (125, 22 - 24)

37. Yes, Israel, the heart has alwayssearched for material objects to adore;the ear has also enjoyed flowerywords; for this reason, what I gaveyou in the Second Era as the ChristianDoctrine, man has modified to makeof it a religion.

38. Selfishness, greed, and vanityhave always awoken in the humanheart, and have become kings andlords, making the people bow beforethem as vassals or slaves, chainingthem with sin, and leading them intodarkness, disorientation, andconfusion. (363, 36)

39. The theologians of this time willcome to scrutinize My word and thenew scriptures, and ask, "Who are youthat speaks this way?" Just as thescribes and Pharisees rose up in thattime, asking Me: "Who are you, whocomes to ignore and change the Lawof Moses?" Then I shall make themunderstand that the three revelationsare the only Law that I have alwayscome to teach and to fulfill.

40. Many of those who judge Me atthis stage are from among those whodoubted in the Second Era, but I havekept them and sent them again toearth to behold the triumph of MyLaw and to open their eyes to thelight. (234, 46 - 47)

Mistaken Evolutions and Irregularities of Christianity           

41. A great part of humanity callsitself Christian, without knowing themeaning of the word Christ, andwithout knowing his Doctrine.

42. What did you do with My Word,My examples, and with My Doctrinethat I gave to you in that time?

43. Are you currently more evolvedthan the men of that era? Why do younot show it with the works of yourspirit? Do you think that this life iseternal, or that you need evolve onlythrough human science?

44. I have come to teach you the truefulfillment of the Law, so that youmay convert this world into a greattemple where the true God will beadored, and where the life of man is aconstant offering of love to his Father,whom He must love in each one of hisfellows, giving tribute thereby to hisCreator and Master.

45. And now that I have returned tomankind, what do I find? Lies andselfishness have replaced truth andcharity; arrogance and vanity in placeof meekness and humility; idolatry,fanaticism, and ignorance instead oflight, elevation, and spirituality; profitand profanation where only piety andrighteousness should be; hatred andwar unleashed among brothers havebeen substituted for peace and love.

46. But I shall come to My temple toexpel from it the merchants, just as Idid in the Second Era from the templeof Jerusalem, and once again I shallsay unto them: "Do not make thishouse of prayer into a market." I shallteach men so that each one of themknows how to officiate at the truealtar, so that they are no longerconfused and lost in ignorance due tothe misinterpretations they give to MyLaw. (154, 15 - 20)

47. Not all who have tried to followMe have imitated My example, or thatof My apostles. Many have becomelords instead of servants; they havefilled their hearts with superiority andpride and have pursued only riches,pomp, and honors, forgetting thenecessities of the poor, and beingindifferent and insensitive to themisery and suffering of others. That iswhy men go from one religion toanother in search of truth. That is theorigin of the spiritual need they feel tocreate new sects in order to seek Mefreely.

48. Those seen yesterday as saintsand demigods are today unknown by adisillusioned humanity.

49. Men stop going in search of aconfessor to absolve them of theirfaults, because they find itundignified. And the threat of hell andits eternal fire no longer impresses orfrightens the heart of the sinner.

50. Taking advantage of thatspiritual disorientation, the wolfwatches from the brush.

51. Every minister and everyrepresentative of My Divinity has themission of making peace betweenmen, and what I find them doingtoday is the contrary. Each onebelieves himself to be first; eachwants to be the strongest, forgettingthat the only strong one is I, who amin everyone.

52. Now you can explain toyourselves why in the Second Era Ipromised to return. Now you canunderstand why I have come to teachyou again. For only My word canremove the blindfold of darkness ofthe spirit, only My love is capable ofredeeming your sins. (230, 23 - 28)

53. Over the great faults and errorsthat have been made in My Law, thereshall be My justice; not a single faultwill remain uncorrected by the perfectMaster. Do not be confused: correctyourselves rather than judge.Understand, I never punish you, youpunish yourselves.

54. I give light to He who has sinnedthrough ignorance, and who hassinned knowingly I move towardrepentance, so that both, filled withthe strength of My forgiveness arise torepair the wrong done; this is the onlyway to come to Me.

55. Think in all of this, you ministerswho lead men by the different pathsof the religions. Pray, and lead yourstoward spirituality. It is time alreadyfor you to repent of your errors, foryou to initiate a battle against humanmaterialism, which is the death anddarkness for the spirit. For this youmust use My truth; wield My wordlike a weapon, and live in Myteachings.

56. I do not prefer one religion oranother; It is not I, but you, who mustbe on My side, for if you do so, youwill have succeeded in uniting all inthe spirit. (162, 27 - 30)

57. My doctrine, full of spirituality,will germinate in the hearts of thispeople (the mexican audience) to givefuture fruits of truth and life. My wordwill extend across the earth and willleave no place unpurified, withoutlight, or unjudged.

58. Then the peoples will begin toawaken to the spiritual life, to what istrue and eternal, destroying theexternalities and materialism of thedifferent cults, to content themselveswith seeking the essence of My Law.

59. Humanity will see the strengththat spirituality gives, and turn theirgaze from that which held them forcenturies and centuries.

60. What does it profit that thesymbol of Christianity, the cross, isfound upon millions on the earth, ifmen are not of good will, and if theydo not love one another.

61. The outward already has nopower over men. There is no respect,nor faith, nor sorrow at havingoffended. That is why I say thatsymbols and forms will disappear,because their time has passed, and itwill be interior worship that rises manto the light, elevates him, and leadshim to Me. (280, 63 - 67)

My peace be with you !