Chapter 28 - Death, Dying, and Awakening in The Beyond
                 The Immortality of the Spirit
                 Preparation for the Parting from this World
                 The Passage to another World
                 "Eternal Rest"
                 Reencounters in the Beyond
                 The Judgment of the Spirit by its own Conscience
                 The Spiritual Conscience Recovered
Chapter 29 - Purification and Ascension of the Spirits in The Beyond
                 Remorse, Repentance, and Self Incrimination
                 Compensating Justice
                 The Ascension of Spirits to the Kingdom of God
Chapter 30 - The Development of the Spirit through Reincarnations
                 The Law of Evolution
                 The "Resurrection of the Flesh" - Properly Understood
                 The Differentiated State of the Development of the Spirits
                 The Knowledge of previous earthly Lives and of your own Development
                 Love as a Requirement for Spiritual Development
                 Various Reasons for the Reincarnations
                 The Road to Perfection
                 The Universal School of Life
                 The Power of Conviction of the Doctrine of Reincarnation
                 Stages in the Reincarnation of a Spirit
Chapter 31 - Redemption and Eternal Salvation
                 The Correction of Mistaken Concepts about Redemption
                 "Heaven" must be Earned
                 The most Powerful Force for Redemption
                 Salvation and Redemption for each Spirit
                 The Glorious Future of the Children of God

VII. The evolutionary Road to Perfection

Chapter 28 - Death, Dying, and Awakening in The Beyond

The Immortality of the Spirit           

1. This is the Era in which humanityawakens to the beauties of the spirit,in which it becomes interested in theeternal, and asks itself: "What will thelife that awaits us after death be like?"

2. Who, howsoever unbelieving, hasnot asked if something exists withinhimself that will survive the materialform? Truly I tell you, there are nonewho do not sense that Mystery ormeditate in some moment on theunfathomable.

3. Concerning the spiritual life thatseems so far and is in reality beforeyour very eyes, some ask, othersconfuse themselves, and others deny;some speak, believing they knoweverything, while others stay silentand wait. Yet so few there are whoreally know something of the Beyond.

4. In the Third Era I have left thetomb of the forgotten in whichhumanity has held me, in order toresurrect humanity, for I am life. Noone can die; even the one who takeshis life by his own hand will hear hisconscience asking him to account forhis lack of faith. (52, 63)

5. My doctrine is not only for givingyou strength and tranquility duringyour passage on earth, it is to teachyou to leave this world, to pass thethresholds of the Beyond, and enterthe eternal mansion.

6. All religions comfort the spirit inits passing through this world, buthow little they reveal and prepare youfor the journey to the Beyond. That iswhy many look at death as an ending,not knowing that it is from there thatyou can see the infinite horizon oftrue life. (261, 52 - 3)

7. Death is only a symbol. Deathexists for those who do not achieveknowledge of the truth; for them deathcontinues as a spectre behind which iseither Mystery, or nothing. It is to youthat I say: Open your eyes andunderstand that you also will not die;you will be separated from thematerial, but that does not mean thatyou will die. You, like your Master,have eternal life. (213, 5)

Preparation for the Parting from this World           

8. You must understand that you,gifted with a spirit, are the Father'smost beloved work in his Creation,for in you He deposited essence,attributes, and immortality.

9. Death does not exist for the spirit,not death as you know it, the ceasingof existence. The death of the bodycannot be death or an ending for thespirit. It is precisely when the vesselcloses its eyes to this world foreverthat the spirit opens its eyes to ahigher life; it is only an instant oftransition on the path that leads toperfection.

10. If you have not yet understood itthis way, it is because you still lovethis world much and you feel closelytied to it. It worries you to abandonthis dwelling because you feel thatyou are the owners of what youpossess in it, and there are also thosewho have a vague foreboding of MyDivine justice, and fear to enter thespiritual vale.

11. Humanity has loved this worldtoo much; too much, because its lovehas been badly directed. How manyhave succumbed in it because of that!How greatly the spirits have becomematerialized for that same reason.

12. Only when you have felt death'sfootsteps near you, when you havebeen gravely ill and suffering, whenyou think that you are only a stepfrom the Beyond: from that justicethat you fear, only in those straits, doyou make promises and pledges to theFather to love, serve, and obey him onearth. (146, 46 - 49)

13. Men have loved this life so muchthat when the time comes to departfrom earth, they rebel against My willand ignore that I am calling them.They reject the peace of My Kingdomand ask the Father for more time onearth in order to continue possessingtheir temporary riches.

14. Learn to be sensitive so that youwill intuitively become aware of thespiritual life; do not be satisfied withyour life on earth which marks thebeginning of your spiritual evolutionbecause beyond this world there aresuperior creations.

15. Do not try to reject death when itcomes near to you because of MyWill. Also, you should not seek theman of science attempting tomiraculously prolong your existence,thus opposing My will, for you willboth weep bitterly over that error.Prepare yourself in this life, and youwill have no reason to fear your entryinto the Beyond. (52, 55 - 57)

16. While you are on earth, youshould love the things of this worldonly to the degree that it will help youto fulfill its laws. But you shouldalways be inspired to come to dwell inthe elevated spiritual mansions so thatwhen your spirit separates from itsmaterial body it will not be confusednor tempted by those things that itloved on earth; if it yields, it willbecome a slave to them and remain inthis world, to which it no longerbelongs nor can enjoy. (284, 5)

17. Be merciful with yourselves. Noone knows when the moment willcome in which his spirit will separatefrom the flesh. No one knows if onthe next day his eyes will open to thelight. Everyone belongs to the Lord ofall Creation, and you do not knowwhen you will be called.

18. Remember that not even thehairs on your head belong to you, noteven the ground that you tread upon;that you yourselves do not belong toyou, that you do not need to havepossessions of short duration, since"your Kingdom" is also "not of thisworld."

19. Spiritualize yourselves and youwill possess everything withinfairness and in measure according toyour needs, and when the moment ofyour renunciation of this life arrives,you will elevate yourselves full oflight to take possession of whatbelongs to you in the Beyond. (5, 95 -97)

The Passage to another World           

20. At every moment My voice callsyou toward the righteous path wherepeace exists, but your deaf ear hasonly an instant of sensitivity beforethat voice. That moment is the lastone of your life, when agony givesyou notice of the near death of thebody. Then is when you want to beginyour life to correct your faults, tocalm down your spirit before thejudgment of your conscience and beable to offer something worthy andmeritorious to the Father. (64, 60)

21. If you seek immortality of thespirit, do not fear the arrival of thedeath that puts an end to human life,await it prepared. It is under Mycommand, and is therefore always justand opportune, though men oftenbelieve otherwise.

22. The seriousness is not in thatmen die, it is in the spirit lacking lightupon leaving the material, and beingunable to see the truth. I do not wishthe death of the sinner, but hisconversion; however, when deathbecomes necessary either to liberate aspirit, or to stop a fall of a man intothe abyss, My Divine justice cuts thethread of that human existence. (102,49 - 50)

23. Be aware that in the book of yourdestiny I have designated the day andthe hour when the doors of thehereafter will open allowing yourspirit to enter. Once you have entered,you will see all of your work on earthand all of your past. You should notwant, at that time, to hear voices ofcomplaints and accusations againstyou nor those, who point to you asresponsible for their troubles. (53, 49)

24. Do not halt, thinking that youwill never arrive just because the roadappears long. Keep moving forward,for a moment you lose your spirit willregret later. Who told you that theobjective is in this world? Who hastaught you that death is the end, andthat you can reach My Kingdom atthat moment?

25. Death is like a brief dream, afterwhich, restored in strength, the spiritawakens to the caress of My light, asto the beginning of a new day foritself.

26. Death is the key that opens thegates of the prison that you findyourselves in by being adhered to thematerial, and is at the same time thekey that opens the doors to eternity.

27. This planet, converted by humanimperfections into a vale ofatonement, has been a place ofcaptivity and exile for the spirit.

28. Truly, I tell you, that life on earthis one step more on the ladder of life.Why do you not understand it in thisway in order to take advantage of allyour lessons? That is the reason whymany must return to it, again andagain, because they did notunderstand nor make use of theirprevious life. (167, 22 - 26)

29. It is necessary that you know thatbecause the spirit is to be subjected toa long and sometimes difficult test, ithad a vast preparation before beingmade flesh. However, thanks to thatpreparation it is not disturbed byentering into this life; it closes its eyesto the past to open them to a newexistence, and in this way from thefirst instant adapts to the world towhich it has arrived.

30. How different indeed is the formin which your spirit presents itselfbefore the threshold of the spirituallife or when it has recently left itsbody and its world. As it has lackedreal preparation for returning to itshome, it feels disturbed, thesensations of the material stilldominate, and it does not know whereto go or what to do.

31. This is because it did not learnthat it is also necessary to know howto close the eyes to this world in thelast instant; for it is only in this waythat it can open them to the spiritualworld that it had left before, where allits past awaited to be reunited with itsnew experience, and add its newmerits to all its previous ones.

32. As He recovers the light, a denseveil clouds his mind: the tenaciousinfluence of all He has left behindinhibits to feel the vibration of hisconscience as the shadows fadeallowing him to reintegrate himself tohis true essence. There is muchconfusion, and much pain.

33. Will there be any, who uponhearing or reading this message rejectit as useless or false lessons? I tell youthat only He who is found in anextreme grade of materialism or blindfanaticism could reject this lightwithout his spirit being moved. (257,20 - 22)

"Eternal Rest"           

34. Spiritual rest as it is understoodand conceived of by your materialworld, does not exist; the restawaiting the spirit is activity,multiplication of oneself throughdoing good, while not loosing aninstant. That is when the spirit rests,its regrets and sorrows are lightened,it enjoys itself by doing good, andrests loving its Creator and itsbrothers.

35. Truly I tell you, if the spirit weremade to remain inactive to rest, in theway that you think of it on earth, thedarkness of depression and anguishwould overcome it, for the life andlight of the spirit, as well as itsgreatest happiness, are work, struggle,and unceasing activity.

36. The spirit that returns from theearth to the spiritual valley, bearingimprinted on it the fatigue of the flesh,and seeks the Beyond as a bed to restin, where it can sink into oblivion inorder to wipe away the scars of thestruggle, must come to feel itself mostunfortunate, and will not encountereither peace or happiness until itawakes from its lethargy, recoversfrom its error, and rises to the spirituallife, which is as I have alreadydescribed: love, work, and continualstruggle on the path that leads toperfection. (317, 12 - 14)

Reencounters in the Beyond           

37. I want you to be men of faith,who believe in the spiritual life; if youhave seen your brethren depart towardthe hereafter, do not feel them distant,nor believe that you have lost themforever. If you wish to be reunitedwith them, be active, do good, andwhen you reach the hereafter, thereyou will find them waiting to teachyou to live in that spiritual realm. (9,20)

38. Who has not felt uneasinessabout the life of the Hereafter? Whoamong those who have lost their dearones in this world has not felt aneagerness to see them again or at leastknow where they are? You will knowall of this; you will see them again.

39. But you should earn merits now,because it might be that when youleave this earth, you will ask in theSpiritual Realm where are thosewhom you expect to find, and youwill be told that you cannot see thembecause they are in a higher level; donot forget that a long time ago I toldyou that in the house of the Fatherthere are many mansions. (61, 31)

The Judgment of the Spirit by its own Conscience           

40. When the spirit of some greatsinner departs from this material lifeto enter the spiritual valley, it issurprised to discover that hell, as ithad once imagined, does not exist;and the fire, of which it waspreviously told, is nothing more thanthe essence of its works harshlyjudged by its conscience.

41. That eternal judgment andenlightenment which exists in themidst of the darkness that surroundthe sinner, will be more painful thanthe strongest fire you could haveimagined. But it is not a tortureprepared beforehand as a punishmentfor the one who offended me. No, thistorture originates when one begins tounderstand his own mistakes, whenthe spirit begins to feel great sorrowfor having offended the One whocreated him and for not having madebetter use of its time and of the manygifts it received from its Lord.

42. Do you believe that I shouldpunish those who by their sins offendMe, when I know that the sin offendsmore He who commits it? Do you notsee that who the sinner does evil to, ishimself? And that I will not increasethe misfortune He has worked uponhimself by punishing him? I merelyallow them to see themselves and hearthe inexorable voice of theirconsciences interrogating andanswering them, to recover thespiritual memory that in the materialform they had lost, and to remembertheir beginnings, their destiny, andtheir promises. There, in thatjudgment, they will feel the effects ofthe fire that exterminates their eviland that recasts them like gold in acrucible, separating them from thatwhich is harmful or superfluous, andall that is not spiritual.

43. When a spirit stops to listen tothe voice and judgment of itsconscience, verily I say to you that atthat moment it finds itself in Mypresence.

44 That moment of rest, of serenity,and of clarity does not come to allspirits at the same time; some readilyenter into that self - examination andin so doing avoid much grief; forwhile they awaken to reality andrecognize their errors, they preparethemselves and are ready to repaireven the last of their bad deeds.

45. While others, blinded, be it byvice, by some resentment, or forhaving lived an existence of sin, delaycoming out of their blindness.

46. Others, more dissatisfied,believing they have been torn fromthe earth before time, when all smilesupon them, curse and blaspheme,delaying their ability to freethemselves from confusion, and likethese, there are a great number ofcases that know only My wisdom.(36, 47 - 51)

47. You shall have to answer for all,and the more evil your works, themore energetic the judgment you shallreceive from yourself; for I do notjudge you, that is false, it is your ownspirit in its lucid state that serves asboth your fearful prosecutor and yourterrible judge. It is I who defend youagainst the confusion, and whoabsolve and save you, because I amthe Love that purifies and pardons.

48. Think that very soon you will bein spirit, and that which on this earthyou have sown, will also be what youreap. The passing from this life to theother does not fail to be a strict andsevere judgment for the spirit. Noneescape that judgment, even He whoconsiders himself the worthiest ofservants.

49. My Will is that from the momentyou enter that infinite dwelling placeyou cease to feel the anguishes of theearth, and begin to feel the sweetnessand pleasure of having climbedanother step on the path. (99, 49 - 50)

50. The Final Judgment, asinterpreted by Humanity, is an error;My judgment will not be of an hournor a day, it has weighed on you forsome time.

51. However, I tell you truly that thebodies of the deceased, are dead, andhave returned to integrate themselvesin their own nature, for what is of theearth, shall return to the earth, just asthe spiritual shall seek its dwellingplace, which is in My bosom.

52. Yet, I tell you also, that in yourjudgment you will be your ownjudges, for your conscience,knowledge, and intuition will tell youto what point you are worthy andwhich spiritual dwelling you shouldinhabit. You will see clearly the roadthat you must take, for upon receivingthe light of My Divinity, you shallrecognize your acts, and judge yourown merits.

53. In the spiritual valley there aremany confused and disturbed beings;bear My message and light to themwhen you enter there.

54. You can practice that form ofcharity, starting now, by means of theprayer with which you can establishcommunication with them. Yourvoice will resonate in the place wherethey reside, and will make themawaken from their deep slumber. Itwill make them weep and cleansethemselves with their tears ofrepentance. In that instant they willhave received a ray of light, for in thatmoment they will understand theirpast vanities, their errors, and theirsins.

55. How great is the pain of the spiritwhen the conscience awakens it! Howit then humbles itself under the gazeof its Supreme Judge! How humblythen spring from the intimate depthsof its being, petitions for forgiveness,promises, and blessings of My Name!

56. There the spirit recognizes that itcannot approach the perfection of theFather, and directing its gaze to theearth, where it did not know how tomake use of its time and theopportunity for it to come closer to itsgoal, asks for another period of fleshto atone for its faults and completeunfulfilled missions.

57. Who then performed justice?Was it not the spirit itself thatformulated the judgment?

58. My Spirit is a mirror in whichyou must look at yourselves, andwhich will tell you the state of purityyou maintain. (240, 41 - 46)

59. When your spirit leaves itshuman shell, and in the sanctuary ofthe spiritual life recollects in its innerdepths to examine its past and theresults of it, many of its acts that herein the world had seemed perfect to it,worthy of being presented to the Lordand deserving of some reward, seemsmall in the instant of that meditation;the spirit will understand that themeaning of many acts that in theworld seemed good to it, were meretraces of vanity, of false love, of acharity not felt by the heart.

60. Who do you believe has given tothe spirit the enlightenment of aperfect judge in order to judge itself?The conscience, which at that hour ofjustice will seem to glow with aclarity never seen before, will be whotells each one which from its workson earth was good, just, real, and true,as well as what was evil, false, orimpure that it sowed along the way.

61. The sanctuary of which I havejust told you is that of the conscience:that temple that none may profane, thetemple in which God dwells, and fromwhich his voice and his light issue.

62. In the world you have neverknown how to enter that innersanctuary, for your human personalityalways seeks the way to evade thatwise voice that speaks inside eachman.

63. I tell you that when your spiritputs aside its shell, it will finally beable to stop before the portal of thatsanctuary to prepare itself to enter;and before that altar of the spirit,prostrate itself, listen to itself,examine its works in the light thatcomes from the conscience; and hearspeaking within itself the voice ofGod, as Father, as Master, and asJudge.

64. No mortal can imagine, in its fullsolemnity, that moment throughwhich each must pass in order toknow what good you bear within, andhow to conserve it, and that whichyou must reject because it cannot becarried any more within the spirit.

65. When the spirit feels itself to bein front of its conscience and theconscience makes itself present withthe clarity of truth, that being feelswithout the strength to hear itself; itwished it had never existed, becausein an instant all its life passes beforeits eyes: what it left behind, what itpossessed and what belonged to it,and that for which it must now finallyaccount.

66. Disciples, humanity: Prepareyourselves in this life for that instant,so that when your spirit presents itselfat the threshold of the temple of theconscience, you do not make of thattemple a courtroom, for the spiritualpain would be so great that there is nophysical pain comparable.

67. I wish you to meditate on what Ihave said to you in this teaching, sothat you understand how yourjudgment is carried out in the spiritualrealm. In this way you will vanquishthe image that exists in yourimagination of a courtroom presidedover by God in the form of an oldman, placing on his right his goodchildren, so that they may enjoyheaven, and to his left the bad ones sothat they may be condemned toeternal punishment.

68. It is time already that the lightcomes to the highest part of yourspirit and your understanding so thatthe truth may shine in each man andHe be prepared to enter the spirituallife with dignity. (334, 5 - 11 and 14 -15)

The Spiritual Conscience Recovered           

69. There is nothing in My Creationlike bodily death to show each spiritthe height it reached during its life,nor anything like My Word forascending to perfection. There youhave the reason why My Law andDoctrine insist time and again inpenetrating the hearts, and why thepain and the vicissitudes comecounseling men to flee from the pathsthat, instead of raising them up, leadthe spirit to the abyss.

70. How fortunate your spirit willfeel in the Beyond if your consciencetells you that on earth you sowed theseed of love. All the past will makeitself present before your eyes andevery image of your works will giveyou infinite pleasure.

71. The precepts of My Law, whichyour memory has not always knownhow to retain, will also pass throughyour spirit, full of clarity and light.Earn merits that will permit you topenetrate the unknown with your eyesopen to truth.

72. There are many Mysteries thatmen have tried in vain to explain.Neither human intuition nor humanscience have been able to satisfymany of the questions asked by men,and the reason is that there isknowledge that is reserved only to thespirit that has penetrated to the vale ofspirits. Those surprises that await it,those wonders, those revelations, shallbe part of its prize, yet, truly I tellyou, if a spirit comes to the spiritualworld with a blindfold over its eyes, itwill see nothing and continue to seebefore it only Mysteries where allshould be clarity.

73. This celestial doctrine that Ibring you reveals many beauties, andprepares you so that when you presentyourself in spirit before the justice ofthe Eternal, you know how toconfront the marvelous reality thatwill surround you from that instant.(85, 42 and 63 - 66)

74. Receive My light so that itilluminates the road of your existenceand in the hour of your death freesyou from confusion; and in an instant,as soon as you pass the portals of theBeyond, you will know who you are,who you have been, and who you willbe. (100, 60)

75. While your bodies, which evenafter death continue to give nutrimentand life, sink into the earth into whosebosom they will be integrated toincrease its fruitfulness, yourconscience, which is over your being,shall not remain in the earth, but shallaccompany the spirit and be shown toit like a book whose profound andwise lessons are to be studied by it.

76. There your spiritual eyes shallopen to the truth, and in an instant,you will know how to interpret thatwhich, in an entire life, you did notmanage to understand. Then is whenyou will understand what it means tobe a "child of God and brother to yourfellow men." That is when you willunderstand the value of all that youhave possessed, and feel sorrow andrepentance for the errors made, for thetime lost, and the most beautifulpurposes of reform and reparation willbe born in you.

77. From now on, you all traveltoward the same end, reconciling andharmonizing your spiritual lives. Letnone believe that they travel a betterpath than their brother, nor that theyare on a higher rung of the ladder thanothers. I tell you, at the supreme hourof death, it shall be My voice that tellsyou the truth concerning yourelevation.

78. There, in that brief moment ofillumination before the conscience iswhere many receive their reward, butalso where many see their greatnessfade away.

79. Do you desire to saveyourselves? Come to Me on the roadof brotherliness, it is the only one,there is no other, it is the one markedby the maxim: "Love one another."(299, 40 - 42)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 29 - Purification and Ascension of the Spirits in The Beyond

Remorse, Repentance, and Self Incrimination           

1. I do not wish that your spirit bestained, nor that you die to the truelife, that is why I touch you with Myjustice when I find you indulging inunhealthy enjoyments and pleasures.Your spirit must arrive clean to Mybosom, the way it was when it left it.

2. All who leave a body in thebowels of the earth and leave thisworld in a state of confusion, uponbeholding My presence manifested inthe light of the infinite that illuminatesthe consciences, awaken from theirprofound sleep, weeping and withdesperate remorse. While the pain ofthe child freeing itself from itssorrows continues, the Father alsosuffers. (228, 7 - 8)

3. Remorse and torture from lack ofwisdom, and suffering for lack of thespirituality necessary to enjoy thatlife, these and more are present in theexpiation of the spirits that comestained or without preparation to thethreshold of the spiritual life.

4. Do you see how I cannot take sin,imperfections, or the perversity ofmen as offenses against the Father,knowing that the evil done by men isto themselves? (36, 56)

5. How luminous would your livesbe, and how great the advance of yoursciences if you loved your neighborsand did the will of your Father, if youwould sacrifice something of yourfree will and work in accord with thedictates of your conscience. Yourscience would then touch thesuperhuman upon surpassing thelimits of the material world, for as ofthis moment it has not yet approachedthose limits.

6. What surprise the spirit of thescientist feels when it abandons thisworld and comes to present itselfbefore the Divine truth. There Hebows his head in shame, praying thathis pride be forgiven! He believed Heknew all and could do all, and deniedthe existence of anything beyond hisknowledge or comprehension;however, upon finding himself infront of the Book of Life, before theinfinite work of the Creator, He mustrecognize his smallness and coverhimself in humility before He who isabsolute wisdom. (283, 48 - 49)

7. Do not fear, thinking of all yourearthly sins, to come to the spiritualvalley. If you allow the pain tocleanse you, that repentance surgeforth in your heart, and if you struggleto repair your faults, you will arriveclean and worthy before My presence,and none, not even your conscience,shall dare to mention your pastimperfections.

8. In the perfect mansion there isfor each spirit, a place that waits intime, or in eternity, the arrival of itspossessor. One by one, you shallcome to My Kingdom on the ladder oflove, charity, faith, and merit. (81,60-61)

Compensating Justice           

9. Few disciples I have had in thisworld and even less in number theones who have been like the image ofthe Divine Master. In the spiritualrealm I have many disciples, for thatis where there is more advancementwithin the study of My teachings.That is where My beginners, thosewho thirst and hunger for love,receive from their Master whatmankind denied them. That is wherethose who were ignored on earth, onaccount of their humility, glowbecause of their virtue, and wherethose who glowed with falseenlightenment in this world weep withsadness and repentance.

10. In the hereafter, is where Iwelcome you in a manner that you didnot expect on earth, when yourestitute tearfully but praising Me. Itdoes not matter that along yourjourney you had a moment ofdesperation. I will take into accountthat you had days of great distress andthat in them you demonstratedresignation and you blessed MyName. You too in your smallnesshave experienced some Calvaries,although these were caused by yourdisobedience.

11. Behold, that for a few momentsof fidelity and love for God, youobtain times of life and grace in thehereafter. In that way My eternal loveresponds to the temporary love ofman. (22, 27 - 29)

12. Every good deed will have itsreward, which will not be received onearth, but in the Beyond. But howmany of you would like to enjoy thatglory here on earth, unaware that Hewho does not work toward hisspiritual life, will be without merits onentering it, and his repentance will begreat. (1, 21)

13. He who goes about seeking thehonors and praise of the world, shallhave them here, but they will be ofshort duration and will serve him fornothing the day of his entry to thespiritual world. He who seeks money,shall have his reward here, for thatwas what He sought; but when thetime comes to leave it all here, topresent himself in the Beyond, Hewill have no right to claimcompensation for his spirit, though Hemay believe He has done much forcharity.

14. In contrast, He who has alwaysrenounced the praise and favors, andwho has renounced all material prizes,being busy sowing goodness, and whoenjoys performing charity, is notthinking of prizes because He doesnot live for his own satisfaction, butfor that of his fellow men. How greatwill be his peace and happiness whenHe is in the bosom of his Lord. (253,14)

15. During this period I have cometo bring you a teaching that is pureand perfect. Thus, I say to you that atthe end of your journey, only the truedeeds of love that you practiced willbe accepted, because it willdemonstrate that you knew the truth.

16. Although you might not knowthe value of a good deed while doingit, do not think that you will neverbecome aware of the good you havedone. I say to you that each one ofyour works will be rewarded.

17. You shall see when you are inthe Spiritual Kingdom how manytimes a small act, in appearance oflittle importance, has been thebeginning of a chain of benefits, achain that others went on lengthening,but which ends up always to thesatisfaction of He who initiated it.(292, 23 - 24)

18. I inspire you to earn merit, notfor you to be moved by selfish interestin your own salvation, but for you toact thinking of your brothers, and ingenerations yet to come whosepleasure will be great when they findthe road prepared by those who wentfirst. Then your happiness will beinfinite, for the gladness and peace ofyour brothers shall reach your ownspirits.

19. How different from those whoseek only their own salvation andhappiness, for they, on arriving to theplace they have prepared by theirworks, cannot have an instant ofpeace or happiness contemplatingthose who remain behind bearing theheavy burden of their suffering.

20. Truly I tell you that the truedisciples of this Doctrine practicedeeds of love that are just and pure, asis their conscience, which is My ownlight. (290, 76 - 77)

21. If you behave with humility,your spiritual wealth will grow in thelife that awaits you. Then you shallhave peace that gives you the mostbeautiful sensation of your existence,and in your spirit the desire to servethe Father by being a faithful guardianof all created by Me, and by being aconsolation for those who suffer, andpeace for those who feel notranquility. (260, 29)

The Ascension of Spirits to the Kingdom of God           

22. This is the Third Era, in whichyour spirit, from the earth, may beginto dream of great knowledge andhigher dwelling places, for He whoupon departing this world bears in hisspirit the knowledge of what He willfind, and the development of hisspiritual gifts, shall pass throughmany worlds without stopping inthem until arriving to that which,through his merits, it corresponds tohim to inhabit.

23. He shall be plainly conscious ofhis spiritual state, know how to carryout his mission wherever He findshimself, know the language of love,harmony, and justice, and know howto communicate with the purity ofspiritual language that is thought.There shall be no dangerous obstacles,confusion, nor mourning, and He shallbegin to live the supreme pleasure ofcoming closer to the mansions thatbelong to him because they belong tothe eternal inheritance. (294, 55)

24. On the Divine ladder there is aninfinite number of beings whosespiritual perfection allows them tooccupy different steps according tothe grade of evolution which theyhave reached. Your spirits werecreated with sufficient attributes toevolve along that ladder of perfectionand to reach a certain level ofevolution, according to the Divinedesigns of the Creator.

25. You do not know the destiny ofthose spirits, but I say to you that it isperfect like everything created by me.

26. You still do not understand thegifts that the Father gave to you, butdo not fear, because later you willbecome aware of them and will seethem fully manifested.

27. The infinite number of spiritswhich, like yours, reside in differentdwellings, find themselves united by asuperior force, which is that of love.They were created for struggle, fortheir elevation, not for immobility.Those who have obeyed My mandateshave come to be great in Divine Love.

28. Nevertheless, I remind you thateven though your spirits may havereached greatness, power, andwisdom, they will not come to beomnipotent since their attributes arenot infinite as they are in God.However, they will suffice to take youto the peak of your perfection alongthe straight path which the love ofyour Creator traced for you from thefirst instant. (32, 34 - 37)

29. Your spirit shall have to passseven spiritual stages to reach itsperfection. Today, while living on theearth, you do not know on what stepof the ladder you find yourselves.

30. Although I know the answer tothat question from your spirit, I mustnot tell you the answer now.

31. Each stair, each rung, eachmansion, offers greater light and moreperfect joy to the spirit; but supremepeace, and the perfect happiness ofthe spirit, are beyond the fleetingdwellings of the spirits.

32. How many times will youbelieve you feel perfect happinesswithin the bosom of God, notrealizing that this happiness is merelythe promise of the next world, towhich you will pass after this life.(296, 49 - 50)

33. How many there are who dreamof dying, with the hope that it will bethe moment when they arrive beforeMe to adore Me eternally in heaven,not realizing that the road is infinitelylonger than they have been able tobelieve. To ascend one rung on theladder that leads to Me, it is necessaryto have known how to live a humanlife. Ignorance is what causes many toconfuse the essence of My lessons.(164, 30)

34. Because of man, the elements ofdestruction have been unleashed, andwar has sown its seed in every heart.Oh, how much pain humanity has felt!How much desolation, misery,abandonment, and mourning theyhave left in their path! Do you believethat the spirits of those who havefallen in the battle perished? Or thatthe part of life, of eternity, thatinhabits men has ceased to exist?

35. No, people, the spirit surviveswar and death. That part of My ownSpirit rises from the fields of pain, andseeks on My road a new horizon tocontinue living, developing, andevolving. (262, 26 - 27)

36. I have given the earth to you topossess equally, to live on in peace,and take as a temporal home in whichyou will develop your gifts andprepare your spirit to ascend to itsnew dwelling place.

37. I said to you: "In the house of theLord there are many mansions." Youwill know them as you ascend. Eachascending grade will bring you closerto Me, and will be reached by youaccording to your works, for all issubject to a Divine order and justice.

38. No one may impede yourpassing from one step to the next, andat the end of each one of them, therewill be rejoicing and celebration inyour spirit, and also in Mine.

39. In this way I prepare you toknow that the road that you must takeis long; do not be satisfied with yourfirst works, believing they will openthe gates to those mansions.

40. Also, I tell you, it is beautifuland satisfying for a spirit to come tothe end of a stage, and stop to lookback at the road already traveled, itsgreat struggles, its days of bitterness,and the hours of peace afterovercoming the numerous obstacles.

41. And, finally, the triumph, thecompensation and justice glowingaround you, and the spirit of yourFather, present and glorious, blessinghis son, bringing him to rest in hisbosom while He is being prepared forthe next step, and thus passing fromone to the other until finally youarrive at the highest fulfillment: toreside eternally in Me. (315, 34 - 36)

42. The spark that makes mansimilar to his Creator shall come evercloser to the infinite flame from whichit sprang, and that flash of light shallbe a luminous, conscientious beingvibrant with love, full of wisdom andstrength. That being shall enjoy thestate of perfection in which there isnot even the smallest pain or mostminor misery, but perfect and truehappiness.

43. If this were not the destiny ofyour spirit, truly I tell you that Iwould never have given you to knowMy Doctrine through so manylessons, for the Law of the First Erawould have been sufficient for you tolive in peace on earth.

44. Yet, if you meditate on the factthat I came to live among men andpromised them an infinitely betterworld beyond this life, and ifadditionally you remember that Ipromised to return in another Era tocontinue speaking, and to explain toyou all that you did not understand,you will finally understand that thespiritual destination of men, is much,much higher than you are able toimagine, and that the happinesspromised is infinitely greater than youcan imagine or foresee. (277, 48 - 49)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 30 - The Development of the Spirit through Reincarnations

The Law of Evolution           

1. I say to you that it is necessary forhumanity to know that its spirit hascome many times to earth and thatstill they have not been able to arisealong the pathway of My Law inorder to reach the summit of themountain. (77, 55)

2. Why, if humanity has seen thedevelopment of science and thediscovery of things they would nothave believed earlier, does it resist thenatural evolution of the spirit? Whyare they obstinate in what makes themremain stationary and lethargic? Whyhave they not wished to glimpseeternal life? (118, 77)

3. Understand, that although creationappears to have been completed, allthings continue to evolve, transform,and become more perfect. Could yourspirit escape that Divine Law? No,My children, no one can say the lastword about the spiritual, aboutscience, or about life, for they areworks of mine, which have no ending.

4. How many men, based on theknowledge they have achieved,believe themselves to have greatnessof spirit, but to Me are like somechildren standing still on the road totheir evolution; they should realizethat it is not only through thedevelopment of the mind that theelevation of the spirit is achieved, butthrough the all - around developmentof their being; and there are manygifts needed to evolve in order toachieve completeness.

5. That is why I instituted thereincarnation of the spirit as one ofMy laws of love and justice, in orderto provide it with a longer road thatwould give it the opportunitiesnecessary to achieve its perfection.

6. Each existence is [only] a brieflesson; since otherwise, theopportunity for a man to include in itthe fulfillment of all My law would bevery short. However, it is necessarythat you understand the meaning ofthis life in order to take from it itsessence and to achieve its harmony,which is the basis of humanperfection; then you will be able topass to a higher plane, until you arriveto the spiritual life. There I have keptmany lessons that I must teach you,and many revelations that I must stillmake to you. (156, 28 - 29)

7. Why is it, that while all thingsgrow, unceasingly transform, develop,and become more perfect, your spiritalone remains stagnant throughout thecenturies?

8. Since you have discovered andlearned much through the sciences,you do not ignore the incessantevolution that exists in all the beingsof creation. I wish you to understandthat you must not leave your spiritabandoned to that backwardness andin the stagnation into which you havekept it for so long; and that you muststruggle to achieve harmony with allthat surrounds you, so that the daymight come when Nature, instead ofhiding its secrets, reveals them, andthe elements, instead of being hostile,become your servants, collaborators,and brothers. (305, 6 and 8)

The "Resurrection of the Flesh" - Properly Understood           

9. Now the world will know the truthabout the resurrection of the flesh,which is the reincarnation of thespirit.

10. Reincarnate: to return to thematerial world to be born again as aman: the emergence of the spirit in ahuman body for the continuation of amission: That is the truth about theresurrection of the flesh of which yourelders have spoken, giving itinterpretations that were as twisted asthey were absurd.

11. Reincarnation is a gift that Godhas conceded to your spirit so that it isnever limited by the smallness of thematerial form, by its ephemeralexistence on the earth, or by itsnatural weaknesses; but rather,because the spirit proceeds from asuperior nature, it may use as manymaterial forms as are necessary forcarrying out its great missions in theworld.

12. Through this gift, the spiritdemonstrates its immense superiorityover the flesh, over death, and over allthat is earthly, defeating death,surviving from one body to another,to as many as may be entrusted to it:the conqueror of time, obstacles, andtemptations. (290, 53 – 56)

13. How could you ever believe thaton the day of judgment the bodies ofthe dead will be resurrected and beunited to their spirits in order to enterthe Kingdom of God? How can youinterpret in that manner what youwere taught in former times?

14. The flesh is of this world andhere it remains, while the spirit arisesfree and returns to the existence fromwhere it emerged. That which is bornof the flesh is flesh; that which is bornof My Spirit is spirit. The resurrectionof the flesh is the reincarnation of thespirit, and if some believe that to be ahuman theory and others believe it tobe a new revelation, verily I say toyou that I began to make it known tothe world since the beginning ofmankind; proof of it you can find inthe text of the Scriptures, which are atestimony of My works.

15. However, during this Era therevelation has reached your spirit in agreater level of evolution. Soon it willbe justly regarded as one of the mostrightful and loving laws of theCreator. Disregard the belief that youhad about the 'Day of Judgment'which is not a day like yours, becauseit is a period, and the end of the worldis not the end of the planet where youlive, but of the egotistical life youhave created on it. (76, 41 - 43)

16. The Mystery of the resurrectionof the flesh has been clarified by therevelation of the reincarnation of thespirit. Today you realize that the goalof this law of love and justice is forthe perfection of the spirit, so that itwill never be lost, because it willalways find an open door as anopportunity which the Father offersfor its salvation.

17. My judgment for every spirit, byreason of this law, is perfect andinexorable.

18. Only I know how to judge you,for each destiny is incomprehensibleto men. Thus no one is censured orexposed before the others.

19. And after losing themselves insin, from so many struggles andvicissitudes and much wandering, thespirits will come before Me filled withwisdom through their experience,purified by pain, elevated by theirmerits, weary from their longpilgrimage, but simple and joyful aschildren. (1, 61 - 64)

The Differentiated State of the Development of the Spirits           

20. It has been a long while sinceyour spirit emanated from Me,nevertheless, not everyone hasprogressed in the same way along thespiritual path.

21. All destinies are differentalthough they lead you toward thesame goal. To some are reservedsome ordeals and to others differentones. One child travels one path, andanother will follow a different course.Neither have all of you emerged tothis existence at the same instant, norwill you return at the same moment.Some travel ahead, and others behind,but the goal awaits everyone. No oneknows who is near nor who is distant,because you are still small to have thisknowledge; you are human and yourvanity would lead you astray. (10, 77- 78)

22. At all times, even the remotest ofhuman history, you have hadexamples of men of elevated spirit.How do you explain to yourselves thefact, that there have been men withevolved spirits since the earliest times,if before they had not passed throughsuccessive reincarnations that helpedthem to elevate themselves?

23. It is because the spirit is not bornat the same time as the shell, nor didthe beginning of humanity coincidewith that of the spirit. Truly I tell you,not a single spirit has ever come tothis world without having existed firstin the Beyond. And who among youcan measure or know the time that Hehas lived in other mansions beforecoming to dwell on the earth? (156,31 - 32)

The Knowledge of previous earthly Lives and of your own Development           

24. While the spirit is united with thematerial body, it is unaware of themerits it has achieved in past lives.However, it does know that itpossesses eternal life and that it willcontinually evolve in pursuit ofsummit, but is presently unaware ofwhat level it has reached. (190, 57)

25. Your mind does not receive thepast impressions or memories of yourspirit, because the material is like athick veil that does not permit entryinto the spirit's life. What mind couldreceive the images and impressionsthat the spirit has gathered in thetrajectory of its past? Whatintelligence could coordinate withhuman ideas that which isincomprehensible?

26. For all these reasons, until now Ihave not permitted you to know whoyou are spiritually, nor what your pasthas been. (274, 54 - 55)

27. All My works have been writtenby Me in a book entitled: "Life." Thenumber of pages is uncountable, itswisdom is infinite, and other than byGod, who is the author, it may not beobtained by anyone. But there, onevery page, is written a limitedsummary in which the Father hasdelineated every one of his works, inorder to place it within reach of everyunderstanding.

28. You too, are writing the book ofyour life, in which are written all ofyour works and each one of your stepson the long road of evolution. Thatbook will be written in yourconscience, and it will be the light ofknowledge and experience with whichtomorrow you will illuminate thepaths of your younger brothers.

29. You can not yet present yourbook to anyone, because even you donot know its contents, but soon therewill be light in your being, and youwill be able to show your brothers thepages that tell of your development,your restitution, and your experiences.You will then be an open book forhumanity.

30. Blessed are those who takepossession of their mission, they willfeel themselves ascending the ladderthat Jacob saw in his dreams, which isthe spiritual road that leads beings tothe presence of the Creator. (253, 6 -8)

Love as a Requirement for Spiritual Development           

31. Just as your body requires air,the sun, water, and bread to live, sotoo the spirit needs the environment,the light, and the sustenance of itsown being. When it is deprived of thefreedom to elevate itself in search ofnourishment, it weakens, withers, andgrows dull, like a child made to stayalways in its crib and enclosed in itsbedroom; its limbs stiffen, it growspale, its senses weaken, and itsfaculties atrophy.

32. See how the spirit can alsobecome paralytic? What if I told youthat the world is full of the paralyzed,the blind, the deaf, and ill in spirit.The spirit that lives closed off,without the freedom to develop itself,is a being that does not grow, not inwisdom, nor in strength and virtue.(258, 62 - 63)

33. Truly I tell you, that which canelevate you is love, for in it existwisdom, sentiment, and elevation.Love is a compendium of all theattributes of the Divinity, and God haslit that flame in every spiritualcreature.

34. How many lessons I have givenso that you would learn to love? Howmany opportunities, lives, andreincarnations the Divine mercy hasprovided! The lesson has beenrepeated as many times as necessary,until it is learned. Once it is obeyed,there is no need to repeat the lesson,for it cannot be forgotten.

35. If you learn My lessons quickly,you will no longer have to suffer, norweep for your errors. A being thattakes advantage of the lessonsreceived on earth may return to theworld, but each time with moreadvancement and in better conditions.Between one life and another there isalways a respite, which is necessary tomeditate and rest before beginning thenew task. (263, 43 - 45)

Various Reasons for the Reincarnations           

36. Truly I tell you that in no epochof human life has man lackedknowledge of My Law, for He hasnever lacked a glimmer in his spirit,an intuition in his mind, or apresentiment in his heart from theDivine spark, which is his conscience.

37. Nonetheless, your spirit hasturned toward the Beyond wearing ablindfold of darkness, and I tell youthat He who does not make use of thelessons contained in the life of thisworld, this vale of trials, shall have toreturn to it to finish his restitution andabove all, to learn. (184, 39)

38. In other worlds the spirits alsoenjoy free will, and they sin and losethe way, or persevere in the good andtherefore manage to ascend, just asyou do on earth. But at the indicatedmoment, those destined to come tothis world, descend to it either tofulfill a noble mission, or to atone inrestitution.

39. According to their desire to seethis earth, it will seem to some aparadise, and to others a hell. That iswhy, when they understand the mercyof the Father, they see only amarvelous life sowed with blessingsand teachings for the spirit: a road thatbrings them closer to the PromisedLand.

40. Some leave this world desiringto return, others do so with the fear ofhaving to; this is because your beinghas not yet learned to understand theharmony in which you must live withthe Lord. (156, 33 - 34)

41. Let no one rebel at the idea ofhaving to return to this planet inanother body, nor think thatreincarnation is a punishment for thespirit. All spirits destined to live onthe earth have had to pass through thelaw of reincarnation in order toachieve their evolution and carry outthe mission I have entrusted to them.

42. It is not only the spirits of littleelevation that must reincarnate again,the elevated spirits too return time andagain, until their work is finished.

43. Elijah is the greatest of theprophets that have come to the earth,and in spite of the great works that Hedid and the great trials that Heexperienced, He had to return to thisworld in another time, in anothermaterial form, and with another name.

44. This law of love and justice wasunknown by humanity for a long time,for if they had known it before, theymight have fallen into confusion; still,the Father made some revelations toyou, and gave you some signs thatwere the foregoing light of this time,which is the Era of the solution of allthe Mysteries. (122, 25 - 28)

The Road to Perfection           

45. Long is the road by which youshall come to the fullness of light. Nobeing has a longer road than that ofthe spirit, which the Father, the DivineSculptor who shapes and polishesyour spirit, gives perfect form. (292,26)

46. Truly I tell you, that to come tocomplete cleanliness, your spirit mustyet purify itself much in this worldand in the spiritual valley.

47. You will return to this planet asmany times as necessary, and themore you fail to make use of theopportunities your Father gives you,the longer will be postponed yourdefinitive entry into the true life, andthe longer your stay in the vale oftears.

48. In each earthly existence, everyspirit must show its advancement andthe fruits of its evolution, making afirm step forward each time.

49. Keep in mind that the only goodthat rebounds to your own benefit isthat which is done out of true love andcharity for others, and which is donedisinterestedly. (159, 29 - 32)

50. In man there are two forceswhich are always in struggle: hishuman nature, which is temporary,and his spiritual nature which iseternal.

51. That eternal being is well awarethat very long periods of time willpass for him to be able to reach hisspiritual perfection; He anticipatesthat He will have many existences andthat in them He will go through manyordeals before gaining his truehappiness. The spirit foresees thatafter his tears, pain and passing manytimes through bodily death, He willreach the summit which He hasalways sought in his longing forperfection.

52. On the other hand, the flesh, thatweak and small being, weeps, rebelsand sometimes refuses to follow thedictates of the spirit, and only whenthe latter has evolved, is strong andexperienced in the struggle with theflesh and its surroundings, is it able todominate the flesh and manifest itselfthrough it.

53. Long is the pilgrimage of thespirit, extensive his path, many andquite variable his existences, and hisordeals different at every moment, butwhile He complies with them, Heelevates, purifies and perfects himself.

54. In his passage through life He isleaving a trace of light, that is whymany times the whims of the flesh areof no concern to the spirit, for Heknows that they are temporary, andthat He can not detain his journey byincidents which He regards asinsignificant.

55. Momentarily He fixes hisattention on the weaknesses of hisbody, but He knows that He cannotlove very much something that isshort - lived and which soondisappears into the bowels of theearth. (18, 24 and 27 - 28)

The Universal School of Life           

56. Since the beginning of humanity,reincarnation of the spirit has existedas a law of love and justice, and is oneof the forms in which the Father hasdemonstrated his infinite clemency.Reincarnation is not only of this time,but of all times, but do not think thatthis Mystery has not been revealedbefore now; from the first times anintuition has existed in man about thereincarnation of the spirit.

57. Yet this humanity, seekingmaterial sciences and the riches of theworld, has allowed itself to bedominated by the passions of theflesh, hardening those senses withwhich the spiritual is perceived,making itself blind and deaf to thatwhich corresponds to the spirit. (105,52)

58. Before your creation you were inMe; later, as a spiritual creature, froma place where all vibrates in perfectharmony, where the essence of lifeand the source of the true light arefound, I come to give you sustenance.

59. Pain was not created by theFather. In the times of which I speak,you had no reason to whimper andhad nothing to lament, you felt theglory in yourselves, for in yourperfect life, you were the symbol ofthat existence.

60. But when you left that dwelling Igave vestment to the spirit, and youdescended further and further. Sincethen, your spirit has been evolvinglittle by little, until arriving to theplane it now occupies, where the lightof the Father shines. (115, 4 - 5)

61. The final destination of everyspirit is to unite with God after itbecomes purified and attainsperfection. That is why I fill your pathwith enlightenment and give strengthto your spirit, so that you may ascendstep by step. The mansion that youwill inhabit in the spiritual valley willbe determined by your level ofspiritual elevation when you departfrom earth, because the universe wascreated as a school of perfection forthe spirit. (195, 38)

62. If I had given you all in this life,you would not now be wishing toascend another step, but what youhave not achieved in one existence,you seek in another, and what you donot reach in that, is promised to you ina higher one, and so it goes oninfinitely on the endless road of thespirits.

63. When you hear My word, itseems impossible that your spiritmight be capable of reaching suchperfection, and I tell you that todayyou doubt the high destiny of thespirit because you only look at whatyou can see with your material eyes:smallness, ignorance, and evil. Yet,that is because the spirit of some is ill,while in others it is paralyzed. Thereare some who are blind, and yet otherswho are spiritually dead. Before suchspiritual misery you must doubt thedestiny that eternity has reserved foryou.

64. Thus you live in this time ofmaterialism and love for the world,yet the light of My truth has come toyou to dissipate the darkness of thenight of a time that has alreadypassed, announcing by the light of itsdawn the arrival of a new Era inwhich the spirit will receive theillumination of My teaching. (116, 17- 18)

65. Many of you already will nothave another opportunity to come toearth to repair your faults; you willnot posses that instrument that youhave today, which is the body thatbears you, and on which you depend.It is necessary that you understandthat coming to the world is a privilegefor the spirit, never a punishment, andtherefore, you must make use of thisgrace.

66. After this life you will go toother worlds to receive new lessonsand there find new opportunities tocontinue ascending the ladder andperfecting yourselves. If you havecompleted your obligations as men,you will leave this world withsatisfaction for a mission completed,bearing tranquility in your spirit. (221,54 - 55)

67. My voice is calling to the greatmultitudes because many spirits arecoming to the end of their longpilgrimage on earth.

68. That dejection, that weariness,and that sadness that they bear in theirhearts are the evidence that they yearnfor a higher dwelling, a better world.

69. Yet, it is necessary that in thelast phase of their lives on earth theylive in obedience to the dictates oftheir consciences, so that the track leftby their last steps on earth be ablessing for the generations that latercome to perform their variousmissions in the world. (276, 4)

70 This world is not eternal, nor isthere any need for it to be. When thisdwelling ceases to have the reason ithas now to exist, it will disappear.

71. When your spirit no longer needsthe lessons that this life gives, becauseother more elevated lessons await it inanother world, then, with the lightacquired in this struggle, it will say:"How clearly I understand now thatall the vicissitudes of this life wereonly experiences and lessons that Ineeded in order to understand better.How long this journey appeared to mein the moments when sufferingdrained My strength; but now, incontrast, when all is in the past, howbrief and fleeting it appears beforeeternity. (230. 47)

72. Be glad, humanity; think ofyourselves as migrant birds that passthrough this world full of tears,poverty, and suffering. Be glad that itis not your eternal dwelling place.Better worlds await you.

73. Thus, when you say farewell tothis earth, you will do so withoutbitterness, and here will remain thecries of pain, the work, and the tears.You will say good - bye to this world,and rise up to those higher worlds thatawait you. From there, you will seethe earth as a point in space that youremember with love. (230, 51)

The Power of Conviction of the Doctrine of Reincarnation           

74. Spiritual enlightenment isrevealing to the world the truth, thejustice, the reason, and the love thatexist in the spiritual gift ofreincarnation. Nevertheless, in thebeginning the world will fiercelybattle this revelation, labeling it as astrange and false doctrine in order tomake men of good faith distrust it.

75. The efforts of the religions tomaintain their faithful in the routine ofold beliefs and methods beyond theirtime shall be useless and vain, fornone can stop the Divine light thatpenetrates to the depths ofunderstanding, awakening the spirit toan Era of revelations, of Divineconfidences, of clarification of doubtsand Mysteries, and of spiritualliberation.

76. Nor shall any be able to holdback the torrent that forms whenhumanity rises in search of its libertyof thought, of the spirit, and of faith.(290, 57 - 59)

Stages in the Reincarnation of a Spirit           

77. I am calling all travelers to listento My voice, which invites them toascend spiritually and to possesseternal life.

78. In this day in which the DivineWord makes itself heard, learn fromthis word and enlighten yourselveswith it, for in wisdom is the light andyour salvation.

79. If My law teaches you morality,righteousness, and order in all acts ofyour life, why do you seek adversepaths which bring you pain, and whenyou depart to the hereafter, leavingyour body in the earth, you weepbecause you have loved that physicalbody so much?

80. When you feel that the materialbody no longer belongs to you, andthat you must follow the road untilyou reach me, I have asked you: Mychild, what gift do you bring me?Have you lived on the earth obeyingMy mandates?

81. And you are ashamed anddejected because you do not bear agift of love for the one who loves youso much and has granted you somuch. You have created chains whichcrush your spirit. And having lost itsgrace, your spirit appears withoutlight, weeping and grieving. It hearsthe voice of the Father who calls, butsince it has not evolved, nor feelsworthy of coming to him, it hesitatesand waits.

82. Time passes, and once again thespirit hears that voice. In the midst ofits pain it asks who speaks, and thevoice says: Awaken! Do you notknow from where you have come, norwhere you go? Then the spirit raisesits eyes and sees an immense light,before its splendor it sees itselfinsignificant. It recognizes, that beforebeing sent to the earth, it had existedand had been loved by the Father,which is from whom the voice came,and who now, upon seeing him in thispainful situation, suffers for it. Thespirit knows that it has been sent todifferent worlds to journey over adifficult path and has to reach itsreward through its merits.

83. The child asks, if before beingsent to earth I have been your belovedcreature, why have I not remainedvirtuous? Why have I had to descendto suffer and work in order to return toyou?

84. The voice replies: All spiritshave been submitted to the law ofevolution and on that road the Spiritof the Father always protects you andis pleased by the good deeds of hisson. Truly, I have sent you to earth inorder that you might make of it adwelling of struggle for spiritualperfection, not a valley of war andpain.

85. I have told you to multiply andnot be sterile, and when you return tothe spiritual valley and do not bringany harvest, you only weep, arrivingwithout the grace with which I havecovered you. That is why I send youone more time and tell you, cleanseyourself, seek that which you havelost, and cultivate your elevation.

86. The spirit returns to earth andseeks a small and tender human bodyin order to rest in it and begin the newjourney. It finds the small childdesignated to it and unites with thatbody in order to make restitution forits failings within My law. Knowingwhat it must do and aware that itbelongs to the Father, the spirit comesto the earth clearly aware of itsmission.

87. In its first years it is innocent; itpreserves its purity, and remains incontact with the spiritual life. Then itbegins to know sin. It looks closely atpride, arrogance, and at therebelliousness of men before the justlaws of the Father, and the flesh,which is stubborn by nature, begins tocontaminate itself with evil. Havingfallen into temptation, if forgets themission which it brought to earth andarises performing deeds which arecontrary to the law. The spirit andmaterial body eat the forbidden fruits,and when they have fallen into theabyss, the last hour surprises them.

88. Once again the spirit finds itselfin the spiritual valley, weary andburdened by the weight of its faults.Then it remembers the voice thatspoke to it in another time which stillcalls to it. And after much weeping,feeling lost, and not knowing who itis, it remembers that it has alreadybeen in that place.

89. Then the Father, who has createdit with so much love, appears on itspath, asking: Who are you? Fromwhere do you come and where do yougo?

90. The son recognizes in that voicethe word of the one who has given itits existence, intelligence, and gifts;the voice of the Father who alwaysforgives, who purifies, and removesthe darkness and leads to the light.The child trembles because it knows itis before the Judge, and speaks,saying: Father, My disobedience andMy debts to you are very great, and Ican not aspire to live in your home,for I have no merits. Today, when Ireturned to the spiritual valley, I seethat I have only accumulated faults forwhich I must make restitution.

91. But the loving Father once morepoints out the way, and once again thespirit incarnates and forms a part ofhumanity.

92. Now experienced and withgreater strength, it then subdues thematerial body in order to control itand to obey the Divine dictates. Thebattle begins. The spirit combats thesins which cause man to fall andwants to take advantage of theopportunity which has been grantedfor its salvation. It struggles frombeginning to end. And when the whitehairs shine on the temple, and thebody which before was strong andhealthy begins to slowly stoop underthe weight of the years and loseenergy, then the spirit feels strong,more developed, and experienced.How great and disgusting sin appearsto that being, it leaves that sin andreaches the end of its journey. Now itonly awaits the moment in which theFather will call it, for it has come tothe conclusion that the Divine Law isjust, that the will of God is perfect,and that the Father lives in order togive life and salvation to his children.

93. When the last day comes, it feelsdeath in its flesh and has no pain; itdeparts silently and respectfully. Itcontemplates itself in the spirit, and asif it had a mirror before it, sees itselfas beautiful and radiant with light.Then the voice speaks to it and asks,Child, where are you going? Andknowing who it is, it approaches theFather, allows his light to invade itsbeing and speaks thus: O Creator, OUniversal Love, I come to you to restand to give to you the fulfillment ofMy mission.

94. The account is settled; the spiritis healthy, cleansed and free of thechains of sin, and sees before it thereward which awaited it.

95. Then it feels that it merges withthe light of that Father, that its joy isgreater, and it contemplates a mansionof peace, a holy land, and a profoundsilence; then it remains at rest in thebosom of Abraham. (33, 14 - 16)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 31 - Redemption and Eternal Salvation

The Correction of Mistaken Concepts about Redemption           

1. Many men have accepted the ideathat all the tears of this world havebeen caused by the sins of its firstinhabitants, and in their clumsiness ininterpreting the parable have come tosay, that Christ came to wash awaythe stain with his blood. If thisaffirmation were true, why, in spite ofthat already consummated sacrifice,would men continue to sin and tosuffer?

2. Jesus came to earth to teach menthe road to perfection, a road Hepointed out with his life, his words,and his deeds. (150, 43 - 44)

3. All will reach the goal accordingto the fulfillment of your mission; forthat purpose I have come to deliverMy teachings, which areinexhaustible, in order for you toascend the ladder of your evolution. Itis not My blood that will save you,but My light within your spirit whichwill redeem you. (8, 39)

4. I will be given a new cross in thisThird Era. It will not be visible tomortal eyes but from its height I willsend My message of love tohumanity; and My blood, which is theessence of My word, will beconverted into light for the spirit.

5. Those who judged Me in that era,today repented, give light with theirspirits to the heart of humanity asrestitution for their faults.

6. Before My doctrine triumphs overthe evilness of men, it must beflogged and mocked, just as Christsuffered on the cross. My light mustemerge from every wound toilluminate the darkness of this worldthat lacks love. My invisible bloodmust also spread over humanity toonce again show it the path of itsredemption. (49, 17 - 19)

7. I tell you once again, that in Meall humanity will be saved. That bloodshed at Calvary is life for the spirit,but it is not in the blood itself, whichfell to the dust of the earth, but ratherthe Divine love that is represented byit. Now, when I speak to you of Myblood, you know what meaning itholds.

8. Many men have spilled theirblood in the service of the Lord andfor love of their brothers, but that hasnot represented the Divine blood, onlyspiritual, only human.

9. The blood of Jesus representsDivine love because it bore no stain;in the Master there was never any sin,and of his blood He gave even the lastdrop to make you comprehend thatGod is everything for his creatures,that for them He gives himselfcompletely, because He loves theminfinitely.

10. If the dust of the earth drank thatliquid that sustained life in the bodyof the Master, it was so that youwould understand that My Doctrinewould fertilize the lives of men withthe Divine watering of its love, itswisdom, and its justice.

11. The world, incredulous andskeptical of the words and examplesof the Master, disputes My teaching,saying that Jesus shed his blood tosave mankind from sin, but that inspite of it, the world has not beensaved; it sins more every day in spiteof being more evolved.

12. "Where, then, is the power ofthat blood of redemption?" men ask,while those who should be teachingthe true concepts of My doctrine donot know how to satisfy the questionsof those hungry for light and thirsty toknow the truth.

13. I tell you, in this era, thequestions of those who do not know,have a better basis and sense than theanswers and explanations given tothem by those who say they know thetruth.

14. I have come again to speak toyou, and here you have My words forthose who think that blood achievedthe salvation of the sinners before theDivine justice, that it saved all whowere lost and condemned to torment.

15. I tell you, if the Father, whoknows all, had believed that humanitywere not going to understand andmake use of all the words and worksthat Jesus gave to them, truly, Hewould never have sent him, for theCreator has never done anythingunnecessary, nothing that is notdestined to give fruit. And if He sentJesus to be born, grow, and die amongmen, it was so that the radiant andfertile life of the Master would remainto mark an imperishable path; anindelible track, so that all his childrenwould find the way that leads them totrue love, and that complying with hisDoctrine, leads them to the mansionwhere their Creator awaits them.

16. He knew also, that the blood thatspoke of purity, of infinite love, uponbeing shed to the very last drop,would teach humanity to complete themission that raises them to thePromised Land with faith in theirCreator, where upon presenting theirfulfillment, they may say: "Lord, it isfinished."

17. Now I can tell you, that it wasnot the hour of the shedding of Myblood on the cross that marked themoment of human redemption. Myblood remains here, in the presentworld, alive, fresh, tracing with thebloody mark of My passion, the pathof your restitution that will lead youto conquer the dwelling that yourFather has promised you.

18. I have told you: I am the sourceof life, come and wash your stains sothat you may walk free and safe toyour Father and Creator.

19. My fountain is that of love, it isinexhaustible and infinite; of thatspeaks My blood shed in that time; itsigned My Word and sealed MyDoctrine. (158, 23 - 33)

20. Now, many centuries distantfrom those events, I tell you that inspite of Jesus having spilled his bloodfor all humanity, only those who havefollowed the path that Jesus came toshow you have achieved salvation,while those who have persisted intheir ignorance and fanaticism, theirerrors, or their sin, are not yet saved.

21. I told you that were I to makeMyself man a thousand times, and athousand times die on the cross, whilehumanity does not rise to follow me,it will not have achieved its salvation;it is not My cross which will saveyou, but your own. I bore mine on Myback, on it I died as a man, and in thatinstant I was in the bosom of theFather. You must imitate Me inmeekness and love, bearing yourcross on your backs with true humilityuntil you reach the end of yourmission, so that you too may come tobe with your Father.

22. There are none who do not wishto find happiness, and the morelasting, the better, because I come toshow you a road that leads to thesupreme and eternal happiness.Nevertheless, I merely show you theway and leave you to choose thatwhich most pleases you.

23. I ask you: If you wish happiness,why do you not sow it so that you canharvest it later? How few there arewho have felt the impulse to renderthemselves to humanity! (169, 37 -38)

24. The ideas you have of themeaning of life on earth, of what thespirit is, and of what the spiritualvalley is, are mistaken.

25. The majority of believers thinkthat living with a certain rectitude, orrepenting, in the last instant of life, ofthe errors they have made, they haveassured themselves of glory for theirspirits.

26. That false concept that blindsmen does not permit them topersevere throughout their lives incompliance with the law, and causestheir spirits, when they abandon thisworld and come to the spiritualmansion, to find themselves in a placewhere they do not behold the marvelsthey had imagined, nor feel thesupreme happiness to which theythink they have a right.

27. Do you know what happens tothose beings that felt sure of reachingheaven but instead find onlyconfusion? Upon no longer inhabitingthe earth because they no longer havethe point of support provided by theirphysical shell, and being unable toascend to the heights in which thedwellings of the spiritual light arefound, without realizing it, they createfor themselves a world that is neitherhuman nor profoundly spiritual.

28. Then is when the spirits ask: "Isthis the Glory? Is this the dwellingfated by God for the spirits after sucha long journey on earth?"

29. "No," say others; "This cannot bethe bosom of the Lord, where onlylight, love, and purity may exist."

30. Slowly, through meditation andpain, the spirit comes tounderstanding. It understands theDivine justice, and illuminated by thelight of its conscience judges its pastworks, and discovers them to havebeen petty and imperfect, not worthyof the reward He had expected.

31. It is then, with this preparation,humility appears, and the desire toreturn to the roads abandoned to erasethe stains incurred, repair the errors,and earn true merit before the Father.

32. It is necessary to explain thesethings to humanity, so that they mayunderstand that the material life is anopportunity for men to earn merit fortheir spirits, merit which elevate themuntil they deserve a dwelling place ofhigher spirituality, wherein, againthey must earn merit in order to avoidbecoming stagnant, and to continueclimbing, step by step, for: "In MyFather's house are many mansions."

33. These merits you earn throughlove, as the eternal law of the Fatherhas told you. And thus, from step tostep on the ladder of perfection yourspirit shall go learning the path thatleads to glory, to true glory, which isthe perfection of the spirit. (184, 40 -45)

34. Truly I tell you, that if in this EraI had come as a man, your eyes wouldstill have had to see My fresh andbleeding wounds, for the sins of menhave not ceased, nor have they wishedto redeem themselves in memory ofthe blood shed by me on Calvary as aproof of My love for humanity. But Ihave come in spirit so that you mayavoid the affront of beholding thework of those who judged andsentenced me on earth.

35. All is forgiven, but in everyspirit exists something of that which Ispilled out for all on the cross; do notbelieve that that breath and that bloodwill be diluted or lost, theyrepresented the spiritual life that Ipoured forth from that instant to allmen. What is more, for reason of thatblood that sealed My word andconfirmed what I said and did on theearth, men rose up in search of theregeneration of their spirits.

36. My word, My works, and Myblood were not, and shall not be invain. If sometimes it seems to youthat My name and My word arealmost forgotten, you will see howthey arise again, full of life, vigor, andpurity, like a seed that in spite ofbeing constantly embattled, neverdies. (321, 64 - 66)

37. The blood of Jesus convertedinto the light of redemption continuespenetrating spirits as salvation. MySpirit is eternally giving salvation andlight, continuously penetrating withthe rays of My light to where darknessexists. Every moment My DivineSpirit is spilling, not as human blood,but in essence and spiritual life overall My children. (319, 36)

"Heaven" must be Earned           

38. Dominated by the forces of theirlow passions, men have descended sodeeply in their sinfulness that theyhave lost all hope of salvation; butthere is not one who can not be saved.For the spirit will arise once it isconvinced that human turmoil will notcease as long as it does not listen tothe voice of its conscience, fulfillingMy law until the end of its destiny,which is not on earth but in eternity.

39. Those who believe that theirexistence is absurd and believe thattheir struggles and suffering areuseless, fail to realize that life is theteacher that molds and pain the chiselthat perfects. Do not think that Icreated pain to offer it to you in a cup.Do not think that I have made youfall. Man fell in disobedience byhimself, and for that reason He mustalso arise by his own effort. Neitherthink that only pain will perfect you,no, you will also come to me bypracticing love, for I am love. (31, 54- 55)

40. Pray more with the spirit than thematerial, for to save yourselves aninstant of prayer or a day of love arenot sufficient, but rather a life ofperseverance, of patience, of elevatedworks, and compliance with Mycommandments. For this I have givenyou great powers and senses.

41. My work is like an ark ofsalvation that invites all to enter. Allwho comply with My laws shall notperish. If you guide yourselves by Myword, you will be saved. (123, 30 -31)

42. Keep in mind that only what isperfect reaches Me; therefore, yourspirit will enter My Kingdom onlywhen it has attained perfection. Youemerged from Me without experience,but you shall return to Me adornedwith the garment of your merits andvirtues. (63, 22)

43. Verily I say to you that thespirits of the just who dwell near God,gained the right to occupy that placeby their own deeds, not because Igave it to them; I only showed themthe way and at the end of it, I revealedto them the reward.

44. Blessed are those who say to Me:"Father, you are the way, the light thatilluminates it and the strength for thetraveler. You are the voice thatindicates the course and encouragesus along the journey and you are alsothe reward for him who reaches theend". Yes, My children, I am the lifeand the resurrection of the dead. (63,74 - 75)

45. Today the Father will not ask:Who can and who is willing to rescuethe human race with their blood; norwill Jesus answer: "Lord, I am theLamb willing to mark the path ofrestitution for mankind with Myblood".

46. Nor shall I send My Word to bemade flesh in this era, that Era is pastfor you, and it left its teaching andelevation in your spirit. Now I haveopened a new stage in spiritualadvancement in which it shall be youwho earn merit. (80, 8 - 9)

47. I want you all to be happy, inpeace, and inhabiting the light so thatyou may come to possess all, not onlythrough My love, but also throughyour merits, for it is then that yoursatisfaction and happiness will becomplete. (245, 34)

48. I came to show you the beauty ofa life higher than the human one, toinspire you to elevated works, to teachyou the word that provides abundantlove, and proclaim to you theunknown happiness, that which awaitsthe spirit that has known how to climbthe mountain of sacrifice, of faith, andlove.

49. All of this you should recognizein My Teaching, so that at last youmay understand it is your works thatbring your spirit closer to truehappiness. (287, 48 - 49)

50. If to go from one continent of theearth to another you must cross highand low mountains, seas, towns, citiesand countries to reach your journey'sdestination, think that to reach thePromised Land you must travel far, sothat in the long journey you gatherexperience, knowledge, development,and the evolution of the spirit. Thatshall be the fruit of the tree of life,which you shall finally taste afterhaving struggled and wept so much toreach it. (287, 16)

51. You are children of the Father ofLight, yet if through your weaknessyou have fallen into the darkness of alife full of trouble, error, and tears,these sorrows shall pass because youwill rise to My voice when I call toyou saying: "I am here, illuminatingyour world and inviting you to scalethe mountain upon whose peak youshall find all peace, happiness, and thewealth that in vain you have sought togather on earth. (308, 5)

52. Each world, every dwellingplace, was created so that in it thespirit would evolve and make a steptowards their Creator, and thus,advancing more and more on the roadto perfection, someday arrive white,clean and molded to the end of itsjourney: the peak of spiritualperfection, which is to inhabit theKingdom of God.

53. To whom does it seemimpossible to come to inhabit thebosom of God? Oh, poor minds thatdo not know how to reflect! Have youalready forgotten that you sprangfrom My bosom? That you onceinhabited it? There is nothing strange,that all that were born of the source oflife, return to it in due time.

54. Every spirit, upon being born ofMe, was pure, yet later in their roadmany became stained; nonetheless, allbeing foreseen by Me in a wise,loving, and just way, I went ahead toput all the means necessary for yoursalvation and regeneration along theroad that My children must travel.

55. If that spiritual purity wasprofaned by many beings, the day willcome in which they, purifyingthemselves of all their faults,reacquire their original purity, andthis purification will be verymeritorious in My eyes, for their spiritwill have achieved this through greatand incessant trials of their faith, theirlove, their faithfulness, and theirpatience.

56. You all will return along the roadof work, struggle, and pain to theKingdom of Light, from which youwill no longer have to be made fleshin a human body, nor inhabit amaterial world, for by then yourspiritual reach will permit you tomake your influence felt and sendyour light from one world to another.(313, 21 - 24)

The most Powerful Force for Redemption           

57. Here then is the pathway, comethrough it and you will be saved.Verily I say to you that it is notnecessary to have listened to Meduring this period to attain salvation;everyone who during his existencepractices My Divine Law of love, thatlove inspired in the Creator thatresults in love toward his fellowman,will be saved; He will give testimonyof Me in his life and with his deeds.(63, 49)

58. If the sun radiates the light of lifeover all nature, over all creatures, andif the stars also radiate light to theearth, why should the Divine Spiritnot radiate light over the spirit ofman?

59. I come now to tell you:humanity, stop. Let the light of justicethat comes from love extend over allthe world. Let My truth persuade youthat without true love you will notachieve salvation. (89, 34 - 35)

60. My light is for all My children,not only for you who dwell in thisworld, but also for spirits who inhabitdifferent mansions. All of them willbe liberated and resurrected to aneternal life when, with their deeds oflove toward their brethren, they willfulfill My Divine precept which asksthat you love one another. (65, 22)

61. Beloved people, this is the thirdday in which I come to resuscitate Myword among the dead. This is theThird Era, in which I appear to theworld in spiritual form to tell you: thisis the same Christ you saw expire onthe cross that now comes to speak toyou, because He lives, and shall liveand be forever.

62. In contrast, I see that men, inspite of their religions that claim to betelling the truth, bear hearts dead tofaith, and dead to love and light. Theybelieve that by praying in theirtemples and attending their rites theirsalvation is assured; yet, I tell you thatthe world must know that salvationcan be reached only by the realizationof acts of love and charity.

63. The gathering places are only aschool, the religions must not besatisfied to explain only the Law; theymust make sure that humanityunderstands that life is the road alongwhich they must apply what they havelearned of the Divine Law, puttingMy Doctrine of love into practice.(152, 50 - 52)

64. Christ made himself man toshow Divine love to the world, butmen are hard of heart and stubborn,they soon forget the lesson shown andinterpret it badly. I knew thathumanity would come to confusejustice and love with vengeance andpunishment, that is why I announced atime that I would return spiritually tothe world, to explain to humanity thelessons that it had not understood.

65. The announced time, is that inwhich you now live, and I have givenyou My teaching to manifest MyDivine justice and wisdom as aperfect lesson of the sublime love ofyour God. Did you think I came out offear that men would destroy the worksof their Lord, or life itself? No, Icome only out of love for Mychildren, whom I wish to see filledwith light and peace.

66. Verily, is it not just that you toocome to Me only out of love? Yet, notfrom love for yourselves, but for thelove of the Father and your brothers.Do you believe that He who fleesfrom sin only from fear of torment, orHe who does good works thinkingonly of the prize that He may achieveupon conquering a place in eternity isinspired by Divine love? He whothinks like this does not know Me; Hedoes not come to Me out of love, butworks only out of love for himself.(164, 35 - 37)

67. All My Law is condensed in twoprecepts: Love of God, and love ofyour fellow men: that is the road.(234, 4)

Salvation and Redemption for each Spirit           

68. This time I have not come toraise the dead in body, as I did withLazarus during the Second Era, todayMy light comes to lift the spiritswhich are the ones that belong to Me.And these will arise with the truth ofMy word to an eternal life, becauseyour spirit is the Lazarus which todayyou carry within your being andwhich I will resurrect and heal. (17,52)

69. The Spiritual Realm is alsogoverned by laws, and when you partfrom them, very soon you feel thepainful result of that disobedience.

70. Behold how great is Myyearning to save you; today, as duringthat period, I shall carry the cross toraise you toward the true life.

71. If My blood shed along Calvarytouched the heart of mankind andconverted them to My Doctrine,during this period it will be MyDivine light that will shake the spiritand the flesh to make you returntoward the true pathway.

72. I want those who have died tothe life of grace to live eternally; I donot want your spirit to dwell indarkness. (69, 9 - 10)

73. See how many of your brothersawait in the bosom of idolatry thecoming of the Messiah. See howmany, in their ignorance, believe thatI will come only to discharge Myjustice upon the wicked, to save therighteous, and destroy the world,without knowing that I am amongmen as Father, Master, Brother, andFriend, full of love and humility,extending My charity to save, bless,and forgive all. (170, 23)

74. No one has been born by chance,and as humble, awkward or small asHe believes himself to be, He hasbeen created by the grace of theSupreme Being, who loves him asmuch as other beings whom Heconsiders superior; He has a destinythat will take him, like all others, tothe bosom of God.

75. Do you see those men who crossthe streets like outcasts, draggingalong their vice and misery, notknowing who they are nor where theyare going? Do you know of men whostill dwell in jungles surrounded bybeasts? Not one of them is forgottenby My charity; all of them have amission to fulfill, all of them possessthe origin of evolution and are in thepath where their merits, efforts andstruggles will guide the spirit step tostep, to Me.

76. Who is He who has not wishedfor My peace, even if it were only foran instant, longing to liberate himselffrom this earthly life? Every spiritfeels nostalgia for the world that Hepreviously inhabited, for the homewhere He was born. That world waitsfor all of My children inviting them toenjoy the eternal life that some wishfor, while others merely wait fordeath, to cease to be, because theybear a confused spirit and live withouthope and without faith. What canencourage these beings to fight fortheir regeneration? What can awake inthem the longing for eternity? Theyonly wait for the nonexistence, thesilence and the end.

77. However, the light of the world,the way and the life have returned toresurrect you with My forgiveness, tocaress your fatigued brow, to comfortyour heart and make the one who feltunworthy of living listen to My voice,which says to him: I love you, cometo Me! (80, 54 - 57)

78. Men may fall and sink intodarkness, and feel thereby distantfrom Me, they may believe that whenthey die all is finished for them; yet,to Me, none die, and not one is lost.

79. How many there are who livedas perverse beings in this world butwho today are filled with light! Howmany who left in their wake the stainof their sins, their vices, and theircrimes who have already achievedpurification. (287, 9 - 10)

80. It is true that many continue tostain their spirits, but do not judgethem, for they do not know what theydo. I will also save them. It does notmatter that they have now forgottenme or replaced me with false godsthat they have created in the world.Them too I shall take to MyKingdom, even if, because they nowfollow false prophets, they haveforgotten the gentle Christ who gavehis live to teach them his doctrine oflove.

81. To the Father no one is evil; noone can be evil because all were bornfrom me. I granted My children thegift of free will, thus many of themhave chosen to be rebellious, violent,blind, and commit mistakes.However, all of them will becomespiritually enlightened, and Mycharity will guide them along the pathof redemption. (54, 45 - 46)

82. All of you are My seed, and theMaster brings in the harvest; if amongthe good seed there are weeds, I takethem with love between My hands totransform them to golden wheat.

83. I see the seed of weeds in hearts,and also muck and mire, and crimeand hatred; nonetheless, I gather themall and love them. This seed I caressand purify until it shines like wheat inthe sun.

84. Do you believe that the potencyof My love is unable to redeem you? Iwill sow you after cleansing you, inMy garden, where you shall bear newflowers and fruits. Within My Divineproject is the mission of dignifyingyou. (256, 19 - 21)

85. How could I irredeemably lose aspirit if it bears within it a ray of MyLight that can never be extinguishedand which is before it wherever itgoes? No matter how long itsstubbornness or confusion lasts, thatdarkness will never be as enduring asMy eternity. (255, 60)

86. It is as worthy before Me that abeing stained with tracks of the mostgrievous errors purifies itself inspiredby an elevated ideal, as that a beingwho has persevered in purity hasstruggled to the end to avoid stainbecause it loved the light from thebeginning.

87. How distant from the truth arethose who believe that the disturbedspirits are of a different nature fromthose of the spirits of light!

88. The Father would be unjust ifthat were true, just as He would ceasebeing the Almighty if He lacked thewisdom and love to save those whoare stained, impure, or imperfect, andif He were unable to reunite them inone dwelling with the just. (295, 15 -17)

89. Even those beings you calldemons or "tempters," I tell you trulyare nothing more than disturbed orimperfect spirits of which the Fathermakes wise use to bring about hishigh designs and plans.

90. Yet, those beings, whose spiritsare today enveloped in darkness andmany of whom make evil use of thegifts I have given them, shall bebrought to safety by Me in due time.

91. For the moment shall come, ohIsrael, when all the Lord's creaturesglorify Me for eternity. I would ceaseto be God, if with My power, Mywisdom, and My love I could not saveone spirit. (302, 31)

92. When have parents on earthloved only their good children anddetested their bad ones? How manytimes have I seen you be tendered andmore solicitous precisely with thosewho most offend you and make yousuffer? How could it be possible thatyou perform works of love andforgiveness greater than My own?When has one seen the Masterneeding to learn from his disciples?

93. Understand, therefore, that noneare judged unworthy of me, and so theroad to salvation is always invitingyou to follow it, just as the gates ofMy Kingdom, which are light, peace,and good, are permanently open inreadiness, awaiting the arrival ofthose who have been far from the Lawand truth. (356, 18 - 19)

The Glorious Future of the Children of God           

94. I will not permit a single one ofMy children to become confused norto be lost. I will convert thoseparasitic plants into fruitful ones, forall creatures have been created toreach a perfect goal.

95. I want you to rejoice with Me inMy Work; previously, I have alreadyshared My attributes with you becauseyou are part of Me; If everythingbelongs to Me, I also make youowners of My Work. (9, 17 - 18)

96. Do not doubt My word; in theFirst Era I fulfilled My promise toliberate Israel from the slavery inEgypt that symbolized idolatry anddarkness, to bring you to Canaan, aland of freedom and worship of theliving God. There My coming as aman was announced, and theprophecy was fulfilled, word forword, in Christ.

97. I, the Master who inhabited andloved you in Jesus, promised theworld to speak to it in another time, tomanifest Myself in Spirit; here youhave the fulfillment of My promise.

98. Today I announce to you that Ihave reserved for you marvelousregions, dwellings, and spiritualmansions where you can find the truefreedom to love, to do good, and toextend My light. Can you doubt it,after the fulfillment of My earlierpromises? (138, 10 - 11)

99. My Divine yearning is to saveyou and carry you to a world of light,beauty, and love where you will yearnfor the elevation of the spirit, thenobility of the sentiments, and theideal of perfection. What is more, doyou not perceive in this Divineyearning My love as Father?Certainly, whoever cannot understandthis must be blind. (181, 13)

100. Look! All the galas of thisworld are destined to disappear andgive way to others, but your spiritshall continue to live forever and shallbehold the Father in all his splendor:the Father from whose bosom yousprang. All that is created must returnto the place it came from. (147, 9)

101. I am the light, the peace, andeternal happiness, and as you are Mychildren, I both wish to, and must,make you participants in My glory,and that is why I teach you the Law asthe road that leads the spirit to theheights of that Kingdom. (263, 36)

102. Keep always in mind that thespirit that reaches the high grades ofgoodness, wisdom, purity, and love, isbeyond time, pain, and distances. It isnot limited to inhabiting one place, forit can be everywhere, and find in all asupreme delight in existing, in feeling,in knowing, in loving and knowing itis loved. That is the heaven of thespirit. (146, 70 - 71)

My peace be with you !