Chapter 36 - Faith, Truth, and Understanding
                 The Faith that Can Do All Things
                 The Recognition of the Truth of God
                 The Recognition of the Spiritual and Divine
                 Conditions for Spiritual Recognition
                 Necessary Growth of the Consciousness of Man
Chapter 37 - Correct Understanding of the Biblical Texts
                 The Interpretation of the Word and Promises of the Bible
                 The Revelation of Jesus through the Apostle John
Chapter 38 - The Three Divine Revelations and the Seven Seals
                 The Revelations of God and Spiritual Development
                 The Three Testaments of God
                 The Third Era (Time)
                 The Seven Epochs of Sacred History
Chapter 39 - Earthly and Spiritual Israel
                 The Historic Mission of Israel: its Failure
                 The Separation of the Jewish People into earthly and Spiritual Creeds
                 The Spiritual People of Israel
                 The One Hundred and Forty - four Thousand Chosen
Chapter 40 - The Forces of Good and Evil
                 The Origin of Good and Evil
                 Arrogance and Humility
                 The Good; the Man of Good Will
                 Evil: Man in the Service of Evil
                 The Struggle between Good and Evil
                 Temptations and Seductions
                 Moral Crimes
                 The Impotence and Fleetingness of Evil
                 The Power of Forgiveness
Chapter 41 - Connections between this World and The Beyond
                 Inspiration and Aid from the Spiritual World
                 Disturbed and Malicious Spirits
                 The Struggle of the Spirits for Human Beings
                 The Bond with the Spirits of God
Chapter 42 - Guilt and Penitence, Trials and Suffering
                 The Need for Repentance and Atonement
                 The Law of Atonement
                 The Reason for Trials and Sufferings
                 Faith, Conformity, and Humility before the Trials
                 The Significance of Suffering and Pain
Chapter 43 - Illness, Healing, and Renovation
                 The Origin and Meaning of Illness
                 Healing through your own Strength
                 The Renovation of Human Beings
Chapter 44 - Life in the Divine Sense
                 The Necessary Equilibrium
                 Healthy and Unhealthy Pleasures
                 Blessed and Cursed Wealth
                 The Law of Giving
                 Compliance with Debts and Obligations
Chapter 45 - Predestination, Sense and Compliance in Life
                 Providence and the Determination of God in Human Destiny
                 In the School of Life
                 The Meaning and Value of Human Life

IX. Teachings of the Divine Wisdom

Chapter 36 - Faith, Truth, and Understanding

The Faith that Can Do All Things           

1. In order to master weakness,smallness, misery, passions and todestroy all doubt, faith and gooddeeds are indispensable and arevirtues that triumph over theimpossible; before them what isdifficult and unattainable disappearslike shadows.

2. I said to men who believed in Meduring the Second Era: 'Your faith hassaved you." Thus I announced itbecause faith is a healing power, it isa force which transforms, and its lightdestroys all darkness. (20, 63 - 64)

3. Those who are still far fromspirituality, would like to behold Mein the form of Jesus to say to Me:Father, I believe in you, because Ihave seen you; I will say to them:Blessed are those who without seeinghave believed, for they have givenproof that thanks to their spiritualitythey have felt Me within their heart.(27 - 75)

4. I wish you to know what faith is,so that you understand that He whopossesses it, is owner of anincomparable treasure.

5. He who lives illuminated by thatinterior light, no matter how poor theworld considers him to be, will neverfeel like a pariah, abandoned, weak,or lost; his faith in the Father, in life,in his destiny, and even in himselfwill never let him weaken in thestruggle, and He will always be ableto perform great and awesome works.(136, 4 - 5)

6. Faith is like a beacon thatilluminates your path until you arriveat the secure door of eternity.

7. Faith can not be that shown bythose timid and fearful spirits whotoday advance a step and tomorrowturn back, who do not wish to strugglewith their own pain, trusting in thetriumph of the spirit only through thecharity of the Father.

8. Faith is that which the spirit feels,knowing that God is in him, wholoves his Lord, and enjoys feelingHim within himself, and who loveshis brothers; having such faith in thejustice of the Father that He does notwait for his brothers to love him; whopardons offenses and errors but whotomorrow will be filled with light,because by his merits He has achievedhis purification.

9. He who has faith has peace,possesses love, and is filled withgoodness.

10. He is rich in faith, and even inthe material world; but with truewealth, not that of which youconceive. (263, 12 - 16)

11. I will tell you the test that showstrue faith exists: the heart is nottroubled in times of trial, and peaceinundates the spirit in the suprememoments of peril.

12. He who has faith, is in harmonywith Me, for I am life, health, andsalvation; He who genuinely seeksthis port and this beacon, shall notperish.

13. He who possesses this virtue,performs prodigies beyond all humanscience, and gives testimony of thespirit and of the higher life. (237, 69 -71)

The Recognition of the Truth of God           

14. When the heart contains goodfaith and the mind is free ofprejudices or confused ideas, life isappreciated more and the truth is seenwith greater clarity. In contrast, whenthe heart bears skepticism, or there arevanity and errors in the mind, allappears confused and even the lightitself appears as darkness.

15. Seek truth: it is life, but seek itwith love, with humility, withperseverance, and faith. (88, 5 - 6)

16. Pray, and in your prayer askquestions of your Father, and inmeditation you will receive the ray ofMy infinite light. Do not expect toreceive all of the truth in one singleinstant. There are spirits that havewalked for much time in search of thetruth, studying and trying to penetrateall the Mysteries, but which have notyet achieved their desired goal.

17. Christ, the Anointed, came toshow you the road, telling you, "Loveone another." Can you imagine thereach of that sublime commandment?All the life of man would betransformed if you lived by thatdoctrine. Love alone is that which canreveal the truths of the arcane,because it is the origin of your lives,and of all created.

18. Seek the truth with zeal, and seekthe meaning of life. Love strengthensyou in the good, and you shall seehow, step by step, all that is false,impure, or imperfect shall fall fromyou. Each day, be more sensitive tothe light of Divine grace, for then youwill be able to ask the Lord directlyall that you wish to know and that isnecessary for your spirit in order toreach the supreme truth. (136, 40 - 42)

19. I am the Word that comes insearch of men, for they have beenunable to come to Me. It is My truththat I come to reveal to you, for truthis the Kingdom I wish all of you toenter.

20. But how can you find the truth ifI do not first tell you that manyrenunciations are required?

21. At times, to find truth it isnecessary to renounce all that youpossess, to renounce even your self.

22. The vain, the materialist, and theindolent cannot know truth if they donot destroy the walls within whichthey live. It is necessary that theydominate their passions andweaknesses to look directly at Mylight. (258, 44 - 47)

23. Blessed is He who seeks truth,because He is thirsty for love, light,and kindness. Seek, and you shallfind; seek truth, and it shall come outto meet you. Continue to meditate,and continue asking questions of theArcane, and He will answer, for theFather has never remained quiet orindifferent before He who eagerlyasks of Him.

24. How many who seek the truth inbooks, among the wise, and in thediverse sciences, will end up finding itin themselves, since in the depths ofeach man I have deposited a seed ofeternal truth. (262, 36 - 37)

25. I cannot deceive you. I never actfalsely, and never hide in darkness.My truth is always naked, but if menhave not been able to see thenakedness of My Spirit, it is becausethey have not wished to. I do not hideMy truth with any vestment. Mynakedness is Divine and pure, Mynakedness is holy, and I shall show itto all the beings of the Universe.Symbolizing this, I came naked intothe world as a man, and also left itnaked.

26. I wish that among mine there isalways truth, for I am, and will alwaysbe in your truth. I wish that there belove among you, and My love willalways be in your love.

27. Only one truth exists and onetrue love; and that truth and that loveare in you. Your love and your truthshall be mine, and My truth and Mylove shall be yours. (327, 33 - 34)

28. My light is in all consciences,you are already in the Era when MySpirit will spill out over mankind, andso I tell you that soon all of you shallfeel My presence, the wise equallywith the ignorant, the great like thesmall, and the powerful as the poor.

29. One and all will tremble beforethe truth of the true living God. (263,33 - 34)

The Recognition of the Spiritual and Divine           

30. It is impossible for one of Mychildren to forget Me since He carriesin his spirit the conscience which isthe light of My Spirit and throughwhich, sooner or later, He mustrecognize Me.

31. It is easy for some tocomprehend the meaning of My wordand to find the light there; but toothers My word remains a Mystery.

32. I say to you that not everyonewill be able to understand the spiritualessence of My message in this time.Those who do not succeed in doing sowill have to await new times for theirspirits to open their eyes to the light ofMy revelations. (36, 4 - 6)

33. If I say to you that My wisdomshall be yours, do you believe thatonly one existence would be sufficientto know all that I have to reveal toyou? If I say that you will not acquirethe human science without travelingthe extensive road of evolution, muchless will you be able to acquire theknowledge of the spiritual without acomplete evolution of your spirit.

34. I do not come to put spiritualityinto conflict with science, becausethat mistake has been of men, butnever mine; on the contrary, I come toteach you to harmonize the spiritualwith the material, what is human withthe Divine, what is temporary with theeternal. Nevertheless, I declare to youthat to travel the pathways of life, it isnecessary to know beforehand thepath that your conscience outlines,whose spiritual law proceeds from theDivine Spirit. (79, 38 - 39)

35. You have fallen so far, anddistanced yourselves so from thespiritual, that you considersupernatural all that, because itpertains to the spirit, is completelynatural. This is how you refer to theDivine, and is how you see all thatpertains to your spirits, and that is anerror.

36. What has happened is that yousee and perceive only what is close toyour senses or within reach of yourhuman intelligence, and what isbeyond the senses and the mind youhave considered supernatural. (273, 1)

37. The man who seeks the light ofwisdom in Nature, as well as He whoseeks My wisdom in spiritualrevelations, shall have to travel on hisown feet the road where He finds thetruth that He could not find on otherpaths. It is for that reason that I havesent your spirit to live life after lifehere on earth, so that through yourevolution and experience you discoverall that there is in it, and in whatsurrounds it.

38. If you wish, scrutinize Mywords, but then study and observe lifethrough them, so that you can see thetruth that is contained in all I havetold you.

39. There will be times when itseems to you that there is acontradiction between what I tell youtoday and what was revealed to you inpast times, but there is not; theconfusion is in men, but you soonshall come to the light. (105, 54 - 56)

Conditions for Spiritual Recognition           

40. Humility is the light of the spirit,and on the contrary, the lack of it isdarkness. Vanity is the fruit ofignorance. He who is great throughwisdom, and worthy through virtue,has true modesty and spiritualhumility. (101, 61)

41. Let all evil thoughts fall awayfrom you, and attract the noblethoughts. Happiness is not in thematerial things you possess, but in thespirituality that you know. To know isto possess and practice.

42. He who truly knows is humble ofspirit, not prideful with the earthlywisdom that aspires to know all, butdenies all that it does not understand.He who bears the light of inspiredknowledge knows how to receiverevelations in their due time, and howto wait for them. Many have calledthemselves wise, but the sun thatshines brilliantly on them day afterday, has been a Mystery to them.

43. Many have believed that theyknew all, yet, truly I tell you, thateven the ants that cross the roadunnoticed bear a Mystery which isunfathomable to them.

44. Men may investigate many of themarvels of nature, but while they donot do it through the path of Divinelove, they shall not come to the truewisdom enclosed in the immortal lifeof the spirit. (139, 67 - 70)

Necessary Growth of the Consciousness of Man           

45. From the beginning I concededto man the liberty of thought, but Hehas always been a slave, sometimesdue to his fanaticism and on otheroccasions because of the false beliefsof Pharaoh or Caesar. That is why inthis time, faced with the freedom thatthe spirit is achieving, and the claritythat is presented to his eyes, He isblinded by the light, for his mind isnot used to that liberty.

46. Man had reduced the strength ofhis understanding of the spiritual, andfell therefore into fanaticism, walkedon twisted paths, and was like ashadow of the will of others.

47. He had lost his liberty, and wasnot the owner of either himself nor ofhis thoughts.

48. But the Era of light has arrived,the time when you are to break thechains and extend your wings to flyfree toward the infinite in search oftruth. (239, 4 - 7)

49. This century in which you livepresents two sides: one is theevolution of the mind, and the other isthe stagnation of the spirit.

50. Truly, the Divine light shinesupon the understanding, and for thatreason from it arises My greatinspiration, whose fruits astonishhumanity. It is because the mind seeksfreedom and expansion. Man deepenshis study of nature, He scrutinizes,discovers, enjoys, and is awed, butnever hesitates.

51. But when in him the idea ofclarifying matters related to thespiritual rises, of matters related to thetruth beyond the material one Heknows, then He is found fearful,afraid to penetrate the unknown, intowhat He believes is prohibited,permitted only to those elevatedbeings worthy of learning about theArcane of God.

52. There He has shown himselfclumsy and weak, unable to defeat byact of will the prejudices that represshim.

53. The development of humanintelligence will never be completeuntil it happens on the spiritual plane.See how great the backwardness ofyour spirit is, because you haveconsecrated your knowledge to theearthly life.

54. Man is a slave to the will ofothers, a victim of anathema,condemnations, and threats and whathas He achieved with this? Theabandonment of all his yearnings tounderstand and achieve the highestknowledge that man must have,preventing himself from being able toachieve the clarification of what Hehas absurdly always supposed to be aMystery: the spiritual life.

55. Do you believe that the life ofthe spirit will always be an enigma tomen on earth? If so, then you havefallen into a great error. Truly I tellyou, that while you do not know yourorigin, and ignore all that is related tothe spirit, for all the advancement ofyour sciences, you will not movebeyond creatures that inhabit a smallworld, among the plants and animals;you continue to foster enmities byyour wars and over your lives, painwill continue to rule.

56. If you do not discover what youcarry within you, nor the spiritualbrother that inhabits each of yourneighbors, will you be able to lovetruly? No, humanity, though you saythat you know and follow Me, if youtake My Doctrine lightly, your faith,your knowledge, and your love willbe false. (271, 39 - 45)

57. In Me men will find the courageto emancipate themselves from theyoke of their ignorance.

58. How can you hope that on earththere is peace and an end to wars, thatmen regenerate and sin diminishes, ifthey lack the spiritual knowledge thatis the basis, the principle, and thefoundation of life?

59. Truly I tell you, that to the extentthat you do not understand andpractice My truth, your existence onthe earth will be like a buildingconstructed on shifting sands. (273,24 - 26)

60. I come to man to tell him that Hedoes not truly know himself becauseHe has not penetrated his own innerself, and does not know its secretbecause He ignores its essence. Yet,in this era, I wish to teach him thecontent of the Book that has for solong been closed to him, and in whichare guarded all the Mysteries thatsince the Second Era I promised tocome to explain with the light of MySpirit.

61. Only now will you trulypenetrate and know the inner depthsof your spirit, and then you will beable to say that you have begun toknow who you are.

62. Man shall come to know hisorigin, his destiny, his mission, hisgifts, and all the infinite and eternallife that vibrates around him. He willno longer be able to offend his fellowman, or make attempts on the lives ofhis brothers, nor dare to profane anyof that which surrounds him, for Hewill have come to realize that all issacred.

63. He shall come to know what Hebears hidden in his spirit, and it willbe then that He will have a clear ideaand a profound faith that if the spirit ismarvelous, so too must be thedwelling that his Father has destinedfor him in eternity. (287, 4 - 6)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 37 - Correct Understanding of the Biblical Texts

The Interpretation of the Word and Promises of the Bible           

1. Men have dedicated themselves toscrutinize the ancient Testaments,torturing their minds in the study andinterpretation of the prophecies andthe promises. Those among them whohave come closer to the truth, are theones who have found the spiritualmeanings of My teachings, becausethose who still persist in a materialinterpretation, and do not know or donot wish to find the spiritual meaningof My manifestations, will have tosuffer confusions anddisappointments; just as the Jewishpeople suffered upon the arrival of theMessiah, whom they had imaginedand awaited in a manner unlike thetruth which was manifested to them.(13, 50)

2. The erroneous idea that mankindformed of My justice in the earliesttimes will disappear definitively togive way to true knowledge of it.Divine justice shall finally beunderstood as the light that emanatesfrom the perfect love that exists inyour Father.

3. That God men believed to bevengeful, cruel, rancorous, andinflexible, will be felt in the depths oftheir hearts as a Father who inexchange for the offenses of hischildren offers forgiveness, the Fatherwho persuades the sinner withtenderness; as the Judge who insteadof condemning him who has gravelyerred, providing him with a newopportunity for salvation.

4. How many imperfections menattribute to Me in their ignorance,believing Me capable of feeling anger,even though anger is a merely humanweakness. If the prophets spoke toyou of the holy anger of God, I tellyou now, interpret that expression asthe Divine justice.

5. The men of the First Era wouldnot have understood it in any otherway, neither the dissolute nor thelibertines would have paid anyattention to the admonishments of theprophets if they had not been spokento in that form. It was necessary thatthe inspiration of My envoys beexpressed in terms that would impressthe brains and hearts of those men oflittle spiritual development. (104, 11 -14)

6. The scriptures of the First Eragathered the history of the people ofIsrael, conserving the names of theirchildren, their accomplishments andfailings, their works of faith and theirweakness, their splendor and theirfalls, so that book would speak toeach new generation of the evolutionof that people in the worship of thesacred. That book preserved thenames of the virtue and justice -loving patriarchs, models of strengthin faith, just as it did that of thefarseeing prophets through whosemouths the Lord always spoke whenHe saw the people on the edge ofsome danger. It also gathered thenames of the perverse, the traitors,and the disobedient, for each case,each example, is a lesson, and at timesa symbol.

7. When I came as Jesus to liveamong men, only when it wasnecessary did I take from the essenceof those scriptures, from the sense ofthose works, to give My lessons,never exalting the material andsuperficial. Do you not remember thatI mentioned the righteous Abel, that Ipondered the patience of Job, andmentioned the wisdom and splendorof Solomon? Is it not true that manytimes I remembered Abraham andspoke of the prophets, and thatreferring to Moses I told you that I didnot come to destroy the law of Moses,but to fulfill it? (102, 31 - 32)

8. You need to study the Divinerevelations that I have made to youthroughout time, arrive at anunderstanding of the metaphoriclanguage through which it spoke toyou, and sensitize thereby yourspiritual senses in order to understandwhich are the Words of God, andwhich the words of men, to find theessence of My teachings.

9. Only through a spiritual point ofview can you find the just and trueinterpretation of My Word, whether itbe that given through the prophets,those that came to you through theconduit of Jesus, or this one I giveyou today, through the spokesmen ofthe Third Era.

10. When this humanity has foundthe true meaning of the Law, theDoctrine, the prophecies, and therevelations, it will have found themost beautiful and deepest of thatwhich is related to its existence.

11. Then it will know true justiceand it will be then that its heartpresents itself to the real Heaven, thentoo it will know the meaning ofatonement, purification, andrestitution. (322, 39 - 42)

12. The scriptures of the past erascould reveal to you what I repeat toyou today, but man has dared tofalsify My truths by spreading them inadulterated form. And therefore youhave a humanity spiritually ill, tired,and alone.

13. For this reason My voice crying"Warning!" is heard through Myspokesmen, for I do not wish you toenter into confusion. (221, 14 - 15)

14. If to your hands come alteredwritings of My disciples who in theSecond Era passed on My word toyou, I will make you recognize whichare the true words of Jesus; yourconscience will regard as false, thosewhich are not in harmony with theDivine concert of My love. (24, 19)

15. Man has never lacked Myrevelations of spiritual enlightenment,but He has been afraid to analyzethem. And I ask you: What can youknow about the truth and the eternal ifyou stubbornly continue to flee thespiritual?

16. Look at the materialinterpretation you have given Myrevelations of the First and SecondEras, though they speak only of theDivine and spiritual. Do you see howyou confuse the material nature withthe spiritual, and with what lack ofrespect you convert the profound tothe superficial, and the elevated intowhat is low? Why have you donethat? Because wishing to participatein the Work of God, you seek to adaptMy Doctrine to your material lives, tothe human conveniences which arewhat most interest you. (281, 18 - 19)

17. The lesson that I gave you in theSecond Era, a lesson that many havenot understood and others haveforgotten, in this time will be made tobe understood by all, and what ismore, will be brought to fulfillmentby My new teachings. (92, 12)

18. The light of My Holy Spiritdescends upon you, but why do yourepresent Me in the form of a dove?Those figures and symbols should notbe worshipped by My new disciplesanymore.

19. Understand My teaching, 0 Mypeople: During that Second Era, MyHoly Spirit manifested itself in theform of a dove in the baptism ofJesus, because that bird in its flightresembles the flight of the spirit, itswhiteness speaks of purity and in itssweet and gentle look there is areflection of innocence.

20. How would those unpolishedmen be made to understand theDivine, if it was not by adopting thefigures known to them in the world?

21. Christ, who speaks to you at thismoment, was represented by a lamb,and John himself in his propheticvision beheld Me thus. All this is dueto the fact that, if you seek Me in eachone of My works, you will alwaysfind in all Creation an image of theAuthor of life. (8, 1 - 3)

22. In that Era I said to you that it iseasier for a camel to go through theeye of a needle than for a wealthymiser to enter the Kingdom of God.Now I say to you that it is necessaryfor those hearts to put aside theiregotism and practice charity towardtheir brethren in order for their spiritto be able to pass through the narrowpath of salvation. It is not necessary todeprive themselves of possessions andriches, but only of their egotism. (62,65)

23. I am rebuilding the temple that Ireferred to when I said to Mydisciples who marveled contemplatingthe temple of Solomon: 'Verily I sayto you, that of it there shall not be onestone left upon another, but I willreconstruct it in three days."

24. I meant that any externalworship, regardless how sumptuous itmay seem to mankind, will disappearfrom the heart of men in order to raisein its place the true spiritual temple ofMy Divinity. This is the Third Era, orthat is to say, the third day, in which Ishall finish reconstructing My temple.(79, 4)

25. God has no form, for if He hadone, He would be limited, as arehumans, and would not then be God.

26. His throne is perfection, justice,love, wisdom, the creating force, andeternity.

27. Heaven is the supreme happinessthat the spirit arrives at by travelingthe road to perfection until it soelevates itself in wisdom and love,that it reaches a state of purity whereneither sin nor pain can come.

28. On some occasions, when Myprophets have spoken of the spirituallife they have done so through humanforms and using objects known toyou.

29. The prophets saw thrones similarto those of the kings of earth, books,and beings in human form, curtainedpalaces, candelabras, the lamb, andmany other figures. Now, however,you should understand that all of thatbore a meaning, a symbol, a Divinesense, a revelation that had to beexpressed to you in an allegoricalform since you were not prepared tounderstand another, more elevatedone.

30. Now it is time for you tocorrectly interpret the content of allthe parables and teachings that Irevealed to you in symbols, so that thesignificance of them penetrates yourspirit and the symbolic formdisappears.

31. When you reach thisunderstanding your faith will be true,because it will have been built on thefoundation of truth. (326, 37 - 42)

32. If all who have been calledwould come to the table of the Lordwhere the delicacies that nourish thespirit are served, the table would becomplete, but not all the guests havearrived.

33. It is the nature of men to notknow how to respond to the gifts ofGod, and that is why you have seenmany of your brothers pay noattention when you call them.

34. Yet, I tell you, that these fewwho sit at My table and persist inlistening in order to learn from Me,shall be those who make known to themultitudes the greatness of My word:the meaning of this doctrine that callsmen to the reconstruction of a worldthat has come to its end, in order togive way to another world that isbrighter and more elevated. (285, 33 -35)

The Revelation of Jesus through the Apostle John           

35. Everything was written in theBook of the Seven Seals, which isfound within God and whoseexistence was revealed to mankindthrough John, the apostle and prophet.

36. The contents of that Book onlythe Divine Lamb has revealed to you,for there has not existed on earth or inHeaven, a just spirit who would beable to clarify the profound Mysteriesof love, of life and justice of God; butthe Divine Lamb, who is Christ, brokethe Seals which locked the Book oflife to reveal its contents to Hischildren. (62, 30)

37. If the book of the prophecies ofJohn has been regarded by some as anunfathomable Mystery and consideredby others with an erroneousinterpretation, it is because humanityhas not yet attained the necessaryspirituality to understand what isrepresented there, and I can also tellyou, that not even the prophetunderstood what was inspired to him.

38. John heard and saw, and beingordered to write, instantly obeyed, butHe understood that message to be formen who would come a long timeafter him. (27, 80 - 81)

39. When will men fix their attentionon that which My beloved disciple leftwritten? The form in which therevelations are written is strange, itssense is Mysterious, and its words areinfinitely profound, who willunderstand them?

40. The men who seek to understandthe Revelation of John, analyze,observe, and study in deep absortion.Some come somewhat close to thetruth, others believe they have gottenthe meaning of the revelation, and soproclaim to the world; others becomeconfused or weary of seeking, and endup denying the Divine essence of thatmessage.

41. I come now to tell you, disciplesof the Third Era, that if you truly wishto enter into that sanctuary and deeplyunderstand those revelations, youmust initiate yourselves into theprayer of spirit to Spirit, just as Johnpracticed in his exile.

42. To begin with, you mustunderstand that the Divine Revelation,although represented in materialforms and figures, speaks entirely ofthe spiritual life of humanity, about itsevolution, its struggle, its temptationsand falls, and its profanations anddisobediences. It speaks of Myjustice, My wisdom, and about MyKingdom, My trials, and Mycommunications with men, of theirawakening, regeneration, and finally,their spirituality.

43. There I revealed the spiritualjourney of men, divided into epochs,so that you might better understandthe evolution of the spirit.

44. So, of course, disciples, if therevelation refers to your spiritual life,it is only right that you look at it andstudy it from a spiritual point of view,for if you take it to analyze in relationto material events only, you will endup confused like so many others.

45. Certainly many materialoccurrences are, and will be, related tothe fulfillment of those revelations,but you must know that those signsand events are also forms, figures andexamples that come to aid you inunderstanding My truth and in helpingyou to fulfill your destiny of raisingyourselves up to Me, through the roadof cleanliness of the spirit, of whichMy disciple John, advancing himselfthousands of years over humanity, leftyou a luminous example, bycommunicating spirit to Spirit withhis Lord. (309, 47 - 51)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 38 - The Three Divine Revelations and the Seven Seals

The Revelations of God and Spiritual Development           

1. In the three eras into which I havedivided the evolution of mankind, Ihave come to mark for you with Mylight, the same straight and narrowway for the elevation of the spirit, theonly path of love, truth and justice.

2. I have guided you from teachingto teaching, from revelation torevelation, until you have reached thisperiod in which I have announced thatyou are able to communicate with Mefrom spirit to Spirit. Could mankindhave communicated with Me in thatmanner during the First Era? No; itwas necessary that it be aided by amaterial worship, with rituals andceremonies, with a traditional feastand with symbols in order to feelcloser to the Divine and the Spiritual.From that inability to approach thespiritual, to elevate themselves towardthe Divine, to know what is profoundand to clarify all Mysteries, thedifferent religions appeared, each oneaccording to the grade ofbackwardness or spiritualadvancement of men: Some weremore devoted to the truth than others,some were more spiritualized thanothers; but all were striving towardthe same goal. It is the path which allspirits have traveled throughout thecenturies and eras, a path followed bythe different religions. Some haveadvanced very slowly, others are at astandstill and still others have beenfalsified and contaminated. (12, 92 -93)

3. Today I have come in Spirit andtruly I say to you: There are somewho believe that during the first timesI was closer to you than I am today:They judge incorrectly, for at each ofMy comings I have been nearer toyou.

4. Remember that in the First Era Idescended upon a mount and fromthere I conveyed My Law engravedupon a rock; during the Second Era, Ileft the summit of the mount in orderto descend into your valleys,becoming man to live among you; andin this period in order to be nearer, Ihave made My dwelling place withinyour heart to manifest Myself thereand speak to mankind from within. (3,31)

5. Do you understand that I dividedMy Divine Revelation into three greateras?

6. It was in the spiritual infancy ofmankind that the Father gave to themthe Law, and promised a Messiah whowould come to open the door to a newera.

7. The Messiah was Christ, whocame among men when these werestill in their spiritual infancy. He cameto teach men a higher manner ofcomplying with the law that they hadearlier received from the Father andhad not known how to obey. TheWord of God spoke through the lipsof Jesus, and so I say that the worldcontinued hearing the voice andcommandments of its Father bymeans of the doctrine of love of theperfect Master.

8. Jesus, in his turn, offered to sendthe Spirit of Truth to men, to helpthem understand all that of histeachings not understood by them.

9. Well, beloved people, this simpleand humble word that you now hear isthe voice of the Spirit of Truth, it isthe spiritual light of God that poursout over your being so that you mayopen your eyes to the new era. Thatlight that begins to make youunderstand all the revelations of yourMaster clearly, is the light of yourFather, the Holy Spirit, which findshumanity in greater heights ofspiritual evolution, that is to say,when it is approaching maturity, tounderstand the revelations of God.

10. In all that this light reveals youare receiving the teaching of theFather, for the Word is in Me, and theHoly Spirit is My own Wisdom. (132,10 - 15)

11. I did not speak to you thus in thepast times. In the First Era, the Lawilluminated the human spirit; in theSecond Era, Christ illuminated thehearts of men with the light of love.Today the Holy Spirit illuminatesyour spirit to elevate it above all thatis human.

12. You have received these threemessages from one single God, andbetween one and the next an Era haspassed, the time necessary for theevolution of the spirit, so that it canreceive the new message, or the newlesson.

13. Now, you can understand why Ihave called you the disciples of theHoly Spirit. (229, 50 - 52)

14. If in the first revelations I hadtold you all, you would not haveneeded the Master: the Messiah, toteach you new lessons, nor that theHoly Spirit come in this time to showyou the greatness of the spiritual life.

15. For which reason I tell you thatyou should not bind yourselves to thatwhich was revealed to you in the firsteras as though it had been the lastwords of My Doctrine.

16. I came again among men, and fora long time I have communicated withthem through their understanding, andstill I can tell you, that My last wordhas not yet been spoken.

17. Seek always in My book ofwisdom for the last word, the newpage that reveals to you thesignificance of the earlier content, sothat you may truly be My disciples.(149, 44 - 45)

The Three Testaments of God           

18. Moses, Jesus, and Elijah: there isthe road the Lord has marked to helpmen elevate themselves to theKingdom of peace, light, andperfection.

19. Feel the presence of the Lord'senvoys in your life. None of themhave died. They live on to illuminatethe road of men who have becomelost, helping them to arise again fromtheir falls, and strengthening them sothat they may give themselves withlove to fulfillment in the trials ofrestitution.

20. Understand the work that Mosescompleted on earth through theInspiration of Jehovah. Analyze theteaching of Jesus, through whom theDivine Word spoke, and seek thespiritual sense of My new revelation,whose Era is represented by Elijah.(29, 20 - 22)

21. If My birth as Man during theSecond Era was a miracle and Myspiritual ascension after My bodilydeath was another miracle; truly I sayto you that My communication duringthis time through humanunderstanding, is also a spiritualmiracle.

22. Up to the last of My prophecies,will be fulfilled during this time. Ileave you My three Testaments,forming One only.

23. He who has not known theFather as love, sacrifice andforgiveness, let him know Him fullyduring this period, so that instead offearing His justice, He may love andvenerate Him.

24. If you were devoted to the Lawduring the First Era, it was for fearthat the Divine justice would punishyou, but for that reason I sent you MyWord so that you would understandthat God is Love.

25. Today My light comes to you sothat you will not lose yourselves andwill be able to reach the end of theroad being faithful to My Law. (4, 43- 47)

26. My new lessons are theconfirmation of those that I gave youin the Second Era, but they are yetmore elevated. In that time I spoke tothe hearts of men, but now I speak totheir spirits.

27. I do not come to disown any ofthe words I spoke to you in the past,on the contrary, I come to duly fulfillthem and give them their justexplanation. Just as in those times Isaid to the Pharisees who believedthat Jesus had come to destroy theLaw: "Do not think that I have cometo cancel the law, or the prophets; onthe contrary, to comply with them."How could I have disowned that Lawor those prophecies, if they were thefoundation of the temple that in threeeras was to be constructed in thehearts of this humanity, and was theannouncement of My coming to theworld? (99, 24 - 25)

28. Today I say to you again: "I amthe Way, the Truth and the Life.” Andif you look for the essence of MyWord in this era, you shall find in itthe eternal Law of love, that samepathway which I outlined for you onearth.

29. In that era, many believed thatChrist had come mistaking the pathand altering the Law. That is why theyfought against him and persecutedhim; but the truth, like the light of thesun always imposes itself over thedarkness. Now My Word will againbe combated because there shall besome who believe they have foundcontradictions, confusions and errorsin its essence, but its light will againshine in the darkness of this era, andhumanity shall see that the way andthe Law which I have revealed to you,is the same of that Era and will alwaysbe the same. (56, 69 - 70)

30. This teaching is the road toeternal life; all who discover elevationand perfection in this doctrine willknow how to reconcile it to that whichI confided to you when I was on theearth, for its essence is the same.

31. He who does not know how tofind the truth contained in My lessons,may even affirm that this doctrinedoes not lead to the same end as theteachings of Jesus; spirits blinded bymisinterpretations or confused byreligious fanaticism, may not quicklyunderstand the truth of theserevelations, but must travel a road oftrials to quit themselves of thematerialism that prevents them fromunderstanding and complying withMy precept that teaches you to loveone another. (83, 42 - 43)

32. In vain will many men say thatthis Doctrine is new, or that it has norelation to Divine revelations given toyou in the past. I assure you that whatI have told you in this time throughthe conduit of human understandinghas its roots and foundations in thatwhich was prophesized in the Firstand Second Times.

33. But the confusion of which I tellyou, will arise because they who haveinterpreted those revelations haveimposed their analyses on humanity,and these analyses have been in partcorrect, and in part mistaken. It alsowill be because the spiritual light ofMy teachings has been hidden frommen and at times has been given outin adulterated form. That is why nowwhen My light has come to rescueyou from the darkness of yourignorance, many men deny that thiscan be the light of truth, because itdoes not, by their criteria, accord withwhat I taught you before.

34. I assure you that none of Mywords will be lost, and that the men ofthis time will come to know what Isaid to them in times past. Then, whenthe world knows Spirituality, it willsay: "Truly, Jesus said all of this."

35. Yes, I said it all before, thoughof many of the revealed truths I hadshown only the principles; I left themfor you to begin to understand, for inthat time, humanity was not yetprepared to understand all that I havenow come to show you fully. (155, 24- 27)

The Third Era (Time)           

36. This is the Third Era, in which Ihave come to teach you the lesson thatmust spiritually unite humanity, for itis My Will that languages, races, anddifferent ideologies no longer be anobstacle to its unification. The essencewith which I formed each spirit is thesame that all possess, and thesubstances that make up the blood thatruns through the veins of men is thesame in all. Therefore, all are equaland worthy of Me, and I have comeagain for all of you. (95, 9)

37. The transformations that humanlife suffers will be so great, that it willseem to you as though this world hadended, and another been born.

38. Thus, as in all times, the life ofman has been divided into eras, orages, and each of them has beendefined by something, whether by itsdiscoveries, by the Divine revelationsreceived, or by its development in thesense of beauty, which they call art, orby its science; so the Era which nowbegins, the Era that is arriving like anew dawn, will be typified by thedevelopment of the gifts of the spirit,the part that you should havecultivated in order to avoid so manyevils, and which you always left tolater.

39. Do you not believe that humanlife can transform itself totally,developing spirituality, cultivating thegifts of the spirit, and establishing thelaw dictated by the conscience in thisworld?

40. Soon all the peoples willunderstand that God has spoken ineach era, that the Divine revelationswere the ladder that the Lord haslowered to men so that they mayascend to Him.

41. Some will call this new time theEra of light, others the Era of the HolySpirit, others the time of truth. And Isay to you, it will be the time ofelevation, the time of spiritualrecovery and of revindication.

42. This is the Era that I have longwished to live in the heart of man, butwhich has been continually battledagainst and destroyed by man. A timewhose clarity is seen by all, and underwhose light all the children of theLord are united; not in a religion ofmen that chooses some and rejectsothers, that proclaims its own truthand denies that of others, that employsunworthy weapons with which itimposes itself, or that gives outdarkness instead of light. (135, 53 - 54and 57 - 59)

43. This is the Third Era, in whichthe spirit of humanity must liberateitself from the chains of materialism;this shall bring about the greateststruggle of ideas in the history of man.

44. Perversity, selfishness,arrogance, vice, lies, and all that hasshadowed your lives, shall fall likebroken idols at the feet of theworshipers to give way to humility.(295, 64 - 65)

The Seven Epochs of Sacred History           

45. The first of these phases ofspiritual evolution in the world isrepresented by Abel, the first ministerof the Father, who offered hissacrifice to God. He is the symbol ofsacrifice. Envy rose up against him.

46./1 The second stage wasrepresented by Noah. He is thesymbol of faith; He constructed theark from Divine inspiration, and ledmen into it to reach salvation. Againsthim, the multitudes railed with doubt,mockery, and the paganism of theirspirits, yet Noah left his seed of faith.

46./2 The third stage is representedby Jacob. He symbolizes strength; Heis Israel, the strong. Spiritually Hesaw the ladder by which all of youwill ascend to sit at the right hand ofthe Creator. The angel of the Lordrose up to test his strength andperseverance.

47. The fourth is symbolized byMoses. He represents the Law. Hepresented the tablets whereon it waswritten for the humanity of all times.It was He who with his immense faithrescued the people to lead them on theroad of salvation to the PromisedLand. He is the symbol of the Law.

48. The fifth stage is represented byJesus, the Divine Word, the SacrificialLamb; He who has spoken to you inall times and who will continuespeaking to you. He is love, for Hewas made man to inhabit the dwellingplaces of man, to suffer their pains, toshow humanity the path of sacrifice,love, and charity, by which it mustachieve redemption from all their sins.He came as Master to teach, to beborn as part of humanity, to live inlove, to achieve the sacrifice, and todie loving, forgiving, and blessing. Herepresents the fifth stage, and hissymbol is love.

49. The sixth stage is represented byElijah [called Elias in the NewTestament]. He is the symbol of theHoly Spirit. It is He who goes on hischariot of fire bearing light to allnations and all the worlds that areunknown to you, but known to Me,for I am the Father of all the worldsand all the creatures. This is the stagein which you are living, that of Elijah;it is his light that illuminates you. Herepresents the teachings that werehidden but that are being revealed tomankind in this era.

50. The seventh stage is representedby the Father himself. He is the end;the culmination of evolution, in Himis the stage of grace, the Seventh Seal.

51. Here I have deciphered theMystery of the Seven Seals, that iswhy I say to you that this is the SixthSeal, for five of them have alreadypassed, the sixth is unleashed, but theseventh remains sealed; the time forits contents has not yet arrived, thereis time yet before that stage appearsbefore you. When that stage arrives,there shall be grace, perfection, andpeace, but O, how much man willweep to purify his spirit! (161, 54 -61)

52. The book of the Seven Seals isthe history of your life, of yourevolution on earth, with all itsstruggles, passions, conflicts andfinally with the triumph of the goodand justice, of love and spiritualityover the passions of materialism.

53. Believe truly that everythingleads to a spiritual and eternal goal, sothat you may give each lesson itsrightful place that corresponds to it.

54. While the light of the Sixth Sealilluminates you, it will be a time ofconflict, of vigilance and purification,but when that period has passed, youwill have reached a new stage inwhich the Seventh Seal will open newrevelations to you. With whatsatisfaction and joy will the new timebe received by the spirit when it issurprised in a cleansed and preparedstate. While the Sixth Seal illuminatesyou, flesh and spirit will be purified.(13, 53 - 55)

55. The book that was sealed in theheavens, has been opened to the SixthChapter, it is the Book of the SevenSeals which contains wisdom andjudgment, and which was unleashedby My love for you, to reveal to youits profound lessons.

56. Man has lived for five stages* onearth, encouraged by the Divinebreath of the spirit; in spite of whichHe has been unable to understand thespiritual sense of life, the purpose ofhis existence, his destiny, and hisessence; all was an impenetrableMystery for his mind, as well as to hisspirit, a sealed book whose contentsHe could not interpret.

* 38,56 In this translation, the word "stages"is used for the Spanish "etapas", whichcorrespond to the respective chapters of theBook of the Seven Seals, as explained in thetext. The use of "era" in the English translation(when referring the three great eras of Moses,Jesus, and Eljah, or Elias, as explained in thisbook) is a substitution for the Spanish"tiempos", which properly would correspondto "times" in English. The substitution wasdecided on to aid the reader in following thecomplexities of the text.

57. He vaguely sensed the spirituallife, but without truly knowing theladder of elevation that brings beingscloser to God, He did not know of hishighest mission on earth and thevirtues and gifts that form part of hisspirit in order to triumph in thestruggles, to raise himself abovehuman miseries, and perfect himselfspiritually to inhabit the eternal light.

58. It was necessary that the Divinebook be opened, and that mencontemplate its contents in order forthem to be saved from the darkness ofignorance that is the source of all theevils that exist on earth. Who couldopen that book: by chance atheologian, a scientist, or aphilosopher? No, none of them, noteven the righteous spirits could revealits content to you, for what the bookkept within was the wisdom of God.

59. Only Christ, the Word, only He,the Divine love, could do so, but evenso, it was necessary to wait for men tobe ready to receive the Divinerevelation without being blinded bythe splendor of My spiritual presenceand mankind had to live through fivestages of trials, lessons, experience,and evolution in order to reach the fairdevelopment that permits them tounderstand the Mysteries that theArcane of God keeps for men.

60. The Law of God, his Divineword given through Christ and all themessages of the prophets, envoys, andemissaries, were the seed thatmaintained the faith of humanity in aDivine promise that has alwaysproclaimed light, salvation, andjustice for all men.

61. This is the time awaited for theGreat Revelation, that through whichyou will understand all that I haveshown you throughout the times, andso that you will know who yourFather is, who you are, and the reasonfor your existence.

62. This is the time in which, for thespiritual evolution you have achieved,the trials you have passed through,and the experience you have gathered,you may receive in your spirit thatwhich comes from My Spirit, the lightof wisdom, reserved in My Arcane inwait for your preparation. Still,humanity having reached the grade ofevolution necessary to receive Mymessage, I have sent you the first rayof My light, that which has made therude and simple men, who serve asMy spokesmen, speak in ecstasythrough My inspiration.

63. This ray of light has been only ofpreparation, it is like the pre - dawnlight that announces the new day.Later, My light shall come to youfully, illuminating your existence anddispelling even the last shadows ofignorance, sin, and misery.

64. This era, whose dawn youadmire in the infinite, is the sixthstage initiated in the spiritual life ofhumanity, an Era of light, ofrevelations, of fulfillment of theancient prophecies and forgottenpromises. It is the Sixth Seal, upon itsunleashing overflowing with itscontent of wisdom your spirit in amessage full of justice, clarification,and revelations. (269, 10 - 18)

65. Disciples: I wish the virtues ofyour heart to be the vestment thatcovers the nakedness of your spirit.This is the Comforting Spirit,promised in the Second Era, speakingto you.

66. The Father knew already of thepain and trials that would bowhumanity, and of the degree ofperversity that men would reach. Thearrival of the Comforter means foryou the opening of the Sixth Seal, andthe beginning of a new stage in theevolution of humanity. From thatmoment a Divine Judgment wasopened for all men. Each life, eachwork, each step is strictly judged; it isthe end of an era, not the end of life.

67. It is the end of the times of sin,and it is necessary that all the contentsof the Sixth Seal of the book of Godbe poured out into the spirits,wakening them from their lethargy, sothat man rises up bearing the harmonyof his spirit with all of creation; andthat He prepare for the unleashing ofthe Seventh Seal by the Lamb, whichwill bring the final dregs of the cup ofbitterness, but also the triumph oftruth, love, and Divine justice. (107,17 - 19)

68. In this Era I wish humanity toprepare, so that when the last Seal isopened, men realize it, listen to it, andunderstand the content of the newrevelations. I wish the nations andpeoples to strengthen themselves towithstand the bitterness of those days.

69. Those who know how to pass thetests of those times I shall callblessed, and I shall give them areward for their perseverance andtheir faith in My power, leaving themas the parents of a new humanity.(111, 10 - 11)

70. When the Seventh Seal has beenclosed, together with the other six, thebook that has been the judgment ofGod on the works of men from thefirst to the last will also be closed.Then the Lord will open anotherbook, its pages blank, to note in it theresurrection of the dead, the liberationof the oppressed, the regeneration ofthe sinners, and the triumph of goodover evil. (107, 20)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 39 - Earthly and Spiritual Israel

The Historic Mission of Israel: its Failure           

1. Verily I say to you that if mankindhad persevered within the Law whichtheir conscience dictated inwardly, itwould not have been necessary tosend you guides nor prophets, norwould it have been necessary for yourLord to descend among you, even toengrave My Law in stone during theFirst Era, or having to become humanand die as a Man upon a cross in theSecond Era.

2. If I formed a people and lavishedthem with gifts, it was not so theycould exalt themselves and humiliateothers, but rather for them to be anexample of submission before the trueGod and an example of brotherhoodamong men.

3. I chose this people so that theywould be an instrument of My will onearth and carrier of My revelations, sothey would invite everyone to livewithin My Law and so that allhumanity would become the onlypeople of the Father.

4. If this people have sufferedgreatly in spite of being the chosen, itis because they believed the heritagewas only for them, that their Godcould not have been a God for thepagans, because they regarded otherpeople as strangers and did not sharewith them what the Father hadentrusted to them. If I separated themfor a time from other people, it wasbecause I did not want them tobecome contaminated withwickedness and materialism.

5. However, when they stuckobstinately to their egotism andregarded themselves great and strong,I demonstrated to them that theirpower and their greatness were false,and I permitted other nations todescend upon them and reduce themto servitude. Kings, Pharaohs andCaesars were their lords, when I hadoffered to be their Lord.

6. The Father, in His infinite love,again manifested Himself to Hispeople to give them their freedom andremind them of their mission; andduring this period I have come todeliver to them My lessons of love,and it is only My gaze that is able todiscover among mankind the sons ofIsrael whom I am calling andcongregating so that they may receivethe light of the Holy Spirit.

7. I have come to manifest Myselfbefore your spirit because the time islong gone when I spoke to youthrough Nature and by means ofmaterial manifestations that youcalled miracles. Now you can feel Mewithin your spirit as well as deepinside your heart.

8. During this era, Palestine has notbeen the witness of My manifestationbecause it is not a specific place that Icome to seek, but rather your spirit. Isearch for the people of Israel of thespirit, not of blood: for the peoplewho have the spiritual seed thatthroughout all the eras they havereceived through My charity. (63, 64 -69)

The Separation of the Jewish People into earthly and Spiritual Creeds           

9. It was necessary that the Father,after his parting, strike from the handsof his people on earth the land whichhad been entrusted to them from thetime of their ancestors.

10. From some of them it was takenas a restitution, and from others as areward; for that land of Canaan, thatbeautiful Palestine of past times, wasprepared by Me only as a symbol ofthe true Promised Land of the spirit,and upon stripping that people ofthose possessions, the materialist Jewsroamed over the face of the earth, andon the other hand, the faithful, thosewho had always sensed My presence,remained awaiting My Will, withoutpain at having renounced thatinheritance from the past, knowingthat the Father had conceded to thema new grace: the inheritance of hisWord, the Divine Word, and of hissacrifice and his blood.

11. They lived fully in the Third Era,and in these days, My gaze finds Mypeople of Israel still divided into twoparts. One, materialist, enriched bythe goods of the earth for their ownrestitution and shaking thefoundations of the earth with theirpower; for they have placed thestrength, the talent, and the graces thatthe Father poured out over their spiritsin service to themselves, theirambition, and their greatness.

12. See how that people has givenproof of their strength even withintheir materialism, in their sciences,their will, and their intelligence.Within, they guard anger for thehunger, the enslavement, thehumiliations they suffered, and today,arrogant and strong they have risen upto humiliate other peoples, to makethem tremble at their strength, and todominate them. Today they are thesatiated ones, and they are pleased tosee the millions who are hungry andthe great peoples as slaves, slaves oftheir money, of their strength, of theirscience, and of their ambition.

13. I also see the other part of Mypeople: the faithful and determined,those who have always known how tofeel My presence, those who havealways recognized My coming tomen, those who have believed in Myrevelations and who have obeyed andcomplied in spite of all.

14. That other part is not only youwho have been witnesses to Mycommunication through humanunderstanding in this time, for part ofthe people of spiritual Israel isscattered over the globe, and whereverany one of them is found, He or shereceives My charity, feels Mypresence, is sustained by My bread,and awaits Me, without knowingwhere I might come, nor in whatform; yet they wait.

15. However, those who do knowhow I have come, how I havecommunicated, those who know withcertainty My revelations, those whoare prepared for the times to come, areyou who form part of the 144,000chosen by Me from the twelve tribesof that people; one - hundred andforty - four thousand who shall bebefore the numerous people of Israel,like 144,000 captains who will makeit march into the great battle of theThird Era.

16. Do you believe that My peoplewill always be divided? Truly, I tellyou, they will not. To you have comethe teachings, the light, and the trials.To them also My justice and trialshave come: I lead them in giant stepstoward the awakening of the spirit,and although it is true that in the firstmoments they will deny My ThirdComing to the world, as they deniedthe Second, I tell you, the moment oftheir conversion is not far off. Theylive in their ancient traditions; yet Iprobe the spirit and the heart of theJewish people, and I tell you that theykeep their traditions more fromconvenience and fear of spiritualRevelations, than from innerconviction; they tremble before themanifestations of the Beyond. This iswhat I shall propose to them: Thatthey give up all that is superfluous,and practice charity, love, andhumility.

17. You shall have to come beforethem, and each shall wield theirweapons. On one side, the Word,thought, prayer, and evidence; theothers their talent, power, andtraditions. But I shall be present in thestruggle, and I will bring about thetrue triumph of My justice, bringabout the triumph of spirituality, I willmake the spirit rise over the flesh, thatit bows it and humiliates it; then shallcome the reconciliation of the tribesof Israel, and the unification of thepeople of the Lord.

18. When that people is prepared,truly I tell you, they will take up andcarry to completion the great missionwith which from the beginning oftime God has assigned his chosenpeople, chosen because they were hisfirstborn and the bearers of the Lord'srevelations so that, like an olderbrother they could lead the others,share His grace with them, and carryall to the right hand of the Father.(332, 17 - 21)

The Spiritual People of Israel           

19. When I speak of "My people ofIsrael", the "People of God", I refer tothose who have brought a spiritualmission to earth, those who madeknown My Law, those whoproclaimed Me, those who werefaithful, those who proclaimed theexistence of the living God, those whoperpetuated the seed of love, andthose who knew how to recognize inthe Son, the Word and the presence ofthe Father. These are those that formthe people of God, that is Israel, thestrong, the faithful, the prudent Israel:that is My legion of soldiers faithfulto the Law, faithful to the truth.

20. Those who persecuted Myprophets, who lacerated the heart ofMy envoys, those who turned theirbacks on the true God to bow beforeidols, who denied and mocked Me,demanding My blood and My life,those, although by race called Israelis,were not the chosen people, were notof the people of the prophets, thelegion of the enlightened, of thefaithful soldiers, for Israel is aspiritual name that was takenincorrectly to designate a race.

21. You should also know that allwho aspire to form part of My people,can do so by means of their love,charity, and their zeal and faithfulnessfor the law.

22. My people has no fixed lands orcities in the world, My people has norace, but is found among all racesthroughout humanity. That proportionof mankind that hears My word andreceives the new revelations are onlya part of My people; another part isdisseminated around the earth, andanother, the greatest part, inhabit thespiritual vale.

23. That is My people: those whoacknowledge and love Me, who obeyand follow Me. (159, 55 - 59)

24. Today I ask you, "Where is Mypeople?" Where is that people whowere prudent when faced with trials,strong in battle, and steadfast in thestruggles? It is dispersed throughoutthe world. Yet, I shall raise My voiceand reunite them spiritually, so thatthey may go before all the peoples,but I tell you that My people is nowformed of men of all races, and theyshall come to understand the alliancethat I expect of all men.

25. This people will be strong andcombative, but shall not haveweapons that kill, nor the chariots ofwar, neither shall they sing hymns ofdestruction. Their banner shall bepeace, their sword, truth, and theirshield, love.

26. None can discover where thatpeople is, but it shall be everywhere:its enemies will try to destroy it, butwill not be able, for they shall neverbe gathered physically: their union,their order, and their harmony, shallbe spiritual. (157, 48 - 50)

27. In this time the spirit of the realIsrael vibrates everywhere; they arethe spirits that feel My presence, thatawait My coming, and trust in Myjustice.

28. When these words come to otherplaces, many will mock them. But Itell you that it would be better thatthey did not mock, for the time willcome when they awaken from theirlethargy and know that they too arechildren of the people of God.

29. These multitudes that today hearMe might fall into confusion if theydo not study My word and if they donot put off their materialism. Thesame may happen to them as to theIsraelites of the earliest times, whoheard the voice of the Lord, receivedthe law, and had prophets, so theycame to believe themselves the onlypeople beloved of God; a grave errorfrom which the great trials came tosave them: humiliation, exile, andcaptivity.

30. It is necessary that you know thatMy love could not segregate you inraces or creeds, and when I speak ofMy people, it is because from the firsttimes I have been preparing spirits tobe sent to earth to illuminate the pathof humanity.

31. They have been the eternaltravelers that have inhabited thevarious nations and have passedthrough many trials. In this time, theyhave found that human laws areunjust, that there is no truth in theaffections, and no peace in the spirit,of humanity. (103, 10 - 14)

32. The People of God shall rise uponce again among humanity, not as apeople personified in a race, but as amultitude, a legion of My disciples, inwhich only the spirit, and not anyblood, race, or language shalldominate.

33. This people will not limitthemselves to teaching My Doctrinethrough writings; so that the wordshave life it is necessary to live them;this people shall not disseminate onlybooks and writings, but also deedsand examples.

34. Today I am freeing you of allthat is superfluous, all that is impureor wrong, so that you may enter into alife that is simple and clean, fromwhich your spirits can ascend offeringtestimony by its works.

35. When the time has come, I willpresent My people to humanity, andthe master shall not be embarrassedby his disciples, nor shall his disciplesdeny their Master. That moment willcoincide with the war of ideas, fromwhich shall arise like the relief ofpeace, like a ray of light, Spiritualism.(292, 28 - 31)

36. My people grows, it multiplies,not only on earth, but also in thespiritual valley. Among those spiritualmultitudes are found those who hadblood - ties with you, whether theywere your parents, your brothers, oryour children.

37. Do not be surprised when I tellyou that My people is so numerous,that the earth to hold them would haveto be much larger. When I havereunited them, and not even one ofMy children is missing, they will begiven the infinite as their dwelling,that never - ending valley of light andgrace.

38. Here on earth, I come only toprepare you, to instruct you in MyDoctrine, so that you know how toapproach that life. This humanity isonly a portion of the people of God; itis necessary that all know theseexplanations in order to put their liveson the road to the ideal of perfection.

39. This Divine message, which isMy Word poured out through the lipsof the human spokesmen, I wish it toreach all humanity. My Word is theringing bell that calls the world; itsessence shall move the peoples,making them awaken to meditate onspirituality, on the destiny of the spiritafter this life. (100, 35 - 37)

The One Hundred and Forty - four Thousand Chosen           

40. To extend My work in this, theThird Era, I have come to choose,from among the great masses,144,000 spirits, marking them by thekiss of Divine light, not a kiss ofbetrayal, nor the sign of a pact thatwould put your spirit in danger. Mymark is a sign that the Holy Spiritdeposits upon those it has chosen tocarry out a great mission in this, theThird Era.

41. He who bears this sign is notsafe from dangers; on the contrary, Heis tried and tempted more than any.Remember each one of the twelvechosen by Me in the Second Time,and you can confirm what I tell you.They had moments of doubt, ofweakness, and of confusion; there waseven one who betrayed Me to Myexecutioners with a kiss.

42. How much the chosen of thistime shall have to pray and keep vigilto not fall into temptation. Even so, Itell you truly that among the 144,000there shall be traitors.

43. The mark means a calling,missions, and responsibility beforeGod. It is not a guarantee againsttemptations or illnesses. If it were,what merit would there be in Mychosen? What effort would it be foryour spirit to remain faithful to Myword?

44. I speak to you in this waybecause there are many hearts amongthis multitude that would wish to formpart of those who have been marked,but I have seen that rather than theyearning to serve humanity with thegifts that the mark bestows, it is thedesire to feel secure or vanity thatmoves them to ask Me to call them. Iwill test these petty ones, and theywill be convinced that there is truth inMy words.

45. The mark is an invisible sign bywhich those who bear it with love,respect, zeal, and humility cancomplete their mission. You will thensee that the mark is a Divine gracethat is superior to pain, thatilluminates you in your greatest trials,that reveals profound knowledge, andwhich, in any place, can open abreach for the passage of the spirit.

46. The mark is like a link unitingwhoever possesses it to the SpiritualWorld; it is the channel by which thethoughts and words of the SpiritualWorld manifest in yours; [know then]by My words, that the marked one is amessenger, an envoy, and Myinstrument.

47. The commitment andresponsibility of the marked onetoward My Work is great, but He isnot alone on his path; by his side therewalks a guardian angel who protects,guides, inspires, and strengthens him.

48. Oh, how strong has been He whoknows how to embrace his cross withlove, and how hard and bitter has beenthe road of the chosen one who hasnot known how to carry with him theDivine sign of the chosen in the ThirdEra!

49. I tell all you who hear Me: learnto pray and keep vigil, to carry yourcross with love and practicerighteousness and obedience so thatthis life, which has been the mostluminous reincarnation of your spirit,is not sterile, making you lament thetime lost and the gifts unused.

50. Meditate, all of you, marked orunmarked, on this lesson, for all ofyou have a destiny to fulfill withinMy work. (306, 3 - 4 and 7 - 12)

51. The tribes of the Israel of theSpirit are very numerous, from each Iwill select 12,000 and shall markthem on their foreheads, but thepeople of Israel are not limited to144,000; the chosen people is infinite.

52. The Master taught you in thesecond Era, that many are called butfew are chosen, and all of Israel shallbe called, but from among them, Ishall mark out 144,000. In all I shallplace peace, spirituality, and theprinciple of spirit to Spiritcommunication. (312, 7 - 8)

53. I am the Universal Father, Mylove descends to all hearts; I havecome to all the peoples of the earth,yet if I have chosen this Mexicannation as the place for the fulloutpouring of My word and Myrevelations, it is because I found it tobe humble, have found the virtues intheir homes, and have made the spiritsof the people of Israel reincarnateamong them.

54. Yet, not all belong to thisnationality, nor are all in flesh. Thespirits belonging to the number of thechosen are disseminated throughoutthe world. They have been marked, Ihave opened their eyes, havesensitized their hearts, and from spiritto Spirit they communicate with Me.(341, 25)

55. One part of the 144, 000 markedby Me live among humanity. Thoseservants of mine are founddisseminated in the world, complyingwith the mission of praying for peaceand working for the brotherhood ofmen. They do not know each other,but some intuitively, and othersbecause of this revelation, arefulfilling their destiny of throwinglight onto the path of their brothers.

56. Of those marked by My love,some are simple men, but others aremen notable in the world; they canonly be distinguished by thespirituality of their lives and works,and by the manner of their thinkingabout and of understanding the Divinerevelations. They are not idolaters,fanatics, nor frivolous; they seem topractice no religion, and nonethelessfrom them arises an inner worship oftheir spirit with that of their Lord.

57. Those marked by the light of theHoly Spirit are like lifeboats; they areguardians, counselors, andstrongholds. I have equipped themwith light in their spirits, and withpeace, strength, with the healing balm,with keys that invisibly open the moststubborn doors, and weapons thatovercome obstacles insuperable toothers. It is not necessary that theyshow titles awarded by the world fortheir gifts to be recognized. They donot know science, but are doctors, donot know law, but are counselors, arepoor in the goods of the earth, and yetmay do much good on their way.

58. Among these multitudes whohave come to receive My word, aremany who have come only to confirmtheir mission, for it is not on the earththat they have been given gifts orbeen entrusted with a charge. I tellyou truly, that the light that each spiritpossesses is that which it has earnedon the long road of its evolution. (111,18 - 21)

59. Humanity will believe; My workwill be spread throughout the globe. Ishall begin with the 144,000 markedout, who shall struggle withobedience, love, and zeal in the timeof the wars of beliefs and doctrines;and who in the midst of that battleshall be a link that proposes to theworld, not the chains of slavery, butthat of spiritual alliance that will beone of freedom and brotherhood.Those soldiers shall not be alone, MySpiritual World shall follow andprotect them, they shall performmarvels as they go, and in this waygiving testimony to My truth. (137, 9)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 40 - The Forces of Good and Evil

The Origin of Good and Evil           

1. Upon forming you the Fatherplaced you on the first step of theladder so that as you traveled thatroad you would have the opportunityto truly know and understand yourCreator. Yet, few began the journey ofascent from the first step. Mostgathered in disobedience andrebellion, making poor use of the giftof freedom and ignoring the dictatesof the conscience; allowed themselvesto be dominated by the material inorder to create through theirvibrations a force, that of evil, and todig an abyss toward which theirinfluence dragged their brothers; theybegan a desperate battle between theirweaknesses and perversities, and theiryearning for elevation and purity. (35,38)

2. Original sin does not come fromthe union of man and woman: I, theCreator, established that union tellingthem both: "Grow and multiply." Thatwas the first Law; the sin was in theabuse that they have made of the giftof free will. (99, 62)

3. The flesh fears the struggle withthe spirit, and seeks the form to temptit with pleasures of the world toimpede its freedom, or at least topostpone it. See how man carrieswithin him his own tempter, that iswhy I have said that when He canmanage to overcome himself, He willhave won the battle. (97, 37)

4. In this time when even the air, thesoil, and the water are poisoned by theevils of men, how few there are whoare not contaminated by evil ordarkness. (144, 44)

5. The clamor of humanity comes toMe; the anguish of children andyoung people, as well as of men andwomen of mature age and the elderlyrises up; it is a voice that calls forjustice, it is an invocation of peaceand mercy that the spirit makesbecause the seed of love in this worldhas been lost. Do you know wherethat love is? In the depths of thehuman heart, so far buried that Hecannot find it, because hatred,ambitions, science, and vanity havedrowned the seed and there is nospirituality, and no mercy; the cup ofbitterness continues being filled, andthe world drinks it to the dregs. (218,12)

6. From altar to altar, from rite torite, from sect to sect, men go insearch of the Bread of Life, withoutfinding it, and faced withdisappointment they becomeblasphemers who walk aimless roadsand live without God and without law.

7. And think, people, among themare the great spirits, for among them Idiscover the prophets and thedisciples of the Holy Spirit. (217, 49)

8. The religions recognize the powerof evil, and have personified it inhuman form; they have given itvarious names, and attribute to it apowerful kingdom. Men feel fearwhen they believe it near, notknowing that the temptation lies in[their own] passions and weaknesses,nor that inside men both good and evilare active.

9. Evil predominates in the world inthis time, and has created a strength, apower, that is manifest in all. In thespiritual too, there are legions ofimperfect and troubled spirits inclinedto evil and vengeance, whose strengthis joined to human evil to create thekingdom of evil.

10. That power rebelled againstJesus in the Second Era, and showedhim its kingdom. My flesh, sensitiveto all, was tempted, but My spiritualstrength overcame the temptationbecause I had to be the victor over theworld, the flesh, temptation, anddeath. For I was the Master who cameamong men to give them an exampleof strength. (182, 42 - 43)

11. You can recognize My presenceby the peace you feel in your spirit.None but I can give you true peace; aspirit in darkness cannot give it toyou. I tell you this because manyhearts fear the subterfuges of atempting spirit that men have givenlife and form according to theirimaginations.

12. How erroneously the existenceof the prince of darkness has beeninterpreted! How many have come tobelieve more in his power than inmine? And how far from truth mentravel in this belief.

13. Evil exists; from it all vices andsins have derived. The sinners, orrather, those who practice evil, havealways existed on earth just as inother worlds or dwelling places. Yet,why personify all existing evil in onebeing, and why do you have himconfront the Divinity? I ask you, whatis an impure being compared to Myabsolute and infinite power, and whatdoes your sin mean to My perfection?

14. Sin was not born in the world;upon springing from God some of thespirits remained on the side of good,while others, deviating from that road,created another, that of evil.

15. The words and parables whichwere given to you in a figurativesense, as revelations in the first times,have been erroneously interpreted byhumanity. The intuition that men hadabout the supernatural was influencedby their imagination, and around theforce of evil, sciences, cults,superstitions, and Myths were formedthat have survived until these times.

16. Demons cannot spring fromGod; they were forged by your mind.The concept you have of that beingwhich you place as My adversary atevery step, is false.

17. I have taught you to keep vigiland pray to free yourself from eviltemptations and influences, which cancome from human beings just as fromspiritual ones.

18. I have told you to impose thespirit on the flesh, for the latter is afragile creature who is in danger ofstumbling at every step if you do notwatch over it. The heart, the mind,and the senses are the open door forthe passions of the world that buffetthe spirit.

19. If you have imagined the spiritsof the darkness as monsters, I seethem only as imperfect creatures towhom I offer My hand to rescue them,for they too are My children. (114, 54– 62)

20. Whenever you do good, you say:"I am noble, I am generous, I amcharitable, that is why I do this." I tellyou, if you did these works in thename of the Lord you would behumble for the goodness is from God,and He has given it to your spirit.

21. Therefore, whosoever attributeshis good works to his human heart isdenying his own spirit and He whodressed it in such virtues.

22. In contrast, when you do wrongyou wash your hands like Pilate, andattribute the deed to the Father,saying: "It was the will of God. It waswritten. God wished it so," or "It isfate."

23. You say that nothing happenswithout the will of God to excuseyourself for your errors. Yet, truly Itell you that you are wrong, for yourerrors and your pettiness do happenwithout being the Will of God.

24. Do you see how the Omnipotentnever imposes himself on you byforce, through his power? No, that iswhat you do with your weakerbrothers.

25. Truly I tell you: the evil,impurity, and lack of harmony areyours; the love, patience, and serenityare from God.

26. When you love, it is the creatorof your spirit who inspires you, butwhen you hate, it is you yourselves,your weakness that impels you andmakes you lost. Whenever somethingbad happens in your life, you may besure that it is of your making.

27. Then you ask: "Why does Godpermit this? Does He not suffer forour sins, and weep upon seeing usweep? What would it cost Him tosave us from these falls?"

28. I tell you that while you cannotlove, God will be something youcannot understand, for themagnanimity of your Creator isbeyond your comprehension.

29. Make yourselves strong, great,and wise; learn to love; when youlove you will not have the infantiletendency to analyze God, for youshall then look upon and feel Him,and that will satisfy you. (248, 29 -32)

Arrogance and Humility           

30. Make of humility one of yourbest allies for reaching elevation, forthe gates of Heaven, which is thekingdom of the conscience, arecompletely closed to the arrogant.They have never passed those gates,and never will be able to, but whenthe arrogant become humble, I shallbe the first to praise them, and it shallbe My charity that opens to them thegates of eternity. (89, 45)

31. That is one more of My lessons,disciples; truly I tell you, that whenyou believe yourself to be strong,great, or exalted, you distanceyourself from Me, for your pridedrowns the feeling of humility; butwhen you consider yourself small,when you recognize that you areatoms in the midst of My creation,then you come closer to Me, for inyour humility you admire Me, loveMe, and feel Me close; it is when youthink in all that is great andMysterious that contains God and thatyou desire to know and understand,that you seem to hear the echo of theDivine whisper in your spirit. (248,22)

32. Disciples, when a man has trueunderstanding of the works He hasperformed, He does not allow himselfto be blinded by vanity. He knowsthat if that ignoble sentiment entershis being, his intelligence will beclouded and He will not be able toadvance on the path; He will becomestagnant and succumb to lethargy.

33. Vanity has caused many men tobe lost, toppled many flourishingpeoples, and brought down yourcultures.

34. While those peoples held work,struggle, and progress as their ideals,they knew abundance, splendor, andwell - being, but when pride led themto feel superior, when their ideal ofelevation was exchanged for theinsatiable ambition to have everythingfor themselves, and without wishingto, and without realizing it, they beganthe step by step destruction of all theyhad built, ending by sinking into theabyss.

35. The history of humanity is full ofsuch occurrences. For that reason Itell you that it is right that a people ofgreat ideals arise in the world whowhile being always conscious of theirgood works, do not become vainabout them, and in this way do nothalt in their path, so that the splendoralready reached is tomorrowsurpassed, and continues to grow inthe future.

36. Speaking to you in this way, I donot seek to inspire in you onlymaterial ambitions; I wish My wordsto be interpreted justly so that youknow to apply them to the spiritualjust as to the material.

37. Vanity does not surprise menonly in their material lives. As proofof what I tell you, look at the falls andfailures of the great religions, rotten attheir bases by their vanity, theirarrogance, and their false exaltation.When they have believed themselvesto be at the height of their powers,someone has come to awaken themfrom their slumber, making them seetheir errors, their deviations, and theirdistancing from the Law and truth.

38. Only with true knowledge andcompliance with My Law before theconscience can humanity rise to anelevated life, for the conscience,which is My light, is perfect, isserene, is just, and shall never be vainnor loose its way. (295, 18 - 24)

The Good; the Man of Good Will           

39. Know Me, all of you, so thatnone may deny Me; know Me so thatyour concept of God is founded ontruth, and so that you know that wheregood is manifested, there I am.

40. Good cannot be confused withanything. Good is truth, it is love, it ischarity, it is understanding. Good isprecise, exact, and determined. Knowit, so that you do not err.

41. Each man may go by a differentroad; but if all of them meet at onepoint, which is the good, they willcome to identify with each other andunite.

42. It is not thus when they try todeceive themselves, putting a mask ofevil over the good, and disguising thegood as evil, as happens among menin this time. (329, 45 - 47)

43. For nearly two thousand yearsthat you have repeated that phrasewhich the shepherds of Bethlehemheard: "Peace on earth to men of goodwill," but when have you put intopractice your good will to makeyourselves worthy of peace? Truly Isay, that you have rather done theopposite.

44. You have lost the right to repeatthat phrase, that is why I have cometoday with new words and lessons, sothat it will not be the phrases orprayers that will be engraved in yourmind, but the essence of My teachingwhich will penetrate into your heartand spirit.

45. If you wish to repeat My wordsjust as I come to reveal them, youmay do so, but you must keep in mindthat as long as you do not feel them,they will have no virtue whatever.Pronounce them with gentleness andhumility, feel them vibrating withinyour heart and I will answer you insuch a manner that I will make yourwhole being tremble. (24, 33 - 34)

46. I say again, peace to men ofgood will, those who love truth,because they do something to adhereto the Divine Will, and those who takerefuge in My protection mustnecessarily feel My presence in theirhuman life just as in the spirit, and intheir struggles, their needs, and theirtrials.

47. The men of good will areobedient children of the Law of theirFather; they walk on the straight path,and when they suffer greatly, raise uptheir spirit to Me, demanding peaceand forgiveness.

48. They know that many times thepain is necessary, and therefore theydrain the dregs with patience, onlywhen it becomes unbearable do theybeg for the weight of their cross to belightened. "Lord," they say to Me, "Iknow that My spirit needs to purifyitself, and to suffer."

49. Blessed are those who think andpray in this way, for they seek theexample of their Master to apply it tothe trials of their own lives. (258, 52 -55)

Evil: Man in the Service of Evil           

50. In this period the influence ofevil is greater than that of good.Therefore, the force which dominateshumanity is that of evil, from whichare derived selfishness, deceit, lust,pride, pleasure in causing injury,destruction, and all low passions. Theillnesses which torment man originatefrom that moral imbalance.

51. Men do not have the weapons tofight against those forces, they havebeen conquered and taken prisoner tothe abyss of a life without spirituallight, without true happiness, withoutaspirations toward good.

52. Now, while man believes himselfto be at the peak of wisdom, He doesnot know that He is in the abyss.

53. I, who know your beginning andyour future in eternity, have givenmankind weapons to battle against theforces of evil since the First Era. Butthey have rejected them and preferreda battle of evil against evil in whichno one triumphs, for in the end all willbe defeated.

54. It is written that evil shall notprevail, which means that at the endof the times it shall be good whichtriumphs.

55. If you ask me which were theweapons with which I endowedhumanity to fight against the forces orinfluences of evil, I will tell you thatthey were prayer, perseverance in thelaw, faith in My word, and love forone another. (40, 65 - 70)

56. Evil has grown among men, Mypeople. Kindness, virtue, and lovehave been weak faced with theinvasion of evil, illness, plagues,pests, and calamities. All that is thefoundation of the perverse hascontaminated the hearts of the good; ithas weakened some, and decimatedthe ranks of the faithful, for evil hasbrought great strength to bear onhumanity.

57. I have allowed that to happenthus due to the free will that I havegiven you, for behind all theperversity, and all the darkness andobfuscation of men, there is a Divinelight, the conscience, which is not lostand never shall be. There is aprinciple, which is the spirit, thatkeeps immaculate the kiss the Fathergave it, which is the Divine seal withwhich I sent all My children onto thepath of the struggle, and due to thatmark none of those spirits will be lost.(345, 11 - 12)

The Struggle between Good and Evil           

58. You too have been shocked bythe strength of evil that men andwomen have manifested throughoutthe various periods of your humanlife. The book of your history hasgathered their names. In the album ofyour existence, in the book whereGod notes all of your deeds, all yourworks, there too, are their names, andyou have been astonished that a spirit,a human heart, can shelter such astrength for evil, and can containenough strength not to tremble beforeits own deeds, and can silence thevoice of its conscience so as not tohear the call that God makes to all ofhis children through it. Oh, how manytimes the journey of those spirits onthe planet has been long and tedious!

59. Those beings, who in virtue oftheir free will have rebelled againstMy love and justice, I have taken,making use of their own disobedience,to convert them into My servants; andbelieving themselves to act freely,each of their thoughts, their words,and their deeds has been aninstrument of My justice forthemselves as well as for others.

60. But when shall this reign end?The Father tells you: The kingdom ofevil has never ruled mankind, for evenin the times of greatest perversitythere have been those faithful to Me,obedient to My teaching, and apostlesto My Law; but the struggle hasexisted since the beginning.

61. Which of those two forces hasbeen ahead in the struggle up untilnow? That of evil. That is why I havehad to come to materialize Myselfamong you to help to revive yourhope and faith in Me, and to bringwarmth to your hearts, saying: "Youare not alone on the path, I have neverlied to you. You must not twist theprinciples that I have put in you; thisis the road of goodness and love.(345, 48 - 49)

62. Behold how My light has cometo tear away the darkness from yourworld. It is true that I come to combatmen, but only to wipe away all theevil that is stimulated in their hearts. Ishall place the light and the strengthof My love in those who faithfullyfollow Me, and then these shall say:"Let us seek the dragon that besets us,the beast that induces us to sin andoffend the Lord. They shall seek it inthe seas and in the desert, in themountains and in the jungles, evenamong the invisible." But they shallnot find it, for it lives in the heart ofmen, of those who have created it, andthere it has grown until it dominatesthe earth.

63. When the reflections of Mysword of light wound the hearts ofeach man, the strength that proceedsfrom evil will be weakened untodeath, and then you shall say: "Lord,with the Divine strength of yourcharity I have defeated the dragon,that which I believed beset me fromthe invisible, never thinking that Icarried it within My heart."

64. When wisdom shines in all men,who will dare to twist good to evil?Who would trade the eternal for thepassing? None: I tell you truly,because all will be strengthened in theDivine wisdom. Sin proceeds fromignorance and weakness. (160, 51 -54)

Temptations and Seductions           

65. Humanity cultivates many trees;the hunger and misery of men leadsthem to seek from them the shade andfruit that offer salvation, justice orpeace. Those trees are the doctrines ofmen, inspired many times in hatred,selfishness, ambition, and in delusionsof grandeur. Their fruits are death,blood, destruction, and the outrage ofthat which is most sacred in the life ofmen, which is the liberty to believe,think, and speak, in a word, He isdeprived of the freedom of the spirit.Such is the darkness that arises tostruggle against the light. (113, 52 -53)

66. I have told you, beloved Israel,that the time shall come when thefalse spokesmen arise to give accessto the false Jesus, and within theirmaterialism they will deceive, sayingthat through them the Master speaks.False guides, false prophets, and falsesoldiers shall arise and with theirword and their materialism seek toturn you from the road of light andtruth. (346, 38)

67. Pray, and see that this is the timein which My justice and My lighthave removed all the darkness. This isa difficult time full of dangers, foreven the beings that inhabit thedarkness shall pass themselves offamong you as beings of light to temptand confuse you. I give you My light,so that you do not deviate from theroad and are not deceived by thosewho use My name.

68. The tempters are not only fromamong the invisible beings, there arealso those incarnated in men whospeak of lessons that seem like thoseof the light, but which are incontradiction to My Doctrine. Tothese, do not listen. (132, 7 - 8)

69. My Kingdom is strong andpowerful, and if to confront Mystrength and power I have permittedthe rise of another power, that of evil,it is to demonstrate My own, so thatyou may behold and feel the strengthof light and truth against the imposterand the darkness. It is so that you cansee, that the realm of darkness,disturbances, and trials, while havinggreat power, is [only] My instrument,and I make use of it, truly.

70. If I test you, it is not to stop youon the path of evolution, for I awaityour arrival in My Kingdom;however, I wish you to arrivevictorious after the combat, strongafter the struggle, full of the light ofspiritual experience after the longjourney, and full of the merits of thespirit so that you may humbly raiseyour face and behold the Father in theinstant when He comes to place uponyou his blessing kiss, a kiss thatcontains all the happiness, and all theperfections, for your spirit. (327, 8 -9)

Moral Crimes           

71. Humanity, humanity, crushingagainst each other! I find you denyingyour iniquity and boasting of whatyou believe to be your greatness evenas you conceal your blemishes. I tellyou that the man who, flattered,believes in his own apparent greatnessis poor in spirit. And of those wholacking virtues, whisper of the defectsof others, judging their faults, I mustsay are hypocrites who are very farfrom justice and truth.

72. Not only those kill, who take thelife of the body, but also who destroythe heart with deceit. Those who killthe sentiments of the heart, faith, andideals, are assassins of the spirit, andhow many of these go freely withoutprison or chains.

73. Do not be surprised that I speakto you in this way, for I see amongyou homes destroyed, because whileneglecting your duties there, you havecreated new obligations outside themwithout considering the pain andabandonment of your own. Lookeverywhere, how many homes havebeen destroyed, how many womengiven in to vice, and how manychildren without a Father? How cantenderness and love exist in thosehearts? Would you not judge, that Hewho has caused the death of thehappiness of those beings, and hasdestroyed that which is sacred, is acriminal?

74. You have become so inured toevil, that even those men who inventnew weapons of death you call great,because in an instant they can destroymillions of beings and yet, you callthem wise. What is your reasoning?Greatness can only be of the spirit,and only He is wise who travels thepath of truth. (235, 36 - 39)

The Impotence and Fleetingness of Evil           

75. Great, very great you observehuman perversity, and the power ofevil practiced by men seems terribleto you. Nevertheless, I say to you thatthose things are very weak whencompared to the power of My justiceand before My Divinity which ismaster of all destiny, of life, death,and of all creation. (54, 70)

76. Only a being omnipotent likeMyself could contend with Me;however, do you believe that if a Godwould emerge from Me, would He beagainst Me? Or rather, do you believethat He can emerge from nothing? Notone thing can emerge from nothing.

77. I am All and I was never born. Iam the Beginning and the End, theAlpha and the Omega of everythingcreated.

78. Can you conceive that some ofthose beings created by Me could sethimself up as God? All creatures havea limit and in order to be God it isnecessary not to have any limits. Hewho has harbored those dreams ofpower and greatness has fallen intothe darkness of his own arrogance.(73, 34 - 35)

79. Truly I tell you, that there is nopower strong enough to oppose Mylove. My enemies and rival forces aresmall and weak, and the weapons thathave battled against truth and justicehave always been fragile.

80. The battle between the forces ofevil and Divine justice appears to bean everlasting one, but, nevertheless,in comparison to eternity the battlewill be like an instant; and the faultscommitted by your spirit during itstime of imperfection, will eventuallybecome insignificant stains that willbe erased forever by your virtues andMy loving justice. (179, 12 - 13)

The Power of Forgiveness           

81. Humanity, I ask you, takingthese people [present here] as yourrepresentatives: "When will you riseup to love one another and forgiveeach other your offenses? When doyou want peace on your planet?

82. The forgiveness that comes fromlove is taught only by My Doctrine,and it contains a powerful force forconverting, regenerating, andtransforming the evil into good, andthe sinner into a person of virtue.

83. Learn to forgive, and you willhave the principle of peace in yourworld. If you must forgive onethousand times, then one thousandtimes you must. Do you not realizethat an opportune reconciliationavoids draining the dregs of the cup ofbitterness? (238, 12 - 14)

84. While you are men, rememberMe on the cross, forgiving, blessing,and healing My executioners so thatyou, on your difficult road, may alsobless those who have offended youand do all possible good for thosewho have done evil to you. Who actsin this way, shall be My disciple, andtruly, I tell you, his pain will alwaysbe brief, for I will make My strengthfelt to him in the moments of histrials. (263, 56)

85. Forgive one another, and in thisyou shall find relief for yourselvesand for He who has offended you. Donot carry upon your spirit the weightof hatred or rancor; be cleansed, andyou will have found the secret ofpeace and will live as apostles of Mytruth. (243, 63)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 41 - Connections between this World and The Beyond

Inspiration and Aid from the Spiritual World           

1. Everyone travels along the ladderof spiritual perfection; some haveattained the evolution that for the timebeing you cannot conceive of, whileothers are behind you.

2. The great spirits, who are greatbecause of their struggle, their loveand their effort, seek harmony withtheir minor brethren, with those whoare distant and with the negligent;their missions are noble and elevated,their love toward My Divinity andyou is also great.

3. Those spirits know that they werecreated for activity, for elevation; theyknow that inactivity is not for thechildren of God. Within Creationeverything is life, movement,equilibrium, harmony; and thus, thoseinnumerable beings work, thrive andrejoice in their struggle, with theknowledge that in that way theyglorify their Father and help towardthe progress and perfection of theirbrethren.

4. Today while you find yourselvesoutside of the path that My Lawindicates, you ignore the influencethat those brethren exert over you, butwhen you have the sensitivity toperceive the emanations, inspirationsand messages which they convey, youwill have the presentiment of thecountless occupations and noble deedsto which they dedicate their existence.

5. It is necessary for you to knowthat those spirits, in their love andrespect for the laws of the Creator,never take what is not theirs, neitherdo they touch what is prohibited, norpenetrate into places where they knowthey should not, so as not todisharmonize the elements ofCreation.

6. How different men on earth act,who in their desire to be great andpowerful in the world and withoutlittle respect for My teachings seekwith the key to science the destructiveelements, open the doors to unknownforces, and in that manner disrupt theharmony of Nature which surroundsthem!

7. When will man prepare himself tolisten to the wise counsel of theSpiritual World, and in that manner beguided by their inspirations?

8. Truly I say to you that it would beenough to lead you along the saferoad toward the summit of the mountwhich belongs to you; there you willbehold before you a straight andshining path through which the spiritshave traveled who at present existonly to make sure of your well - beingand to help you in your troubles,drawing you nearer step by step to theend of the road, where your Fatherawaits all of you.

9. Since I have spoken to you aboutthe kindness and elevation of thosebeings, I must tell you that they, likeyou, had from the beginning the giftof the freedom of will, that is to say, atrue and holy freedom of action whichis proof of the love of the Creatortoward his children. (20, 28 - 36)

10. You do not travel alone, for Myencouragement and My light go witheach one of you; but if that seemslittle, I have placed with each humancreature, a spiritual being of light towatch over your steps, to make youforesee certain dangers, and to serveyou as company in your solitude or asa staff on your journey. They are thebeings you call guardian angels, orprotectors.

11. Never behave ungratefully tothem, nor be deaf to their inspirations,for your strength alone will not besufficient to move ahead in all thetrials of life, you need those who goahead of you and who know - becauseI reveal it to them - something of yourfuture.

12. The struggle of those beings isvery arduous until you achievespirituality, for you do very little tohelp them on their delicate mission.

13. When your spirituality permitsyou to feel and prove the presence ofyour brothers and sisters whoinvisibly, without any ostentation,work for your welfare and yourprogress, you will feel sorrow athaving made them work and suffer somuch due to your sins. Yet, when thiscomprehension arises in you, it willhave done so because the light shinesin your understanding, and from itwill spring charity, gratitude, andunderstanding.

19. The only distance that existsbetween you and God, or between youand a spiritual being, is not physicaldistance, but the spiritual distanceoriginating from your lack ofpreparation, lack of purity, or lack ofwill to receive spiritual inspirationand influence.

20. Never put that distance betweenyourselves and your Master, orbetween yourselves and the SpiritualWorld, and you will always enjoy thebenefits My love pours out over thosewho know how to seek it. You willalways have the feeling that theSpiritual World vibrates together withthe hearts of those who preparethemselves to feel it.

21. How great is the distance that thehumanity of this time puts betweenthemselves and the spiritual life, sogreat, that it is for that reason that themen of today feel God to be infinitelydistant from them, and imagineheaven to be far away andunreachable. (321, 76 - 78)

22. I say to you that there is not asingle human mind that is notinfluenced by the Spiritual World.

23. There are many who might denythis. However, no one is able to provethat it is impossible for the humanmind to receive thoughts andinspirations not only from spiritualbeings and fellow human beings, buteven from Me.

24. This is a revelation for allhumanity, a revelation that when it isspread, shall find open hearts thatreceive it with great joy, just as itmust also find human opponents andpersecutors.

25. Yet, what can they do to preventthe light of the Spiritual Kingdomfrom shining in the lives of men?What means can the unbelievers makeuse of to prevent that vibration? Whois He that believes himself outside ofthe universal influence that is thecreating and lifegiving power of God?

26. I speak to your conscience, toyour spirit, and to your power ofreason; yet, I say again, that fromother dwellings all of you receivemessages, ideas, and inspirations; andjust as you fail to know where yourspirit came from to be made flesh inthat body you possess, neither do youknow those that communicate with itinvisibly and incensed. (282, 33 - 37)

Disturbed and Malicious Spirits           

27. This Era is different from theFirst and Second; today, you live in achaos of unchained elements, bothvisible and invisible. Woe to He whois not watchful, for He shall succumb,even He who is prepared shall have tostruggle.

28. Thousands of invisible eyes arewatching you, some to ambush you onthe road, and others to protect you.(138, 26 - 27)

29. The great legions of disturbedspirits, taking advantage of theignorance of humanity, and theirinsensibility and lack of spiritualvision, make war on them, and menhave not prepared their weapons oflove for defense against the attacks, sothat in this struggle they appear to bedefenseless.

30. It is necessary that My SpiritualDoctrine come to you, to teach youhow to prepare yourselves to emergevictorious from the conflict.

31. From that invisible world thatpalpitates and vibrates in your ownworld, emerge influences that touchmen, whether in their minds, theiremotions, or their will, making theminto submissive servants, slaves,instruments, and victims. Everywhere,spiritual manifestations are surfacing,and yet the world continues withoutwishing to realize what it is thatsurrounds their spirits.

32. It is necessary to take up thebattle and destroy the darkness, sothat when the light shines within men,all shall arise united in truecommunion, and with prayer, triumphin the struggle that they begin againstthe forces that have for so longdominated them.

33. Men and peoples havesuccumbed to the power of theseinfluences without humanity realizingit. Strange and unknown illnesses,produced by them, have batteredmankind and have confounded thescientists.

34. How much discord, how muchconfusion and pain mankind hasbrought upon itself! The lack ofprayer, of morality, and spiritualityhas attracted impure and disturbedspirits. What can one hope for fromthose who have departed without lightor preparation?

35. There are those you havedeceived and oppressed, whom youhave confused and humiliated; theycan send you only confusion anddarkness, exercise only vengeance,and come to you only to make claimsagainst you. (152, 22 - 28)

36. Among humanity legions of thebeings of darkness come, like theclouds of a storm, causing upheavals,befogging minds, and bewildering thehearts of men. And although menhave weapons to defend themselvesfrom these assaults, some do notknow how to choose from amongthem, while others do not evenimagine they have them. (240, 53)

37. The Humanity of today, as largeas you consider it to be in number, isvery small compared to the number ofspiritual beings that surround it. Howstrongly those legions invade thebyways of men without themperceiving it, for men neither feel norhear this world that agitates aroundthem. (339, 29)

38. A man given to a life of sin iscapable of dragging behind him alegion of the beings of darkness, whocause him to leave behind a trail ofmalevolent influences. (87, 7)

39. If from here, you were able tosee the spiritual valley, wherein dwellthe materialistic spirits who have donenothing to prepare for the spiritualjourney that follows this life, youwould be astonished; but not for aninstant would you say, "How terribleis the justice of God!" Instead, youwould exclaim, "How ungrateful,unjust, and cruel we ourselves are!How indifferent we are to our spirits,and how inactive we have been asdisciples of Jesus!"

40. That is why the Father haspermitted those beings to manifestthemselves at times in your lives, andto give you the painful, anguishedmessage of their dark and peace -deprived lives. They are the occupantsof a world that does not have theradiant light of the spiritual dwellings,nor the beauties of the earth they onceinhabited. (213, 52 - 53)

41. The legions of spirits thataimlessly wander the world calling invarious ways at the doors of the heartsof humanity, many times are voicesthat want to tell you to wake up, thatyou open your eyes to reality, torepent of your errors and regenerateyourself, so that later, when you leaveyour material form in the bosom ofthe earth, you do not have to weep, asthey do, in loneliness, ignorance, andmaterialism. In this, there is lightemerging even from the darkness, fornot a leaf of a tree moves without MyWill; these manifestations, whichincrease from day to day, shalleventually so overwhelm men, thatthey will finally overcome theskepticism of humanity. (87, 65)

42. Pray for those who depart fromamong you for the Beyond, for not allfind the road, not all know how toelevate themselves, nor do all quicklyfind peace.

43. There are those who in spirit livewith the obsessions of material life.Some suffer great repentance, othersare buried insensible in the earthtogether with their bodies; otherscannot separate themselves from thoseclose to them, from those who remainin the world, because lamentations,selfishness, and human ignorancehold them and materialize them,depriving them of peace, light, andadvancement.

44. Let go of those who inhabit thisworld but no longer belong to it; letthem abandon the goods they lovedand possessed in this life, so that theycan elevate their spirits to the infinitewhere their real inheritance awaits.(106. 35 - 37)

45. Your spirit shall be very pleasedto be received by them upon yourarrival in the spiritual valley, and toreceive their gratitude for the charityyou showed them; great shall be yourjoy when you see them inundated bylight.

46. But how painful it will be to findthem with that legion of beingsdarkened by confusion, knowing thatthey too awaited your charity, and thatyou did not give it to them. (287, 58)

47. If I treat you, humans, with suchlove and charity, I tell you truly that Isearch with the same tenderness forthose in the spiritual valley who areatoning for their past faults. To thosebeings I send My light to free themfrom the bewilderment that is likedarkness, and from the remorse that islike fire; to be sent later among menso that those who yesterday sowedpain in hearts, now sheathed in light,become the benefactors and guardiansof their own brothers. (169, 6)

The Struggle of the Spirits for Human Beings           

48. Beyond your human lives existsa world of the spirits, your brothers,beings invisible to man, that fightamong themselves to conquer you.

49. That struggle between themproceeds from the differences inevolution between them: While thebeings of light, elevated by the idealof love, harmony, peace, andperfection, go spreading light uponthe path of mankind, inspiring themalways to the good, and revealing allthat is for the good of men; the beingsthat still retain the materialism of theearth, who have not been able to quitthemselves of their selfishness andtheir love for the world, or who, for anindefinite time, pander to the humaninclinations and tendencies, are thosewho sow confusion on the path ofhumanity, clouding minds, blindinghearts, and enslaving wills to takeadvantage of men, converting theminto the instruments of their plans, ortaking them as though their bodieswere their own.

50. Meanwhile, the Spiritual Worldof light struggles to conquer the spiritof humanity in order to open for thema breach to eternity. While thoseblessed legions work unceasinglymultiplying themselves in love,becoming nurses at the bedside ofpain, counselors at the right of menwho bear great responsibilities,counselors to youth, guardians ofchildren, and the companions of thosewho live alone and forgotten, thelegions of the beings without the lightof spiritual wisdom and without theelevation of love also work withoutpause among humanity; but theirpurpose is not to make the path to thespiritual realm easier: no, the idea ofthese beings is completely theopposite; their intention is todominate the world, to continue as itsowners, to perpetuate themselvesupon the earth, to dominate men,converting them into slaves andinstruments of their own will, in otherwords: to not allow themselves to bedispossessed of that which they havealways considered their own: theworld.

51. So, disciples: between some andothers there is an intense struggle, astruggle that your corporeal eyes donot behold, but whose reflections aremade felt every day in your world.

52. So that this humanity can defenditself, and free itself from evilinfluences, it must have knowledge ofthe truth that surrounds it, it mustlearn to pray with the spirit and knowas well with how many gifts its beingis endowed, so that it may employthem as weapons in this great battle ofgood versus evil, of light againstdarkness, and of spirituality opposedto materialism.

53. Precisely, the spiritual world oflight works and struggles, preparingall, so that the world can one day putitself on the path of spirituality.

54. Reflect on all this, and you canimagine how intense is the struggle ofyour spiritual brothers who work forthe salvation of men: a struggle that isfor them a cup from which at everymoment you give them the bitter gallof ingratitude to drink, for you aresatisfied to receive from them all thegood they do you, but without everdoing your part to help in their effort.

55. Few there are who know how tojoin with them, few are those whoknow how to be sensitive to theirinspirations and obedient to theirinstructions, but how strongly thosefew walk through life, how securethey feel, and what enjoyments andinspirations delight their spirit.

56. The majority are caught in aninner debate between the twoinfluences without deciding on eitherone, not giving in completely tomaterialism, but without makingefforts to free themselves of it in orderto spiritualize their lives: that is tosay, to elevate themselves by meansof good, by means of wisdom, and byspiritual strength.

57. Those who have completelygiven in to materialism, no longerworrying about the voice of theirconsciences and ignoring all thingsthat refer to the spirit, no longerstruggle; they have been defeated inthe battle. They believe they havetriumphed, believe they are free, anddo not realize, that they have beentaken prisoner, and that it shall benecessary for the legions of the lightto enter the darkness to free them.

58. I send this message of light to allthe peoples of the earth, to be thewake up call for men, so that theymay understand who is the eneMythey must struggle against untilvictory, and what are the weaponsthat, unknowingly, they already bear.(321, 53 - 63)

The Bond with the Spirits of God           

59. Disciples: Wake up andrecognize the Era in which you findyourselves. I say to you that just as noone can hold back My justice, neitherwill anyone close the doors of theHereafter that My charity has openedfor you. No one can prevent themessages of light, hope and wisdomto descend among men from thoseworlds. (60, 82)

60. I have permitted you to brieflycommunicate with your loved ones inthe Beyond, which I did not permit inthe Second Era, for neither you northey were then prepared for it. Thatdoor has been opened by Me in thistime, and with it I give fulfillment tothe proclamations of My prophets andto some of My own promises.

61. In 1866, that invisible door wasopened to you, as was also that of theminds of the chosen, to manifest themessage that the spirits of light had tobring to men.

62. Before that year, in the nationsand peoples of the earth, spiritualbeings had been manifestingthemselves as the foregoing signs ofMy coming. (146, 15)

63. If the men of these times werenot so hard and insensitive, theywould certainly receive constantmessages from the spiritual world,and would at times see themselvessurrounded by multitudes of beingsworking incessantly for theawakening of men. They would thenhave proof that they are never alone.

64. Some call that world, "invisible"others call it, "the Beyond." Why?Because they simply do not have thefaith necessary to see the spiritual,and because their human smallnessmakes them feel distant and strangefrom a world they should feel in theirhearts. (294, 32 - 33)

65. It surprises you that a spiritmanifests itself, or communicateswith you, without realizing that youalso manifest in and evencommunicate with other worlds, otherdwelling places.

66. Your body does not realize thatyour spirit, in moments of prayer,communicates with Me, does notknow how to perceive the closenessyou have with your Lord that throughthat gift, and not only with My Spirit,but also with those spiritual brotherswho you remember in the moments ofprayer.

67. You also do not understand, thatin your rest, when your material bodysleeps, the spirit, in accordance withits evolution and spirituality, separatesfrom the body to present itself indistant places, in spiritual dwellingsthat you cannot even imagine.68. Let no one be surprised by theserevelations; understand that you arenearing the fullness of time. (148, 75 -78)

69. I wish pure thought be thelanguage with which youcommunicate with your brothers whodwell in the spiritual; that it be in thatform, that you understand each other,and that your merits and good worksbe truly useful to them, as well as thatthe influence of those of My children,their inspiration and protection of you,be a powerful assistance in yourjourney to arrive united to Me.

70. Spiritualize yourselves, and youwill experience in your lives thewelcome presence of those beings:The lullaby of the mother who left herson on the earth, and the warmth andcounsel of the Father who also had todepart. (245, 7 - 8)

71. This Work will be criticized andrejected by many when they knowthat contained in it are themanifestations of spiritual beings.Fear not, only the most ignorant willstruggle against that portion of Myteachings.

72. How many times did theapostles, the prophets, and the Lord'senvoys speak to the world under theinfluence of the spiritual worldwithout humanity realizing it? Andhow many times in your own liveshave each of you acted and spokenunder the will of spiritual beingswithout knowing it? And this, whichhas always occurred, I have nowconfirmed to you. (163, 24 - 25)

73. If curiosity alone leads you toattempt communication with theBeyond, you shall not find truth; ifyour intension contains vanity, or thedesire for greatness, then you will notachieve true communication; iftemptation sheaths your heart in falsepurposes or low interests, neither thenshall you obtain communication withthe light of My Holy Spirit. Only yourrespect, your clean prayer, your love,your charity, and your spiritualelevation, shall effect the prodigy ofyour spirit spreading its wings,crossing space, and coming to thespiritual mansions, to the place MyWill allows it.

74. That is the grace and comfortthat the Holy Spirit reserves for you:that you may behold one single place,and be convinced that death anddistance do not exist, that not evenone of My creatures dies to eternallife; for in this Third Era, you mayoffer a spiritual embrace to thosebeings that you have known andloved, and lost in this world, butwhom you have not lost in eternity.

75. Many of you havecommunicated with those beingsthrough My workers, yet, truly I tellyou that this is not the perfectcommunication, but the time comeswhen the incarnated spirits, and thosewithout flesh, may communicateamong them spirit to spirit, withoutemploying any other material orhuman means: by inspiration andthrough the gift of spiritual sensibility,and through revelation, or thought.The eyes of your spirit will be able tosense the presence of the Beyond, andthen your heart shall feel the passingof the beings that populate thespiritual valley. Then shall therejoicing of your spirit be great, aswill your knowledge and love of theFather.

76. Then you shall know the life ofyour spirit: who it is, and who it was,recognizing yourself withoutreference to such petty limits as thosethat correspond to your material form,for the Father says to you: Thoughyour material form is, in reality,small, your spirit greatly resemblesMy own Divine Spirit. (244, 21 - 24)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 42 - Guilt and Penitence, Trials and Suffering

The Need for Repentance and Atonement           

1. If many times I permit you to drain the same cup that you gave to your brethren, it is because there are some who only in this way realize the wrong they caused and by experiencing the same ordeal which they caused to others, they will become aware of the pain they provoked; this will give light to their spirit and bring understanding, repentance and, therefore, fulfillment of My Law.

2. But if you wish to pass through the pain without draining the cup of bitterness, you may do so: by paying your debt with repentance, good works, and all that your conscience tells you that you must do. In this way you may pay a debt of love, and return an honor, a life, or the peace, health, and joy, or the bread that you may have stolen from your brothers.

3. Observe how different is the reality of My justice from that idea that you have formed of your Father.

4. Do not forget that if I have come to tell you that none of you will be lost; it is also true that I have said that every debt must be settled and every fault erased from the Book of Life. It is up to you to choose the path to Me. Free will is still yours.

5. If you prefer the law of retaliation of ancient times, as is still practiced by men from their proud nations, behold its results.

6. If you want the measure with which you judge your brethren also used against you, do not even wait for your entry into the other existence to receive My justice, for here when you least expect it, you will find yourself in the same difficulty in which you placed your fellowmen.

7. But if you want a more elevated Law to come to your aid, not only to spare you from suffering, which is what you fear most, but also to inspire in you noble thoughts and good sentiments, pray, call Me, and proceed along your path to struggle to be better each time, to be stronger in your ordeals, or in short, to settle with love the debt that you have with your Father and with your fellowmen. (16, 53 - 59)

8. Someone usually asks Me: Master, if you forgive our faults, why do you allow us to cleanse them through suffering? To this I answer: I forgive you, but it is necessary for you to correct those faults in order for you to give back to your spirit its purity. (64, 14)

9. I have told you that every last stain shall be cleansed from the hearts of men, yet, I tell you also, that it will be each one of you who must cleanse himself of his own stains. Remember that I have told you: "With the measure you use, you shall be measured," and "Whatever a man Chapter 42 - Guilt and Penitence, Trials and Suffering 372 sows, that shall He also reap." (150, 47)

10. Of the material offerings which mankind offers Me, I only receive the good intention, when it is truly good, for an offering does not always represent a noble and elevated intention. There are many times when men present me their offerings in order to cover up their wickedness or to demand something in return. That is why I tell you that the gift of peace for the spirit cannot be purchased and its stains can not be cleansed with material wealth, even if you could offer me the greatest of material treasures.

11. When men offer me true repentance, sorrow for having offended me, regeneration, correction of their ways, restitution for faults committed, all with the humility that I have taught you, then indeed are men presenting me the true offerings of the heart, of the spirit, and of the mind, which are infinitely more pleasing to your Father than incense, flowers and candles. (36, 27 - 28)

The Law of Atonement           

12. You have had one opportunityafter another to understand Myinfinite love for you. I have grantedyou spiritual gifts and given you theopportunity to correct your mistakesand to purify and perfect your spiritrather than condemning you eternally,as you previously believed.

13. Who, of those who know theseteachings and have faith that theycontain truth, would dare deviate fromhis mission in the world, knowing thatHe is thereby preparing an even moredifficult restitution for his spirit.

14. For if it is true that My justiceoffers you new opportunities tocleanse your stains and repairmistakes, it is also true that eachopportunity increases the number oftests, and that the work and sufferingare more intense each time, just as arethe mistakes.

15. Your duty, so as not to speak ofpunishment, shall be to repair, torestore, and to repay even the last ofyour debts. No one, not your CelestialFather nor your brothers on earth andin the spiritual valley will do whatyou alone must do. Yet, I must tellyou that I will always come to yourcall; that when you see yourselves asalone or abandoned, you will feel Mypresence; and that the spiritual worldwill always come to help you with theweight of your cross. (289, 45 - 47)

16. Only My love and justice maynow shelter those who hunger andthirst for them. Only I know how toreceive into My perfect justice thosewho make attempts against their ownexistence.

17. If you knew that the loneliness ofthe spirit is more terrible thanloneliness of this world, you wouldawait the last day of your existencewith patience and fortitude. (165, 73 -74)

18. I do not destroy any of Mychildren no matter how they offendMe, I protect them and give them the opportunity to correct their faults and return to the road that they abandoned. Yet, in spite of the fact that I have absolved them, they shall reap the fruits of their works, and it is these works that shall judge them and point out to them the straight road. (96, 55)

The Reason for Trials and Sufferings           

19. Know yourselves. I have beheld the existence of mankind of all the eras, and I know what has been the cause of all its sufferings and misfortunes.

20. Since the first times I have seen men taking their lives because of greed, materialism and lust for power; they have always neglected their spirit, believing themselves only flesh, and when the time has come to leave their human form on earth, only what they did in their physical life remained, without gathering any glory for the spirit because they did not seek it; they did not think about it, nor were they concerned with the virtues of the spirit or its knowledge. They were satisfied in living without seeking the pathway which leads them to God. (11, 42 - 43)

21. Now, in spite of the advancement of your civilization, you have grown more and more distant from Nature, as well as from the spiritual, from what is pure, from what pertains to God; that is why during each stage of your existence you have fallen into greater weakness, into greater bitterness in spite of your wishes to be stronger and happier each passing day that you live on earth; but you will take a step toward the fulfillment of My Law, O inhabitants of the world! (16, 35)

22. The ordeals which you encounter along your path, have not happened by chance, I have allowed them so that you can earn merits. The leaf of a tree does not move without My will, and I am within the great works of Creation as well as the lesser ones.

23. Be watchful and pray so that you will understand what fruit you should gather from each ordeal in order for your purification to be shortened. Carry your cross with love and I will make it possible for you to endure your restitution with patience. (25, 6)

24. If in the midst of laughter, enjoyments and vanities, men forget and even deny Me, why are they fearful and tremble when they are reaping the harvest of tears which torment their spirit and body? Then they blaspheme saying that God does not exist.

25. Man is bold to sin, and determined to deviate from the path of My Law; but I assure you that He is very much a coward when it concerns making restitution and settling his accounts. Nevertheless, I strengthen you amidst your cowardice, I protect you in your weakness, I awaken you from your lethargy, I dry your tears and I give you new opportunities so you may recuperate the lost light and find the forgotten path of My Law again.

26. I have come to bring you, as in the Second Era, the bread and wine of life, the same for the spirit as for the body, so that you may live in harmony with everything created by your Father.

27. In My pathways the virtues are blooming, on the other hand, yours are covered with thorns, pitfalls and bitterness.

28. He who says that the paths of the Lord are filled with thorns, does not know what He says, because I have not created pain for any of My children; but those who have withdrawn from the path of light and peace, once they return to it, must suffer the consequences of their faults.

29. Why did you drink that cup of bitterness? Why did you forget the mandate of the Lord, as well as the mission which I entrusted to you? Because you substituted My Law for yours, and there you have the results of your vain knowledge: bitterness, war, fanaticism, disappointment and lies which suffocate you and fill you with desperation. And the most painful thing for the materialistic man, for the one who submits everything to his figuring and subjects it to the material laws of this world, is that after this existence He still will find himself carrying the burden of his errors and of his inclinations. Then the suffering of your spirit will be very great.

30. Rid yourselves here of your burden of sins, comply with My Law and come quickly. Ask forgiveness of everyone whom you have offended and leave the rest to Me, for the time you have for loving will be brief if you truly decide to do it. (17, 37 - 43)

31. Come to Me, all you who carry hidden pain in your heart. Concealed, you bear the pain that betrayal has caused you, and your bitterness is great because some much loved person has deeply wounded you.

32. Come to meditate, so that prayer may enlighten you, and so that you may know if at some time you were the cause of your own betrayal; then prayer shall serve to strengthen you in the idea that you must forgive those who betrayed your love, your faith, and your trust.

33. In truth I tell you, that in the very instant that you award forgiveness to those who have offended, in all its fullness you will feel My peace, for in that moment your spirit will have united with Mine, and I shall extend My mantle to forgive and cover one and all with My love. (312, 49 - 51)

34. Truly, the Master tells you: I have prepared a Kingdom of peace and perfection for all spirits, yet, that Kingdom that I have prepared is opposed by another kingdom: the world. If My realm is reached by means of humility, love, and virtue; to possess the other kingdom requires pride, ambition, arrogance, greed, selfishness, and evil.

35. The world has opposed My Kingdom in all times. Those who follow Me have been harassed on the road, and tempted, whether by visible influences or by invisible powers in every era.

36. This is not the only time you have walked over thorns to reach Me, not the first time your spirit has stumbled forward to reach My presence; in every epoch you have fought the battle in the deepest reaches of your being.

37. The inspiration of My Spirit, illuminating your inner being has declared battle with the darkness, with the false lights, the false virtues, with the material, with all that is superfluous, and with all the false greatness of this world. (327, 3)

38. The pain that for My sake you have accepted, I bless and sanctify, because all that you suffer for My cause dignifies you eternally. (338, 61)

Faith, Conformity, and Humility before the Trials           

39. Human life is the crucible where one is purified and the anvil upon which one is formed. It is indispensable for man to have an ideal in his spirit, faith in his Creator, and love for his destiny in order to carry his cross to the top of his Calvary.

40. Without faith in eternal life, man falls into desperation. Amidst the trials, without elevated ideals, He sinks into materialism, and without strength to withstand a disappointment, He gets lost in despair or vice.

41. I tell you to love your cross, for if you rebel upon being made to carry it, the pain will open a deep wound in your heart. I do love My cross, oh people. And do you know the name of My cross? You, oh humanity, whom I love so much, are My cross. (144, 20)

42. Faith, acceptance, and humility before that which I have disposed will make the journey shorter, for you do not walk the painful road more than once; but the trial is prolonged, if when faced with the trials, rebellion, non - acceptance, and blaspheMy arise. For you shall have to travel that road again until the lesson is learned. (139, 49)

43. I tell you that the trials prepared by man for himself in this Era are very great, for they are necessary for his salvation.

44. Through what is most loved by each man, eternal justice shall arrive at an accounting for the works of every human creature.

45. How important it is that humanity come to an understanding of what spiritual restitution means, so that realizing that the spirit has a past which only God knows, they accept with love, patience, respect, and even gladness, the cup of bitterness, knowing that through it they are cleansing past and present stains, paying debts, and gaining merits before the Law.

46. There shall be no elevation through pain that is not suffered with love, respect for My justice, and acceptance of what each one has brought upon himself; yet, that elevation in the midst of the trials can only be given to men through their understanding of the meaning of the Law of spiritual restitution. (352, 36 - 37 and 42 - 43)

The Significance of Suffering and Pain           

47. If you believe that the trials of life occur by chance, it will be difficult for you to become strong. However, if you understand the true meaning of restitution, justice, and atonement, then your faith will help you to evolve spiritually, and conformity to triumph over your ordeals.

48. It pleases Me to test your spirit in various ways because I am shaping, modeling, and perfecting it; for that purpose I use all and everything; I take for My instrument equally the just and the unjust, and I serve My purpose with light, just as I convert darkness to My service. For that reason I tell you, that when you find yourself in difficult times, think in Me, in your Master, who with all love will explain to you the reason for the trial.

49. There are chalices from which everyone must drink, some later, some before, so that everyone comes to understand and love me. Misery, illness, slander, and dishonor are very bitter chalices from which many must drink, not only sinners. Remember that in the Second Era, Jesus, the most righteous of all human beings, drank the most bitter chalice of which you can conceive. The obedience, the humility, and the love with which one drinks the chalice of pain will lighten the cross and shorten the trial. (54, 4 - 6)

50. Everything that surrounds you tends to purify you, but not all have understood it that way. Do not allow the suffering that you endure in your cup of grief to be sterile. From pain you can extract light that is wisdom, meekness, fortitude and sensitivity. (81, 59)

51. Understand, disciples, that pain separates the evil fruits from your hearts, gives you experience, and makes your errors turn into successes.

52. Thus your Father tests you, with the aim that the light shine in your understanding. However, when you do not understand, and suffer pointlessly because you do not understand the meaning behind My wise lessons, your pain is sterile, and you do not make use of the lesson. (258, 57 - 58)

53. Men exclaim: "If there exists a God of mercy and love, then why must the good suffer for the bad, the righteous for the sinners?"

54. Truly I tell you, My children: Each man does not come to this world only for his own salvation, He is not an isolated individual, but forms part of a whole.

55. In the human body, does not a perfect and healthy organ suffer when the other organs are diseased?

56. This is a material comparison so that you may understand the relationship that each man has to others. The good must suffer for the evil, but the good are not completely innocent if they do not struggle for the spiritual advancement of their brothers. Nonetheless, as individuals, each has his own responsibility; and being part of My Spirit, and made in Its image, He possesses the will and intelligence necessary to assist the progress of all. (358, 18 - 19)

57. Interpret My teaching justly, do not think that My Spirit is pleased seeing your suffering on earth or that I have come to deprive you of all that is gratifying to you to enjoy it Myself. I come to make you recognize and respect My laws, for they are worthy of your respect and observance and because obeying them will bring you happiness and eternal peace.

58. I must tell you that as long as you inhabit the earth you should make an effort to make your existence here as amenable as possible, it is not necessary to weep, suffer, and bleed infinitely to merit peace in the beyond.

59. If you could transform this earth from a vale of tears to a world of happiness in which you loved one another and where you concered yourselves with practicing good and living within My Law, I tell you truly: that life would be yet more meritorious before Me than an existence full of suffering troubles and tears, no matter how accepting you were of the suffering. (219, 15 - 16)

60. Be thankful that no pain is lasting; your suffering is temporary and it will disappear very soon.

61. The time of atonement and purification is brief for He who sees his trials with spirituality, yet for those enveloped in materialism that which in truth passes quickly shall go slowly.

62. As the palpitations of your heart pass, in the same way does the life of men pass into infinity.

63. There is no reason to fear, for in the same way that one sighs, as one sheds a tear or utters a word, so will the suffering in man also disappear. 64. Within the infinite tenderness of God, all your pains and sorrows will have to vanish. (12, 5 - 9)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 43 - Illness, Healing, and Renovation

The Origin and Meaning of Illness           

1. When man deviates from the path of righteousness through lack of prayer and good habits, He looses his moral fortitude and his spirituality and is exposed to temptation; in his weakness He gives space to sin, and that sickens the heart.

2. Nonetheless, I come like a doctor to the sickbed and give him all My love and care. My light is like crystal - clear water upon the lips burned by fever, and when He feels My balm upon his forehead, He says to Me: "Lord, only your charity can save Me; I am gravely ill in spirit, and death shall come to me quickly."

3. And I tell him: "You shall not die, for I, who am life, have come, and all that you have lost shall be restored." (220, 39)

4. What merit can a sick person, incapacitated for all struggle, earn? His merits may be great and many if He knows how to vest himself with patience and acceptance, if He knows how to be humble before the Divine will, and knows how to praise Me in the midst of his pain then his example shall be light to many hearts that inhabit the darkness and who have given in to vice, or who think of death when some trial surprises them.

5. Those beings, upon finding in their paths an example of faith, humility, and hope arising from a heart that also suffers much because it bears a very heavy cross, shall feel that their hearts have been touched by a ray of light.

6. And so it is, in fact, since they have not managed to hear the voice of their own consciences, it was needful that they receive the light of the conscience that another brother sends them with his example and his faith.

7. Do not consider yourselves to be beaten, do not call yourselves failures, do not bend under the weight of your sufferings, keep the lamp of your faith always illuminated before you; that faith and your love shall be your salvation. (132, 38 - 39)

Healing through your own Strength           

8. You ask that I heal you, and truly I say there is no one better than you yourselves to be your own doctor.

9. What good would it do if I heal you and remove your suffering, if you do not withdraw from your errors, sins, vices and imperfections? It is not pain that is the origin of your ills, but your sins. Behold there the origin of suffering! Fight against sin, withdraw it from you, and you will be healthy, but that is for you to do, I only teach and help you.

10. When through your conscience you discover the origin of your afflictions and establish the means to combat it, you will feel the Divine strength in abundance, helping you to triumph in the battle and win your spiritual freedom.

11. How great will be your satisfaction in feeling that through your own merits you were able to liberate yourselves from pain and also win peace. Then you will say: O My Lord, your word was My balsam, your Doctrine has been My salvation! (8, 54 - 57)

12. My people, the true healing balsam that is able to heal all illnesses originates from love.

13. Love with your spirit, love with your heart, and love with your mind, and you shall have strength enough to heal not only the illnesses of the body or to give consolation for small human miseries, but will also know how to resolve the spiritual Mysteries and the great anguish, confusion, and remorse of the spirit.

14. That balsam resolves the great trials, illuminates, calms sorrows, and melts away the chains of oppression.

15. Men who have been brought to despair by science shall return to health and life with the touch of that balsam; the spirit that has parted shall return at the word of love of the brother who calls. (296, 60 - 63)

16. Abolish pain. The life I created is not painful; the suffering comes from the disobedience and faults of the children of God. Pain is a characteristic of the life that dissolute men have created.

17. Elevate your gaze and discover the beauty of My works; prepare yourselves to hear the Divine concert. Do not exclude yourself from the feast. How will you participate in that delight if you isolate yourself? You will live sad, tormented, and sick.

18. I wish you to be harmonious notes in the universal concert. I wish you to understand that you sprang from the source of life, and that you feel My light is in all consciences. When will you come to the maturity necessary to say: "Father, subordinate My spirit, as well as My will and My life, to Yours?"

19. Do you understand that this you cannot see while your senses are sick and your spirit selfishly isolated from the path.

20. You live under the torment of illnesses, or of the fear of contracting them, and yet, what is a physical illness compared to an error of the spirit? Nothing, if the spirit knows how to raise itself up; for in My charity you shall always find help.

21. Just as the blood runs through your veins and gives life to the body, so too the strength of God, like a torrent of life, passes through your spirit. There is no reason to be ill if you comply with the law. Life is health, joy, happiness, and harmony, and being ill you cannot be a storehouse of the Divine goods.

22. Whether unhealthy in mind, heart, or body, the Master tells you to ask your spirit, which is a child of the Almighty, to return to the path, to heal your ills and help you in your weakness. (134, 57 - 59)

The Renovation of Human Beings           

23. Vanity, a weakness which has been manifested since the first man, will be combated through spirituality. It is the struggle that has always existed between the spiritual and the material, for while the spirit tends toward the eternal and elevated in search of the essence of the Father, the material looks only for what satisfies and flatters it, even when this is to the disadvantage of the spirit.

24. That struggle, which is present in every human being, is a force that originates inside men themselves due to the influence that they receive from the world, for that which is material seeks all that which relates to its own nature.

25. If the spirit manages to tame and channel that force, it will have harmonized its two natures within its own being, and shall reach its progress and elevation. If on the other hand, it allows itself to be dominated by the strength of the material form, it shall be induced to evil: a ship without a rudder in the midst of a storm. (230, 64)

26. You, unbelieving and skeptical, cannot believe in a world of justice, nor can you manage to conceive of a life of love and virtue on your earth. In a word: You do not believe yourselves capable of anything good, nor do you have faith in yourselves.

27. I do believe in you. I know the foundation that there is in each of My children, because I formed it, and I gave it life by My love.

28. I do have hope for men. I do believe in their salvation, in their becoming worthy, and in their elevation; for when I created them I destined them to reign on earth, making of it a dwelling of love and peace; as well as that their spirits be forged in the struggle to come, by merit, to dwell in the light of the Kingdom of Perfection, which belongs to them by eternal inheritance. (326, 44 - 46)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 44 - Life in the Divine Sense

The Necessary Equilibrium           

1. The destiny of each person, with his or her spiritual mission and human mission, is drawn. Both must harmonize and tend toward a single end. In truth I tell you that I shall take into account your spiritual works, but also your material ones, for in them I shall find merit to help your spirit arrive to Me. (171, 23)

2. Up until now, it has been the pride of man that has prevented him from knowing the spiritual, and that lack of knowledge has prevented his perfection.

3. As long as man does not learn to keep his material and spiritual powers in harmony, He shall not encounter the balance that should exist in his life. (291, 26 - 27)

4. Disciples: Even though you live on earth, you can live a spiritual life. You do not need to separate yourself from material things in order to lead a spiritual life, but live in harmony of the laws of man with the Divine Laws.

5. Blessed is the one who studies My laws and knows how to unite them with the laws of man, because He will be healthy, strong, elevated, and happy. (290, 26 - 27)

Healthy and Unhealthy Pleasures           

6. I do not tell you to depart from your material obligations or from the healthy pleasures of your hearts and senses. I only ask you to renounce that which poisons your spirits and makes your bodies ill.

7. Whoever lives within the law is obeying the dictates of his conscience. Whoever flees from permissible pleasures in order to immerse himself in forbidden ones, asks himself, even during instances of greatest pleasure, why He is not happy or why He does not find peace. From gratification to gratification, He slowly descends until He is lost in the abyss without finding true satisfaction for his heart and his spirit.

8. There are those who must succumb draining even the last drop of the cup from which they vainly sought pleasure, so that they may then hear the voice of He who is eternally calling them to the feast of eternal life. (33, 44 - 46)

9. The scientist cuts the fruit from the tree of science with disrespect, not listening beforehand to the voice of his conscience through which My law speaks to him to tell him that all the fruits of the tree of wisdom are good, and therefore, whoever takes them should do so only when inspired to benefit his fellow men.

10. These two examples I have explained to you teach you why humanity does not know love nor the peace of that internal paradise that man, through his obedience to the law, should carry always in his heart.

11. I have come to teach the sinners, the disobedient, the ungrateful, and the arrogant to help you to find, to have you understand that you are gifted with a spirit, that you have a conscience, that you can reason and perfectly evaluate that which is good and that which is bad, and to show you the path which will lead you to the paradise of peace, wisdom, infinite love, immortality, glory, and eternity. (34, 15 - 17)

12. Men do not always interpret My teachings well. I have never taught you to ignore or refrain from tasting the healthy fruit that My laws order and concede. I have only come to teach you not to pursue, and much less to love, that which is useless, or superfluous; that you not take the fruit, that which is unhealthy or unlawful, favorable to the spirit or the material form. Yet, all that is lawful and beneficial to the spirit or the heart I have entrusted to you, because it is within My laws. (332, 4)

13. Much time has had to expire for humanity to reach spiritual maturity. You have always fallen into two extremes: one has been materialism, by which you attempt to reach ever greater worldly pleasures; and that is truly prejudicial, because it deviates the spirit from its mission. However, you must also avoid the other extreme: the mortification of the flesh and the complete denial of all that pertains to this life, because I ordered you to this earth to live as men, as human beings, and I have shown you the straight path to follow so that you may live rendering unto Caesar that which belongs to Caesar, and to God that which is God's.

14. I created this world, with all its beauty and perfection for you, and I have given you the human body through which you must develop the gifts I have given you for reaching perfection.

15. The Father does not wish you to be deprived of all the good things that this world offers you, but you must not give preference to the material over the spiritual, for the body is passing, but the spirit belongs to eternity. (358, 7 - 9)

Blessed and Cursed Wealth           

16. When it is My will to make you the possessors of earthly goods I give them to you so that you may share them with your needy brothers: with those who have no wealth or support, with the weak and the sick. Many of those who possess nothing on earth may in exchange share with you their spiritual wealth. (96, 27)

17. I wish all to be yours, but that you know how to take conscientiously of what you need; that you know how to be rich spiritually, and if you know how to make good use of it and give to each and all their true place and value, be able to possess much in the material world.

18. What harm can it do to the spirit of a man to be immensely rich, if what He possesses is of benefit to his fellow men? And what harm can it do to a man to be powerful, if his spirit knows to take time out at opportune moments to pray, and if in its prayer it is in communion with Me? (294, 38)

19. Do not say to Me: "Lord, I see poverty among those who follow You, but among those who do not even remember You, and do not even pronounce your name, I see abundance, pleasures, and satisfactions.

20. My people will not take these cases as proof that He who follows Me need be poor in the world. Yet, I tell you, that those who you so envy do not know and cannot buy with all their wealth the peace of those who hear, and who consecrate part of their lives to bestowing charity.

21. There are those who know how to possess at the same time the goods of the world and of the spirit, others to whom the things of the world are not given because they have forgotten the spiritual, and yet others who are interested only in the things of this world because they believe that the Divine laws are an eneMy to earthly treasures.

22. Goods are always goods, yet not all know how to use them; you must know also, that not all of that which many possess was given to them by Me; there are those who have been compensated by Me, just as there are others who have gotten all they have by stealing.

23. The greatest evidence you may have of your obedience in life is your spiritual peace, not the quantity of your money. (197, 24 - 27)

24. When I tell you: "Ask, and ye shall be given." You ask me for material goods. Truly, you ask too little of Me. Ask Me, above all, for that which benefits your spirit! Do not make hoards on earth, for here what you find is stolen; store up your treasures in the Kingdom of the Father, for there your riches shall be safe and shall serve for the happiness and peace of your spirit.

25. The treasures of earth are the false greatness of riches, power, and titles. The treasures of the spirit are good works. (181, 68 - 69)

26. The vain believe they are great without being so, and they are indeed small who contents themselves with the superfluous riches of this life without discovering the true values of the heart and spirit. How small are their wishes, their loves, and their ideals! With how little they are satisfied!

27. But He who has learned to live, is He who has learned to give to God what is God's, and to the world what is the world's. He who knows how to rejoice in the bosom of Nature, without becoming a slave of the material; He knows how to live, and though apparently possessing nothing, is the owner of the goods of this life and on the road to possession of the riches of the kingdom. (217, 19 - 20)

The Law of Giving           

28. If this humanity had faith in My word, they would bear Me in their hearts, and would have always in mind that which I said to the listening multitude: "Truly I tell you, whosoever gives away even a cup of water, shall no wise lose his reward."

29. Yet, men believe that if they give something away they receive nothing in return, and so to protect what they have, they guard it for themselves alone.

30. Now I tell you, that in My justice there is perfect understanding, so that you never fear to give away what you possess. Do you see those men who accumulate and treasure things, and share their possessions with no one? Those men bear a spirit that is dead.

31. In contrast, they who have consecrated even the last breath of their existence to giving their fellow men what they possess, even to the point where they may be seen alone, abandoned, and poor in their final hour: These have been guided always by the light of faith which has shown them in the distance the nearness of the "Promised Land", where My love waits to give them compensation for all their works. (128, 46 - 49)

32. Come, so that I may restore true life to you and remind you that you have been created to give; but that while you do not know what it is you bear within you, it will be impossible to give it to those who have need.

33. See how all those that surround you fulfill their mission of giving; the elements, the heavenly bodies, the beings, the plants, flowers, and birds, all of them, from the greatest to the imperceptible, have the gift and destiny of giving. Why do you make of yourselves an exception when you are the most amply gifted with the Divine grace of loving?

34. Oh, how much you must grow in wisdom, love, virtue, and power so that you may be a light on the path of your smaller brothers! What a beautiful and elevated destiny your Father has provided for you!

Compliance with Debts and Obligations           

35. In the Third Era, My spiritual Doctrine shall give the spirit the freedom to spread its wings and ascend to the Father to offer him true worship.

36. Yet, men too, as human beings, have worship to offer the Creator, and that tribute consists of fulfilling their duties here on earth, obeying human laws, using good and moral judgment in their acts, and complying with their duties as parent, child, sibling, friend, master, and servant.

37. He who lives in this way shall have honored Me on earth, and there shall be an opportunity for his spirit to ascend to glorify Me. (229, 59 - 61)

38. He who shirks the weight of his mission, He who turns from or ignores the responsibilities his spirit contracted with Me, in order to act according to his whims and will, shall be unable to feel true peace in his heart, for his spirit will never be satisfied or calm. They are those who are always seeking pleasures in which to forget their sorrows and anxieties, deceiving themselves with false joys and fleeting satisfactions.

39. I let them travel their path, for I know that although today they depart, forgetting and even denying Me, soon, when reality wakens them from their dream of greatness on earth, they shall understand the insignificance of the riches, the titles, the pleasures, and the honors of the world when they must confront the spiritual truth faced with eternity and the Divine justice that none escape.

40. No one is unaware of this, since each of you has a spirit that reveals to you, through the gift of intuition, the reality of your lives or of the road that is drawn out for you, or what it is that you must do there, yet you insist in freeing yourselves of any spiritual commitments so that you may feel free and like the owners of your own lives. (318, 13 - 15)

41. Before your spirit was sent to this planet, the lands were shown to it, it was told that it would come to sow peace, that its message would be spiritual, and your spirit rejoiced, promising to be faithful and obedient to its mission.

42. Why then do you fear to sow? Why do you now feel unworthy or unable of carrying out the labor that so overjoyed your spirit when it was entrusted to it? It is because you have allowed the passions to place themselves in your path, blocking the passage of the spirit, and trying to justify its indecision with childish arguments.

43. You should not return to the valley from which you came with your hands empty. I know that your bitterness would be very great. (269, 32 - 34)

44. To each one has been assigned a portion which He must guide or cultivate, and that mission is not ended by physical death. The spirit, in the spiritual world as in the material, continues to sow, cultivate, and harvest.

45. The greater spirits are those which guide the lesser, and these in their turn guide others that are still less developed, for the Lord leads all of them to safe pastures.

46. If I told you, that the greater spirits are those that guide the lesser; by that I do not say that those spirits have been great since the beginning and that the latter will always be smaller than their brothers. Those which are now great have become so by elevating and developing themselves in the fulfillment of the noble mission of loving, serving, and helping those who have not achieved the same grade of spiritual elevation: those that are still weak, and those that have become lost, or which suffer.

47. Those that today are small, will tomorrow be great through perseverance on the path of evolution. (131, 19 - 21)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 45 - Predestination, Sense and Compliance in Life

Providence and the Determination of God in Human Destiny           

1. It is the Era of the light, in which man, besides believing, shall come to understand, reason out, and feel My truth.

2. The purpose of My Doctrine is to make all accept that no one has come to this world without a justifiable reason, that the reason is the Divine love, and that the destiny of all beings is to fulfill a mission of love.

3. From the beginning, and in all times, men have asked: Who am I? To whom do I owe My life? Why do I exist? What did I come for and where am I going?

4. Part of [the answers to] their doubts and lack of knowledge they have found in My explanations and through reflection about what I have revealed to you from time to time.

5. But there are those who believe they know it all, and I tell you that they are gravely mistaken, for it is not possible for men to discover that which is contained in the Arcane of God, unless it is revealed to them, and there is much in that arcane that you do not yet know, for its contents are infinite. (261, 4 - 6)

6. Destiny has the compassion which God has put in it; the destiny of men is filled with the Divine goodness.

7. Many times you cannot find that goodness, for you do not know how to seek it.

8. If within the destiny marked by Me for each spirit, you devise a difficult and bitter course, I try to soften it, but never to increase its bitterness.

9. In the world men need one another; no one is extra and no one is missing. All lives are necessary one to each other, for the complement and harmony of their existence.

10. The poor need from the rich and the rich from the poor. The sinful need from the righteous and these from the former. The ignorant need from the wise and those who have knowledge, from the ignorant. The little ones need from the adults and these in turn need from the children.

11. In this world, each one of you is situated by the wisdom of God in his place and near whom He should be. To each man is assigned the circle where He should dwell, in which there are incarnated and discarnated spirits with whom He must coexist.

12. Thus, each in his way, all of you are encountering those who will teach you the love which will elevate you, at other times you will receive sorrow which will purify you. Some will cause you to suffer because you need it to be so, while others give you their love to compensate for your bitterness, but all have a message for you, a teaching which you should understand and profit from.

13. Do not forget that every incarnated or discarnated spirit who crosses your path in some way, comes to help you in your destiny.

14. How many spirits of light I have sent to the world and you have not even stopped to bless My love for you!

15. Many brothers that I have sent to you, you have not taken advantage of, unaware that they formed part of your destiny, but since you were unable to receive them, you were left with empty hands, and later you had to weep!

16. O humanity, your destiny is to harmonize with everything created. This harmony of which I speak is the greatest of all the laws, for in it you will find the perfect communion with God and His Works. (11, 10 - 16 and 22 - 25)

17. Whoever denies his destiny is rejecting the title of Child of My Divinity; if He does not believe in My existence, He can not have faith in My love.

18. If for some this life has been excessively bitter and painful, know that this existence is not the only one, that it is long only in appearance, and that in the destiny of each creature there is an arcane that only I can penetrate. (54, 8 - 9)

19. The existence of a man on earth is only an instant in eternity, a breath of life which animates the human being for a time and later it separates in order to return and animate a new body. (12, 4)

20. It has been destined what will be granted to each and everyone throughout his journey. While some are receiving and taking advantage at the proper time, others squander what they have received and there are some who have not even been able to prepare themselves to receive it and when they have returned to the Spiritual Mansion, they found out all that was theirs but were unable to receive nor be worthy of it. (57, 31)

21. None have been born by chance, no one has been created by accident; understand Me, and recognize that no one is free on the road of life, there is a law that rules and directs all destinies. (110, 29)

22. Man believes to be doing his will; He believes to be free from all influence superior to him and He even believes himself to be absolute and forger of his own destiny without perceiving that the moment shall come when everyone will realize that it was My will that was done in them. (79, 40)

23. Work for a good reward for yourself cultivating a good fruit for your brethren. Prepare yourselves for the future times because before My departure there will still be a division amongst you, because temptation will touch everyone. It is necessary for you to be watchful. Pray and practice My Divine teaching; truly I say to you that these short moments that you dedicate to the practice of righteousness, will allow its benefits to be felt even in many of the generations after yours. No one has been able nor will ever lay out his own destiny, that is only for Me to decide. Have confidence in My will and you will cover the journey to the end without greater obstacles.

24. Judge well when I say to you that the leaf of a tree does not move without My will, thus you will know when I am the One who is testing you and when you yourselves fill your cup of bitterness in order to blame Me later. Then you become judges and regard Me as a culprit.

25. Know how to recognize your errors and correct them. Learn to forgive the defects of your brethren and if you are unable to correct them, at least extend a veil of indulgence upon them. (63, 43 - 44)

26. Do not be fatalists, claiming the belief that your destiny is only that which God put in your way, so that if you suffer it is because it is written, and if you have joys, that too, is because it is written. I have proven to you that what you sow is what you must reap.

27. But listen carefully, for there will be times when you will gather the harvest immediately, and on other occasions you will have to wait to gather the harvest during a future lifetime. Analyze what I have said and you will eliminate much of the confusion and misinterpretations about My justice. (195, 53)

In the School of Life           

28. Men are like children who do not think of the consequences of their actions, and that is why they do not understand that a stumbling block they find on the road, is only an obstacle left by the Master to restrain their senseless racing, or to prevent them from making a bad decision.

29. I wish you to act like adults now, that you think about your works, your acts, and your words. That is the way to apply prudence and justice to your lives. You should remember, as well, that life is an immense and constant trial for the spirit.

30. On My road none succumb, and although there are times when men are doubled over by the weight of the cross, a higher force raises them up and encourages them; that force comes from faith. (165, 55 - 57)

31. The happiness of men, which some believe does not exist on earth, and which others have come to believe I hoard, but which in reality is manifested in the peace of your spirit, depends on the comprehension by men of these teachings, and their obedience to the laws which govern the universe

32. Now you know, oh people, that your happiness is in you yourselves, so that you may show men that in the depths of their being, where they believe they bear only bitterness, hatred, rancor, remorse, and tears, there is a light that none can put out, and it is that of the spirit. (178, 6 - 7)

33. Your spiritual past is unknown to your material form. I have left it imprinted in your spirit so that it may be like an open book revealed to you by the conscience and intuition. That is My justice, that rather than sentencing you gives you the opportunity to repair your fault or rectify your error.

34. If the past were erased from your spirit, you would have to pass again through the same trials, yet, if you hear the voice of your experience, and allow yourself to be illuminated by that light, you will see your road as clean, and the horizon more brilliant. (84, 46)

The Meaning and Value of Human Life           

35. Be aware that the natural state of the human being, is that of kindness, peace of the spirit and harmony with all that surrounds him. He who maintains himself in the practice of these virtues throughout his lifetime, is following the true path that will lead him toward an understanding of God.

36. But if you deviate from that path forgetting the Law that should guide your actions, you will have to repent with tears the moments that you lived separated from the path of spiritual elevation, which is the natural state in which man should always keep himself. (20, 20)

37. Many men are so accustomed to the world of sin and pain in which you live, that they think that kind of life is the most natural, that the earth is destined to be a vale of tears, and that it can never be the home of peace, harmony, and spiritual progress.

38. Those who think like that are sleeping the slumber of ignorance. He who believes that the world was meant by Me to be a vale of tears and atonement is mistaken. The Eden that I offered men can and must return, for all that I have created is life and love.

39. Therefore, those who say the world was destined by God as a torment for men are mistaken. Rather they should say that it was they themselves who condemned it to a mission of justice, though it had been formed for the delight and enjoyment of the spirits made men.

40. No one was destined for sin, though all was prepared to save men from their falls.

41. Men did not wish to elevate themselves by love, nor to make themselves wise complying with My Law. They forgot, as well, that My justice, from which they have always tried to flee, is what shelters them, for My justice proceeds from perfect love. (169, 10 - 13)

42. If you analyze My word, you will understand that the intention of the Father upon sending you to the world to walk its roads full of ambush and danger, was not to have you get lost in it; for you had been previously prepared so that on these roads you would find the lessons necessary for the evolution of your spirit, to give you the experience you lacked, and finally, to return you to Me full of light.

43. Your spirit, upon being born of Me, was like a spark for the winds to blow into flames, so that upon returning to Me, you would join your light to that of the Divinity.

44. I speak to you from the peak of the New Mount, and there I await you, and truly I tell you: the day of your coming shall be a day of celebration in this Kingdom.

45. You come cleansing your faults on the road of pain; a road that I did not mark out, that was made by men. You made Me walk that road; yet the road of sacrifice and pain has been glorified since that day by My blood. (180, 64 - 65)

46. Man will come to understand that neither is his reign of this world, that his body, the human shell, is a mere instrument through whose senses his spirit manifests in this world of trials and restitution. In the end, He will know that this life is only a magnificent lesson illustrated by marvelous forms and images so that the disciples, all humanity, can better understand the lessons that life gives them and with which, if they know how to value them, they will achieve the evolution of the spirit. They will understand the purpose of the struggle that forges them, the pain that polishes them, the labor that ennobles, the knowledge that enlightens, and the love that elevates.

47. If this existence were the only one, truly I tell you, I would long ago have taken the pain from it, for it would be unjust if you had come to this world only to drink from the cup of bitterness; yet, those who today weep and suffer do so because in the past they luxuriated in excess: but this pain purifies them and makes them worthy of ascending to joy of the purest form in the dwelling places of the Lord. (194, 34 - 35)

48. The test contained in the life of man is so hard that it is necessary to sweeten it with those spiritual and material pleasures that make it more pleasant and the weight of the cross more bearable.

49. I bless all of those who know to find in the warmth of the home the greatest joys of their existence, seeking, in the affection of parents for their children, of children for their parents, and of brothers and sisters, to create a form of worship; for that unity, that harmony, and that peace, are similar to the harmony that exists between the Universal Father and his spiritual family.

50. In those homes the light of the spirit shines and the peace of My Kingdom dwells, and when the sorrows do appear, they are lighter, and the trials less bitter.

51. Even more worthy are those who seek their satisfaction in that of others, and who take joy from the healthy happiness of their fellow men. These are the apostles of joy, and they fulfill a great mission.

52. In truth I tell you, if you knew how to look for moments of satisfaction and joy and hours of peace, you would have them all the days of your existence; but to have those things, elevate first your spirit, your sentiments, and your way of thinking about life.

53. This message that I send you through My word comes full of light to illuminate your path, and will give your being the elevation that I have shown you so that you live in peace and take healthy pleasure from all that I have blessed for your existence.

54. This humanity must struggle much to combat the shadows of pain, and overcome its inclination for false pleasures and fraudulent satisfactions. It shall have to struggle against the religious fanaticism that prevents it from knowing the truth, it will have to struggle against the fanaticism that makes it think that all marches toward a final destruction from which none can be saved; and it must struggle against the materialism that makes it seek only fleeting pleasures, the joys of the senses that tumble the spirit into an abyss of vice, pain, desperation, and darkness.

55. I give you My light, so that you may emerge from the shadows, and come to find on this planet that you have made a vale of tears, the true joys of spirit and heart, beside which all others are small and insignificant. (303, 28 - 33)

My peace be with you !