Chapter 19 - The Divine Trinity
                 The Unity of God with Christ and the Holy Spirit
                 The Three Forms of the Revelation of God
                 God as Creating Spirit and Father
                 Christ: The Love and Word of God
                 The Holy Spirit: The Truth and Wisdom of God
Chapter 20 - Mary, the Maternal Love of God
                 The Humble earthly Existence of Mary
                 Mary and Jesus
                 The Virginity of Mary
                 The Example of Mary for Women
                 Mary as Intercessor, Comforter, and Co-Savior of Humanity
                 The Divine Nature of Mary
                 The Universal Emanation of Mary
Chapter 21 - Omnipotence and Omnipresence of God and His Justice
                 The Power of God
                 The Presence of God in All Creation
                 The Avatars of Destiny
                 The Justice of God
Chapter 22 - The Love, Assistance and Grace of God
                 The Love of the Heavenly Father
                 The Help and Protection of God
                 The Humility of the Lord
                 The Compassion and Condolence of God
                 The Forgiveness, Mercy, and Clemency of God
Chapter 23 - Inspirations and Revelations of God
                 Divine Inspirations
                 The Adaptation of the Divine Revelations to Human Understanding
                 Different Means of Divine Revelations
                 The Need for Divine Revelations
                 The Divine Revelations without Limits
                 The Manifestation of the Presence of God in Man

V. Forms of Divine Revelations and the Works of God

Chapter 19 - The Divine Trinity

The Unity of God with Christ and the Holy Spirit           

1. The light of My word will uniteall men during this Third Era. Mytruth will enlighten every mind, thuseliminating differences in creeds andworship. (1, 66)

2. "Today, while many love Me inJehovah and disregard Christ, otherslove Me in Christ, ignoring Jehovah;while some recognize My existence asthe Holy Spirit, others debate anddivide themselves because of MyTrinity." (1, 67)

3. Now then, I ask this humanity andthose who guide it spiritually: Why doyou drift away from one another,when everyone recognizes the trueGod? If you love Me in Jehovah, youare within the truth. If you love Methrough Christ, He is the Way, theTruth and the Life. If you love Me asthe Holy Spirit, you approach theLight. (1, 68)

4. You have only one God, only oneFather. There are not three Divinepersons who exist in God, but onlyone Divine Spirit, who has manifestedHimself in three different phases tomankind, and mankind; in itssmallness, while penetrating theprofound, believed to have seen threepersons when only one Spirit exists.Therefore, when you hear the name ofJehovah, think of God as the Fatherand as Judge. When you think ofChrist, see in Him God as the Master,as Love and when you try tocomprehend where the Holy Spiritoriginates, know that it is none otherthan God manifesting His infinitewisdom to those most advanceddisciples. (1, 68)

5. If I had found humanity of ancienttimes spiritually evolved, like thepresent one, I would have manifestedMyself before it as the Father, as theMaster and as the Holy Spirit, thenmen would not have seen three Godswhen only one exists. However, theywere not capable of interpreting Mylessons, thus they would haveconfused themselves and takenanother path and kept on creatingaccessible and insignificant gods,according to their imagination. (1, 69)

6. When men understand and acceptthis truth, they will regret having livedrejecting one another because of anerror which could have been avoidedwith a little love. (1, 70)

7. If Christ is love, do you believethat He would be independent ofJehovah, if I am love? (1, 73)

8. If the Holy Spirit is wisdom, doyou believe that Spirit to beindependent of Christ when I amwisdom? Do you believe that theWord and the Holy Spirit are differentfrom one another? (1, 74)

9. It suffices to know somethingabout the word which Jesus taught tomankind in order for you tounderstand that only one God existedand will be only One forever. That iswhy I said through Him: "He whoknows the Son knows the Father, forHe is in Me and I in Him." Thenannouncing that in another time Hewould return among men, He not onlysaid: "I will return," but He alsopromised to send the Holy Spirit, theSpirit of Consolation, the Spirit ofTruth. (1, 75)

10. Why should Christ comeseparately from the Holy Spirit? Bychance, would He not have within HisSpirit the truth, the light andconsolation? (1, 76)

11. I am your Master, but do not seeMe as separate from the Father, for Iam the Father.

12. There is no difference betweenthe Son and the Holy Spirit, for theHoly Spirit and the Son are one singleSpirit, and I am that Spirit.

13. See in My manifestationsthroughout time one single God,which is He who has instructed youthrough many different lessons, [like]a single book with many pages.(256, 4)

The Three Forms of the Revelation of God           

14. Now you know the reason whythe Father manifested himself in threedifferent periods, and you also knowthe erroneous belief that men haverelated to the Trinity. (39, 42)

15. Do not attempt to think of Me ina material form because My Spiritlacks form, just as intelligence, love,and wisdom also lack form. (39, 44)

16. I tell you this because manyindividuals have represented Me inthe form of an old man when theythink of the Father. I am not an oldman because time does not affect me.My Spirit does not age. (39, 45)

17. When you think of Christ,immediately you remember thephysical image of Jesus. And I say toyou, that Christ was God's DivineWord and Love who incarnated onearth. When Christ left his materialbody on earth, He became united withMy Spirit from where He hademerged. (39, 46)

18. When you speak of the HolySpirit, you utilize the symbol of thedove to try to imagine it with someform. I say to you, however, that thetime of symbols has passed.Therefore, when you feel yourselvesbeing touched by the Holy Spirit,receive that inspiration asenlightenment for your spirit whichcomes to remove all uncertainties,Mysteries, and darkness. (39, 47)

19. From Era to era, mankind hasgradually come to have a clearer ideaof Me. Those who have come to knowMe through Christ have a view of Methat is closer to the truth than thosewho know Me only through the Lawsof Moses. That God who themultitudes followed and obeyed forfear of his justice, was later sought asFather and Master, when the seed ofthe love of Christ germinated in theirhearts. (112, 3)

20. "I am beyond time, aboveeverything created; My Divine Spiritis not subject to evolution. I amEternal and Perfect; it is not so withyou who do have a beginning, whoare certainly subject to laws ofevolution, and besides that, you feelthe passing of time upon your being".(66, 43)

21. "Do not say that the Fatherbelongs to an era, Christ to anotherand the Holy Spirit to another,because the Lord is eternal and doesnot belong to any era, but timebelongs to Him, and Christ whodisappeared as a Man, is GodHimself, as well as the Holy Spiritwho is none other than the sameFather, who comes preparing Hismost elevated expression before you;in other words, now without the needof any material element." (66, 43)

22. I have explained that the Beingwhom you refer to as the Father refersto the absolute power of God, theUniversal Creator, the only Beingwho has always existed. The Beingwhom you refer to as the Son, isChrist, who manifests the Fathersperfect love for his children; and theBeing whom you refer to as the HolySpirit represents the wisdom asspiritual enlightenment of God thatman is receiving during this ThirdEra, when the spirit of man has theability to comprehend My revelationsmuch better. (293, 20)

23. That light from the Holy Spirit,which is God's wisdom, will reignsoon over this Third Era. It willilluminate the understanding of manwho is in great need of spirituality andwho hungers for love and thirsts forthe truth. (293, 21)

24. So much is it so, people, that[only] one God has manifested tomen, albeit in three different aspects,that if you seek love in the Works ofthe Father of the First Era, you willfind it, and if you look for the light ofwisdom, that too you will find; just asin the words and deeds of Christ youwill find not only love, but also powerand wisdom. Why would it bestrange if in the works of the HolySpirit in this time you discoverstrength, the law, and power, as wellas love, tenderness, and the healingbalsam? (293, 20 – 21 and 25 – 26)

25. Law, love, and wisdom; these arethe three aspects that I have shown tomen so that they may have fullconfidence in the road of theirevolution and a complete knowledgeof their Creator. These three aspectsare distinct from each other, but allproceed from a single principle and intheir conjunction are absoluteperfection. (165, 56)

26. In Me are the Judge, the Father,and the Master, three distinct aspectsof a single Being, three powers andone single essence: love. (109, 40)

27. I am Jehovah, the one who hasfreed you from death at all times. I amthe one God who has spoken to youthroughout time. Christ was My Wordwho spoke through Jesus. He said toyou, whoever knows the Son, knowsthe Father. And I cm also the HolySpirit who speaks to you today, foronly one Holy Spirit exists, only oneWord, and that is mine. (32, 22)

28. Listen, My disciples, in the FirstEra I gave you the law, in the SecondI showed you the love with which youshould interpret thosecommandments, and now in this ThirdEra, I send you the light in order foryou to comprehend all that I haverevealed to you. (32, 23)

29. Therefore, why do you strive tofind three gods where only one DivineSpirit exists, which is mine? (32, 24)

30. I gave the law to the first men.Nevertheless, I announced to Mosesthat I would send the Messiah. Christ,through whom I gave you My word,told you when his mission wascoming to an end, “I am returning tothe Father from whom I came”. Healso said to you, “The Father and I areone”. Following that, He promised tosend you the Spirit of Truth, whichwould come to clarify the Mystery ofMy revelations according to My willand your evolution. (32, 25)

31. But who can shed light on Mysecrets and explain those Mysteries?Who can unravel the book of Mywisdom, if not I? (32, 26)

32. Truly I say to you that the HolySpirit, which you now find distinctfrom Jehovah and Christ, is no morethan the wisdom which I manifest toyour spirits in order to have youunderstand, contemplate, and feel thetruth. (32, 27)

33. Unite in your mind and spirit Mymanifestations as God, revealing toyou the Law, My manifestations asFather, showing My infinite love andMy lessons as Master, revealing Mywisdom and you will obtain from allof it one single essence, a Divineintention: that you come to Methrough the path of spiritual light,something more than acommunication with you. I want tolead you to My own Kingdom, whereyou will have Me present always, andalways within you. (324, 58)

34. It will not be the first time thatmen struggle to define a Divinerevelation, or to achieve clarity insomething that presents to their eyesas a Mystery. Already, in the SecondEra, after My preaching in the world,men deliberated about the person ofJesus, wishing to know if He was, ornot, Divine, and if He was One withthe Father, or a different person; theyscrutinized and judged My Doctrinein every way.

35. Again today, I shall be the objectof analysis, discussions, struggles, andscrutiny.

36. They shall judge if when theSpirit of Christ presented Himself, Hewas independent of the Spirit of theFather, and there will be others whosay that it was the Holy Spirit that hasspoken, and not the Father or the Son.

37. But what you call the HolySpirit, is the light of God, and whatyou call the Son, is his Word; andtherefore, when you hear this word,when you take from My Doctrine ofthe Second Era, or think of the Lawand the revelations of the First Era,know that you are before a singleGod, hearing his Word, and receivingthe light of his Spirit. (216, 39 - 42)

God as Creating Spirit and Father           

38. I am the essence of all creation.All things live through My infinitepower. I am in every body and everyform, I am in each of you, but it isnecessary for you to prepare and makeyourselves sensitive so that you maysense and find Me.

39. I am the breath of every being,for I am life. That is why I have givenyou to understand that if you have mepresent in all your works there is noneed to forge My image in clay ormarble to adore or feel Me close toyou. That incomprehension hasbrought humanity to idolatry.

40. Through My word you have apresentiment of the harmony thatexists between the Father and all thathas been created, and you understandthat I am the essence that sustains allbeings, and that you yourselves are apart of Me. (185, 26 - 28)

41. The Spirit of the Father isinvisible, but manifests itself in aninfinity of forms. The entire universeis only a material manifestation of theDivinity. All created is a reflection ofthe truth.

42. I have surrounded the existenceof the spirits, who are children of MyDivinity, according to the dwellingthey inhabit, with a series of forms inwhich I have placed wisdom, beauty,essence, and good sense, so that eachof these dwellings has the mostpalpable proofs of My existence, andan idea of My power. I show you, thatthe essence of life consists of love, ofwisdom, and in possessing the truth.(168, 9 - 10)

43. Disciples: from Me have sprungthe three natures: the Divine, thespiritual, and the material. As Creatorand owner of all created, I can speakto you in Divine yet comprehensibleway. If material nature was born ofMe, I may also materialize My voiceand My word to make Myselfunderstandable by men.

44. I am the perfect science, thebeginning of all things, the cause ofall causes and the light thatilluminates all. I am above allcreation, above all wisdom. (161, 35 -36)

45. This is the Era of understanding,of illumination of the spirit and themind, in which man will finally seekMe spiritually, for He will recognizethat God is neither a person nor animage, but Universal Spirit, unlimitedand absolute. (295, 29)

Christ: The Love and Word of God           

46. Before the Father manifestedHimself to mankind in Jesus, Heconveyed His revelations, by usingsymbols and material events. By thename of Christ you knew the Onewho manifested the love of Godamong men, but when He came toearth, He had already manifestedHimself as the Father, therefore, youshould not say that Christ was born inthe world, it was Jesus who was born,and Christ who dwelled in His body.(16, 6)

47. Meditate and you will concludeby understanding Me, accepting thatbefore Jesus, He was already Christ,because Christ is the love of God. (16,7)

48. I am here with you, giving youthe strength to fight for the eternalpeace of your spirit; yet truly I tellyou that before mankind knew Me, Ialready gave [them] light from theinfinite and spoke already to yourheart, for as you are one with theFather, I have always been within it. Itwas necessary for time to pass forhumanity so that the world couldreceive Me as Jesus and hear the wordof God, although I must tell you thatnot all who heard My Doctrine in thatEra had the spiritual evolutionnecessary to feel the presence of Godin Christ. (300, 3)

49. In Jehovah you believed to haveseen a cruel, terrible and vengefulGod. Then the Lord, to free you fromerror sent Christ, His Divine Love, sothat by knowing the Son, you wouldalso know the Father." Andnevertheless, humanity ignorant andinvolved in its sin again, believes tosee an angry and offended Jesus whoonly awaits the spiritual return ofthose who have offended Him to sayto them: "Depart from Me for I knowyou not," and then send them toendure the most inhumane sufferingin eternity. (16, 46)

50. "It is time that you understandthe meaning of My teachings so thatyou will not be confused; the DivineLove will not hinder your return toMe if you do not restitute for yourfaults, it will be the inexorable judgeof your conscience who will say thatyou are not worthy of penetrating theKingdom of Light." (16, 47)

51. I want you to be like your Masterso that I can rightfully call you Mydisciples. My heritage is of love andwisdom. It was Christ who came toyou and it is Christ who speaks to youat this moment, but do not try toseparate Me from God, nor to see Meoutside of Him, for I am and alwayshave been One with the Father. (19,57)

52. I have said to you that Christ isthe Divine Love, therefore do not tryto separate Me from the Father. Doyou believe Him to be a Fatherwithout love for His children? Howdo you perceive Him? It is time thatyou recognize Him. (19, 57)

53. May no one be ashamed to callGod the Father, the Creator, becausethat is His true name. (19, 58)

54. In Jesus, the world saw their Godhumanized; from Him men receivedonly lessons of love, teachings ofinfinite wisdom, proof of perfectjustice, but never a word of violence,or an act or demonstration of revenge.In contrast, look at how He wasoffended and mocked. He had all theauthority and power in his hands,more than existed in all the world, butit was necessary for the world toknow his Father in his real essence,justice and charity.

55. In Jesus the world saw a Fatherwho gives all for his children, askingnothing for Himself. A Father whoforgives even the worst offenses withinfinite love and who never seeksrevenge; and a Father who, rather thanstripping life from those who offend,forgives them, tracing with his bloodthe road to spiritual redemption. (160,46 - 47)

56. "In the material Jesus was yourideal and a realization of perfection,so that in Him you would have anexample worthy of imitating; I wantedto teach you what man has to be inorder to be like his God." (21, 33)

57. God is One and Christ One withHim, although He is the Word of theDivinity, the only path by which youwill reach the Father of everythingcreated. (21, 34)

58. Disciples, Christ is the suprememanifestation of Divine Love, thatlight that is the life of the regions ofthe spirit; the light that tears away thedarkness and uncovers the truth toevery spiritual gaze, the light thatdestroys Mysteries, that opens thedoor and shows the road to wisdom,eternity, and the perfection of thespirits. (91, 32)

The Holy Spirit: The Truth and Wisdom of God           

59. In wisdom are the balm and thecomfort for which your heart yearns,and that is why in that time I promisedthe Spirit of Truth as the Spirit ofComfort.

60. However, it is indispensable tohave faith to not halt on the road, norfeel fear before the trials. (263, 10 -11)

61. This is the Era of light in whichthe Divine wisdom that is the light ofthe Holy Spirit shall illuminate eventhe most intimate corners of the heartand spirit. (277, 38)

Chapter 20 - Mary, the Maternal Love of God

The Humble earthly Existence of Mary           

1. Mary is the flower of Myheavenly garden, whose essence hasalways been in My Spirit. (8, 42)

2. Do you observe those flowerswhich humbly conceal their beauty?That is how Mary was and how she is:an inexhaustible source of beauty tothe one who is able to see her withlucidity and respect, and a treasure ofkindness and tenderness for all beings.(8, 43)

3. "Mary passed through the worldconcealing her Divine essence; sheknew who she was and who her Sonwas, and instead of making a displayof that grace, she declared herselfonly a servant of the Most High, aninstrument of the designs of theFather." (8, 46)

4. Mary knew that she was toconceive a King more powerful andgreater than all the kings of earth; butdid she crowne herself as a queenamong humanity? Did her lips boastin the plazas, in the streets, in thehumble homes or palaces that She wasto be the Mother of the Messiah? Andthat the Only Son of the Father wouldspring from her womb?

5. No, truly, people, In Her was thegreatest humility, meekness andgrace, and the promise was fulfilled,her motherly heart was fortunate, andfrom before giving birth, and in themoment, and afterward, throughoutthe life of her Son, she was a mostloving mother, who knew spirituallythe destiny of Jesus, the mission thatHe was to fulfill among men, and whyHe had come. She never opposed thatdestiny, for She was part of the samework.

6. Yes, sometimes She shed tears;they were mother's tears, for She wasflesh who felt the pain of her ownflesh in her Son.

7. Was She a disciple of the Master,her Son? No, Mary had nothing tolearn from Jesus. She was of the sameFather and had come to incarnate onlyto complete that beautiful and delicatemission.

8. Was that worthy heart satisfied tolove only her most beloved Son? No,truly, through that small human heartthe maternal heart was manifested inconsolation and sublime words, incounseling and charity, in prodigiesand light, and in truth.

9. There was never anyostentatiousness in Her, she nevercrossed words with the Master, butjust as she was at the foot of themanger, so too was she at the foot ofthe cross where her Son, the Master,taking his last breath as a man,expired.

10. Thus was her destiny as a humanmother fulfilled, giving a sublimeexample to all mothers, and to allmankind. (360, 28 - 31)

Mary and Jesus           

11. Many times men have askedthemselves why Jesus, even afterhaving been crucified, allowedhimself to be seen by Magdalene, thesinner, and later visited his disciples.On the other hand, it is not known ifHe visited his mother. To which I sayto you that it was not necessary that Imanifested Myself before Mary in thesame manner that I did with them, forthe communication between Christand Mary was constant since beforethe world. (30, 17)

12. Through Jesus I manifestedMyself to humanity in order to savesinners, and I allowed Myself to beseen by them after the crucifixion torevive the faith of those who neededMe. But verily I say unto you, Mary,My sweet mother while I was a man,did not have a blemish to cleanse, norcould she lack in faith, for she knewwho Christ was even before offeringhim her maternal womb. (30, 18)

13. It was not necessary that I shouldmaterialize My Spirit to visit Marywho returned Me to the Kingdom withthat same purity and humility withwhich she received Me in her womb.But who could know the form inwhich I spoke to her in her solitudeand the Divine caress with which MySpirit embraced her? (30, 19)

14. Thus, I answer those who havepresented Me with this question andwho often thought that the first visitof Jesus should have been made to hismother. (30, 20)

15. How different the form in whichI manifested Myself to Mary from thatwhich I used to make Myself felt byMagdalene and My disciples. (30, 21)

The Virginity of Mary           

16. On the mountaintop where theMaster is found, there too is Mary, theUniversal Mother, She who was madewoman in the Second Era so that shecould perform the prodigy of theincarnation of the Divine Word.

17. Man has scrutinized and judgedMary, and the way that Jesus came tothe world, and those judgments havetorn at the garments of purity of theMaternal Spirit, whose heart spilledout its blood over the world.

18. I have come in this time to throwback the veil of the unknown, toremove the doubt of the unbeliever,and to give him knowledge of thespiritual teachings.

19. From My truth, which is like aroad, men have made many sideroads, on which, most of the time,they get lost. And while some seek theintercession of the Celestial Mother,and others do ignore Her, her mantleof love and tenderness envelops alleternally.

20. From the beginning of time Irevealed the existence of the SpiritualMother, of whom the prophets spokebefore She came to the world. (228, 1- 5)

21. Mary was sent to manifest hervirtue, her example, and her perfectdivinity. She was not one morewoman among humanity. She was adistinctive woman, and the world sawher life, knew her way of thinking andfeeling, and knew the purity and graceof her body and spirit.

22. She is an example of simplicity,humility, abnegation, and love, and inspite of the fact that her life has beenknown by the world of that time andof succeeding generations, there aremany who do not know of her virtueand her virginity. They cannot explainthe fact that she was virgin andmother because man is unbelieving bynature, and has not been able to judgethe Divine works with a preparedspirit. If they studied the scripturesand analyzed the incarnation of Maryand the lives of her antecessors, theywould come to know who She is.(221, 3)

23. The most tender love of God forhis creatures has no form,nevertheless, in the Second Era, ittook the form of a woman, in Mary,the mother of Jesus.

24. Understand that Mary has alwaysexisted, since her essence, her love,and her tenderness have always beenin the Divinity.

25. How many theories andconfusions have men forged aboutMary, about her maternity, herconception, and her purity. How theyhave blasphemed!

26. The day that they understand thetruth of that purity, they will say:"Better would it be never to have beenborn." Tears of fire will burn theirspirits, and then Mary will envelopthem in her grace, the Divine Motherwill protect them under her mantle,and the Father will forgive them,saying to them with infinite love:Keep vigil and pray, because I forgiveyou, and in you I forgive and bless theworld. (171, 69 - 72)

The Example of Mary for Women           

27. The life of your Master is anexample for all humanity, and yet, aswomen needed teaching about theirmission as mothers, Mary was sent tohumanity in representation of theDivine Tenderness to give them herDivine example of humility as well.(101, 58)

28. Blessed women, you too formpart of My apostolate. Between thespirits of men and your own, there isno difference, although you arephysically different and have differentmissions.

29. Take Jesus as Master of yourspirit, and follow him in the pathtraced by his love; make his wordyours, and embrace his cross.

30. I am speaking to you with thesame Word with which I speak tomen, for spiritually you are the same,but when your woman's heart seeks amodel to imitate, when you needperfect examples to support you inperfecting yourself in life, rememberMary. Observe her throughout herlife's journey on earth.

31. It was the will of the Father thatthe humble life of Mary be recordedby My disciples, who knew herthrough her works and who spokewith her.

32. That life, humble to thosefamiliar with it, was luminous fromthe time of her birth until her end onearth. Mary wrote many pages ofloving teachings with her humility ofspirit, her infinite tenderness, and withthe purity of heart and love forhumanity, which she expressed withsilence more often than with words;for she knew it was Christ who hadcome to talk to men.

33. The spirit of Mary was the sametenderness that emanates from theFather in order to give humanity theperfect example of humility,obedience, and meekness. Herpassage through the world was a beamof light. Her life was simple, elevated,and pure; in Her the prophecies thatannounced that the Messiah would beborn of a virgin were fulfilled.

34. Only She could have carried inher womb the seed of God; only Shewas worthy to remain after hermission before Jesus was completed,as the Spiritual Mother of humanity.

35. For that reason, women, Mary isyour perfect model, but seek her andimitate her in her silence and in heracts of humility and infinite selfdenialout of love of the needy; in her silentpains, in the tenderness that pardonsall, and in the love that is intercession,consolation, and sweet companionship.

36. Young women, wives, mothers,orphans or widows, lonely womenwhose hearts are pierced by pain,name Mary as your sweet andaffectionate Mother, call her withyour thoughts, receive her in yourspirit, and feel her in your heart. (225,46 – 54)

Mary as Intercessor, Comforter, and Co - Savior of Humanity           

37. Mary passed through the worldin silence, but filling the hearts withpeace, interceding for the needy,praying for all and finally sheddingher tears of forgiveness and pity overthe ignorance and wickedness of men.Why not seek Mary if you wish toreach the Father, if through her youreceived Jesus? Were not Mother andSon together in the supreme momentof the death of the Savior? Was notthe Son's blood blended at themoment with his Mother's tears? (8,47)

38. From the cross, I had bequeathedto the world, the Book of Life, andspiritual wisdom, a book to beanalyzed and understood by men overcenturies, eras, and times. That is whyI told Mary, trembling with pain at thefoot of the cross, "Woman, there isyour son," motioning to John with Myglance, who in that instant representedhumanity, but a humanity convertedto be a good disciple of Christ, aspiritualized humanity.

39. To John too I spoke, saying,"Son, here is your Mother." Wordsthat I will now explain.

40. Mary represented purity,obedience, faith, tenderness andhumility. Each of those virtues is astep on the ladder that I descended tocome to the world and be made manin the womb of that holy and purewoman.

41. That tenderness, that purity, andthat love are the Divine womb, wherethe seed of life is fertilized.

42. That ladder, by which Idescended to you to be made man anddwell with My children, is the samethat presents itself to you for yourascension to Me, transformingyourselves from men to spirits oflight.

43. Mary is the ladder. Mary is thematernal womb. Seek her, and youfind Me. (320, 68 - 73)

44. I left you to Mary at the foot ofthe cross on the mount that gatheredMy blood and the tears of the Mother.There she remained awaiting herchildren, for it shall be She who takesthe cross from their shoulders, andshows them the road to glory. (94, 73)

45. The message of Mary was that ofconsolation, of tenderness, ofhumility, and of hope. She had tocome to the earth to make hermaternal essence known, offering hervirginal womb to make the Wordflesh.

46. However, her mission did notend there. Beyond this world was hertrue dwelling place, from which Shecan extend her mantle of pity andtenderness over all her children, fromwhere she can follow the steps of thelost, and pour her celestial comfortover those who suffer.

47. Many centuries before Marydescended to the world to fulfill herDivine destiny being made flesh as awoman, a prophet of God announcedher. Through him, you knew that avirgin would conceive and bear a son,who would be called Emanuel, whichis to say, "God with you."

48. In Mary, a woman without astain, in whom the Spirit of CelestialTenderness descended [to earth], theDivine promise announced by theprophet was fulfilled.

49. Since then the world has knownher, and men and the peoplespronounce her name with love, and intheir pain seek her as Mother.

50. The Mother of Sorrows you callher, for you know the world buriedthe sword of pain in her heart, andyou cannot quit from your minds thatsorrowful face and that expression ofinfinite sadness.

51. Today, I wish to tell you toremove from your heart that eternalimage of pain, and in its place think ofMary as the sweet, smiling, andloving Mother who works spirituallyhelping all her creatures to elevatethemselves on the road traced by theMaster.

52. Do you see that the mission ofMary was not limited to maternity onearth? Her manifestation in theSecond Era was also not unique, for anew time is reserved to her, in whichshe shall speak from Spirit to spiritwith humanity.

53. My disciple John, prophet andseer, beheld in his ecstasy a womandressed in the sun, a radiant virgin oflight.

54. That woman, that virgin, isMary, whose womb will once againconceive, not a new Redeemer, but aworld of men who sustain themselvesby Her love, faith, and humility; inorder to follow the Divine footsteps ofChrist, the Master of all perfection.

55. The prophet saw how thatwoman suffered as though to givebirth, and the pain was that of thepurification of man, of the expiationof the spirits. When the pain haspassed, the light will be made in man,and gladness shall fill the spirit ofyour Universal Mother. (140, 44 - 52)

The Divine Nature of Mary           

56. The mantle of your CelestialMother has protected the world foreternity, covering My children, whoare her children, with love. Mary,Spirit, was not born in the world; hermaternal essence has been with Mealways.

57. She is the wife of My purity andMy holiness; she is My Daughterupon being made woman, and MyMother upon conceiving theIncarnated Word. (141, 63 - 64)

58. Mary is essentially Divine; herspirit is one with the Father and theSon. Why judge her human if she wasthe favored daughter prophesized tohumanity since the beginning of timeas the creature in which the DivineWord would be made flesh.

59. Why then do men blaspheme anddoubt My power, scrutinizing Myworks without respect? It is becausethey have not deeply studied MyDivine teaching, have not meditatedon what the scriptures say, noraccepted My will.

60. Today, in the Third Era, there isstill doubt that She comes tocommunicate with men, but I tell youthat she participates in all My works,for she is the representation of themost tender love held in My DivineSpirit. (221, 4 - 6)

61. Mary is the spirit fused to theDivinity in such a way that Sheconstitutes one of its parts like thethree aspects: the Father, the Word,and the Light of the Holy Spirit. Thus,Mary is the Spirit of God thatmanifests and represents Divinetenderness. (352, 76)

62. How many await their arrival inthe heights of heaven to know Mary,who they always imagine in humanform of the woman who on earth wasthe Mother of Christ as man, andwhom they represent like a queen on athrone, beautiful and powerful.

63. Yet I say to you, cease givingform in your minds to that which isDivine. Mary, your Spiritual Mother,exists, but does not have the form of awoman, or any other form. She is thesweet and holy tenderness whosecharity extends to the infinite. Shereigns among the spirits, and herkingdom is that of humility, charity,and purity, but she has no throne as isimagined by men.

64. She is beautiful, but with abeauty you cannot imagine norexpress in even the most beautifulface. Her beauty is celestial, and thecelestial you will never understand.(263, 30)

The Universal Emanation of Mary           

65. Mary, your universal Mother, isin Me, and it is She who awards themost tender caresses to her belovedcreatures. She has been in your heartto leave in it her peace and to prepareof a sanctuary. Mary keeps vigil forthe world and extends her wings toprotect it from pole to pole. (145, 10)

66. In My Divinity the love ofintercession exists, it is Mary. Howmany hearts that remained closed tofaith have been opened by Her torepentance and love? Her maternalessence is in all creation, it is felt byall, and nonetheless there are thosewho while seeing it deny it. (110, 62)

67. Those who deny the Divinematernity of Mary, are ignorant of oneof the most beautiful revelations theDivinity has given to man.

68. Those who recognize the divinityof Christ, but deny it to Mary, do notknow that they are deprivingthemselves of the sweetest and mosttender essence of that which exists inMy Divinity.

69. How many are there, whobelieving they know the scriptures,know nothing, for they haveunderstood nothing. And how manyare there who believing they havefound the language of creation, live inconfusion.

70. The Maternal Spirit beatssweetly in all beings; you may beholdits image at every step. Its Divinetenderness has fallen like a blessedseed into the hearts of all creatures;every kingdom of nature is a livingtestimony of Her, and every mother'sheart is an altar raised to that greatlove. Mary was a Divine flower, andJesus was its fruit. (115, 15 - 18)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 21 - Omnipotence and Omnipresence of God and His Justice

The Power of God           

1. If modern man, with all hisscience, is not able to submit to hiswill the elements of Nature, howcould He impose his strength againstthe spiritual forces?

2. In the same way that the stars andplanets in the Cosmos follow theirinalterable order without the will ofman being able to change their courseor destiny, neither can anyone changethe order that exists in the spiritual.

3. I made day and night, for I am theLight, and none but I can retain it. Ithappens in the same way in thespiritual. (329, 31 - 33)

4. If you believe in Me, you musttrust that My strength is infinitelygreater than that of the sins of men,and so when sin cedes before the lightof truth and justice, man and his life,will have to change.

5. Can you imagine life in the worldwhen men perform the Will of God?(88, 59 - 60)

6. For Me the repentance of a being,his regeneration, and his salvationcannot be impossible. I would not beThe Almighty if men were strongerthan Me. Do you imagine My powerto be inferior to the strength of evil inmen? Do you believe human darknesssuperior to the Divine light? Never,your heart tells Me.

7. Think of My mission, after givingyou your being, as that of bringingyou to perfection, and uniting you inone single spiritual family. Do notforget, My Will is done above all.

8. I, the Divine Sower, invisiblydeposit My seed of love in each spirit.Only I know in what time this spiritwill germinate in all humanity, andonly I know how to await with infinitepatience the fruit of My works. (272,17 - 19)

9. I do not come to humiliate youwith My greatness or to make adisplay of it; but I do come todemonstrate it to you according to MyWill, so that you will feel the supremejoy of having as a Father a God allpowerful, wise, and perfect.

10. Rejoice in thinking that you willnever get to behold the end of Mypower, and the greater the elevation ofyour spirit, the better you shall seeMe. Who would feel dissatisfied byknowing that He would never reachthe greatness of his Father? By chanceon earth, have you not been satisfiedto be junior to your earthly Father? Bychance, have you not joyfullyconceded to him experience andauthority? Have you not rejoicedcontemplating that you have as aFather a man stronger than you,proud, courageous and filled withvirtues? (73, 41 - 42)

11. What can the strength of menmean against My power? What canthe opposition of the materialistpeoples do against the infinitestrength of spirituality? Nothing.

12. I have permitted man to go to thelimit of his ambitions and the farthestreaches of his arrogance, to prove thatthe gift of free will, conceded by hisFather, is real.

13. But once man reaches the limitof his ambition, He will awakenspiritually, and will pursue spiritualenlightenment and love. He will thenkneel before God who is the onlyabsolute power and universal truth.(192, 53)

The Presence of God in All Creation           

14. I do not have a specific or alimited place to dwell in the heavens,for I am present everywhere. I ampresent in all Divine, spiritual, andmaterial sites. You cannot point to thedirection of My Kingdom. When youlook up to the sky, pointing towardsthe heavens, do so only symbolically,for your planet turns without ceasing,and in each movement it presents younew skies and new heights.

15. Thus I say to you that there is nodistance between us. The only thingsthat separate you from Me are the badand impure deeds which you placebetween your spirit and My perfectlaw.

16. The greater your purity, the moreelevated will be your deeds. The moreconstant your faith, the closer, moreintimate, and more accessible to yourprayers you will feel Me.

17. In that same manner, when youseparate yourselves from that which isgood, just, and righteous, andcontinue to live a life filled withmaterialism and selfishness, you willinevitably feel Me more and moredistant from you. The more youseparate yourself from obeying Mylaw, the less you will be able to feelMy Divine presence.

18. Understand why I have come atthis time to manifest My word in thisform and to prepare you for thecommunication of spirit to Spirit.

19. Believing that I am very distantfrom you, you did not know how tocome to Me. I have sought you inorder to have you feel My Divinepresence and to show you thatbetween the Father and his children,there is no distance to separate them.(37, 27 - 32)

20. If you think that I have left Mythrone to come to communicate withyou, you are in error, for that thronethat you imagine does not exist;thrones are for vain and proud men.

21. My Spirit, being infinite andomnipotent, does not inhabit a fixedplace. It is everywhere, in every placeboth spiritual and material. Where isthat throne you attribute to Me?

22. Cease giving me material formon such thrones as on earth; take fromMe the human form you alwaysattribute to Me, stop dreaming of aheaven that your human mind isincapable of conceiving; and whenyou free yourselves from all that, itwill be as though you break the chainsthat have bound you, as though a highwall crumble from before your eyes,as though a thick cloud has dissipated,permitting you to behold a horizonwithout limits and an infinitefirmament, luminous, but stillaccessible to the spirit.

23. Some say: God is in the heavens,others: God is in the beyond; but theydo not know what they say, nor whatthey believe. Certainly I inhabit theheavens, but not in a certain place, asyou have imagined; I inhabit theheavens of light, of power, of love, ofwisdom, of justice, of happiness, andof perfection. (130, 30 and 35 – 36)

24. My universal presence fillseverything, there is no vacuum in anysite or plane of the Universe, all of itis saturated with Me. (309, 3)

25. I have said to you, I am so nearto you that I am aware of your mostintimate thoughts. I am always withyou, because I am presenteverywhere. I am the light thatilluminates your mind and inspiresyou.

26. I am in you, because it is I whoinspire you and who judges youthrough your conscience. I am in yourmaterial senses and in your physicalbody, because I am throughoutcreation.

27. Feel My presence more and morewithin you and all throughout nature.Thus, when you depart from earth youwill enter fully the spiritual life. Yourspirit will not feel distress due to theeffects of the material body. This willenable you to come a step closer tome, because I am a fountain of infinitepurity from which you will drinketernally. (180, 50 - 52)

28. Do you know the origin of thatlight in the Word that pours from thelips of the spokesmen? Its origin is ingood, in the Divine love, in theuniversal light that emanates fromGod. It is a beam or a flash of thatluminous All that gives you life; it ispart of the infinite power that movesall, and underneath which all vibrates,palpitates, and turns without ceasing.That is what you call the Divineradiation. It is the light of the DivineSpirit that illuminates and gives life tothe spirits.

29. That radiation manifests itselfequally over the spiritual as thematerial, equally over worlds andmen, and over the plants and all thebeings of Creation. It is spiritual forthe spirit, and material to matter; it isintelligence for understanding, and itis love to the hearts. It is science, it istalent, and it is reflection; it is instinctand intuition, and it is over the sensesof all beings, according to their order,their condition, their species, and theirdegree of advancement. But its originis one only: God; and its essence isone only: love. How could it then beimpossible for Me to illuminate themind of these creatures to send you amessage of spiritual light?

30. The plants receive the radiationof life that My Spirit sends them togive fruit; the heavenly bodies receivethe force irradiated by My spirit inorder to spin in their orbits; the earth,which is the present evidence, alive,and within reach of all your senses,receives the radiation that makes suchmarvels spring from its bosomunceasingly. Why should it beimpossible that man, in whom thepresence of a spirit shines like a jewel,and in which He bears such aresemblance to me, receive directly inhis spirit from My Spirit, the Divineradiation, which is the spiritual seedthat in him must bear fruit? (329, 42 -44)

31. Not even one of your sighsescapes being heard in heaven, notone prayer fails to find echo in Me,none of your afflictions or difficultiesgoes unnoticed by My Fatherly Love.I know all, hear all, and see all; I Amin all.

32. Men, believing that for their sinsI have abandoned them, have come tofeel that I am distant from them. O,human ignorance that has broughtsuch bitterness to your lips.Understand that if I absented Myselffrom any of My creatures, they wouldcease to exist at that instant; but thathas never been, nor shall it be,because upon giving you a spirit, Igave you eternal life. (108, 44 - 45)

The Avatars of Destiny           

33. Do not curse the trials thatburden you and all the human species;do not say that they are a punishment,the anger, or the revenge, of God, foryou blaspheme. I tell you that thesetrials are precisely that which bringshumanity closer to the gates ofsalvation.

34. Call them justice, atonement, orlessons, and you will be correct andfair. Anger and desire for revenge arehuman passions, characteristic ofbeings still far from serenity,harmony, and perfection; it is notright for you to apply the vulgar nameof punishment, or the unworthy nameof revenge, to My love for you, whichgoverns over all My works.

35. Remember that you havevoluntarily entered the thorny pathsand glooMy abysses and have notcome to My loving call, nor have youlistened to the voice of yourconscience, and so you have neededpain to come to your aid: to awakenyou, to hold you back, to make youthink, and return to the true path.(181, 6 - 8)

36. I do not punish you; but I amJustice, and as such I make you feel itin all that contravenes Mycommandments, for The Eternal hasmade you to know His Law, whichnone can modify.

37. See how man, in the midst of histrials, upon falling into an immenseabyss, upon seeing women crying forthe loss of loved ones, the childrendeprived of food, and homesimmersed in mourning and misery,cries, dismayed by his misfortune,becomes desperate, and instead ofpraying and repenting of his faults,turns against Me, asking: How canGod punish me in this way? And allthe while, the Divine Spirit, truly,cries as well for the sufferings of itschildren, and its tears are the blood oflove, forgiveness, and life.

38. Truly, I tell you that in this time,due to the evolution that humanity hasreached, they do not depend only onMy charity to resolve the situation.Humanity is the victim of itself, not ofMy punishment, for My Law and Mylight shine in every conscience.

39. My justice descends to pull upall the noxious weeds* by the roots,and the very forces of Nature manifestthemselves as interpreters of thatjustice, so that it seems as though allthings are united in an effort toexterminate man, when it is only forhis purification; but there are somewho are confused, and say: "If wemust suffer such pain, why do wecome to this world?" They have notconsidered the fact that the pain andsin do not come from Me.

From His other teachings, weunderstand that by “weeds” or “noxiousplants” Christ does not mean human beings,but their vices and evil impulses.

40. Man is responsible for remainingignorant of what is justice, and ofwhat is atonement, and that is thecause of his lack of conformity,followed by blaspheMy. Only He whohas observed My teachings and isattentive to My Law is unable tothrow charges at his Father. (242, 19 -21)

The Justice of God           

41. You are like bushes, sometimesyou have branches that are dry andsick, that need the painful cut of thetrimmer to separate yourselves fromyour ills and bring you back to health.

42. My justice of love, upon tearingfrom the human tree the sickenedbranches that eat away at your hearts,elevates you.

43. When a limb is to be amputatedfrom a man, He whines, trembles, andis fearful, even while knowing that itis being done to separate from himthat which is diseased, that which isdead, and that which threatens whatmight still live.

44. Rosebushes, too, when theysuffer the cuts of trimming, leak saplike tears of pain, but finally coverthemselves with the most beautifulflowers.

45. My love, in infinitely superiorform, cuts the evil from the hearts ofMy children, at times sacrificing evenMyself.

46. When men crucified me, Icovered My executioners with Mysweetness and forgiveness, and gavethem life. In My words and in Mysilences I filled them with light, Idefended them, and I saved them.Thusly I cut away the evil, stopping itwith My love and saving the evil -doer. Those pardons are still today,and always will be sources ofredemption. (248, 5)

47. I cannot give you sentences moresevere than your faults, for whichreason I tell you that you do not haveanything to fear from Me, but ratherfrom yourselves.

48. Only I know the seriousness, themagnitude, and the importance ofyour faults; men constantly letthemselves be fooled by appearances,and that is because they are not able toenter the hearts of their neighbors. Ido enter their hearts, and I can tell youthat men have arrived before Me,accusing themselves of grave faultsand full of sadness for havingoffended Me, and I have judged themclean; on the other hand others havecome to say to Me that they havenever done ill to anyone, and I knowthat they lie, for although their handsare not stained with the blood of theirbrothers, upon their spirit the blood oftheir victims has fallen, those whoselives they have ordered ended; theyare those who have thrown the stoneand hidden the hand. When in MyWord I have come to pronounce thewords, "coward," "liar," or "traitor,"all their being trembled, and manytimes they have absented themselvesfrom the teachings, because they havefelt upon themselves the gaze thatjudges them.

49. If, in the Divine justice, thegreatest love of the Father were notpresent, if his justice did not have thatprinciple, humanity would not existalready, their sins and offenses wouldhave already exhausted the Divinepatience. But it has not been so:humanity has continued to live, thespirits continue reincarnating, and ateach step, in every human work, Myjustice, which is love and infinitecharity, has been manifest. (258, 3)

50. Analyze My word, so that youare not confused, like many, beforethe acts of My Divine justice, when Itouch heavily those who commit onlya slight error, and in contrast, appearto absolve those who have committeda grave error.

51. The Master tells you: If I touchheavily on one who has committed anapparently minor fault, it is because Iknow the weakness of spirits, andstepping off the path of duty may bethe first step that leads to the abyss;and if I absolve others of a graveerror, it is because a great fault is alsomotive for a great repentance of thespirit.

52. Do not judge. Do not sentence.Do not wish, even in thought, that Myjudgment fall upon those who causethe spilling of blood between peoples.Think only that they, like you, arealso My children, My creatures, andwill have to wash away their greatfaults with great restitutions. Truly Itell you, these very ones who youpoint to as those who mercilesslydestroyed peace and led you to chaos,shall in the times to come become thegreat sowers of My peace, and greatbenefactors of humanity.

53. The blood of millions of victimsclamors from the earth for My Divinejustice, but above human justice mustbe mine, which comes to each spirit,to each heart.

54. The justice of men does notpardon, does not redeem, does notlove; mine loves, pardons, redeems,resuscitates, elevates, and enlightensthose very ones who have causedhumanity such pain. I shall redeemthem and cleanse them, having themmake their great restitution whichshall be the crucible in which theypurify themselves and in which theywake fully to the voice of theirconsciences, so that they may come tocontemplate even the gravest of theirworks. I shall make them travel theroad traveled by their victims andtheir peoples, but in the end they shallachieve spiritual purity in order toreturn to earth to restore andreconstruct all that has beendestroyed, to make restitution for allthat was lost. (309, 16 - 18)

55. You should know, that it will notbe when death reaches you, that yourFather will judge you, but that thejudgment begins as soon as youbecome aware of your deeds and feelthe call of your conscience.

56. My judgment is always uponyou. At each step, be it in the humanexistence or in your spiritual life, youare subject to My judgment, but herein the world, while in the flesh, thespirit becomes insensitive and deaf tothe calls of its conscience.

57. I judge you to help you openyour eyes to the light, to liberate youfrom sin and save you from pain.

58. In My judgment, I never takeinto account the offences that youmight have caused Me, for before Mytribunal, hatred, vengeance and evenpunishment are nonexistent.

59. When pain reaches your heartand touches you where it is mostsensitive, it indicates to you someerror that you are committing, tomake you understand My teaching,and give you a new and wise lesson.In the depth of each of those trials,My love is always present.

60. On some occasions I havepermitted you to understand thereason for an ordeal, in others, youcannot find the meaning of that touchof My justice; and the fact is, that inthe Work of the Father and in the lifeof your spirit, there exist profoundMysteries that the human mind isunable to decipher. (23, 13 - 17)

61. The time is long past when youwere told: "The measure you give isthe measure you will get." How manytimes has that law been used to takevengeance here on earth, leaving asideall feeling of charity!

62. Today I say to you, I have takenthat rod of justice, and with it I willmeasure you according to the way youmeasured others, although I shouldmake it clear to you that in each ofMy judgments, the Father, who lovesyou very much, the Redeemer whohas come to save you, will be present.

63. It is man who with his deedsdictates his own sentences, sometimesterrible sentences, and it is your Lordwho provides help so that you canfind the way to bear your restitution.

64. Truly I say to you that if youwish to avoid a very painfulrestitution, repent in the opportunetime and with sincere regenerationguide your life through deeds of loveand charity toward your brethren.

65. Understand that I am the door ofsalvation, the door that will never beclosed to all those who seek Me withtrue faith. (23, 19 - 23)

66. Now you know that the Divinejustice is of love, not of punishmentlike yours. What would become ofyou if I made use of your own laws tojudge you, before Me, whereappearances and false arguments haveno value?

67. If I judged you according to yourwickedness, and used your own lawsof terrible harshness, what wouldbecome of you? Then you wouldcertainly be justified in asking Me forclemency.

68. However, you should not fear,because My love never withers,changes, or passes on; on the otherhand, you do pass on, you die and arereborn, you depart and then return andthus you are journeying until the daycomes in which you will recognizeyour Father and submit to His DivineLaw. (17, 53)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 22 - The Love, Assistance and Grace of God

The Love of the Heavenly Father           

1. Do not be surprised that My lovefollows you everywhere in spite ofyour sins. All of you My children,have had a reflection of the Divinelove in the love of your parents in thisworld. On them you may turn yourback, fail to recognize their authority,disobey their orders, and not listen totheir counsel; you can, through yourwrongful actions cause wounds intheir hearts, make their eyes dry outfrom so much crying, make their hairturn gray, and cause their faces to belined by the evidence of theirsuffering; but they will never ceaseloving you, and will have onlyblessings and forgiveness for you.

2. And if these parents that you havehad on earth, who are not perfect,have given you such proof of pure andelevated love, why are you surprisedthat He, who formed those hearts andgave them the mission of beingparents, loves you with perfect love?Love is the supreme truth. For truth Imade Myself man, and for truth I diedas a man. (52, 27)

3. Do not be surprised by My love,and do not doubt it if you see that thecup you drink from in the world, isvery bitter.

4. Men might fall far, fill themselveswith darkness, or delay returning toMe, but to all will come a momentwhen feeling Me within their verybeing, they do not feel Me far, do notsee Me as a stranger, and cannot denyMy existence, My love, and Myjustice. (52, 30)

5. I do not wish to see you before meas defendants; I wish to see youalways as My children, for whom MyFatherly love is always ready to offeraid. I have created you for the glory ofMy Spirit, and for you to find joy inMe. (127, 41)

6. Learn to love Me. Behold howMy love follows you everywhere,even though you continue to sin andoffend Me, you can never separate orflee from it. Know that the greateryour faults, the greater is My mercyfor you.

7. The evil in men would seek to haltMy love, but cannot, because love isthe universal force, the Divine powerthat creates and moves all.

8. The proof of that which I tell you,is what I have given you bymanifesting Myself among you in thistime, in which humanity is lost in theabyss of its sin. My love cannot feelrepulsion faced with human sin, butpity.

9. Know Me, come to Me to cleanseyour stains in the crystalline fountainof My charity. Ask, ask, and it shallbe given to you. (297, 59 - 62)

10. At times men judge themselvesso unworthy of Me, that they cannotbelieve how much I love them; andso, when they are resigned to livingdistanced from their Father, theyconstruct a life according to their ownideas, and create their laws and theirreligions. But their surprise is greatwhen they see me arrive. Then theyask: "Does our Father truly love us somuch that He seeks such a way ofcommunicating with us?"

11. Humanity, I can only tell youthat what is mine I will not allow tobe lost, and you are mine. I haveloved you since before you existed,and will love you for eternity. (112,14 - 15)

The Help and Protection of God           

12. Disciples, I have given you allthe lessons that the spirit needs for itsevolution.

13. Blessed are those who recognizetruth, for they shall quickly find theroad. Others always reject the Divineteachings because to them their worksseem superior to mine.

14. I love them all. I am theshepherd who calls to his sheep, whogathers them and counts them, andwishes every day to have more ofthem; who sustains and caresses them,who cares for them, and enjoys seeingthat they are many, but who criessometimes on seeing that not all ofthem are obedient.

15. Those are your hearts: manycome to Me, but few are those whotruly follow Me. (266, 23 - 26)

16. Take up your cross, and followMe with humility; trust that while youare busy in consolation, in givingpeace to a heart, or giving light to aspirit, I will be in charge of thatrelating to your material life, and Iwill neglect nothing.

17. Believe, that when I speak toyour spirit I am also looking into yourheart to discover your worries, yourneeds, and your yearnings. (89, 6 - 7)

18. There is no race or tribe, nomatter how hidden, not even thoseyou do not know of because they arehidden in impenetrable jungles, whohave not had manifestations of Mylove. In moments of danger they haveheard heavenly voices that protect,shelter and counsel them.

19. You have never livedabandoned; from the instant that yousprang to life you have been in theshelter of My love.

20. You, human parents, whotenderly love your children: Wouldyou be capable of abandoning them totheir fate when they have barelyawoken to this life, when they mostneed your care, your vigilance, andyour love?

21. I have watched you keep vigilfor your children, even when theyhave grown to adults; for those whodo wrong, and who have offendedyou, you keep vigil with even morelove.

22. If you respond in this way to theneeds of your children, how do youimagine the love of the HeavenlyFather must be, who has loved yousince before you existed ?

23. I have always come to your aid,and in this time when you havereached greater spiritual evolution, Ihave come to teach you how tovanquish the unhealthy forces, and theway to increase the vibrations ofgood. (345, 39 - 42)

24. You are going to begin a newphase in your life. The path has beenprepared. Take up your cross andfollow Me. I have not told you thatthere would be no trials on this path.However, you will hear a voice thatoffers you inspiration and advicewhen you confront an ordeal or draina cup of bitterness. My love will helpyou to arise whenever you fall andyou will feel the gentle caress of Mybalsam. (280, 34)

25. When I see you allowingyourselves to be defeated by pain, andinstead of taking from it the light thateach trial contains, you limit yourselfto weeping and cursing, or simply towaiting for death as the end of yoursufferings, then I come to sweetly callto your heart, giving you comfort andhope, strengthening you, so that youmay overcome yourself: yourweakness and lack of faith; and maytriumph over the trials, because in thattriumph is the peace and spiritualhappiness that is true happiness. (181,10)

26. If you see that I am found ineven the smallest beings of Nature,how could you think that I wouldignore you and distance Myself fromyou only because you haveimperfections, since it is then that youneed Me most?

27. I am Life, and am in all,therefore nothing can die. Analyze, sothat you do not remain tied to theform; quiet your senses and find me inthe essence. (158, 43 - 44)

28. Penetrate your own interior, andthere you will find the sanctuary, thearc; you will find a source, a fountainof grace and blessings.

29. No spirit is naked, and none isdisinherited. Before My Divinemercy, there is not one in theUniverse who can say He is poor orunknown to his Father, none who cancall themselves exiles from the landsof The Lord.

30. He who feels disinherited, feel sobecause He has not found in himselfthe gifts, because He is temporarilylost in sin, or because He is confused,or feels unworthy.

31. Know to find [those gifts] withinyou, and you will never lack Mypresence, you will see that there willalways be bread, balm, "weapons",keys, and all that is necessary to yourhearts, for you are the heirs of MyRealm and of My Glory. (345, 87)

32. There is a bond between a Fatherand his children that can never bebroken, and that bond is the reasonthat communication exists betweenthe Divine Spirit and all of yours.(262, 35)

33. Humanity needs My love, andMy Word, which must reach thedepths of their hearts. The Masterstruggles untiringly so that your spiritmight be more enlightened each day,so that throwing off ignorance youmay raise yourself to the highermansions.

34. The doors of My Kingdom areopen, and the Word of the Fathercomes to you with infinite love toshow you the road once more.

35. I have come again to humanityand you have not sensed Me, for Ihave presented Myself in the Spirit,and your materialism is great. If yourspirit sprang from My Divine Spirit,why has humanity not sensed Me?Because they have tied their spirits tomaterialism, to the lower passions.

36. Yet, here is The Lamb of God,who comes to you like light toilluminate you and give you the truth.(340, 13 - 15)

The Humility of the Lord           

37. Understand that My Word doesnot come to fill your minds with vainphilosophies, it is the essence of life. Iam not a [mere] wealthy man comingto offer you earthly riches. I am theOne and Only God, who comes topromise you The Kingdom of TrueLife. I am the humble God who comesto his children without ostentation, toraise them up with His caresses andwith His miraculous Word throughthe road of restitution. (85, 55)

38. Be My servants, and you willnever be humiliated by Me.

39. Observe that I have not come asa king, I bring neither scepter norcrown; I am among you an exampleof humility, and more, as yourservant.

40. Ask, and I shall give you, orderand I obey so that you may haveanother proof of My love and Myhumility. I ask only that yourecognize and do My Will, and if youencounter obstacles to the fulfillmentof your duties, pray and overcomethem in My Name, and your meritswill be the greater. (111, 46)

41. It is the Father who speaks toyou, He who has non to bow to inprayer; yet, truly I tell you, if over Methere were one greater, I would bowbefore him, for in My Spirit there ishumility.

42. See how you, being My littlecreatures, rather than struggling toascend to Me, make me descend tospeak to you, listen to you andconsole you. (125, 19)

43. Feel in your hearts the joy ofbeing loved by your Father, who hasnever come to humiliate you with Hisgreatness, but rather to manifest it inHis perfect humility, to make yougreat, bringing you to live the true lifein His Kingdom, which has neitherbeginning nor end. (101, 63)

The Compassion and Condolence of God           

44. If you believe that Jesus, beingthe Son of God, did not experiencepain, you are mistaken; if you believethat because I came today in Spirit Iam exempt from pain, you are also inerror; if you think that because I knowthat in the end all of you will be withMe, I do not suffer now, neither areyou in the right. Verily I say to you,that there does not exist another moresensitive being than the Divine Spirit.

45. I ask you: Who gave sensitivityto all beings? What good thing canyou do that will not make Me rejoice?And what unrighteous thing can youdo that will not be like a wound in Mysensibility? This is why I say to youthat humanity has crucified Me again.When will I descend from My crossand the crown of thorns be takenaway from Me? (69, 34)

46. If there are some who arise asMy enemies, I do not regard them assuch, only as needy; just as those whoconsider themselves to be wise andwho deny My existence, I look onwith pity. Those who try to destroyMe within the hearts of mankind, Ijudge as ignorant, since they believethey have the power or weapons todestroy Him who is the Author ofLife. (73, 33)

47. I come to show Myself as aloving Father and as a humble Master,never indifferent to your suffering andalways indulgent and merciful withyour imperfections, for to Me you willalways be children.

48. I must judge you when I observethat creatures formed with such love,and destined for eternal life soobstinately seek death on the earthwithout concerning themselves withspiritual life, and without wishing toknow the perfections that eternalexistence reserves to you. (125, 59 -60)

49. Think, if I am your Father, Imust necessarily feel what Mychildren feel, only in this way willyou understand that while each of yousuffers and senses his own pain, theDivine Spirit suffers with the pain ofall His creatures.

50. As proof of this truth I came tothe world to make Myself man andbear a cross representing all the painand sin of the world. And, if as man Ibore on My shoulders the weight ofyour imperfections, if I felt your pain,could I, as God, be insensitive to thepain of My children? (219, 11 - 12)

The Forgiveness, Mercy, and Clemency of God           

51. I am the only one who knows thedestiny of all, the only one whoknows the road you have traveled andthat which you have still to go. I amHe who understands your sufferingand your joys. I know what you havegone through to find truth and justice.My charity is that which perceives theanguished voice within you that asksforgiveness for your faults.

52. As Father I come to attend everyplea, to wipe away your tears, to healyour illnesses, and to make you feelforgiven and absolved of your stains,so that you may remake your lives.

53. I am also the only one who canpardon you for the offenses againstMe, of you, who are My children.(245, 39 - 41)

54. In this era, My Word is againenlightening you. I come to pour outMy grace so that you are cleansed andprepared, but recognize, people, if youfall again into sin, it is not I whoseparate you from My bosom, but youwho are distancing yourselves fromMe, even though this is not My Will.Still, My love and forgiveness willremain like an open door, to receiveall who repent and wish to return toMe. (283, 69)

55. By the love with which I pardonand correct you, I give Myself to beknown. When you lived according toyour own will, offending the Fatherevery instant, I did not cut the threadof that sinful existence, I did not denyyou either air or bread; I did notabandon you to pain, nor did I ignoreyour complaints; and Naturecontinued surrounding you with itsfecundity, its light, and its blessings.It is in this way that I give Myself tobe known and manifest Myself tomen. None on earth can love you withthat love, and none could forgive youwith the forgiveness that I grant.

56. Your spirit is a seed that I havebeen cultivating and perfecting frometernity to give the most beautifulflowers and the most perfect fruit.How could I let you die or abandonyou to the fury of the tempests? Howcould I abandon you on the road, if Ialone know the destination of allcreatures? (241, 31 - 33)

57. To those who go walking on lostpaths, I am ready to receive you andgive you My strength and light whenyou call Me. It is not important that inyour matter and your spirit you bringthe traces of the great sinners. I willmake you bless those who haveinjured you, and praise God forhaving beheld that marvel in you.That is when you will begin to feel thelove of Christ in your hearts.

58. There are those who on hearingthese words think, "How is it possiblethat the great sinners can receive thisgrace like the just, who have it bymerit?"

59. Humanity, oh, humanity, do younot see beyond your noses? I havealways given you My benefits throughMy grace, rather than because youhave earned them.

60. I respond alike to a pure thought,as to the sad lament of He whoapproaches Me bearing stains, as longas from him springs even the smallestflash of humility or recognition of hislack of love for his brothers.

61. I am the defender of the weakthat cry in the midst of theirimpotence and ignorance. I am theDivine hope that calls and consolesthose who cry, I am sweet Jesus whogently caresses they who whimper inpain and in restitution.

62. I am the Savior: your Redeemer;I am the Truth within the reach ofman. (248, 18 - 21)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 23 - Inspirations and Revelations of God

Divine Inspirations           

1. Disciples: If My word comes toyou and you do not understand it, youdoubt it; and I tell you, whenuncertainty torments you, retire to thesolitude of the countryside, and there,in the midst of Nature, where youhave only the fields, the mountains,and the firmament for witnesses, askyour Master again. Enter deeply intohis Word, and soon you will have hissweet reply, then you will feeltransported, inspired, and full of anunknown spiritual joy.

2. In this way you will cease to bethe men of little faith, knowing thatthe word of God contains truth, but todiscover it, it is necessary to knowhow to penetrate it with devotion andpurity, for it is a holy place.

3. When you are prepared and wishto know something, your thirst forlight will attract the Divine light. Howmany times have I told you: Go up tothe mountain, and tell me there youranxieties, your pains, and your needs.

4. Jesus, by his example, taught youthese lessons in the Second Era;remember My example when I retiredto the desert to pray before beginningMy preaching. Remember that in thelast days of My stay among men,rather than going to the synagogue topray, I sought out the loneliness of theMount of Olives to converse with theFather?

5. Nature is a temple of the Creator,where all is raised up to worship Him;there you may receive the radiation ofyour Father directly and in completepurity. There, far from selfishness andhuman materialism, you will feel wiseinspirations coming to your heart thatmove you to practice good in yourpath. (169, 28 - 31)

6. You must be vigilant disciples, forI will not speak to you only throughthis conduit. I will seek to contactyour spirit while your body sleeps aswell; I will teach you to enter thatrepose prepared, and so that yourspirit may be freed to rise to theregions of light, from where it willreceive the prophecy to illuminate itsroad, transmitting its message to yourunderstanding. (100, 30)

7. I have never been far from you, asyou have sometimes thought, and Ihave never been indifferent to yourpains, nor deaf to your calls. What hashappened is that you have notconcerned yourselves with refiningyour higher senses, hoping to perceiveMe with the senses of the flesh. I tellyou that the time when I concededthat to men is long past.

8. If you had bothered a little todevelop some of your spiritual gifts,such as the elevation of your thoughts,prayer, premonition, propheticdreams, or spiritual vision, I assureyou that through any of these youwould be communicating with Me,and thereby receiving answers to yourquestions and Divine inspiration inyour thoughts.

9. I am entirely disposed to talk toyou, always awaiting your elevationand spiritual preparation to please youand give you the happiness of Mycommunication with your spirit. Itrequires only that you also beprepared with great purity to achievethat grace. (324, 52 - 54)

10. Ask your wise men, and if theyare sincere they will tell you that theyhave asked God for inspiration. And Iwould give them more inspiration ifthey would request it with greater lovefor their brethren and less vanity forthemselves.

11. Truly I say to you that all trueknowledge that you have accumulatedcomes from Me, all that is pure andelevated I will use during this periodfor your benefit, for I have granted itto you for that purpose. (17, 59 - 60)

12. This is the period in which MySpirit is constantly speaking to man'sconscience, as well as to his Spirit, hisheart, and to his reason. My voicereaches man through his trials andmany are awakening as a result ofthose trials, since those who aresupposed to be guiding and teachinghumanity are asleep and would preferfor humanity to remain dormantforever. (306, 63)

13. In the Third Era I have come tocarry out with the clarity of Mymanifestations, that which has beenimpossible for men: communicatethrough human understanding.

14. Understand Me, disciples,because in the spirit to Spiritcommunication that awaits you, youwill feel My presence eternally; if youknow how to prepare, you will notagain say to Me: "Lord, why do younot come?" or "Can't you see Mypain?" You will not speak to Me inthis way, disciples. Truly, I tell you,He who speaks to Me in this waygives tangible proof of his ignoranceand lack of preparation.

15. I do not wish to see My disciplesdistanced from Me, I want you to sayto Me in your spirit, "Master, you areamong us, our spirits sense you, yourwisdom is the source of Myinspiration." That is the trueconfession I wish to hear from you.(316, 54)

The Adaptation of the Divine Revelations to Human Understanding           

16. In order to manifest the Divine,your languages are limited; for thatreason in all eras I have had to speakto you through parables, throughmetaphors, but as you can see, evenby speaking to you thus, you haveunderstood Me very little, becauseyou have lacked the necessary will toanalyze My manifestations. (14, 50)

17. In every Era you have awaitedMe, and yet, when you have had Mein front of you, you have notrecognized Me due to your lack ofvigilance and spirituality. I tell youthat in whatever form My presence isseen, it will always embody truth andDivine essence.

18. I have told you that I have madeuse of many forms to manifest Myselfto the world, but these have not beendisguises to hide My Spirit from you,but rather for the purpose ofhumanizing Myself, limiting Myself,and thus making Myself heard and feltby men.

19. Now I tell you, that before youexpress judgment, listen to this voiceuntil the instant of your convincing orenlightenment, when in your spiritthere shines a light. (97, 11 - 12)

20. While men persist in theirblindness and ignorance, they forceGod, who before all else is a Father,to humanize himself, limit himself,and make himself small before hischildren, to be understood. When willyou allow Me to show Myself to youwith the greatness that you should seeMe?

21. You must be great to conceive ofMe as great, and that is why I come,once and again, to give you spiritualgreatness so that you can have theinfinite joy of knowing your Father,of feeling his love, and of hearing theDivine concert that vibrates aboveyou. (99, 26 - 27)

22. The outward part of thatrevelation of the Father in Sinai wasthe stone that served as medium forthe inscription of the Divine Law.

23. The outward part of thecommunication of God with menthrough Jesus, was the vessel, thehuman form of Christ.

24. In this time, the outward form ofMy communication has been thespeaker, for which reason this form,as it did in times past, shall come toits end.

25. Understand that you are thechildren of the spiritualist people, whomust not sustain themselves withforms, but with essences; if youunderstand My Word well, you willnever again fall into idolatry, noradhere to outward practices, to forms,to the transitory, for you will goalways in search of the essential, theeternal. (224, 69 - 71)

Different Means of Divine Revelations           

26. Mankind would like to have thevisit of a new Messiah who wouldsave them from the abyss, or at leastto hear the humanized voice of Godvibrating in the wind, and I say to youthat it would suffice for you toobserve a little, or to withdraw yourspirit into meditation to give itsensitivity, so that you would hearhow everything speaks to you. If youthink it impossible that the stonesspeak, I say to you; that not only thestones but everything that surround'syou speaks to you of your Creator, sothat you will awaken from yourdreams of grandeur, of pride andmaterialism. (61, 49)

27. The illuminated of previoustimes always beheld rays of brilliance,they always listened to My word. Theprophets, the inspired ones, theforerunners, the founders of doctrinesof elevated spirituality, have giventestimony of hearing voices as ifproceeding from clouds, from themountains, from the wind or fromsomewhere which they could notpinpoint; that they heard the voice ofGod as if proceeding from tongues offire and in Mysterious echoes. Manyheard, saw and felt through theirsenses, others through their spiritualattributes, in a manner similar to whatis happening in this period.

28. Truly I say to you: Those whoreceived My messages through theircorporeal senses, interpreted theDivine inspiration spiritually, andthey did it according to their materialand spiritual preparation, and inagreement with the times in whichthey lived on earth, in a way that istaking place today with the humaninstruments whom you callspokesmen, or faculties. But I mustsay to you, that during previous times,as well as the present, they havemingled their own ideas or thosewhich predominated around themwith the purity of the Divinerevelations, and fully aware of it, ornot, they have altered the purity andunlimited essence of the truth, which,truthfully I say to you, is love in itsgreatest manifestations.

29. The vibrations and spiritualinspirations were with them, and notonly the first ones, but also the last,have given and will give testimony ofthat inspiration, which reached theirspirit almost always in an unexplainedway, in a manner similar to that whichhappens to many today and willhappen to many more tomorrow.

30. The words, interpretations, andform of behaviour are credited to menand the times in which they live, butabove everyone is the Supreme truth.(16, 11 - 14)

31. From time to time, it becomesnecessary for My Spirit to manifestitself in a form accessible andcomprehensible to yourunderstanding. That need to speak toyou comes from your disobedience toMy Law, from your distancing fromthe true path.

32. Man is the most rebelliouscreature in the creation because of hisfree will. Until now, He has notwanted to follow the dictates of hisconscience.

33. My word comes to stop some, toguide others, and to strengthen allwith the truth, and save them from theabyss.

34. Make no objection to the way inwhich I now manifest Myself, sodifferent from that of the Second Era;understand that I never use the sameform twice, since that would be tomaintain you before the same lesson,and I come always to teach you newlessons and help you take new steps.(283, 39 - 42)

35. My Word is poured forth inmany forms; by means of theconscience, by trials that speak of Me,by the elements, or by My spiritualchildren. My Word is universal. Allwho prepare shall hear My voice.(264, 48)

The Need for Divine Revelations           

36. My Divine teaching is notdestined only for the spirit, no, it mustcome as well to the human heart sothat the spiritual as well as thecorporeal parts come to harmonize.

37. The Divine word is destined toilluminate the understanding andsensitize the heart of man, and theessence that exists in that word isdestined to sustain and elevate thespirit.

38. For the life of man to becomplete, He unquestionably needsspiritual bread, just as He works andstruggles for material sustenance.

39. "Man does not live by breadalone," I told you in the Second Era,and My words are still true, forhumanity could never do withoutspiritual sustenance, without beingoverwhelmed on earth by illnesses,pain, darkness, calamities, misery, anddeath.

40. Materialists may say thathumanity is living solely from whatthe earth and Nature offer, withoutneed to go looking for somethingspiritual that sustains it or thatstrengthens it along its journey; but Imust tell you, that life is neitherperfect nor complete, for it is anexistence that lacks what is essential,which is spirituality. (326, 58 - 62)

41. In all times I have manifestedMyself to men in a simple form sothat you could understand Me. I havealways done so in a way within reachof your understanding and yourhearts. I have descended to you togive you thereby an example ofhumility, coming to your humble lifeto raise you to a better life. (226, 54)

42. This is the fulfillment of theWord that I gave you in the SecondEra, when Jesus gave thanks to hisFather for having hidden his wisdomfrom the wise and educated, andhaving revealed it instead to thehumble.

43. Yes, My people, for those youcall wise puff themselves up and seekto humiliate the humble, teachingthem only what they consider to bethe crumbs of knowledge that theyreceived from Me.

44. While the poor, the humble, whodo know the necessities that lifepresents, and its privations, when theycome to possess something, feel that itis too much for them, and share itwith others.

45. Now I add, that when the greedyturn generous, and the arrogantbecome humble, in that instant theycome to enjoy that which I reserve tothose who practice virtue, for My loveis not partial, it is universal, for all Mychildren. (250, 17)

The Divine Revelations without Limits           

46. That which has come toilluminate the Third Era is not My lastteaching: the spiritual has no end; MyLaw shines always like a Divine sunin all consciences. Stagnancy anddecadence are characteristic only ofhumans, and are always the result ofvices, weaknesses, or uncontrolledpassions.

47. When humanity constructs itslife on spiritual foundations, and bearswithin itself the ideal of eternityinspired in it by My doctrine, it willhave found the road of progress andperfection, and will never again leavethe path of its evolution. (112, 18)

48. You are greatly mistaken if youbelieve that I waited until now toinform you of the spiritual life. Onceagain, I say to you that My Divineteaching began when the first humanwas born. It is not an exaggerationwhen I tell you that My lessons beganwith the formation of the spiritsbefore the world was created. (298,18)

49. When humanity believed thatonly what it could see with its eyesexisted, and did not know even theshape of the world it lived in, itconceived of a God limited to what itseyes could see.

50. But, as humanity's minddiscovered Mystery after Mystery, theUniverse kept expanding before theireyes, and the greatness andomnipotence of God continued togrow before the marvelingintelligence of man.

51. For that reason, in this time Ihave had to bring you a teaching inaccordance with your evolution.

52. But, I ask you, is it materialscience that My revelationencompasses? No, the science that Iteach you speaks of an existencebeyond the Nature you have seen andexamined for so long. My revelationuncovers the road that raises the spiritto a dwelling place from where it candiscover, know, and understand all.

53. Does it seem impossible, or atleast strange to you, that Godcommunicates spiritually with men, orthat the Spiritual Worldcommunicates with, and manifestsitself in your lives, and that theunknown worlds and dwelling placescommunicate with you? Would youwant your level knowledge to remainstagnant and for the Father to neverreveal anything more than He alreadyhas?

54. Do not be tied to your routine,nor limit the learning of your spirit.

55. Today you may deny, struggleagainst, and persecute My spiritualDoctrine, but I know that tomorrowyou will yield to the truth.

56. All Divine revelation has beenfought against and denied when itappeared, but in the end the light hasprevailed.

57. Humanity has also been skepticalof the discoveries of science, but inthe end has had to yield to reality.(275, 64 - 70)

58. When from the hearts ofhumanity the temple of the HolySpirit is elevated to the Infinite, therein its bosom will arise newrevelations, which will becomegreater as the spirits ascend further.(242, 62)

59. How could you think that whiledescending to you, I could haveneglected the other nations, given thatall are My children? Do you believethat some are far from Me, or outsideMe, even though My Spirit isuniversal and includes all that hasbeen created?

60. All lives and is sustained by Me;it is for that reason that My universalray has descended upon the entireglobe and the spirit has received Myinfluence in this, and in other worlds,for I have come to save all Mycreatures. (176, 21)

61. My manifestation through thespokesmen is intended by Me to betemporary, a brief period ofpreparation that will serve this peopleas a standard, as law and principle, totestify and spread this truth, and toannounce to the world the advent ofthe Third Era.

62. Just as My manifestation throughhuman understanding was intended tobe as fleeting as lightning, so too wasit foreseen that some multitudeswould be called to witness and receivethis revelation.

63. In contrast, the communicationfrom spirit to Spirit shall reach all thehuman species, without limitation oftime, for that means of seeking Me, ofreceiving Me, of prayer, of listeningto and feeling Me, belongs to alleternity. (284, 41 - 43)

The Manifestation of the Presence of God in Man           

64. I wish to convert you into Mydisciples so that you learn to feel Me,like the children of My Spirit that youare. Why should you not feel Mypresence inside yourselves, since youare of My very essence, if you are partof Me?

65. You do not feel Me, because youare not conscious of it, because youlack spirituality and preparation, andsuch signs and sensations as youreceive you attribute to materialcauses. That is why I tell you thatalthough I am with you, you do notperceive My presence.

66. Now I ask you: Is it true that ifyou are part of Me, it is natural foryou to feel Me within your being? Is ittrue that meditating on this your spiritcomes to merge with Mine? I havecome to uncover for you the realgreatness that should exist in everyman, for you have confusedyourselves, and wishing to be great onearth, have grown smaller spiritually.(331, 25 - 26)

67. I do not wish to hear you say anylonger; "Lord, why are you far fromme? Why don't you hear me?" and"Why do I feel alone on this journey?"

68. Beloved people: I never abandonMy children; it is you who distanceyourselves from Me because you havelacked faith and because you haverejected Me and closed to Me thegates of your heart. (336, 60)

69. I do not wish you to feel asthough I am far from you, for thatreason I have told you that all will feelMe, all will touch Me, your spirit willhear My voice, and spiritually, youwill behold My presence. This is howI wish your spirits to be joined toMine throughout Eternity, for that isMy will. (342, 57)

My peace be with you !