The present book contains a selected summary of verbatim quotes from the 12 volumes of the Divine Manifestations published in Mexico between 1956 and 1962 under the title, Libro de La Vida Verdadera, or "The Book of True Life"*. In these Doctrines, or Teachings, declared by Him as His "Third Testament", God revealed himself as Creator, Judge, and Father; and Christ as His Word and the Divine Master** of the Wisdom of God, in the Unity of The Holy Spirit with Him, declaring these revelations to be the fulfillment of his promise to return to humanity, of his Second Coming.

* When the Lord mentions "The Book of Life", or simply, "My Book", he does not refer to any printed work such as the present volume, but rather to all the doctrine and teachings of this, The Third Era, which were given to mankind in Mexico, from the first lessons in 1884, to the last teachings in 1950. Those teachings, or "book," represent his Third Testament as He tells us several times.

** The original Spanish uses the word Maestro. In spite of the unfortunate connotations of the word due to its misuse in earlier American history, it was decided to translate this term as "Master," following the example of the New Testament in English, which consistently uses that term in referring to Jesus Christ.
    Both as translated from the original Aramaic or Greek of the New Testament, and from the original Spanish of this, the Third Testament, the term might better be rendered as "Teacher," and the reader might be advised to read the word with that meaning in mind.

It was not an easy task to find and select, from among the extensive texts of the Teachings, those which would, in an extracted work, be the most appropriate and necessary in content and language for each topic, and in what one hopes to be as complete a representation as possible. Additionally, at times it became evident that in working with a given message contained in some one verse of the original, that it was necessary to include various connected analogous verses. In other parts of the text it was seen as necessary to include only a portion of a longer original verse that contained various different themes.

The current compendium, divided thematically, attempts to serve the interested reader, and all those persons who find themselves searching for understanding and truth, to form for themselves an integral vision of what the Divine Spirit has revealed throughout the numerous Manifestations given in Mexico prior to the year 1950; that is to say, in the years between 1884 and 1950, as the new Message and Teaching for mankind. But, above all, it has as its mission to facilitate and promote the exhaustive study and immersion in the Teachings of the Spirit, of the new Spiritual Word of God.

Thanks to the methodical arrangement of the themes, it is possible, using the index, to quickly find any of the themes and the exact text which in a given moment are of interest to the reader, or which is needed in a discussion with a person with differing opinions, or to present them for comparison to our spiritual brothers and sisters.

The task of the elaboration of this compendium, and the authorization to do it in this way and under this title, was given by Christ himself in his new Word. The individual chapters of the book deal with one theme at a time (with exception of chapters 61 - 63) and are comprehensible even for those who have not read the preceding chapters. Nonetheless, for a complete understanding of the Spiritual Doctrine, a systematic study of the work from the first to the last chapter is recommended.

Special attention should be given as well to the Teachings (twelve volumes) from the publications of El Libro de la Vida Verdadera, or "The Book of True Life". By means of these works, the interested reader or believer may obtain an integral vision of how the Divine Manifestations were given, and through their reading, as well as that of this "Third Testament", experience a deep happiness and enlightenment of the spirit and of the heart. May this be offered to all men of good will.