Chapter 24 - Spiritual and Material Creation
                 The Creation of Spiritual Beings
                 The Role of Great Spirits in the Creative Work
                 The Providential Thoughts of God
                 The Creation of Material Worlds for The Spiritual Beings
                 The Creation of Human Beings
                 The Memory of Paradise
                 The Nature of Human Beings
                 The Unity of the Creator with Creation
Chapter 25 - Nature
                 The Laws of Nature
                 The Presence of God in Nature
                 Nature is a Creation of God, and a Parable for the Spiritual
                 The Power of The Children of God over Nature
                 Man and Nature
Chapter 26 - Other Worlds
                 The Universal Light of Christ
                 The Spiritual Link between the Worlds
                 Other Worlds and Ways of Life
                 The Purpose of the Stars
Chapter 27 - The Beyond
                 The Knowledge needed about Spiritual Life
                 "Heaven" and "Hell"
                 The "Music" of Heaven
                 In my Father's House there are Many Mansions (Dwellings)

VI. Creation

Chapter 24 - Spiritual and Material Creation

The Creation of Spiritual Beings           

1. Before the worlds, before anycreature, or any matter came to life,My Divine Spirit existed. However,being ALL, I felt in Myself anenormous emptiness, for I was like aKing without subjects, or a Masterwithout disciples, and for that reason Iconceived the idea of creating beingsin My likeness, to whom I woulddedicate all of My life, whom I wouldlove so deeply and intensely thatwhen the moment arrived, I would nothesitate to offer them My blood on thecross.

2. Do not be confused when I tellyou that before you existed, I lovedyou already. Yes, My much lovedchildren. (345, 20 - 21)

3. The Divine Spirit was filled withlove in spite of the fact that none butHe existed. Nothing had been created.Nothing surrounded the Divine Being,and nonetheless, He loved and feltHimself to be Father.

4. Whom did He love? Of whom didHe feel Father? Of all the beings, andall the creatures that would springfrom Him, and whose strength waslatent in His Spirit. In that Spirit wasall science, all the elements, allnature, and all principles. He was botheternity, and time. In Him were thepast, the present, and the future, evenbefore the beginning of the lives ofworlds and beings.

5. That Divine inspiration was madereality by the infinite force of Divinelove, and life began. (150, 76 - 79)

6. So that God could be calledFather, He brought forth from hisbosom spirits, creatures similar tohimself in Divine attributes, and thatwas your beginning; in that way yousprang into spiritual life. (345, 22)

7. Love was the reason for havingcreated you. I had a Divine yearningto share My power with someone.And love was also the reason forhaving endowed you with free will. Iwanted to feel loved by My children,not by law but through a spontaneousfeeling which would sprout freelyfrom your spirits. (31, 53)

8. Each spirit sprang from a purethought of the Divinity, and thereforethe spirits are perfect works of theCreator. (236, 16)

The Role of Great Spirits in the Creative Work           

9. Elijah is the great spirit that is atthe right hand of God, and who in hishumility calls himself the servant ofGod, and through whose conduit, andthrough the conduits of other greatspirits, I move the spiritual Universeand carry out great and elevateddesigns. Yes, My disciples, in Myservice I have a multitude of greatspirits that direct Creation. (345, 9)

The Providential Thoughts of God           

10. Listen, disciples, before I createdyou, I already existed, and your spiritswere a part of Me; however, I did notwant you to inherit My kingdomwithout making yourselves deserving.I did not want you to possess thatwhich was in existence withoutknowing who had created you, nor didI want you to proceed withoutdirection, without a destination, andwithout an ideal.

11. That is why I gave you aconscience to be your guide. I grantedyou free will so that your deeds wouldhave true value before Me. I gave youa spirit so that it would always yearnto elevate itself toward that which isbright and pure. I gave you a body, sothat through the heart you would besensitive to the good and beautiful,and so that it would serve as acrucible for constant testing, and as aninstrument to inhabit the materialworld. (35, 48 - 49)

The Creation of Material Worlds for The Spiritual Beings           

12. When for the first time spacewas illuminated with the presence ofspirits, these spirits, uttering their firstwords and taking their first steps likebabes, and not having the elevationnor the strength to sustain themselvesin highly evolved spiritual mansions,felt the need for a support, a hold inorder to feel strong. They were givena material form and a material world,and in their new state, they proceededto acquire experience and knowledge.(35, 50)

13. The Universe was filled withbeings, and in all the love, power, andwisdom of the Father was manifest.The bosom of the Lord has been likean endless fountain of life since theinstant in which He deigned thatatoms might unite to form bodies andintegrate beings.

14. Spiritual life existed first; firstwere the spirits, and then materialnature.

15. As it was decided that manyspiritual creatures would takecorporeal form to inhabit materialworlds, all was prepared in advance,so that the children of the Lord wouldfind all in readiness.

16. He sowed the road his childrenwere to travel with blessings, floodedthe Universe with life, filled the roadof man with beauty and placed in hima Divine beam of light: the conscienceand spirit, forming them in this wayfrom love, intelligence, strength, will,and conscience. Yet, all that existswas wrapped in his strength andshown its destiny. (150, 80 - 84)

17. Thus, when the Father formedthe world, and gave it as its destiny tobe a place of atonement, He knewalready that his children would haveweaknesses and stumble on theirjourney, that it would be necessarythat there be a dwelling where theymight take the first steps towardregeneration and perfection. (250, 37)

The Creation of Human Beings           

18. Listen: God, the Supreme Being,created you "in His image andlikeness," not in the material form thatyou have, but in the virtue with whichyour spirit is endowed, similar tothose of the Father.

19. How pleasing it has been to yourvanity to believe yourselves the imageof your Creator. You believeyourselves to be the most evolvedcreatures created by God and you arein grave error to assume that theUniverse was created only for you.With how much ignorance you callyourselves the kings of creation!

20. Understand that not even theearth is created Only for men. In theendless ladder of the Divine creation,there exists an infinite number ofspirits who are evolving in fulfillmentof the Law of God.

21. The purpose contained in all this,which as men you would be unable tounderstand even if you wished to, aregreat and perfect, as are all thedesigns of the Father. Yet, truly I say,you are neither the greatest nor thesmallest of the creatures of the Father.

22. You were created, and at thatinstant your spirit took life from theAlmighty, bearing within it as manyattributes as were necessary to fulfill adelicate mission within Eternity. (17,24 - 28)

23. Within the spirit of man, whichis My masterpiece, I have placed MyDivine light, I have cultivated it withinfinite love, as a gardener cultivatesthe favorite plant of his garden. I haveplaced you in this mansion wherenothing will be lacking for yourlivelihood, so that you will know Meand know yourselves. I have givenyou power in your spirit to feel thelife of the hereafter and senses in yourbody so that you can enjoy andperfect yourselves. I have given youthis world so that in it you willcommence to take your first steps, andin this path of progress and perfection,you can experience the perfection ofMy Law, so that during your lifetimeyou can recognize and love Me, andthrough your merits you can reachMe.

24. I have granted you the gift offreedom of will, and I have endowedyou with a conscience. The first is foryour freedom to develop within Mylaws, and the second to be able todistinguish good from evil, so that itwill tell you like a perfect judgewhether you are complying or are atfault with My Law.

25. The conscience is light of MyDivine Spirit which never leaves fromyou at any moment.

26. I am the Way, the Truth and theLife. I am peace and happiness, theeternal promise that you will be withMe and also the fulfillment of all Mywords. (22, 7 - 10)

The Memory of Paradise           

27. Those first men, they who werethe Fathers of humanity, preserved fora time the impression that their spiritsbrought from the spiritual valley, animpression of blessedness, peace, anddelight that remained in them until theChapter 24 - Spiritual and Material Creation232rise in their lives of the passions of thematerial form and the struggle tosubsist.

28. Yet, I should tell you, althoughthe spirit of those men did come froma mansion of light, it was not fromone of the highest dwelling places:those to which you may come only bymerit.

29. Nonetheless, the state ofinnocence, peace, welfare and healththat those spirits preserved in theirfirst steps were like a time of light,unforgettable, and of which testimonywas given to their children, and bythem to their descendants.

30. The materialist minds of men,confusing the true meaning of thattestimony, came to believe that theparadise in which the first men lived,was an earthly paradise, notunderstanding that it was the spiritualstate of those creatures. (287, 12 - 13)

The Nature of Human Beings           

31. Spirit and matter are two distinctnatures, from which your being isformed and above both is theconscience. The first is the daughterof the light, the second proceeds fromthe earth, it is material. Both are inunity within one being, and theystruggle between themselves guidedby the conscience, in which you havethe presence of God. This struggle upto now has been constant but in theend, spirit and matter will fulfill inharmony the mission that My Lawindicates to each one.

32. You may also picture the spiritas if it were a plant, and the body asthe earth. The spirit which has beenplanted in the body, grows, it elevatesitself being sustained by the trials andteachings which it receives throughoutits human existence. (21, 40 - 41)

The Unity of the Creator with Creation           

33. The Spirit of God is like aninfinite tree in which the branches arethe worlds and the leaves are thebeings. If the sap is the same that runsthrough the trunk to all branches, andfrom these to the leaves, do you notbelieve that there is something eternaland holy that unites you amongyourselves and merges you with theCreator? (21, 38)

34. My Spirit, which is universal,exists in all that I have createdwhether that be of the spiritual ormaterial Nature. My Work is in all,giving testimony of My perfection ineach of its planes.

35. My Divine Work embraces all,from the greatest and most perfectbeings that dwell by My right, to themost imperceptibly small animal, tothe vegetable and the mineral, and inthe atoms and cells that form allcreatures.

36. In this I show you yet again theperfection of all created by Me, fromthe material beings to the spirits thathave already achieved perfection: thatis My Work. (302, 39)

37. He who separates from thespiritual Law, which is a superiorLaw, falls under the domination of theinferior or material laws, those ofwhich human beings also know verylittle. But He who obeys and remainsin harmony with the supreme Law, isabove all rules that you call naturaland feels and understands more thanthe one who only possessesknowledge which He has found inscience or in the religions.

38. Consider why Jesus surprisedyou with the deeds that you callmiracles, but recognize the lessons oflove that He gave you. Understandthat there is nothing supernatural orcontradictory within the Divine whichvibrates in all Creation. (24, 42 - 43)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 25 - Nature

The Laws of Nature           

1. I have taught you to see God asAll, as the limitless marvel for yourmental conception, as the primemover of all movement and action inthe Universe, as life which manifestsitself as much in a simple plant, as inthose worlds that spin by the millionsin space without any of themdisobeying the law that govern them.

2. That Law is I, your God; it is theLaw of continual evolution at whichman marvels, giving him broad fieldsfor the research that permits him tocontinue penetrating the secrets ofNature. (359, 75)

3. Understand, that the Law is thepath devised by the love of theSupreme Creator to guide each one ofHis creatures. Meditate upon the lifethat surrounds you, composed of aninfinite number of elements andorganisms, and you will end updiscovering that each body and eachbeing, proceed along a path ortrajectory guided by a forceapparently strange and Mysterious.That force is the Law that God hasdecreed to each one of His creatures.

4. On analyzing these teachings youwill conclude by understanding thattruly everything lives, moves andgrows under a Supreme mandate. (15,4)

The Presence of God in Nature           

5. Seek My presence in the workscarried out by Me, and at every stepyou will find Me; try to hear Me, andyou will hear Me in the potent voicethat arises from all created, for I findno difficulty in manifesting Myselfthrough the beings of Creation.

6. I manifest Myself in a star or inthe fury of a storm, as much as in thesweet light of the dawn. I make Myvoice heard in the melodious song ofa bird just as I express it in the aromaof flowers; and every expression ofMine, each phrase, each work, speaksto you of love, of the fulfillment ofMy laws of Justice and Wisdom, andof the eternity of the spirit. (170, 64)

Nature is a Creation of God, and a Parable for the Spiritual           

7. Many have made of Nature theirGod, exalting it as a Divine fountainof all that exists. But in truth I say toyou that this Nature from whosebosom have emerged all beings, theforces and material elements whichsurround you, is not herself creator, itwas conceived and created before bythe Divine Maker. It is not the causenor the reason for life. Only I, yourFather, am the Beginning and the End,the Alpha and the Omega. (26, 26)

8. All that surrounds and envelopesyou in this life is an image of theeternal life, a profound lessonexplained through material forms andobjects so that it may be understood.

9. You have not yet plumbed thedepths of this marvelous lesson, andmen have again erred, for they havetaken the life they live on earth asthough it were eternity. They havebeen content to take from it its forms,renouncing all that is contained in thisDivine revelation: the essence andtruth that is found in all creation.(184, 31 - 32)

10. I do not come to deprive you ofanything that I have placed in Naturefor the protection, health, sustenance,welfare, and joy of My children.

11. Rather, I tell you that just as Ioffer the bread of the spirit and inviteyou to breathe in and saturate yourselfwith spiritual emanations, do notignore nor distance yourselves fromall that Nature offers you, for therebyyou achieve harmony, health, andenergy, and through them, thecomplete fulfillment of the laws oflife. (210, 22)

12. The irrational beings are guidedby instinct, which is its interior voice,its master, its guide; it is like a lightthat proceeds from its mother Nature,and that lights the path that it musttravel in life, a path that has alsostruggles and risks.

13. From them take the harmony thateach species lives with. Imitate theactivity of those that are active. Taketheir examples of fidelity or ofgratitude; they are examples thatcontain Divine wisdom because theyare creatures of Mine, who have alsosprung from Me to surround andaccompany you in your world, and toparticipate in what I have placed onearth. (320, 34 - 35)

The Power of The Children of God over Nature           

14. The elements will obey youwhen you comply with My Law andwhen you ask it of Me for the benefitof your brethren. (18, 47)

15. Have I not taught you that eventhe unleashed elements can hear yourprayer and become calm? If thoseelements obey My voice, why shouldthey not obey the voice of the childrenof the Lord when they have becomeprepared? (38, 10)

16. I have given the spirit powerover the material world so that it mayovercome the trials and come to itsdestination; the struggle will be great,however, for since man hasestablished on earth the only kingdomin which He believes, He has brokenthe harmony that ought to existbetween him and that whichsurrounds him. From his proud throneHe has wanted to submit all things tothe power of his science, and imposehis will over the elements and naturalforces. But He has not accomplishedthis because long ago He broke histies of friendship with the spirituallaws.

17. Now, when I have told thispeople that the elements may obeythem, there have been those who havenot believed; and I say that they havehad reason to doubt, for Nature willnever obey those who do notrecognize it, and who profane andmock it. But He who knows how tolive in accord with the laws of thespirit and matter, who lives inharmony with all that surrounds him,will identify himself with his Creator,making himself worthy of beingserved and obeyed by the elements, ascorresponds to all children who knowto obey their Father, the Creator of allthat exists. (105, 39)

18. I neither lie nor exaggerate whenI tell you that the elements can hearyour voice and respect and obey you.

19. The history of Israel was writtenas a testimony to My truth, and in ityou can find that time and again thepeople of God were recognized andrespected by the forces and elementsof Nature; why should you not be thesame?

20. By any chance, do you believethat My power, or My love forhumanity has varied with the passageof time? No, you multitudes that hearthis word, the light of My Spiritbathes you, My power and My loveare eternal and unchanging. (353, 64)

Man and Nature           

21. But you must take care, Opeoples of the earth, for if youcontinue to make use of My Divinelessons to provoke the elements, ifyou apply the limited knowledge thatyou have toward evil, you will receivewhen you least expect it, the painfuland just response. You provoke thewind, the fire, the earth, the water,and all forces; you are well aware ofwhat your harvest will be if you donot correct your activities in time, andbe able to stop the elements,unleashed because of yourfoolishness.

22. I warn you that you are reachingthe limit that My justice permits ofyour free will, you are greatlyprovoking Nature. And since you arelike children who feel themselvessuperior, this word comes as awarning of the danger in which youfind yourselves. (17, 60)

23. I told you that the leaf of the treedid not move without My will, andnow I say to you that none of theelements obey any other will butMine.

24. I also say to you that nature canbe to men what they wish it to be: amother endowed with blessings, withcaresses and nourishment, or an ariddesert where hunger and thirst reign.It can be either a teacher of wise andinfinite revelations about life,goodness, love, and eternity, or anunyielding judge in the face ofprofanation, disobedience, and theerrors of men.

25. Blessing them, I said to the firstmen, be fruitful; multiply and fill theearth. Conquer it, and rule over thefish of the sea, the birds of the sky,and over all creatures that move onthe face of the earth.

26. Yes, humanity, I created man sothat He would be master and wouldhave power over space, over waters,over all the earth, and the elements ofcreation. But behold, I haveemphasized the term master becausemen, believing they rule the earthwith their science, are truly slaves;believing they dominate the forces ofnature, become victims of theirrecklessness, ignorance, and lack ofpreparation.

27. Human power and science haveinvaded the earth, the seas, and space,but their power and force are not inharmony with the power and force ofnature, which express God's Divinelove and are life, wisdom, harmony,and perfection. Whereas, humanpower, science, and their deeds areonly filled with pride, selfishness,vanity and wickedness. (40, 26 - 30)

28. Do you see the unbalancing ofthe elements of Nature and thetwisting they have suffered? Do yourealize how you are touched by theunleashed forces? It is because youhave broken the harmony that existsbetween the spiritual and materiallives, provoking thereby the chaosinto which you are sinking; but whenhumanity is obedient to the laws thatgovern life, all will return to peace,abundance, and happiness. (108, 56)

29. How could your works on earthbe perfect when I see you hostile tothe very elements of Nature fromwhich you take life?

30. My Doctrine does not come toprohibit that you use the elements andforces of nature, but comes to regulateand teach you to employ them forworthy ends.

31. The elements of Nature in yourhands, can change, from friends andbrothers, to judges who punish youseverely.

32. It is time that men harvest thefruit of experience in order to notfurther provoke the force of theelements, for with all their sciencethey will not be able to contain them.(210, 43 - 46)

33. The Tree of Science shall beshaken by the fury of the hurricane,and its fruits shall fall upon mankind.And who is it that has unchained theelements if not man?

34. It is well that the first beingsknew pain in order to awaken them toreality, to be born to the light of theconscience, and conform themselvesto a Law, but why do the evolved,conscious, and developed men of thistime dare to profane the Tree of Life?(288, 28)

35. To those who think that I punishmen by unleashing the elements ofNature upon them, I say that theycommit a grave error in thinking thus,for nature evolves and is transformed,and in its changes or transitionupheavals occur that producesuffering to you when you do notcomply with the Law, though youattribute it to Divine punishment.

36. Truly, within it is My justice, yetif you, privileged beings containing aspark of the Divine that illuminatesyour spirit, lived in harmony with theNature that surrounds you, your spiritswould maintain you elevated above itschanges, above the force of theelements, and you would not suffer.(280, 16)

37. What is Nature, if not a largecreature? Yes, disciples, a creaturewho also evolves, purifies, develops,and perfects itself for the purpose ofsheltering the men of tomorrow in itsbosom

38. How many times have youresented its natural transitions forreaching that perfection and attributeit to the punishments of God, notrealizing that together with Natureand Creation, you purify, evolve, andwalk toward perfection. (283, 57 - 58)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 26 - Other Worlds

The Universal Light of Christ           

1. In that Era I told you, "I am thelight of the world," for I spoke as aman and because men did not know ofanything beyond their small world.Now, in the Spirit I tell you: I am theuniversal light, that which illuminatesthe life of all worlds, heavens, anddwellings, that illuminates and giveslight to all beings and creatures. (308,4)

2. I am the Eternal Sower, evenbefore coming to the earth and beingcalled "Jesus" by men, I was theSower; already known by those whowere beyond the material, theconfusion or ignorance; those whoinhabit spiritual regions and dwellingsthat you do not yet know and cannotimagine.

3. From among those who knew Mebefore I came to earth, I sent youmany to give testimony in the worldabout Me, to announce the coming ofChrist, the Love and the Word of theFather. Some of them were prophets,others were forerunners, and stillothers apostles.

4. This is not the only world that hasknown My passage; wherever aRedeemer has been necessary, there Ihave been present.

5. Yet, I must tell you, that while inother dwellings My cross and cupwere taken from me by theregeneration and love of yourbrothers, here in this world, even aftermany centuries, you still have mecrowned with thorns and tormentedon the cross of your imperfections,drinking always from the cup of galland vinegar.

6. As My Work of Love containsredemption for all humanity, I awaityou with infinite patience; I haveconceded not one, but manyopportunities to each being for hiselevation, and waited through manyeras the awakening of all who sleep inprofound lethargy. (211, 26 - 29)

7. On the Ladder of Perfection thereare many steps, in the spiritual valeand in the limitless space there aremany worlds; and truly I tell you: Ihave always communicated with all ofthem, and My manifestation amongthem has always been according to theworld they were in and their place onthe spiritual ladder. (219, 34)

8. While the human creatures argueabout My Divinity, My existence, andMy Doctrine, there are worlds where Iam loved perfectly.

9. At a moment when some [worlds]have reached the greatest spiritualcleanliness, your planet, morally andspiritually, lives in a time of greatperversity. (217, 65 - 66)

The Spiritual Link between the Worlds           

10. My Divine light shinesthroughout the universe; you will findMy presence wherever you seek me.

11. I am the Divine Father whoworks to bring harmony to all of hischildren on earth and those who dwellin other worlds.

12. Spiritual harmony among allbeings will reveal great knowledge; itwill provide you with spirit to Spiritcommunication that will cut distances,bring the absent close, and eraseborders and boundaries. (286, 1 - 3)

13. This humanity will make greatstrides toward spiritualism, its spiritscan go far beyond human limits, andcome to the higher dwellings tocommunicate with their brothers andreceive the light that they have tooffer.

14. They may also descend to theplanes where there dwellunderdeveloped beings of littleelevation in order to help themovercome their poor condition andachieve a higher level.

15. The ladder the spirit ascends toits perfection is very great; on it youwill find beings of infinity ofgradations, and you will offer themthat which you possess, and they, inturn, will give you something of theirspiritual riches.

16. Then, you will discover that thisis not the only world that struggles forits improvement. You will learn thaton all the planets the spirit evolves,that on all of them it palpitates andgrows, fulfilling it destiny; and I wishyou to prepare to make alliance withall your brothers, that youcommunicate with them with a holyyearning to recognize, love, and helpeach other.

17. Do this in My Name throughyour thoughts, and within the strictestobedience, and when you start thisexercise, you will begin to interprettheir petitions, and their teachings andbenefits.

18. I yearn for you that harmonyexist with your brothers on andbeyond this planet that is currentlyyour home; proffer ties of friendship,ask for help when you need it, andhelp those who ask for from what youpossess. (320, 44 - 46)

Other Worlds and Ways of Life           

19. Many times you have asked Mewhat lies beyond this world, andwhether those heavenly bodies thatspin through space are worlds likeyours.

20. My answer to your curiosity hasnot completely dispelled the veil ofMystery because you do not yet havethe degree of evolution necessary tounderstand, nor the spiritualityindispensable to harmonize with otherworlds.

21. You have not yet managed toknow or understand the teachings thatthe planet you live on offers you, andalready you seek other worlds. Youhave not been able to act as brothersamong yourselves, the inhabitants of asingle world, and you wish todiscover the existence of beings inother dwellings.

22. For now it should suffice for youto remember that in the Second Era Isaid to you: "In My Father's house aremany mansions," and now, ratifyingthose words, I tell you that you are notthe only inhabitants of the Universe,nor your planet the only oneinhabited.

23. To the generations of tomorrowit shall be given to behold open thegates that lead to other worlds, andthey shall have reason to marvelbefore the Father.

24. Love and goodness, from whichcharity and peace are derived, shall bethe keys that open the doors to theMystery, and so men make a steptoward universal harmony.

25. Today you are isolated, confinedand retained, because your selfishnesshas made you live only for the world,without ambitions for freedom and theelevation of the spirit.

26. What will become of you, vainmen, diminished by your materialism,if before ridding yourselves of yourhuman defects, you were allowed tocome to other worlds? What seedswould you sow? Discord, insaneambition, and vanity.

27. In truth I tell you, that to reachthat knowledge to which all manaspires, and that revelation that willremove from his mind the questionsthat torture and intrigue him, manmust purify himself much, and muchwill He have to pray and keep vigil.

28. It will not be science alone thatreveals My secrets, it is necessary thatthat yearning to know be inspired byspiritual love.

29. When the life of men hasreflections of spirituality, I tell youthey shall not even have to make aneffort to look beyond their world, forat the same time they will be soughtout by those who inhabit the higherdwelling places. (292, 3 - 5, and 7 -11)

The Purpose of the Stars           

30. In your Father's house there aremany dwellings, which are the infinitesteps of the ladder that leads toperfection; from them the SpiritualWorld descends to manifest itselfamong you.

31. Many times you have asked Me,spirit to Spirit, why there are so manystars, and about the planets that shineover your world, and you have asked:"Master, are those worlds empty?"

32. I tell you, the time has not comefor Me to tell you outright; when menhave reached spirituality, then greatrevelations will be given to them, andthey will be able to communicate withthose beings beloved by My Divinity,spirit to spirit, and communication ofthoughts between all the brothers willoccur.

33. Still, from today forth, knowthis: all of the worlds are inhabited byMy creatures, nothing is empty; allare blessed gardens cared for byMary, the Divine Tenderness.

34. The Holy Spirit will return tospeak through your mouths of moreelevated lessons yet unknown to youand to humanity. When, belovedpeople? When there is spirituality inyou and consecration in your mission.(312, 10 - 12)

35. Look, people, contemplate thesky, take a good look at it and youwill see that in every star is a promise,a world that awaits you. They aredwellings promised to the children ofGod, which all of you will come toinhabit; for all of you will know Myrealm, which was not created only forcertain beings, but as a universalhome where all the children of theLord shall be gathered. (12, 24)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 27 - The Beyond

The Knowledge needed about Spiritual Life           

1. How ignorant of the spiritualteachings I find this humanity, and itis because it has been taught that MyLaw and My Doctrine are only amorality that will be of use as an aid,and not as the path that will guide itsspirit toward the perfect mansion.

2. The different religions have comesowing a false fear toward spiritualknowledge within the heart of man,which has caused them to flee fromMy revelations and to be submergedin the confusion of their ignorance,arguing that the spiritual life is aprofound Mystery.

3. Those who affirm this are lying.All the revelations that God made tomen since the beginning of mankind,speak of the spiritual existence. It istrue that I had not revealed all Myteaching to you, because you were notcapable of knowing it all, until thetime arrived. But what the Father hasrevealed up to now is enough for youto have a complete knowledge of thespiritual life. (25, 38 - 40)

4. The spiritual life that is yearnedfor by many is feared, denied andeven mocked by others; butimpassive, it awaits everyone. It is abosom that shields you, arms thatembrace you, the homeland of thespirit; it is a profound Mystery evenfor the wise, but in My Arcanum youcan enter, as long as the key that youuse to open the door is that of love.(80, 40)

"Heaven" and "Hell"           

5. Men have imagined hell as a placeof eternal torture, where they believethat all those who have disobeyed Mymandates will go. And in the sameway they have created a hell for greatfaults, they have imagined anotherplace for lesser faults, as well as onemore for those who have done neitherright nor wrong.

6. Those who say that in theHereafter there is neither rejoicing norsuffering, are not telling the truth; noone is without suffering, nor exemptfrom rejoicing. Afflictions and joyswill always be mixed as long as thespirit does not attain the supremepeace.

7. Listen, O My people: Hell iswithin the incarnated and discarnated,in dwellers of this world and thespiritual realm; hell is a symbol ofgreat pain, of terrible remorse, ofdesperation, of suffering andbitterness of those who have sinnedgreatly, and from those consequencesthey will be liberated according to theevolution of their spirit towards love.

8. Glory, on the other hand, whichsymbolizes happiness and true peace,is for those who have withdrawn fromearthly passions, in order to live incommunion with God.

9. Question your conscience and youwill know if you are living in hell, ifyou are atoning for your faults, or ifyou are vibrating with the peace ofglory.

10. What men call glory or hell, arenot predetermined places; it is theessence of your deeds which yourspirit gathers when it reaches thespiritual realm. Each one lives hishell, inhabits his world of atonement,or enjoys the happiness which theelevation and harmony with theDivine Spirit offers. (11, 51 - 56)

11. Just as man on earth can create aspiritual peace for himself similar tothe peace of My Kingdom, He canalso, with his perversity, surroundhimself with an existence like a hell,made of vice, evil, and remorse.

12. In the hereafter, the spirit canalso find worlds of darkness, ofperversity, of hatred and vengeance,according to the spirit's degree ofconfusion, low passions, and desires.But truly I say to you that the heavenas well as the hell, which menvisualize only through earthly figuresand images, are no more thandifferent stages of the spirit'sevolution; one stage is the highestlevel of perfection achieved by a spiritthrough its evolution and virtue, andthe other is a stage where the spiritlives in an abyss of darkness, vices,and confusion.

13. To the virtuous spirit, it makesno difference where it finds itself, forwherever it may be, it will carrywithin the peace and the love of theCreator. On the other hand, theimpure and disturbed spirit can finditself in the best of worlds but willcontinue to feel itself burning withremorse until it becomes purified.

14. Do you believe that I, yourFather, have created placesspecifically for the purpose ofpunishing you and thus eternallyavenging your offenses ?

15. How foolish are the men whocontinue to teach those theories!

16. How is it possible for you tobelieve that eternal darkness and painare the destiny awaiting spirits which,though having sinned, will always bechildren of God? If they need betaught, here is the Teacher; if theyneed love, here is the Father; if theyyearn for forgiveness, here is theperfect Judge.

17. The one who never seeks me,correcting his faults, will be unable toreach me. But no one will be able toresist My justice nor My trials; youcan only reach me when you are pure.(52, 31 - 37)

18. Among so many mansionswithin the house of the Father theredoes not exist a single world ofdarkness. His light is in all of them;however if the spirits penetrate intothem with a veil over their eyes, dueto ignorance, how can they be able tobehold that splendor?

19. If you ask a blind person here inthe world what He sees, He willanswer, only darkness. It is not thatthe sunlight does not exist, rather thatHe is not able to see it. (82, 12 - 13)

20. I say to you during this period:Do not accept the idea of “hell” thathumanity has accepted. There is nomore hell in this world, other than thelife that man has created with his warsand hatred. And in the spiritual valley,there is no fire other than the greatremorse that the spirit feels when itsconscience shows it its errors. (182,45)

21. Those who in their religiousfanaticism only await the punishmentof hell in the Beyond, while holdingthat belief are themselves forgingtheir own hell, for the confusion of thespirit is similar to that of the humanmind, but more powerful.

22. You ask: Master, is theresalvation for them? I tell you, there issalvation for every one, but peace andlight will come to that spirit when thedarkness of the disturbance has gone.

23. Have you ever felt pity forsomeone whose mental illness makeshim see things that do not exist? Howmuch greater would be your sorrowupon seeing those disturbed beings inthe Beyond as they look into theirimaginary hell. (227, 71)

24. Do not tremble before theserevelations; on the contrary, enjoythinking that this word comes todestroy the concept of eternalpunishment that you have had, and allthe interpretations that you have beengiven of eternal fire in the past.

25. Fire is the symbol of pain: of theregrets and repentance that tormentthe spirit, purifying it as gold ispurified in the crucible. In that pain isMy will, and in My will is love foryou.

26. If it were true that fire was whatpunished human sin, then the bodiesof all who have sinned would have tobe thrown into the fire here on earth,while alive. The dead would not feelit, because their bodies never ascendto the spiritual space, rather, whentheir mission is concluded they returnto the bowels of the earth, where theymerge with Nature, from which theytook life.

27. But if you believe what you call"eternal fire" is not for the body, butfor the spirit, that too is a seriousmistake, for in the spiritual realmthere are no material elements, nordoes fire act upon the spirit. What isborn of matter, is matter; what is bornof the spirit, is spirit.

28. My word does not descend toattack any belief. If someone believessuch, they are gravely in error. Myword comes to explain the content ofall that which has not been dulyinterpreted, and which therefore hasproduced confusions that have beentransmitted from generation togeneration among humanity.

29. What worth would My Law andMy Doctrine have if they were notable to save spirits from error and sin?And what purpose would My comingas a man to the world have had ifthere were to be many who would belost forever in endless atonement?(353, 44 - 48)

30. Some are motivated to do goodworks because they are fearful thatdeath might surprise them having nomerit to present to the Lord. Othersleave off evil only from fear of dyingin sin and having to withstand afterthis life the eternal torment of hell.

31. How deformed and imperfect isthat God, in the form that so manyimagine: how unjust, monstrous, andcruel. Together, all the sins andcrimes that men have committedcould not compare with the perversityof the punishment in hell for alleternity to which, according to them,God condemns his children who sin.Have I not explained to you that thegreatest attribute of God is love? Doyou not believe then, that eternaltorment would be the absolutenegation of the Divine attribute ofeternal love? (164, 33 - 34)

32. You believe that heaven is aregion in the infinite, and that you canget there by means of a sincererepentance of your faults at the hourof your material death, beingconfident that you will be pardoned atthat instant, and carried by Me to theKingdom of Heaven. That is what youbelieve.

33. But I tell you that heaven is not aplace, nor a region, nor even amansion; heaven is your elevation andperfection: it is your state of purity. Inwhom does it lie to permit you toenter heaven? In Me, who has alwaysbeen calling you, or in you, who havealways been so slow?

34. Cease limiting the infinite, theDivine. Do you not understand that ifheaven were as you believe, amansion, a particular place, then itwould not be infinite? It is time thatyou conceive of the spiritual in a moreelevated way, so that although youridea may not encompass all thereality, it will at least come close.(146, 68 - 69)

The "Music" of Heaven           

35. You may have heard that inheaven the angels listen eternally tothe Divine concert. If you considerthat symbolic sense, be careful to notbelieve that in glory they listen tomusic similar to that you are used toon earth; who believes thusly hasfallen into a complete error ofmaterialism; but He who on hearingof the music of heaven and the joy ofthe angels hearing it, thinks of theharmony with God in the Divineconcert, will have arrived at the truth.

36. How can it be that there are somewho do not understand this, when inyour spirit you bear a note of theuniversal concert? How can it be thathearing this word there are those whodo not understand it, who do not feelit, or who interpret it badly?

37. Oh, beloved children, seek thelight in prayer, for you are fragile inyour understanding. Ask Me in yourmeditations, for no matter how bigyour questions, from the infinite Ishall know how to answer them. Atthe same time, I too will question you,so that between the Master and thedisciples the light of truth may arise.

38. The celestial music is thepresence of God in you, and in themiddle of that concert, your note shallvibrate when you have achieved trueelevation, which is spiritual beauty.That is the celestial music and thesinging of the angels. When you knowand feel like that, the truth shall shinein your being and you shall feel thatGod is in you. Life shall offer you aneternal and Divine concert, and inevery one of its notes, you shalldiscover a revelation.

39. As yet, you have not heard intheir perfect harmony the beautifulnotes that are at times sweet, andother times vibrant. If you dosomehow perceive them, they willseem to you like vague notes youcannot manage to bring together, andyou will not be able to fully realizethe beauty they contain. It isnecessary to go beyond the senses,beyond the passions and the shadowsof materialism in order to hear theconcert of God in your spirit. (199, 53- 56)

In my Father's House there are Many Mansions (Dwellings)           

40. My Work will continue to growmore and more until finally all spiritsare unified in the fulfillment of MyLaw and this dwelling is converted toa world of perfection. Those whoinhabit it in that time will feel Mylove palpitate in all creation, and willcontinue preparing to inhabit a betterworld. This dwelling shall betemporary for your spirit; it will go toother regions, to other planes of theBeyond, in search of its perfection.

41. Remember that I told you: "InMy Father's house are manymansions." In this time of greaterevolution, in which you understandMy teachings better, I have come totell you: "In the house of the Fatherthere are an infinity of mansions." Donot think, therefore, that upon leavingthis world you will achieve themaximum level of spiritual elevation.No, disciples, when your time on thisplanet ends I will lead you to otherdwellings, and in this way I will guideyou eternally upon the infinite ladderof your perfection. Trust in Me, loveMe, and you shall be saved. (317, 30)

42. It is impossible that from thisworld you try to imagine what MyKingdom, Heaven or Glory are, orhow they are. It suffices for you toknow that it is a state of perfection ofthe spirit, from where it sees, feelsand understands the marvelous life ofthe spirit, which you cannotunderstand or conceive now.

43. I say to you that even the spiritswho inhabit higher levels than thosewhere you live, do not know thereality of that existence. Do you knowwhat it is to live within the bosom ofthe Father? When you dwell there,then you will be able to know it. Onlya vague presentiment, a slightintuition of that Mystery, will brieflycross through your heart as anincentive along your path ofevolution. (76, 28 - 29)

My peace be with you !