God's Call to Humanity

A Call to the Men of this Time           

Humanity, O humanity: Arise. Time is precious, and you will not awaken in this existence if you do not do so today. Will you remain sleeping in spite of my message to you? Do you wish to be awoken by the death of the flesh and by the voracious fire of the repentance of your bodiless spirit?

Be sincere, imagine yourselves in the spiritual life, face to face with the truth, where nothing can excuse your materialism. There you shall see yourselves dressed in the stained, torn, and dirty rags that are the garments your spirit really wears. Truly I tell you, that there, upon seeing your own misery and feeling such shame, you will feel an enormous desire to cleanse yourself in the waters of your deepest repentance, knowing that you can go to the celebration of the spirit only when you are cleansed.

See yourselves there with the open sores representing your pride and your self-satisfaction, and then tell Me if you have ever worried about the pain of humanity; if the cries of your men, the sobs of your women, and the tears of your children, find resonance in your hearts, and then tell Me: What have you been to humanity? Have you been life? (228, 62 - 63)

A Call to the Intellectuals           

Come to Me, you intellectuals, tired of death and weary of heart. Come to Me you who have been confused and who instead of loving, have hated; I will give you rest, making you understand that the spirit obedient to my commandments never tires, and I will bring you to penetrate a science that will never confuse your intelligence. (282, 54)

A Call to the Worn and Weary           

Come to Me, you people who are sad, solitary, and sick, the humiliated, you who drag the chains of sin, those who hunger and thirst for justice. Be with Me. In my presence many of your ills will disappear, and you will feel your burden lightened.

If you wish to possess the benefits of the spirit, I will concede them to you; if you ask for earthly possessions to make good use of, those too I will give, for your petition is noble and just. Become then the good administrators and I will concede you the multiplication of those goods so that you may bring your brothers to partake of them. (144, 80 - 81)

Exhortation to Spiritual Israel           

Israel, become the guides of humanity; give them this bread of eternal life, show them this Spiritual Work, so that the various religions may become spiritualized by my Doctrine and so the Kingdom of God may reign over all mankind. (249, 66)

Listen, beloved Israel! Open your spiritual eyes and behold the Glory of your Father. Hear my voice through your conscience and listen with your spiritual ears to the celestial melodies so that your heart and spirit rejoice and feel peace; for I am the peace, and I come to invite you to live within it. I come to reveal to you the love that I have felt for humanity throughout all times, the cause for which in the Second Era, Jesus shed his most precious blood to redeem you from sin, to teach you love, and to leave the True Doctrine engraved in your heart and spirit. (283, 71)

Turn your eyes to Me. If you have lost the road, be with Me today. Elevate your thoughts to Me and speak to Me like a son to his father, as one speaks trustingly to a friend. (280, 31)

Be transformed under my teaching, and feel yourselves new men. Practice my virtues and the light will appear in your spirit while Christ manifests himself upon your road. (228, 60)

People: Go to humanity; speak to them as Christ spoke to you, with the same charity and the same determination and hope. Make them see that there are roads of elevation that give greater satisfactions than those given by material goods, and that there is a faith that makes one believe and hope in more than the tangible. Tell them that their spirits will live for eternity, and therefore they must prepare to come to enjoy that eternal happiness. (359, 94 - 95)

My peace be with you !