Chapter 16 - The Divine Law (The Law of God)
                 The Power of Divine Law
                 The Commandment of the Love of God in Spiritualist Works
                 The Failure to Obey the Divine Commandments and its Consequences
                 Fulfillment of the Supreme Commandment
Chapter 17 - The New Way of Worshiping God
                 The Evolution of Worship Services
                 Praying by rote, Empty of Devotion and Faith
                 True Prayer
                 The Four Aspects of True Prayer
                 Intimate and Spontaneous Prayer without Words
                 Daily Prayer
                 The Day of Rest as a Period of Reflection
                 Ask, and it shall be Given
                 The Blessing of Intercession
                 The Necessity of Prayer
                 The Beneficial Effects of Practicing Prayer
                 The Power of Prayer
                 The Love of God and Your Neighbor as Veneration of God
                 The Communion of Conscience between God and Man
Chapter 18 - Works of Charity and the Central Significance of Love
                 The Retroactive Grace of Good Works
                 True and False Charity
                 Spiritual and Material Acts of Love
                 The Integral Significance of Love
                 The Overall Power of Love

IV. The Law, the Love of God and Fellow Men

Chapter 16 - The Divine Law (The Law of God)

The Power of Divine Law           

1. There are many men who judgeMy Doctrine out of its time, that isbecause their material nature does notallow them to see the eternal aspect ofMy lessons.

2. My Law is unchanging, it is menwho with their cultures, civilizations,and laws, pass, leaving only what thespirit has built with its works of loveand charity. It is the spirit, that afterevery day of work and every trial,upon querying the Arcane, beholdsthe unmovable stone of My Law andthe ever open book that contains theDoctrine of the Spirit. (104, 31 - 32)

3. I have poured My light forth overall men, revealing to them the onlyexisting truth, but you see how eachman and each people, feels, thinks,believes, and interprets it differently.

4. These different ways of thinkingthat men have, have given origin totheir divisions, since each people orrace follows different paths and alsonourishes different ideals.

5. The majority have departed fromthe true illuminated path. Theybelieve that fulfilling the Divine Lawimplies sacrifices, denial, andsuperhuman effort, preferring tocreate for themselves religions andsects whose rules and practices areeasier for them to fulfill, believingthat thereby they can calm the needfor light and elevation that their spiritfeels.

6. Many centuries and eras havepassed without humans realizing thatfulfilling My Law is not a sacrifice forthem, but rather that they do sacrificespirit and flesh in the world bydenying My commandments. Theyhave not realized, have not wanted tounderstand, that who complies withMy word must find true happiness,and a peace, wisdom, and grandeurthat materialized men see in such adifferent way.

7. The moral and scientific worldthat surrounds you has been the workof men of material ideas who havesought the material improvement ofhumanity, and I have permitted themto do their work, to take it to its limits,to know the results and gather theirfruits, so that in them they can gatherthe light of experience. In that lightMy justice will be manifest, and inthat justice will be present My Law,which is Love. (313, 60 - 64)

8. If I agreed to allow you to applyMy doctrine to your lives according toyour own will rather than mine, truly Itell you that you would never recoverfrom your spiritual stagnation, neverallowing your spirit its unfolding, itsdevelopment, and its perfection.

9. And so there you have humanitydrowsing in its religions, making nomove toward the light because theyhave not submitted themselves to theorder of the Divine law, but have triedto force the law to their own will,filling it with Myths and errors.

10. It has been necessary for manymen of this Era to free themselves ofall religion in order to seek Me withthe spirit, and to be able to develop allthose attributes, gifts, and potentialsthat they feel beating in the innermostpart of their being. (205, 6 - 8)

The Commandment of the Love of God in Spiritualist Works           

11. "It is your God who speaks toyou, My voice is the Law; today youare hearing it anew without thenecessity of inscribing it upon a rock,or sending My Incarnate Word amongyou. It is My Divine voice thatreaches your spirit and reveals to itthe beginning of an Era in which manwill be justified, reconciled with HisCreator and purified as it is written".(15, 8)

12. I gave you the perfect lessonthrough Jesus. Analyze My passagethrough the world as a man from birthto death, and you will have anexplanation of love in its perfectliving form.

13. I do not come to ask you to beequal to Jesus, for in Him there wasthat which you cannot reach:perfection in the form of a man, for inHim was God himself in limited form,but I do tell you that you must imitatehim.

14. My eternal Law has alwaysspoken to you of that love. I said toyou in the first times: "Love God withall your heart and spirit," and "Loveyour neighbor as yourself."

15. Later I gave you theseinspirations: "Love your brothers asthe Father has loved you," and "Loveone another."

16. In this time I have told you tolove God before all creation, to loveGod in all that exists, and all thatexists in God; that you practicecharity and more charity with yourbrothers in order to see the Father inall his splendor, for charity is love.(167, 15 - 19)

17. "I will not even say to you thatthis Doctrine of Spirituality will be aworldwide religion, because I nevergranted you a religion, but a Law; Ilimit Myself to telling you that theLaw that will triumph on earth, andwhich will be established in it toilluminate the existence of men, willbe the Law of love which I haveexplained in My Doctrine so that youunderstand it fully".

18. Mankind will still perform manyfalse deeds of love and charity, until itlearns to love and practice truecharity, and many will go fromreligion to religion until their spiritelevates itself in knowledge andreaches an understanding that the onlyLaw, the universal and eternalDoctrine of the spirit, is the Law oflove which everyone will attain.

19. All the religions will disappearand only the light of the Temple ofGod will remain shining within andoutside of man, in which everyonewill render only one worship ofobedience, of love, of faith and goodwill. (12, 63 - 65)

The Failure to Obey the Divine Commandments and its Consequences           

20. On this dawn of commemorationI ask you: What have you done withthe Law that I conveyed to mankindthrough Moses? By chance, werethose commandments given only tothe generations of that period?

21. "Truly I say to you: That holyseed is not in the hearts of men, forthey do not love Me nor do they loveone another; they do not honor theirparents nor respect what belongs toothers and on the other hand, they dotake each other's lives, they adulterateand cause disgrace upon themselves".22. Do you not hear falsehood on thelips of everyone? Have you notrealized how one people, defraudsother people of their peace? And stillmankind says it knows My Law.What would become of men if theyforget My mandates completely? (15,1 - 3)

23. In the Second Era, havingentered Jerusalem, Jesus found thatthe temple, the place dedicated toprayer and worship, had beenconverted into a market. And theMaster, filled with passion, cast outthose who had disrespected thetemple, saying to them, "My Father'shouse is not a market place." Thosewho were cast out were less guilty forwhat they did than those who wereresponsible for guiding men in the lawof God. The priests had converted thetemple into a place where ambitionsand grandeur reigned, and thatkingdom was destroyed.

24. Today, I have not taken a whipto punish those who disrespect Mylaw. I have allowed them to feel theconsequences of their own faults sothat they may realize that My law isinflexible and unchangeable. I havepointed out to man the righteous paththat He needs to follow. If He departsfrom it, He exposes himself to theconsequences of having broken Myrighteous law where My love ismanifested. (41, 55 - 56)

25. I come to reconstruct My temple,a temple without walls or towers, forit is in the hearts of men.

26. The Tower of Babel still divideshumanity, but its foundations shall bedestroyed in the hearts of man.

27. Idolatry and religious fanaticismhave also raised their high towers, butthey are weak, and shall fall.

28. Truly I tell you, that My laws,Divine and human, are sacred, andthey themselves shall judge the world.

29. Humanity does not believe it isidolatrous, but truly I tell you, it stilladores the golden calf. (122, 57)

30. Chaos has returned becausevirtue does not exist, and where thereis no virtue, there can be no truth. It isnot that the Law which the Fatherconferred to Moses has no force, northat the doctrine of Jesus was onlyapplicable to past times. Both of themin their essences are eternal laws;recognize, however, that they are likea fountain from whose waters noneare obliged to drink, but that whoeverapproaches that fountain of love doesso through their own will. (144, 56)

31. Interpret My teachings justly. Donot think that My Spirit is happy tosee your suffering on the earth, or thatI come to deprive you of all that isgratifying to you in order to enjoy itMyself. I come to make you recognizeand respect My laws, because they areworthy of your obedience and respect,and because complying with themwill bring you happiness.

32. I taught you to render unto Godwhat is God's and to Caesar what isCaesar's, but for the men of todaythere is only Caesar, and to your Lordyou have nothing to offer. If you atleast gave what was fair to the world,your pains would be less; but theCaesar that you have put before youhas dictated absurd laws for you, andhas made you slaves and taken yourlives from you without giving youanything in compensation.

33. Study how different is My Law,which does not tie either the body orthe spirit, it merely persuades youwith love and guides you withsweetness; it gives you all withoutinterest or selfishness, and rewards alland compensates all along the road.(155, 14 - 16)

Fulfillment of the Supreme Commandment           

34. If the Lord said to you: "Thoushall love the Lord thy God with allthy heart and spirit, and love thyneighbor as thyself," and if the Masterpreached the Doctrine of Love, thisspiritual voice that proceeds from thesame source, now comes to tell you toembrace the Law of Love, because ithas a strength that you will not findeven in the greatest armies of theworld. Its conquests shall be firm andlasting, for all that you build upon afoundation of love has eternal life.(293, 67)

35. I am showing you the true life ofthe spirit, so that you do not liveunder unjust threats, and so that youdo not obey My law only because youfear God's punishment. You havebeen told about that punishment bythose who have not known how tointerpret My word.

36. Take My law. It is notcomplicated nor difficult tounderstand. Anyone who knows it andguides himself by it will not beconfused. Neither does He give roomto false words or omens, to erroneousideas, or wrong interpretations.

37. My law is simple. It alwaysindicates the way which you shouldfollow. Trust in Me. I am the waywhich will lead you to the white city,the promised land, which has it doorsopen awaiting your arrival. (32, 9)

38. When will you realize that onlyby fulfilling My law will you be ableto find health, happiness, and life?

39. You acknowledge that in thematerial life there are principles thatone needs to follow in order tosurvive. However, you have forgottenthat there are also important spiritualprinciples that need to be respected sothat one may enjoy the source ofeternal life in the Divine kingdom.(188, 62)

40. Remember that only I am yoursalvation. In times past, present, andyet to come, My Law was, is, and willbe the road and the guide of yourspirit.

41. Blessed shall be those who trustin My Law, for they shall never belost in the crossing of the ways. Theyshall come to the Promised Land, andgive voice to the hymn of triumph.(225, 31 - 32)

42. I know that the greater yourknowledge of Me, the more you willlove Me.

43. When I tell you to "love Me," doyou know what I truly want to tellyou? I am telling you to love truth, tolove life, to love enlightenment, tolove one another, and to love the truelife. (297, 57 - 58)

44. I wish that just as I love you, youlove one another, and yourselves aswell, for I have conceded to you notjust a part of the guidance anddirection, but rather taking care ofyourselves, I have made your firstduty with Me; you must loveyourselves, since you are the livingimage of your creator. (133, 72)

45. The mission that I have entrustedto My people on earth is both greatand very delicate, and that is why Ihave sought them out in every Era toinspire them with My Word andreveal to them something more of thecontent of the Law.

46. The law of love, of good, and ofjustice has been the spiritualinheritance that I have brought inevery era. From lesson to lesson, Ihave led humanity to theunderstanding that the law can besummarized in one singlecommandment: Love. Love theFather, who is the author of life; loveyour brother, who is part of theFather, and love all that the Lord hascreated and ordered.

47. Love is the cause, the principle,the seed of wisdom, of grandeur, ofstrength, of elevation, and of life. Thatis the true road traced by the Creatorfor the spirit, so that step by step, anddwelling to dwelling, you continuefeeling ever closer to Me.

48. If from the beginning of time,mankind had created a cult of spirituallove, instead of falling into idolatrousrites and religious fanaticism, thisworld, today made into a valley oftears by men's anguish and misery,would be a valley of peace, to whichspirits would come to gain merit inorder to reach those spiritual dwellingplaces that a spirit on its road ofelevation must enter after this life.(184, 35 - 38)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 17 - The New Way of Worshiping God

The Evolution of Worship Services           

1. How slowly mankind walkstoward perfection in their worship ofGod.

2. Every time I come to you with anew lesson, it seems to you tooadvanced for your evolution;understand that I give you an entireEra to come to understand it and tointegrate it into your lives. (99, 30 -31)

3. "The victims that you offeredupon the altar of Jehovah werereceived by Him, but it was not themost adequate form to elevate yourspirit to the Father; it was then when Icame to you as Jesus to teach you theDivine commandment which says toyou: 'Love one another'".

4. "I say to you today that thelessons I taught you during theSecond Era through the deeds of Jesushave been altered at times andmisinterpreted on others; for thatpurpose I have come as I announced,to clarify My truth. My sacrifice inthat period prevented the sacrifice ofmany victims and I taught you a moreperfect worship."

5. My new manifestation of thisperiod will allow mankind tounderstand that the symbolic formsshould not be adopted without firstanalyzing their significance, sincethey are only a representation of Mylessons. (74, 28)

6. Prayer is the spiritual medium thatI have inspired in man so that He maycommunicate with My Divinity, thatis why it manifests in you as ayearning, a necessity of the spirit, as arefuge in times of trial.

7. Who does not know true prayer,does not understand the joyscontained in it, and does not know thesource of health and goodness to befound in it. They feel the impulse tospeak to Me and present theirpetitions, but lacking spirituality, theyfeel that the offering of sending uponly their thoughts is so meager thatthey instantly look for somethingmaterial to offer Me, thinking thatwith that they will flatter Me more.

8. It is in this fashion that humanityhas fallen into idolatry, fanaticism,rites, and external worship, drowningtheir spirits and depriving themselvesof the blessed liberty of prayingdirectly to their Father. Only when thepain is very intense, when the pain isat the limits of their human strengthdoes the spirit, forgetting ceremonyand knocking over idols, frees himselfand arises to cry from deep within:"My Father, My God!"

9. Do you see people occupiedmaking war on one another in thismaterialistic time? Yet, I tell you,even in the middle of these wars,many men have found the secret ofprayer: that which is born of the heartand comes to Me as an urgent call, aprotest, as a plea.

10. When they see the requestedmiracle happen, they know that noother way exists for speaking to Godthan with the language of the spirit.(261, 22 - 24 and 27)

Praying by rote, Empty of Devotion and Faith           

11. O! My children of all faiths, donot destroy the most noble sentimentsof the spirit or try to satisfy it withexternal practices and worships!

12. Behold: If a mother does nothave something material to offer herbeloved and small child, she holdshim against her heart, blesses himwith all her love, smothers him withkisses, gazes at him tenderly, covershim with tears, but never does she tryto deceive him with empty acts oflove.

13. How can you conceive that I, theDivine Master, approve of yousatisfying yourselves with practiceslacking all essence, truth and love,with which you try to deceive yourspirit, making it believe that it hasbeen nourished, when in reality eachtime it is more ignorant of the truth?(21, 20 - 21)

14. Prayer is a blessing which Godhas granted to man so that it will servehim as a ladder to elevate himself, asa weapon to defend himself, as a bookto educate himself, and as a healingbalsam with which to anoint himselfand to heal all illness.

15. True prayer has disappearedfrom the earth. Men no longer pray,and when they try to do it, instead ofspeaking to Me with the spirit, they doit with their lips, employing uselesswords, rituals, and material idols.How are men going to observemiracles if they use forms and observepractices which Jesus did not teach?

16. It is necessary that true prayerreturn to men, and it is I who havecome again to teach it to you. (39, 12- 14)

17. Teach your brothers how to pray,make them comprehend that it is theirspirits which must communicate withtheir Creator, that their prayers arealmost always [mere] cries of thematerial form: an expression of theiranguish, proof of their lack of faith,and of their mistrust or lack ofobedience to Me.

18. Make your brothers understandthat they do not need to mortify orlacerate their bodies to move MySpirit and awaken My pity or charity.Those who seek suffering or bodilypenitence do so because they do nothave the slightest idea of whichofferings are most pleasing to Me, nordo they have any idea of the love andmercy of your Father.

19. Do you think it is necessary forMe to see the tears in your eyes or thepain in your hearts for Me to have pityon you? To believe so would be toattribute to Me hardness, insensitivity,indifference, and selfishness. Can youimagine these defects in the God youlove?

20. How little care you have taken toknow Me! And it is because you havenot educated your minds to think inaccord with the spirit. (278, 17 - 20)

21. Leave the earth for a fewmoments today, and come to Me inspirit.

22. For many centuries humanity hasbeen mistaken in its manner ofpraying, and has therefore notstrengthened or illuminated the pathof their lives with My love, for theyhave prayed with the senses, and notwith the spirit.

23. Idolatry, to which man is soinclined, has been like a poison thathas not allowed them to taste thespiritual delights of inner prayer.

24. How much misery men havedragged behind them simply from notknowing how to pray. And, yet, Mydisciples, it is natural: What spiritualstrength can a human being have toresist the trials of life if they donothing to come closer to the sourceof life that exists in My Spirit? Theyseek Me in the abyss, and in shadows,even while they could elevatethemselves to find Me on the heights,in the light.

25. Oh, if the men of this timeunderstood the power of prayer; howmany superhuman works they wouldperform! But they live in a time ofmaterialism in which they try to puteven the Divine in material form inorder to be able to see and touch it.(282, 61 - 64)

True Prayer           

26. I bless those who pray, and themore spiritual the prayer, the greaterthe peace I make them feel.

27. This you can understand easily;for He who needs to prostrate himselfbefore images or objects to feel theDivine presence cannot feel thespiritual sensation of the Father’spresence in his heart.

28. "Blessed are they that have notseen, yet believe," I said in that time,and again today; for He who closeshis eyes to that which is of this worldopens them to the spiritual. And Hewho has faith in My spiritual presenceshall feel and rejoice in it.

29. For how long will this humanitydeprive its spirit of the joy of feelingMe in their hearts through directprayer, or, what is the same, by meansof spirit to Spirit prayer? Until Mylight illuminates the lives of men, andthey learn the truth and understandtheir errors.

30. This is the time for prayer andmeditation, but prayer free offanaticism and idolatry, and ofmeditation that is serene and deeplyimmersed in My Divine Word.

31. Every hour and every place canbe appropriate for prayer andmeditation. Never in My teachings didI tell you that there were places ortimes destined for prayer. Your spiritbeing greater than the world itinhabits, why confine Me to suchlimited images and sites when I aminfinite?

32. The greatest reason for theearthly troubles and spiritual povertyof men is their imperfect form ofprayer; it is for this reason that I tellyou that this knowledge must reach allhumanity. (279, 2 - 7)

33. You do not always pray with thesame preparation, and therefore, youdo not always experience the samepeace or the same inspiration.

34. There are times in which yousucceed in becoming inspired andelevating your thoughts, and there areothers in which you are completelyindifferent. How could you alwaysexpect to receive My messages in thesame form? You should educate yourminds and even your bodies tocooperate with your spirit in momentsof prayer.

35. The spirit is always willing tocommunicate with Me, but it requiresthe good will of the material body inorder to elevate itself in thosemoments and to free itself ofeverything which surrounds it in itsearthly life.

36. Make an effort to achieve trueprayer because whoever knows howto pray, carries in himself the key topeace, to health, to hope, to spiritualstrength, and to eternal life.

37. The invisible shield of My lawprotects him against all temptationand dangers. He will bear an invisiblesword on his lips to defeat as manyenemies as might block his path. Aray of light will light his way amidstthe storms, a constant miracle will beat his reach whenever He needs it,whether for himself or for the good ofhis brothers.

38. Pray. Practice that sublime giftof the spirit, for that strength shall bethe one to move the life of men of thefuture, those who will be able tocommunicate with Me from spirit toSpirit.

39. Parents will become inspiredthrough prayer in order to guide theirchildren.

40. The ill will gain health throughprayer. Heads of states will resolvetheir great problems seeking lightwith prayer, and the man of sciencealso will receive revelations throughthe gift of prayer. (40, 40 - 47)

41. Disciples, in the Second Era, MyApostles asked Me how they shouldpray, and I taught them the perfectprayer, which you call the Lord'sPrayer.

42. Now I tell you: Be inspired bythat prayer, by its meaning, itshumility, and its faith, so that yourspirit communicates with Mine, for itwill not be your material lips thatpronounce those holy words, but yourspirit that speaks to Me in its ownlanguage. (136, 64)

43. Do not let it be only your lipsthat call Me "Father," for many of youtend to do this by rote. I wish thatwhen you say "Our Father who art inHeaven, hallowed be thy name," thosewords come from the purest part ofyour being, meditating on each one ofthe phrases so that you are afterwardinspired and in perfect communionwith Me.

44. I taught you the powerful,masterly Word; that which trulybrings the child closer to his Father.Upon pronouncing, with respect andsincerity, with elevation and love,with faith and hope the word "Father,"distances disappear, and spaces areshortened, for in that instant of spiritto Spirit communication, nor is Godfar from you, nor are you far fromHim. Pray thus, and in your heartsyou will receive great benefits of love.(166, 52 - 53)

The Four Aspects of True Prayer           

45. Struggle, struggle to reachspiritual perfection. I have shown youthe road to reach that goal. I havegiven you prayer, a weapon morepowerful than any material one, sothat you can defend yourselves fromthe trials on the road, but you willhave the best weapon when you obeyMy Law.

46. What does prayer consist of?Prayer is petition, intercession,adoration and contemplation. Each ofthe parts are necessary and onesprings from the other, for truly I tellyou, that petitioning means that manpleads with Me to concede to himwhat He wishes, to satisfy theyearnings that He believes to be themost important and healthiest of hislife; truly I tell you, My children, thatthe Father hears the petitions andgives to each one that which He mostneeds, as long as it is for his owngood. But be careful about asking forthat which is in opposition to thesalvation of your spirit, for those whoask only for material gifts, materialpleasures, or earthly power, are askingfor chains for their spirit.

47. Material pleasures bring onlysuffering, not only in this world, buteven after the transition to thespiritual world, for the influence ofthose material desires can reach evento that place, and on being unable tofree oneself from them, one istormented by those yearnings, andwishes a thousand and one times toreturn to the earth to be reincarnatedand continue living materially.Therefore, My children, ask only forthat which you really need for thegood of your spirit.

48. The second form of prayer,intercession, springs from love ofone's neighbor, from the love that Ishowed you as Master when I came tothis world. Pray for your brothers,both near and far, for those in nationssuffering the consequences of war,and those suffering the tyranny oftemporary governments in this world.

49. Prepare yourselves, oh Mychildren! Pray for your brothers andsisters, but also during theintercession, you must know how toask, for it is the spirit that isimportant. If your brother or sister,your parents, or your children are ill,pray for them, but do not insist thatthey stay in this life if that is not whatthe spirit needs. Better to ask that theirspirit be free, that it be purified of itssufferings, and that the pain promotespiritual elevation. That is why theMaster taught you in the Second Erato say: "Father, your will be done."For the Father knows better than anyof his children, what the spirit needs.

50. The third form of prayer,adoration of the Divine Spirit, meansthe adoration of all that is perfect, forby means of that prayer you may unitewith that perfection, with the love thatembraces all the Universe. Inadoration you may find the perfectstate that each of you must achieve,and through adoration, arrive at thecontemplation that, united to prayer,will bring you to unity with theDivine Spirit, to the source of eternallife, to the source that day after daygives you the strength to come to theKingdom of the Father.

51. In this way you should pray,beginning with petition, until arrivingat contemplation. This is what givesyou strength.

52. When you are well prepared, youwill struggle not only for yourselves,but also for your brothers to movealong on this road. For you cannotachieve salvation for yourselvesalone, but rather must struggle toachieve the salvation of humanity.(358, 10 - 17)

Intimate and Spontaneous Prayer without Words           

53. My people, you now hear thevoice of the Holy Spirit, the spiritualmanifestation of God through yourunderstanding, not to reveal a newlaw nor a new doctrine, but a formthat is more advanced, spiritual andperfect, to worship and communicatewith God. (293, 66)

54. How many are their who hearMy word, who have become greatanalyzers, and who nonetheless, arenot the best of My disciples inpracticing My Doctrine, and who donot fulfill the Divine precept whichtells you: "Love one another."

55. In contrast, see how easily Hewho puts into practice even an atomof My teachings is transformed. Doyou want an example?

56. One who during his entire lifehad been telling Me He loved Methrough recited prayers formed byothers, in sentences that He did noteven understand because they weremade up of words He did not know,one day suddenly understood the trueway to pray, and putting aside his oldhabits, and concentrating in the depthsof his being, raised his thoughts toGod, and for the first time felt hispresence.

57. He did not know what to say tohis Lord, and from his chest cameforth sobs and from his eyes tears fell.In his mind, there was only a singlethought, which was: "My Father, whatcan I say to you, since I do not knowhow to speak to you?"

58. But those tears, those sobs, thatinner joy, and even his turmoil, spoketo the Father in a language sobeautiful, that its like cannot ever befound in any of your humanlanguages, nor in any of your books.

59. Those stuttered words of thatman who began to pray to his Lordspiritually, were like the first words ofa child, charming and delightful to itsparents, for they are hearing the firstexpressions of a being beginning toarise into life. (281, 22 - 24)

60. The elevated spirit knows thatthe human word impoverishes anddiminishes the expression of thespiritual thought; for that reason, itsilences the lips of the flesh in orderto elevate and express itself with alanguage which only Godunderstands, the secret which it hasconcealed within its innermost being.(11, 69)

61. How much pleasure you give toMy Spirit when I see that you elevateyour thoughts in search of yourFather. I allow you to feel Mypresence, and I fill you with peace.

62. "Seek Me, speak to Me, and donot let it bother you that your thoughtsare slow to express your petitions. Iwill know how to understand them.Speak to Me with the confidence withwhich one speaks to a Father. Tell Meabout your concerns as you would tellthem to your best friend. Ask Mewhat you do not know orcomprehend, and I will speak to youas a teacher; but pray, so that at thatblessed instant in which your spiritelevates itself to Me, you mightreceive the light, the strength, theblessing, and the peace which yourFather grants you". (36, 15)

63. Tell Me in silence your sorrows,confide to Me your yearnings. ThoughI know all, I wish you to learn to formyour own prayer until you come topractice the perfect communication ofyour spirit with the Father. (110, 31)

64. Prayer can be long or briefaccording to the need. You may, ifyou so desire, spend long hours withinthat spiritual ecstasy if your physicalbody does not become tired, or ifsome other duty does not require yourattention. And prayer may be as briefas a single second if you findyourselves subjected to some trialwhich has suddenly surprised you.

65. What reaches Me are not thewords with which your mind attemptsto form your prayers, but the love, thefaith, or the need with which youpresent yourselves before Me. That iswhy I tell you that there will be timeswhen your prayer will be no morethan a second, for there will be notime to formulate thoughts, phrases,and ideas as you are accustomed todoing.

66. Wherever you are, you cansummon Me, for the place is of noimportance to Me since what I seek isthe spirit. (40, 36 - 38)

67. In the Second Era, when awoman asked Jesus if the place whereone ought to worship God was inJerusalem, the Master answered her:"The hour comes, when neither inJerusalem nor any other place will bethe proper place to worship God, forHe shall be worshipped in spirit andtruth, that is from spirit to Spirit.

68. When My disciples asked Me toteach them to pray, I gave them as anorm the prayer you call the Lord'sPrayer, giving them to understand thatthe true and perfect prayer is thatsimilar to that of Jesus, one which isborn spontaneously of the heart andascends to the Father. It must containobedience, humility, confession,gratitude, faith, hope, and adoration.(162, 23 - 24)

Daily Prayer           

69. Beloved disciples: Practicespiritual prayer daily, putting into itall your intention of coming toperfection.

70. See that in addition to enteringinto intimate communion with yourMaster and experiencing an infinitepeace in those moments, it alsorepresents the best opportunity foryou to receive My Divineinspirations; in them you will find theexplanation for all that you have notunderstood, or that you havemisunderstood. You will find the wayto avoid some danger, to resolve aproblem, or to resolve someconfusion. In that hour of blessedspiritual communication all yoursenses will clear and you will feelmore disposed and inclined to dogood. (308, 1)

71. Do not forsake the practice ofprayer even when it is as brief as onlyfive minutes, but in it know how tomake a good examination with thelight of your conscience, in order toobserve your deeds and know whatyou have to correct.

72. If you lose the sense of timewhile elevating yourself in prayer,that will be an indication ofspirituality, since you, even for a fewmoments, managed to go beyondtime, that time which the slaves ofmaterialism only use for theirenjoyments or to increase theirwealth.

73. He who examines himself dailyhas to improve his manner ofthinking, living, speaking and feeling.(12, 30 - 32)

74. I have taught you that throughthe prayer wisdom will be acquired,but that is no reason that I want foryou to prolong your prayers. I haveasked you for a prayer of five minutesand by that I mean to say for you topray briefly so that during thosemoments you will truly surrenderyourselves to your Father and the restof your time you can dedicate it toyour spiritual and material dutiestoward your brethren. (78, 52)

75. I will teach you a manner ofpreparing yourselves so that youractions of each day are all inspired bynoble sentiments, and so that thevicissitudes and difficulties do notstop you or force you back. When youopen your eyes to a new day, pray,come to Me in your thoughts; formyour plan inspired in My light, andrise up to struggle, determined to bestrong and not lacking eitherobedience or faith for an instant.

76. Truly I tell you, before muchtime has passed you will marvel atyour strength and at the results ofyour works. (262, 7 - 8)

The Day of Rest as a Period of Reflection

77. From the First Era I taught youto consecrate the seventh day to Me.If during six days man dedicateshimself to fulfilling his human duties,it was just, that one day at least, bededicated to the service of the Lord. Idid not ask that He consecrate the firstday, but the last, so that He might restfrom his labors and devote himself tomeditation, giving to his spirit theopportunity to approach the Father toconverse with Him through prayer.

78. The day of rest was instituted sothat man, forgetting at least for amoment the difficult earthly struggle,would allow his conscience to talk tohim, to remind him of the Law, toexamine himself, and to repent of hisfaults and form within his heart thenoble purpose of repentance.

79. Saturday is the day that waspreviously dedicated to rest, prayer,and the study of the Law, but thepeople, in complying with thetradition, forgot the sentiments forhumanity and the spiritual duties thatthey had toward their fellows.

80. Time passed, humanity evolvedspiritually, and Christ came to teachyou that even in the day of rest youshould practice charity and goodworks of all kinds.

81. Jesus wished to say to you thatone day was dedicated to meditationand physical rest, but you mustunderstand, that for the undertaking ofthe mission of the spirit, there can beno day or time designated.

82. In spite of the Master havingspoken quite clearly, men distancedthemselves, each one seeking the daythat was the most propitious to them,and so, while some continuedretaining Saturday as the day of rest,others adopted Sunday to celebratetheir worships.

83. Today I come to speak to youonce again, and My teachings shallbring you new knowledge; you havelived many experiences, and haveevolved. Today it is not importantwhich day you dedicate to rest fromearthly fatigues, but it is importantthat you know that every day youmust walk on the path that I have laidout for you. Understand that there isno fixed time for you to send yourprayers upward, for it is proper foryou to pray and practice My Doctrinein favor of your brothers at all times.(166, 31 - 35)

Ask, and it shall be Given           

84. All of you bear a wound in yourhearts. Who better than I to penetrateto your interior? I know yourbitterness, your sadness anddiscouragement before such injusticeand ingratitude as exist in your world;I know the fatigue of those who havelived and struggled on the earth, andwhose existence is for them a heavyburden; I know the emptiness of thosewho remain alone in this life. I say toyou all: "Ask and it shall be given,"for this have I come, to give you whatyou need of Me, whether that becompany, tranquility, balm, missions,or light. (262, 72)

85. Do not be afraid of misery.Misery is temporary and in it youshould pray, imitating the patience ofJob. Abundance will return and youwill not find the words with which tothank Me.

86. "When sickness overwhelmsyou, O, blessed sick people, do notdespair! Your spirit is not ailing;elevate yourselves to Me in prayerand your faith and spirituality willreturn the health of your body. Pray inthe manner that I have taught you:spiritually". (81, 43 - 44)

87. During your moments of anordeal, pray with a brief but pure andsincere prayer. Then you will feelcomforted. And when you succeed inbeing in harmony with your Lord, Iwill be able to tell you that My will isyours, and your will is mine. (35, 7)

88. Pray, but let your prayer beformed by your intentions and actionsof the day, that will be your bestprayer; but if you wish to direct athought to Me, containing a petition,say then to Me: "Father, your willshall be done in me." You will beasking even more thereby than youcould hope or understand, and in thatsimple phrase, that thought, yousimplify the "Lord's Prayer" that youasked Me for in another time.

89. There you have the prayer thatasks all and that speaks best for you.But do not say it with your lips, butrather feel it with your heart, forsaying is not feeling, and if you feel it,you do not need to say it. I know howto hear the voice of the spirit andunderstand its language: What greaterjoy can there be for you than to knowthat? Did you think that I needed youto tell Me what to do? (247, 52 - 54)

90. I have taught you to pray, and toask things for others. However, I alsolisten to you when you ask things foryourself. I do receive that prayer. YetI tell you that the time when I gave toyou according to your petition,because you were small, has passed;now, I wish you to act like disciples,presenting to Me your spirit and yourheart when you pray, but leaving it toMe to read them and do My will.(296, 69)

91. When you question or asksomething of Me, do exert yourselvesto try to explain your problem clearly,nor bother to polish carefullyconstructed phrases. It is sufficient toMe that your spirit frees himself fromthe world for an instant and leavesyour heart and understandingcleansed, so that they may receive Myinspiration. What will it serve you tooffer Me lovely words if you areincapable of feeling My presencewithin you? I know all, and it is notnecessary for you to explain anythingto Me for Me to understand it. (286, 9- 10)

92. If you know how to understandMy Doctrine, it offers you manysatisfactions, many opportunities toascend. Learn to pray before makingany decision, for prayer is the perfectform for asking your Father, since init you will be demanding light andstrength to continue forward in thestruggle.

93. Upon praying, soon anillumination will come to yourunderstanding that will permit you toclearly distinguish good from evil, thecorrect from what you should not do,and that shall be a concrete proof thatyou knew to prepare yourselves tohear the voice of your conscience.

94. Suffer hardships with patience,and if you do not manage tounderstand the significance of yourtrials, pray, and I shall reveal theirmeaning, so that you may acceptthem. (333, 61 - 62 and 75)

95. Every time that your lips orthoughts say to Me: "Lord, do notdeny Me your forgiveness," you aredemonstrating your ignorance andconfusion, as well as how little youknow Me.

96. Do you tell Me to have pity foryour pain? Do you ask Me to havemercy on My children? Do you begMe to forgive your sins; I who amlove, clemency, charity, forgiveness,and pity?

97. It is fine that you try to movethose who on the earth have hardenedhearts, and that you try to move topity with tears and pleas those whohave not an atom of charity towardtheir fellows, but do not use theseforms or thoughts with He whocreated you from love in order to loveyou eternally. (336, 41 - 43)

98. Be content with the great charitythat the Father has entrusted to youfor all things related to human life onthe face of the earth, and do not askfor that which might cause the ruin ofyour spirit or substance. I have moreto give you than you do to ask of Me,but it is I who know what you reallyneed on the road. I said to you: that ifyou know how to follow My Law,you shall behold Me in all Mysplendor. (337, 21)

The Blessing of Intercession           

99. "Do not become accustomed topraying only with words, pray withthe spirit. I also say to you: bless withthe prayer, convey thoughts of light toyour brethren; do not ask anything foryourselves, remember that He whoserves Me, will always have Mewatching over him".

100. The seed that you sow withlove, you will receive multiplied. (21,3 - 4)

101. Do not pray only when you findyourselves going through somepainful ordeal. Also pray when youare at peace, for it will be then thatyour hearts and thoughts can becomeoccupied with others. Do not prayonly for those who have helped you,or those who have not caused you anyharm, for even though that is virtuous,it is not as worthy as assisting thosewho have previously harmed you. (35,8)

102. What is it that I teach you now?To bless everyone and everythingwith [your] entire heart and spirit,because who blesses in this way issimilar to the Father, in making theirwarmth come to all. Therefore I say toyou: Learn to bless with your spirit,with your thoughts, and your heart,and your peace, strength and warmthwill reach whomever you send it to,no matter how far away they are.

103. What would happen if all menblessed one another, even withouthaving met? Perfect peace wouldreign on earth, war would beinconceivable.

104. For that miracle to occur, it isnecessary that you elevate your spiritby means of perseverance in virtue.Do you judge this to be impossible?(142, 31)

105. Ask, and it shall be given. Allthat you wish in charity for yourbrothers, ask Me for it. Pray, uniteyour plea to that of the needy, and Ishall concede what you ask (137, 54)

The Necessity of Prayer           

106. Be watchful and pray, I repeatfrequently, but I do not want you tofamiliarize yourself with this pleasantadvice, but study it and put it intopractice.

107. I tell you to pray, for He whodoes not pray, will surrender tothoughts which are superfluous,material and sometimes unsound withwhich, unknowingly, He encouragesand fosters destructive wars; but whenyou pray, your thought like a radiantsword, destroys the veils of darknessand the bonds of temptation whichtoday are imprisoning many beings,saturating the environment withspirituality, and counteracting theforces of evil. (9, 25 - 26)

108. Humanity has always been toobusy with the great things of the earthto consider the importance that prayerand meditation have for that which isbeyond this life, in order to discoverits own essence. He who praysconverses with the Father, and if Heasks questions, receives instantreplies. The ignorance of men aboutspirituality proceeds from their lack ofprayer. (106, 33)

109. You are approaching a time oftrue prayer, of worship withoutfanaticism, in which you will know[how] to pray before eachundertaking, in which you will know[how] to watch over what has beenentrusted to you, when you will knowhow to give fairly to your spirit thatwhich pertains to him, and to theworld that which corresponds to it.

110. How can men go wrong, ifinstead of doing his own will, He firstask the Father through prayer? Whoknows how to pray lives in contactwith God, knows the value of thebenefits that He receives from theFather, and also understands themeaning and purpose of the trials thatHe passes through. (174, 2 - 3)

The Beneficial Effects of Practicing Prayer           

111. Throughout the Eras I have saidto you: Pray. Today I say that bymeans of the prayer you can obtainknowledge. If all men prayed, theywould never deviate from the path oflight outlined by Me. Through theprayer, they would heal the sick, therewould not be anymore nonbelieversand peace would again return to thespirits.

112. How can man be happy whenHe has rejected My grace? By chance,does He think that love, charity andmeekness are not attributes of thehuman heart? (69, 7 - 8)

113. Know that the word that bearsno love has neither life nor power.You ask Me how you can begin tolove, and what you must do so thatthis sentiment awakens in your heart,and I tell you: To start, know how topray. Prayer will bring you to theMaster, and I am that Master.

114. In prayer you will findconsolation, inspiration, and strength,it will give you the sweet satisfactionof being able to speak intimately withGod, without witnesses or mediators;God and your spirit, meeting in thatsweet moment of confidences,spiritual communication, andblessings. (166, 43 - 44)

115. Whenever you need aconfidant, and a good friend, seek Meout and deposit in Me the sorrows ofyour heart, and I will show you thebest pathway, the solution you seek.

116. If your spirit is oppressed bysorrows, it is because you havesinned; I will receive you, and will bebenevolent in My judgment. I willstrengthen your intention to reform,and return to you your lost strength.

117. Only the practicing of Myteachings can keep you in grace andspiritual and physical health. Theexperience you gather will be lightthat you accumulate in your spirit.(262, 20 - 21)

118. The spirit which knows how tobe watchful will never depart from theroute traced for him by his Lord, andHe is able to employ his heritage andhis gifts until He achieves hiselevation.

119. That being shall progress in histrials, for He lives alert and neverallows himself to be dominated by thematerial. He who prays and keepsvigil shall always emerge triumphantfrom the difficult times and will knowhow to walk with firm steps on thepath of life.

120. Oh, how different is theconduct of He who forgets to pray andkeep watch! Voluntarily He renouncesdefending himself with the best arms Ihave placed in man, which are faith,love, and the light of wisdom. It is Hewho does not hear the inner voice thatspeaks to him through his intuition,his conscience, and his dreams; butthe heart and mind do not understandthat language, and do not givecredence to the message that comesfrom his own spirit. (278, 2 - 3)

121. Prayer is the means revealed toyour spirit to come to Me with yourquestions, your uncertainties, andyour yearning for light. Through thatcommunication you can dissipate yourdoubts or tear away the veil hidingsome Mystery.

122. Prayer is the beginning of thespirit to Spirit communication that intimes to come will flourish and giveits fruits to all humanity.

123. Today I have revealed all this tothe people who hear Me so that theymay be the forerunners of the Era ofspirituality. (276, 18 - 19)

The Power of Prayer           

124. When one of you prays, you donot realize what you reach spirituallywith your thoughts, and it is necessarythat you know that when you pray foryour brothers, for those peopledestroying themselves in war, in thosemoments your spirit is prosecuting awar as well, a mental war against evil,and your sword, which is peace,reason, justice, and a yearning for thegood of your brothers, clashes withthe weapons of hatred, vengeance,and pride.

125. This is the Era in which menrealize the power of prayer, and forprayer to have true power and light, itis necessary that it be sent up to Mewith love. (139, 7 - 8)

126. Thought and the spirit, united inprayer, create in mankind a forcesuperior to any human strength.

127. In prayer the weak arestrengthened, the coward dressed incourage, the ignorant are illuminated,and the clumsy made able.

128. The spirit, when it has achievedharmony with the mind in order toreach true prayer, becomes aninvisible soldier who leaves behindfor a few moments that which toucheshis being, and passes to other places,frees itself from the influence of thematerial, and gives itself over to thestruggle to do good, to banish dangerand evil, and to bear within a glimmerof light, a drop of balsam, and abreath of peace to the needy.

129. For all I tell you, understandhow much you can do with the mindand spirit, in the midst of the chaos inwhich man is immersed. You are in aworld of conflicting thoughts andideas, where passions for materialismare alive and the spirits navigate indarkness.

130. Only He who has learnedthrough prayer to elevate himself inthought and spirit to the regions oflight, to the dwellings of peace, maypenetrate without being defeated tothe world of contention, where allhuman passions are reflected, leavingin exchange something of value forthose who have need of the light ofthe spirit. (288, 18 - 22)

131. Learn to pray, for with prayeryou may do much good, just as youmay defend against threats. Prayer isboth shield and sword, if you haveenemies you may defend yourselveswith prayer, but know that thisweapon must never wound or injureanyone, for its only purpose is toshine in the darkness. (280, 56)

132. The elements are unleashedagainst mankind, but you must notfear, for you know that I have givenyou the power to overcome evil andprotect your brothers. You can orderthose elements of destruction to stop,and they shall obey. If you continuepraying and watching you canperform prodigies and surprise theworld.

133. Pray with purity, makecommunion with My Spirit, do notseek out a particular place to do this.Pray beneath a tree, on the road, on amountaintop, or in the corner of yourbedroom, and I will descend toconverse with you, to illuminate you,and to give you strength. (250, 24 -25)

134. Truly I tell you that if you werealready united in spirit, thought, andintention, your prayer would beenough to stop the nations that nowprepare the hour to throw themselvesat each other; you would destroy thehatreds, and would be an obstacle toall the evil projects of your brothers.You would be like an invisible swordto vanquish the strong and a shield todefend the weak.

135. Humanity, confronting thesetrials revealing the existence of ahigher power, will pause for an instantto meditate; and that meditation willspare them from many of the heavytouches and trials that they are toreceive at the hand of nature and theelements. (288, 27)

136. If you had great faith andgreater knowledge of the power ofprayer, how many works of charitycould you do with your thoughts? Butyou have not granted to it the powerthat it has, and so, many times youhave not realized what you haveturned down in a moment of true andheartfelt prayer.

137. Do you not understand that ahigher power is preventing the mostinhumane of all your wars frombreaking out? Do you not understandthat taking part in that miracle aremillions of the prayers of men,women, and children, who with theirspirits are combating the darkness andstruggling against the influence of thewar? Continue praying, continuewatching; but put into these actions allthe faith you are able.

138. Pray, people, and over war,pain, and misery, lay the cloak of thepeace of your thoughts, making ofthem a shield underneath whoseprotection your brothers may shelterand be enlightened. (323, 24 - 26)

The Love of God and Your Neighbor as Veneration of God           

139. Be aware, My new disciples,that you should always honor andoffer tribute to the Lord, withoutawaiting specific dates, in the samemanner that the Father always lovesyou. But if you want to know how toremember My deeds of love on adaily basis without falling intofanaticism, I will tell you how. Duringyour lifetime, you should continuallylove one another as a tribute to theone who has created everything.

140. Live in that manner, and I willgrant you those things that youhumbly request to forgive your faults.I offer you comfort and ease yourpain, but I say to you, when yourconscience makes you aware of yourerrors, pray, correct your errors, andwith your spiritual gifts attain spiritualstrength in order not to commit thesame faults again. Thus, you will nothave to ask Me repeatedly to forgiveyou. My word is teaching you toevolve and to attain enlightenmentand spirituality. (49, 32 - 33)

141. "I thirst," I said to the mob thatdid not understand My words andenjoyed My agony. And now, whatcan I say to you, when I see it is not amob, but the whole world that woundsMy Spirit without seeing My pain?

142. My thirst is infinite,incomprehensible, and only your lovecan quench it; so why do you offerMe outward worship instead of love?Do you not know that instead of wateryou are offering Me gall and vinegar?(94, 74 - 75)

143. "Verily I say to you that thosewho suffered and greatly offendedMe, shall be the ones who will loveMe more intensely and from theirheart will constantly emerge theiroffering to My Divinity. It shall not bematerial offerings nor psalms, oraltars of the earth; they know that themost pleasing offering and worshipfor Me are the deeds of love whichthey perform toward their brethren".(82, 5)

144. Day after day, your spiritualprayer, whose language your materialnature does not understand because ithas no words pronounced by yourlips, nor ideas formed by your mind,comes to Me. The prayer of the spiritis so profound that it is beyond thehuman senses and powers.

145. By that prayer the spirit comesto the regions of peace and lightwhere elevated spirits live, andsaturating itself with that essence,returns to the transitory body to passstrength to it. (256, 63 - 64)

146. People: The time when youmust know how to pray has come toyou. Today I do not come to tell youto prostrate yourselves on the ground,I do not come to tell you to pray withyour lips, or that you clamor to Mewith florid words in beautiful prayers.Today I come to tell you: Seek Mewith your thoughts, elevate yourspirit, and I will always descend tomake you feel My presence. If you donot know how to talk to your God,your repentance, your thoughts, yourpain, and your love will suffice.

147. That is the language that I hearand understand; the language of truthand sincerity without words, that isthe prayer that I have come to teachyou in this Third Era.

148. Whenever you have done goodworks you have felt My peace,tranquility and hope, and that isbecause the Father is very close toyou. (358, 53 - 55)

149. I reject all that which is vanityand human grandeur, for only thatwhich is spiritual reaches My Spirit,that which is noble and elevated, pureand eternal. Remember that I said tothe woman of Samaria, "God is Spirit,and it is necessary that He beworshiped in spirit and in truth". SeekMe in the infinite, in the pure, andthere you will find Me. (36, 26)

150. Why do you offer Me thosethings that I have made for you? Whydo you give Me flowers if you do notmake them? On the other hand, if youpresent Me deeds of love, charity,forgiveness, justice, and of help foryour brethren, then you will beoffering Me a true spiritual gift, andwill ascend like a caress to the Father,like a kiss which children will sendtheir Lord from the earth. (36, 29)

151. Nor do I wish you to encloseyour worship in material houses ofworship, for you will therebyimprison your spirit and not allow itto open its wings to conquer eternity.

152. The altar I leave you, and onwhich you shall celebrate yourworship as I expect, is life beyond anylimitations, beyond all religions,churches, and sects, for it exists in thespiritual, in the eternal and Divine.(194, 27 - 28)

The Communion of Conscience between God and Man           

153. "Today I come to you with ateaching that might seem impossiblefor the world to practice; but once it isunderstood it is the easiest to fulfill. Icome to teach you the worship of thelove of God through your life, yourdeeds and the spiritual prayer, whichis not pronounced by the lips at apredetermined place, nor is it in needof forms or images to be inspired".(72, 21)

154. While men have wanted to seeMe as a distant and remote God, Ihave proposed to show them that I amcloser to them than their eyelashes.

155. They pray mechanically, and ifthey do not see all they asked forimmediately, discouraged theyexclaim: "God has not heard us."

156. If they knew how to pray, ifthey united their minds and heartswith their spirits, they would hear theDivine presence of the Lord in theirconscience and feel his presence veryclose to them. But how can theyexpect to feel My presence if they askthrough materialized worship. Howcan they possibly sensitize their spiritsif they worship even their Lordthrough images made with their ownhands?

157. I want you to understand thatyou have Me very close to you, thatyou can communicate with Me, feelMe as well and receive Myinspirations easily. (162, 17 - 20)

158. "Practice the silence whichfavors the spirit so that it will find itsGod; that silence is like a fountain ofknowledge and all who penetrate intoit, will be filled with the clearness ofMy wisdom. The silence is like aclosed place with indestructible walls,to which only the spirit has access.Man constantly carries within hisinnermost, the knowledge of thesecret place in which He cancommunicate with God".

159. "You can communicate withyour Father wherever you are, for theplace is of no consequence, it can beat the top of the mountain or if youfind yourself in the depth of a valley,in the commotion of a city, in thepeace of your home or in the midst ofa struggle; if you seek Me in theinterior of your sanctuary in the midstof the deep silence of your elevation,the doors of the universal andinvisible temple will be openedinstantly so that you feel yourselftruly in the house of the Father, whichexists in each spirit".

160. When the pain of your ordealsoverwhelm you and your afflictions oflife annihilate your senses, if youexperience an intense desire to obtaina little peace, retire to your chamberor seek the silence, the solitude of thecountryside; there elevate your spiritguided by its conscience, and enterinto meditation. The silence is thekingdom of the spirit, a kingdom thatis invisible to human eyes.

161. At the moment of penetratingthe spiritual ecstasy, the awakening ofthe superior senses is obtained,intuition surges, the inspiration glows,the future is perceived and thespiritual life touches what is distant,and makes possible what beforeseemed impossible.

162. If you wish to penetrate thesilence of this sanctuary, of this Ark,you yourselves should be the ones toprepare the way, for only with truepurity will you be able to penetrate it.(22, 36 - 40)

163. It is necessary for My prophetsto rise again to admonish men,because while there are people whodestroy themselves, blinded byambition and violence, those whohave received My light and calmlyjudge humanity, are fearful of risingto give the good news.

164. If this humanity would knowhow to pray with the spirit, theywould hear My voice, they wouldreceive My inspiration, but each timethey pray they place a veil over theireyes which hides to them the light ofMy presence. I have to come to menduring the moments when their bodiesare at rest to awaken their spirit, tocall on him and converse with him. Itis Christ, who like a thief in themiddle of the night, penetrates yourheart to sow My seed of love within.(67, 29)

165. Learn to pray and meditate atthe same time, so that knowledge andunderstanding arise in each one ofyou. (333, 7)

166. "Spiritualism is liberty; that iswhy those who now hear me and haveunderstood the meaning of thisliberating Doctrine see open up beforethem a great valley, where they shallstruggle and give testimony that theChapter 17 - The New Way of Worshiping God181time came when God, the AlmightyCreator, came to establishcommunications between Himself andman." (239, 8)

167. The doctrine of Christ wasspiritual, but men surrounded it withrites and forms to put it within reachof the spirits of scarce elevation.

168. You have entered the Era of theSpirit, that of the great revelations, inwhich materialism, imposture, andimperfection will disappear from allworship; in which all men, throughthe spirit, shall recognize God, who isall Spirit, and on that road find themeans of perfect communication.(195, 77 - 78)

169. When men have learned tocommunicate with My Spirit, thenthere will be nothing they have to askor look up in books.

170. Today they still ask those whothey think know more than they do, orthey pursue texts and books, anxiousto find the truth. (118, 37)

171. If you learn to meditate a fewminutes each day, and if yourmeditation is on the spiritual life, youwill discover an infinity ofexplanations, and will receiverevelations that you can not get in anyother way.

172. Your spirit already has enoughlight to ask questions of Me and toreceive My replies. The spirit ofhumanity has already reached greatelevation. Observe your brothers ofhumble condition who, in spite of thepoverty of their knowledge, surpriseyou with their profound observationsand the clear manner in which theyexplain that which for many others isinexplicable. Did you think they hadfrequented books or schools? No, butthey have discovered, by intuition orby necessity, the gift of meditationthat is part of spiritual prayer. In theirloneliness, isolated from influencesand prejudices, they have discoveredhow to enter into communion with theeternal and the spiritual, with truth;and some more, and some less, allwho have meditated on the trueessence of life, have received spirituallight for their understanding. (340, 43- 44)

173. You ask Me what does theprayer consist of and I say to you:Allow your spirit to elevate freelytoward the Father with true faith andconfidence during those moments ofprayer. Allow your heart and mind toreceive inspirations from the spirit,and accept with true humility the willof the Father. The one who prays inthat manner will be able to feel Mypresence joyfully at any momentduring his life on earth, never againfeeling that He is indigent. (286, 11)

174. There, in the purest part of theirbeing, in the spirit, will be where Iwrite My Law in this era; it will bethere that I make My voice heard andwhere I will build My temple, for thatwhich does not exist in the spirit,might as well not exist.

175. And so, though you raiseenormous temples in My honor,though you offer feasts andceremonies full of splendor, yourofferings will not reach Me, for theyare not of the spirit. All externalworship bears in it vanity andostentation; in contrast, the quietoffering, that which the world neversees and that you offer Me spirit toSpirit, that reaches Me because of itshumility, its sincerity, its truth. In aword: Because it proceeds from thespirit.

176. Read again My parable of thePharisee and the publican from thesecond time, and then you willunderstand My teaching, which hasbeen the same in all times. (280, 68)

177. Do you know that some areloved without deserving it? That ishow I love you. Give Me your cross,give Me your sadness, give Me yourdashed hopes, give Me the heavyburden you bear, I can bear all thepain. Feel yourselves free of yourburden so that you may be happy,enter into the sanctuary of My love,and be silent before the altar of theUniverse, so that your spirit mayconverse with the Father in the mostbeautiful of languages: that of love.(228, 73)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 18 - Works of Charity and the Central Significance of Love

The Retroactive Grace of Good Works           

1. Observe all the cases of humanmisery, pain, and need; andconfronted by the sight of pain, whicheverywhere surrounds you, let yourheart become more sensitive.

2. When you feel a generous andnoble impulse to do good in thedeepest part of your being, let thatimpulse overflow and manifest itself.It is the spirit that sends its messagebecause it has found its body readyand disposed. (334, 3 - 4)

3. Let charity be first among youraspirations and you will never repentfor having been charitable, forthrough that virtue you shall have thegreatest satisfactions and happiness ofyour existence, and obtain at the sametime all the wisdom, strength, andelevation yearned for by a noblespirit.

4. Through charity for your brothersyou will purify your spirit, repayingthereby old debts, ennobling yourhuman life, and elevating yourspiritual life.

5. When you come to the door towhich all come to call, your happinesswill be very great, for you will hearthe voice of welcome from thespiritual world that will bless you andcall you to the Work of regenerationand spirituality. (308, 55 - 56)

6. Moreover, I say to you: Blessedare those of My laborers who knowhow to feel in their hearts the sorrowof those deprived of liberty or health,and who visit and comfort them; forone day they will meet again, whetherin this or another life; and you do notknow if they then might have betterhealth, and more freedom, and lightthan those who brought the messageof love to them in a prison or ahospital. It is then that they willrespond with gratitude, giving a handto those who in another time gave it tothem.

7. That moment when you made Myword enter his heart, the momentwhen you passed your hand over hisforehead and made him think of Meand feel Me, will never be erasedfrom his spirit, just as your face andyour brotherly voice will never beerased so that they will recognize youwherever you meet. (149, 54 - 55)

8. "In the same way that the breezeand the sunlight caress you, O Mypeople, caress your fellowmen. This isthe time in which the poor and theneedy are abundant. Keep in mindthat He who asks for a favor, is givingyou the grace to be useful to othersand to work toward your salvation. Hegives you the opportunity to bemerciful and with it you can imitateyour Father; because man is born toscatter the seed of righteousnessthroughout the world. Understandthen that He who asks, does you afavor". (27, 62)

True and False Charity           

9. O My disciples, your greatestmission will be that of charity! Manytimes you will perform it secretly,without any display not letting yourleft hand know what your right handhas given, but there will be occasionswhen your charity will have to bewitnessed by your brethren in orderfor them to learn to share it.

10. Forget about payment, I am theFather who rewards with justificationthe deeds of His children withoutneglecting a single one.

11. I have told you that if you offer aglass of water with true charity, thatgesture will not remain unrewarded.

12. Blessed are those who onapproaching say to Me: "Master, Iexpect no reward for My deeds, it isenough that I exist knowing that I amyour son so that My spirit will befilled with happiness." (4, 78 - 81)

13. Do not foster any egotisticalinterests thinking only in yoursalvation and in your reward, becauseyour disappointment will be verypainful when you present yourselvesin spirit, because you shall find that inreality you were unable to work forany reward.

14. So that you may betterunderstand what I want to say to you,I give you the following example:There are and always have been menand women who have managed toperform charitable deeds among theirbrethren, and nevertheless, when theyappear before Me, they have notpresented to Me merits toward theirspiritual happiness. And how did thiscome about? Can you conceive thatthey could have been victims of aninjustice on their Fathers behalf? Theanswer is simple, disciples: They werenot able to gather any benefit forthemselves because their deeds werenot sincere, because when theyextended their hand to givesomething, they never did it movedwith a true feeling of charity towardthe one who suffers, rather thinking ofthemselves, in their salvation, in theirreward. Some were moved byselfinterest, others by vanity, and thatis not true charity, because it was notheartfelt or unselfish, and I say to youthat He who does not convey sincerityand love, is not sowing the truth nor isHe working toward any reward.

15. The apparent charity couldprovide you some satisfactions onearth that will arise from theadmiration that you arouse and theadulation that you receive, but theapparent does not reach My kingdom,only what is true reaches there.Everyone will reach that placewithout being able to conceal the leastblemish or impurity, because beforeappearing before God, you shalldeprive yourselves of mantles,crowns, insignias, titles and all whichpertains to the world, to presentyourselves before the Supreme Judgeas humble spirits who are to respondbefore the Creator about the missionentrusted to them. (75, 22 - 24)

16. He who from love seeks to servehis neighbor consecrates himself tothe good on one of the many paths lifeoffers. He knows that He is a beingwho must allow himself to be used bythe Divine will for very highpurposes. I wish you to come toknow, oh disciples, so that it may beyou who free those who have lost thepath of evolution from their errors.

17. True love, that which is beyondthe heart, is the fruit of wisdom. Seehow I, in My word, sow wisdom inyour understanding and then wait forthe fruit of your love.

18. There are many ways to do good,many ways to console and serve; allof them are expressions of the love,which is one alone, the love that is thewisdom of the spirit.

19. Some can go on the road ofscience, and others on that of thespirit, others on that of feelings, andthe meeting place for them all will bespiritual harmony. (282, 23 - 26)

Spiritual and Material Acts of Love           

20. If you are poor materially and forthat reason you are unable to helpyour fellowmen, do not be afraid.Pray, and I will bring peace andenlightenment to those in need.

21. True charity, which gives birth tocompassion, is the best gift that youcan offer to the needy. If there is nolove in your heart when you offeryour brethren money, bread, or a glassof water, truly I tell you that you havenot given anything. It would be betterfor you to keep what you have given.

22. Humanity, when do you want tobecome aware of the power of love?You have not yet utilized that powerwhich is the origin of life. (306, 32 -33)

23. Do not see enemies, but brothersin all who surround you. Do not askfor punishment, so that you may givean example of forgiveness and sothere is no resentment in your spirit.Seal your lips, and let Me judge yourcause.

24. Heal the sick. Help those whoare unable to reason, and remove thespiritual beings that cause mentalconfusion; help one and the other tobecome spiritually enlightened. (33,58 - 59)

25. Disciples: The maxim that Itaught you in the Second Era, to loveone another, is applicable to all theactions of your life.

26. There are those who say to Me:"Master, how can I love My neighborif I am an insignificant person whoselife is dedicated to material work?

27. To these little ones of mine, Isay, that even in that material work,apparently without importance, youcan love your fellow men, if you dothat work with a will to serve yourbrothers.

28. Imagine how beautiful your lifewould be if each man would workthinking in doing good, and wouldjoin his small effort to those of others.Truly, I can tell you that misery wouldbe unknown, but the truth is that eachone works for himself, thinking onlyof himself, and maybe in those closestto him.

29. All of you need to understandthat no one is sufficient untothemselves, and that He or she needsothers; you all must learn that you areintimately bound to a universalmission that you must complete inunity; not, however, a unity frommaterial obligations, but of intention,of inspiration and of ideal, in a word:by love for one another. The fruit ofthis will then be of benefit to all. (334,35 - 37)

30. I tell you, disciples, in My Lawof love, if you cannot do perfectworks like those I did in Jesus, at leastpush yourselves to come close tothem. It is enough for Me to behold abit of real will to imitate Me and alittle bit of love for your fellow men,for Me to help you and manifest Mygrace and power along your way.

31. You will never be alone in thestruggle. If I do not abandon youwhen you are doubled over by theweight of your sins, do you think Iwould abandon you when you arewalking with the weight of the crossof this mission of love? (103, 28 - 29)

The Integral Significance of Love           

32. Love has been the essence of MyDoctrine throughout the Eras.

33. Love is the essence of God; fromthat strength all beings take life; fromit all life and creation arose. Love isthe beginning and the final destiny ofall made by the Father.

34. Before that strength that moves,illuminates, and gives life to allthings, death disappears, sin vanishes,negative passions fade, impurities arecleansed, and all that is imperfect ismade perfect. (295, 32)

35. I have revealed My existence,and the reason for your own, I haverevealed that the fire that gives lifeand animates all, is love; and this isthe principle from which all natureshave sprung.

36. And therefore, you were born oflove, exist for love, are forgiven outof love, and shall be in eternity,through love. (135, 19 - 20)

37. Love is the beginning of, and thereason for your existence, O,humanity, how could you live withoutthat gift? Believe Me, there are manywho carry death within them, andothers that are sick merely from notloving anyone. The balm that hassaved many has been the love andDivine gift that restores true life, thatredeems and elevates, is also love.(166, 41)

38. Love; for He who does not lovebears deep sadness within himself,that of not possessing or feeling whatis most beautiful and elevated in life.

39. That was what Jesus came toteach you with his life and death, andit is that which He bequeathed to youin his Divine Word, condensed in thephrase: "Love one another with thatlove that I have shown you."

40. The day will come when thosewho have not loved, throwing offtheir bitterness and their prejudices,shall come and rest in Me, where theyshall return to life hearing My sweetWord of infinite tenderness.

41. Truly I tell you, in love is Mystrength, My wisdom, and My truth. Itis like an infinite ladder that is seen indifferent forms, from those inferior tohumans, to those most elevated of thespirits, who have achieved perfection.

42. Love, though it be in your ownway, but love always. Do not hate, forhate leaves a trail of death, whilethrough love forgiveness is obtainedand all malice erased. (224, 34 - 36)

43. I tell you that who does not love,who does not manifest his love in themost elevated form and with absolutepurity, lacks true knowledge and verylittle shall He possess. In contrast, Hewho loves with all his spirit and allthe powers that have been given him,shall bear within himself the light ofwisdom and He shall feel himselftruly to be the owner of all aroundhim, for what is of the Father, is theproperty of his children as well. (168,11)

44. Love will give you theknowledge to understand the truthwhich others seek in vain along therocky roads of science.

45. Allow the Master to guide you inall your actions, words and thoughts.Be prepared under his pleasing andloving example and you will manifestthe Divine love, thus you will feelnearer to God, for you will be inharmony with Him.

46. If you love, you will come to behumble as Jesus was. (21, 10 - 12)

47. "He who loves understands, Hewho studies has willpower, He whohas willpower, can accomplish verymuch. I say to you that neitherelevation nor knowledge will He havenor will He do great deeds who doesnot love with all the power of hisspirit". (24, 41)

48. Do not allow your heart tobecome vain, because your heartsymbolizes the flame of eternity fromwhere everything emerges and comesto life.

49. The spirit utilizes the heart tomanifest its love through the humanbody. However, if your love is onlyphysical, law, within your love willonly be temporary because your bodyis temporary. But when your love isspiritual, it will be similar to that ofthe Divine Father, who is eternal,perfect, and unchangeable.

50. All life and all creation arerelated to the spirit, because itpossesses eternal life. Do not limityourself, love Me and love oneanother, because you are children of aBeing who possesses infinite love,that Being is God Himself. (180, 24 -26)

51. Elevate yourselves on the paththat leads to the mountaintop, andwith every step you take you willunderstand My teachings better, andwill perfect yourselves more tounderstand the Divine language.

52. What is the language of thespirit? It is love. Love is the universallanguage. Do you not see that humanlove also speaks? Many times it doesnot need words, but speaks better withdeeds and with thoughts. If humanlove manifests itself this way, howshall your language be when you areperfected in My Law? (316, 59-60)

53. If you consider that I amwisdom, that wisdom comes fromlove; if you recognize Me as Judge,that justice is based in love, if youbelieve I am powerful, My power isbuilt on love, if you know that I ameternal, My eternity comes from love;for it is life, and life makes spiritsimmortal.

54. Love is light, life, andknowledge. And I have given you thatseed from the beginning of time; it isthe only one that I, the perfect sower,have planted in the land of yourhearts. (222, 23)

The Overall Power of Love           

55. "O! Men and women of theworld who have forgotten in yoursciences the only thing that will makeyou wise and happy; you haveforgotten about the love whichinspires all, the love which doeseverything and changes everything!You live in pain and in darkness, forby not practicing the love which Iteach you, you bring about yourphysical or spiritual suffering".

56. "In order to discover andunderstand My messages, first youneed to be kind and humble of heart,virtues which exist within every spiritsince the moment of their creation,but to feel the true elevated feeling oflove, you need to spiritualizeyourselves cultivating your goodsentiments; but you have wanted tohave everything in life, exceptspiritual love". (16, 31 - 32)

57. During all times you have hadguides who have taught you the powerof love. They have been your mostadvanced brethren, with a greaterunderstanding of My Law and agreater purity in their deeds. Theyhave come to give you an example ofstrength, love and humility, byexchanging their life of errors and sinsfor an existence dedicated torighteousness, sacrifice and charity.

58. "From infancy to old age, youhave clear examples of all that can beaccomplished by love and the painswhich can originate by the lack ofcharity; but you, more insensible thanthe rocks, have not been able to learnthe teachings and examples that yourdaily living offers".

59. Have you sometimes observedhow even the wild animals gentlyrespond to a call of love? Well, in thesame manner, the elements canrespond, the forces of Nature and allthat exists within the material andspiritual world.

60. That is why I say to you that youshould bless everything with love inthe name of the Father and Creator ofthe Universe.

61. To bless means to saturate. Tobless is to feel righteousness, to say itand to deliver it. To bless is toimpregnate all that surrounds youwith thoughts of love. (14, 56 - 60)

62. Truly I tell you that love is theunchangeable force that moves theuniverse. Love is the beginning andthe essence of life.

63. I am initiating a time of spiritualresurrection for all, a time in which Iwill cause the flowering of thatblessed seed of love that I poured outover the world from the top of a cross,announcing to you that when menlove one another as I taught them to,death will have been dislodged fromthe world and in its place life willreign over humanity and be manifestin all their works. (282, 13 - 14)

My peace be with you !