Observance of the Lord:

"… with this Book which humanity will come to recognize as the Third Testament, you will defend my divine cause. Humanity recognizes only the Law of the First Era and what is written in the First and Second Testaments, but the Third shall come to unify and correct that which men have altered through lack of readiness and understanding."

"My Word will continue written for all time; with it you will form the book of the Third Era, The Third Testament, the final message from the Father; for in the three Eras has God wielded his "golden scribes" to leave his wisdom to humanity."

"Form a book of my word. Extract from it the essence, so that you may have a true concept of the purity of my Doctrine. In the word transmitted by the speaker you may find errors, but not in its essence. My interpreters have not always been prepared; for that reason I have told you not to see their words superficially, but rather to penetrate to their meaning, to find their perfection. Pray and meditate so that you may understand them."

"…and I want you to form volumes of this word that I have given you, in fulfillment of my prophecies, afterward you will make extracts and analysis of it, and make it known to your brethren."