Chapter 32 - Incarnation, Nature, and Duties of Human Beings
                 Incarnation on Earth
                 The Real Value of the Body, and its Guiding by the Spirit
                 The Importance of the Spirit and the Conscience of Man
                 The Temple of God in Man
Chapter 33 - Men and Women, Parents and Children, Family and Marriage
                 The Relationship between Man and Woman
                 The Nature and Duty of the Man
                 Woman, Wife, and Mother
                 The Education of Children and Adolescents
                 A Word to the Girls and Young Women
                 Marriage and Family
Chapter 34 - Free Will and Conscience
                 The Importance of the Conscience and Free Will
                 The Abuse of Free Will
                 The Overriding Need to Obey the Impulses of the Conscience
                 The Struggle between Free Will and Conscience
                 The Conscience through the New Word of God
Chapter 35 - The Power of Thoughts, Feelings, and the Will
                 Sending and Receiving Thought, and its Effects
                 The Strength of Feelings, Desires, and Fears
                 The Lack of Self Control

VIII. Human Beings

Chapter 32 - Incarnation, Nature, and Duties of Human Beings

Incarnation on Earth           

1. When one of your loved onesdeparts for the spiritual valley youweep instead of being filled withpeace, realizing that He is getting onestep closer toward his Lord. On theother hand, you celebrate when a newbaby comes to your home withoutrealizing at that moment that the spirithas come to fulfill a restitution in thisvalley of tears. It is then when youshould weep for that spirit. (52, 28)

2. You bear children of your flesh,but I am He who distributes the spiritsin families, in peoples, in nations, inworlds, and in such justiceimpenetrable for men, My love ismanifested. (67, 26)

3. You live in the present, and do notknow what I have destined for yourfuture. I am preparing a great legionof spiritual beings, which shall haveto come to inhabit the earth on adelicate mission, and it is necessarythat you know that many of you willbe parents of these children in whomMy envoys are made flesh. Your dutyis to prepare yourselves to receive andguide them. (128, 8)

4. I would like to speak to you muchof spiritual teachings, but you wouldnot yet understand them. If I revealedto you, the dwelling places to whichyou had descended on the earth, youwould not be able to conceive howyou lived in such places.

5. Today, you can deny knowing thespiritual valley, because I have closedto your spirit, being incarnated, itspast so that you do not presume,succumb, nor become dejected whenconfronted with your new existence,which should begin like a new life.

. Even if you should wish to, youcould not remember; I concede to youonly the conservation of a thought orintuition that I reveal to you so thatyou persevere in the struggle andconsent when faced with trials.

7. You may doubt all that I tell you,yet that valley was truly your dwellingplace when you were a spirit. Youwere dwellers in the mansion in whichyou did not know pain, in which youfelt the glory of the Father in yourbeing, for there was no stain in it.

8. Nonetheless, you had earned nomerits; it was necessary that you leaveheaven and descend to the world sothat your spirit, by its own efforts,conquers that Kingdom.

9. Yet, little by little you descendedmorally until you felt very far fromthe Divine and the spiritual, from yourorigin. (114, 35 - 36)

10. When the spirit arrives on earth,it comes animated with the bestintentions of consecrating itsexistence to the Father, of pleasinghim in all things, and of being usefulto his fellow men.

11. But once imprisoned in thematerial, tempted and tried in athousand different ways during thejourney, it weakens, cedes to theimpulses of the flesh and itstemptations, becomes selfish, finishesloving itself above all things, and onlyat moments listens to its conscience,where its destiny, and the promises,are written.

12. My word helps you to rememberyour spiritual pact and to overcomethe temptations and obstacles.

13. None can say that they havenever strayed from the path I havetraced for them, but I forgive you sothat you can learn to forgive yourbrothers. (245, 47 - 48)

14. A great spiritual lesson isnecessary to make man walk the roadaccording to the voice of hisconscience, for the material world thatsurrounds him. In spite of all beingsaturated with Divine love, and beingwisely constructed for the good andthe happiness of man, it constitutes atest for the spirit from the instant thatit comes to inhabit a world it does notbelong to, united to a body whosenature is different from its own.

15. There you can find the cause forthe spirit forgetting its past. From theinstant it is made flesh in anunconscious, newly born creature, andfuses to it, it begins a joint lifetogether with that being.

16. Of the spirit there remain onlytwo attributes present: the conscience,and intuition, but the personality, theworks performed, and the past, aretemporarily hidden. Thus has it beendecided by the Father.

17. What would become of the spiritthat comes from the light of a higherdwelling, to dwell among the miseriesof this world, if it remembered itspast? And how many vanities therewould be among men if the greatnessthat existed in their spirits in another[former] life were revealed to them!(237, 18 - 19)

The Real Value of the Body, and its Guiding by the Spirit           

18. I do not tell you to purify onlyyour spirits, but also to strengthenyour physical body so that the newgenerations which come from youmight be healthy, and their spirits willbe able to fulfill their delicatemissions. (51, 59)

19. Be careful of the health of yourbody, seek its protection andstrengthening. My Doctrine counselsyou to have charity with your spiritand your body, for both arecomplementary, and need each otherfor the delicate spiritual fulfillmentthat is entrusted to them. (92, 75)

20. Do not give your body a greaterimportance than it really has, norallow it to occupy the place that onlycorresponds to your spirit.

21. Understand that the physicalbody is only the instrument that youneed so that the spirit manifestshimself on earth. (62, 22 - 23)

22. See how this doctrine is for thespirit, for while the material shellcomes every day closer to the bosomof the earth, the spirit, in contrast,comes ever closer to eternity.

23. The body is the support in whichthe spirit rests while it inhabits theearth. Why let it become a chain thatlimits or imprisons you? Why allow itto be the guiding force of your life? Isit right for the blind to guide one whohas sight in his eyes ? (126, 15 - 16)

24. This teaching is simple, as is allthat is pure, Divine, and for thatreason, easy to comprehend. Yet, toput it in practice at times will seemdifficult to you, the works of the spiritrequire efforts, renunciation, andsacrifice on the part of your body, andwhen you lack education or spiritualdiscipline, you must suffer.

25. From the beginning of time, astruggle has existed between thespiritual and the material in trying tocomprehend what is just, and what isright and good, in order to create a lifein conformity with the Law presentedby God.

26. In the midst of that battle, itseems as though a strange andmalevolent force is inducing you ateach step to distance yourselves fromthe struggle, inviting you to continueon the path of materialism in use ofyour free will.

27. I tell you that there is no moretemptation than the weakness of yourbody, it is sensitive to that whichsurrounds it, and quick to give in,easy to fall and surrender; yet He whohas managed to dominate hisimpulses, passions, and theweaknesses of the flesh, hasconquered the temptation that Hebears within himself. (271, 49 - 50)

28. The earth is a battlefield, there ismuch to learn; were it otherwise, afew years of life on this planet wouldbe enough and you would not be sentto reincarnate again and again. Thereis no tomb darker and gloomier forthe spirit than its own body, if in itthere is scum and materialism.

29. My word raises you from thattomb, and then gives you wings sothat you may take flight to the regionsof peace and spiritual light. (213, 24 -25)

The Importance of the Spirit and the Conscience of Man           

30. The body could live without aspirit, animated only by the materiallife, but it would not be a human. Itcould possess a spirit and be lackingin conscience, but it could not beguided by itself, nor would it be thesuperior being who by means of theconscience, knows the Law,distinguishes good from evil andreceives every Divine revelation. (59,56)

31. Let it be the conscience thatilluminates the spirit and the spirit,which guides the flesh. (71, 9)

32. While some in the world pursuefalse greatness, others say that man isan insignificant creature before God,and there are those who comparethemselves to a worm in the soil.Certainly, your material form in themidst of Creation may seem small toyou, but for Me, it is not, due to thewisdom and power with which youwere created by me.

33. How can you judge thedimensions of your being by the sizeof your body? Can you not feel thepresence of your spirit? It is biggerthan your body, its existence iseternal, its road infinite, of itsdevelopment you can not see either itsend or its beginning. I do not wishyou small. I formed you to achievegreatness. Do you know when I seeman as small? When He is lost in sin,for it is then that He has lost hisnobility and dignity.

34. It has been a long time since youare not with Me, since you ignore inreality who you are, for you haveallowed many attributes to sleepwithin your being, powers and giftsthat your Creator deposited in you.You are asleep to your spirit and yourconscience, and it is in precisely thosespiritual attributes that the spiritualgreatness of men is founded. Youimitate the beings of this worldbecause in it they are born and die.(85, 56 - 57)

35. With My word of love Idemonstrate to you the value that yourspirit has to Me. Nothing exists inmaterial creation that is greater thanyour spirit: not the sun with its light,nor the earth with all its marvels, noris there any other creature greater thanthe spirit I have given you, for it is aparticle of the Divine, it is the flamethat springs from the Divine Spirit.

36. After God, only the spiritspossess spiritual intelligence,conscience, and free will.

37. Above the instincts andinclinations of the flesh, there rises alight that is your spirit, and above thatlight, a guide, a book, and a judge,which is the conscience. (86, 68)

38. Humanity, in its materialism,asks Me: “Can it be true that theKingdom of the Spirit exists?” and Ianswer: Oh, unbelievers, you are theThomases of the Third Era. To feelpity, compassion, tenderness,kindness, or nobility are not attributesof the material, nor are the graces andgifts that you carry hidden within you.All those sentiments that you bearengraved in your hearts and minds, allthose powers, are from the spirit, andyou must not deny it. The flesh is alimited instrument, but the spirit isnot. It is great because it is an atom ofGod.

39. Seek the mansion of the spirit inthe depths of your being, and the greatwisdom in the greatness of love. (147,21 - 22)

40. Truly I tell you that from the firstdays of humanity, man has had theintuition that within He bore aspiritual being, a being which, thoughinvisible, manifested itself in thevarious works of his life.

41. From time to time, your Lord hasrevealed the existence of the spirit, itsexistence, and its arcane, for eventhough you bear it within you, the veilthat the material wraps you in is sodense, that you cannot come to seethat which is most noble and pure inyour being.

42. Many are the truths that menhave dared deny. Nonetheless, beliefin the existence of a spirit has notbeen one of the most fought against,for man has felt and has come tounderstand that to deny the spirit islike denying your very self.

43. Human matter, when it hasdegenerated because of its passions,its vices, and its materialism, becomesa chain, a blindfold of darkness, aprison, and an obstacle to thedevelopment of the spirit. In spite ofthis, you have never lacked an interiorray of light to help you in yourmoments of testing.

44. Truly I tell you, the purest andmost elevated expression of the spiritis the conscience: the Divine interiorlight that makes it the first, thegreatest, and the most noble of all thecreatures that surround it. (170, 56 -60)

45. To all the people I say: thehighest and most beautiful title thatman possesses is that of “Child ofGod,” though it is necessary that it bemerited.

46. That is the purpose of the Lawand the Teachings: to inspire you inthe learning of My truth so that youmay be worthy children of the DivineFather who is the sum of perfection.(267, 53)

47. You know that you were createdin My image and likeness, and whenyou say it, you think of your humanform. I say to you that your likenessto God is not physical but spiritual. Inorder to liken yourself to me you mustperfect yourself by practicing deeds ofvirtue.

48. I am the Way, the Truth, and theLife, I am justice and goodness, all ofwhich proceeds from Divine love. Doyou now understand how you shouldbe in order to be in My image andlikeness? (31, 51 - 52)

49. In you there is a reflection of theDivine; in truth, you bear Me. Theintelligence, the will, the powers,senses, and virtues you possess, speakof an essence superior to that to whichyou belong, and are a living testamentof the Father from whom you sprang.

50. At times the image of Me thatyou carry within, you manage to stainand profane with disobedience andsin. In that you are not like Me, for itis not enough to have a human bodyand a spirit to be the image of theCreator; your true resemblance to Meis in your light and your love for allyour fellow men. (225, 23 – 24)

51. I made you in My form andimage, and if I am the Trinity in One,then in you too exists the trinity.

52. Your material body representsthe creation in its formation andperfect harmony. Your incarnatedspirit is an image of the Divine Wordthat was made man to trace a path oflove for men in the world, and yourconscience is a radiant spark of theDivine light of the Holy Spirit. (220,11 - 12)

53. What merit would your spiritachieve acting in a material body,without free will and sensuoustendencies? The struggle of the spiritwith its material body is one of poweragainst power. In that crucible thespirit must test its superiority and itselevation. That is the trial where thespirit has often succumbedmomentarily to the temptations of theflesh. The power exerted over thespirit is so strong that it seems that asupernatural and evil power wasdragging it toward the abyss causing itto be lost in the passions.

54. How great is the responsibility ofthe spirit before God! The flesh is notbound by this responsibility; noticehow once dead, the flesh will foreverrest on earth. When will you achieveenough merits that will make yourspirit worthy of living in dwellingswhich are more perfect than the one inwhich you now live?

55. The world offers you crowns thatonly speak of vanity, of arrogance,and of false greatness. To the spiritthat knows how to disregard thosevanities, another crown is reserved inthe hereafter, that of My wisdom. (53,9 - 11)

56. Life should manifest itself firstin the spirit, then in the flesh. Howmany beings have dwelled on earth,but how few of them were spirituallyalive and have manifested theirspiritual grace to humanity, thatDivine Spark given to man by theCreator.

57. If men can maintain transparencyin their consciences, through themthey shall be able to contemplate theirpasts, their presents, and their futures.

58. The spirit is similar to Myarcane, and oh, how much iscontained in that! At every step, andin every instant there is something toreveal to you, manifestations at timesso profound that they areincomprehensible to you.

59. That spark of light that exists ineach human is the tie that unites manto the spiritual; it is that which putshim in contact with the beyond andwith his Father. (201, 37 - 40)

60. Oh, if only your material formcould take in that which your spiritreceives through clairvoyance. For thespirit never ceases to see, even whenthe body, because of its materialnature, perceives nothing. When willyou know how to interpret your spirit?(266, 11)

61. You, who do not love lifebecause you regard it as cruel, as longas you do not recognize theimportance of the conscience in manor allow yourself to be guided by it,you will find nothing of real value.

62. It is the conscience whichelevates the spirit toward a superiorlife above the flesh and its passions.Spirituality will enable you to feel thegreat love of God, when you succeedin practicing it; then you willunderstand the importance of life, youwill contemplate its beauty and willfind its wisdom. Then, you will surelyunderstand why I have called it LIFE.

63. After knowing andunderstanding this teaching, who willdare reject it, saying that it is not thetruth?

64. When you understand that withinthe conscience is your true value, youwill live in harmony with everythingcreated by your Father.

65. Then, the conscience willbeautify the poor human life, but firstit will be necessary for man towithdraw from all passions whichseparate him from God, in order tofollow the path of justice and wisdom.That will be the beginning of the truelife for you, this life which today youregard with indifference, because youdo not realize what you are despisingnor imagine its perfection. (11, 44 -48)

The Temple of God in Man           

66. The concept that humanity has ofMe is infantile, because they do notknow how to penetrate the revelationsthat I have ceaselessly given them.For He who knows how to prepare, Iam visible and tangible, and presenteverywhere; in contrast, for He whodoes not possess sensibility becausematerialism has hardened him, Hebarely understands that I exist, andfeels Me to be immensely distant, andimpossible to be felt or seen in anyform.

67. It is necessary that man knowsthat He bears Me within himself, thatin his spirit and in the light of hisconscience He has the presence of theDivine. (83, 50 - 51)

68. The pain that weighs down themen of this Era is leading them stepby step, without realizing it, to thedoors of the inner sanctuary, beforewhich, unable to go further, they willask: “Lord, where are you?” Andfrom the interior of the temple thesweet voice of the Master will answer,“Here I am, where I have alwaysdwelled, in your conscience.” (104,50)

69. You were born in Me; you tookboth spiritual and material life fromthe Father, and in a figurative sense,at the moment you were born in Me, Iwas born in you.

70. I am born in your conscience, Igrow with your evolution, and Imanifest Myself fully in your worksof love, so that you will say full ofpleasure: “The Lord is with me.”(138, 68 - 69)

71. Today, as beginning students,you are not always able tocomprehend My teachings. For now,speak to God with your heart andmind and He will respond to you deepwithin your being. You will hear hismessage in your conscience. It will bea clear, wise, and loving voice thatyou will gradually discover andbecome accustomed to hearing. (205,47)

72. I must raise the church of theHoly Spirit in the hearts of Mydisciples in this Third Era. There Godthe Creator, the strong God, the Godmade man in the Second Era, the Godof infinite wisdom, will make hisdwelling. He lives in you, but if youwish to hear and feel the echo of hisword, you must prepare.

73. Who does good, feels Mypresence within them, just as does Hewho is humble, or who sees hisbrother in every one of his fellowmen.

74. In your spirit exists the temple ofthe Holy Spirit. That enclosure isindestructible, there are no strongwinds or hurricanes that are capableof destroying it; it is invisible andintangible to the gaze of humans; itscolumns are the desire to overcomeyourself with goodness, its dome isthe grace that the Father pours outover his children, and its doors: thelove of the Divine Mother, for all whoknock at My door are touching theheart of the Celestial Mother.

75. Here, disciples, is the truth of thechurch of the Holy Spirit, so that yoube not of those who become confusedby false interpretations. The templesof marble were but a symbol, and ofthem, not one stone will be left uponanother.

76. I wish that in your interior altarthe flame of faith burn always, andthat you understand that with yourworks, you are building thefoundations where one day a greatsanctuary will stand. I hold allhumanity on trial and in preparationwithin their diverse ideas, for to all Iwill give a part in the construction ofMy temple. (148, 44 - 48)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 33 - Men and Women, Parents and Children, Family and Marriage

The Relationship between Man and Woman           

1. Before you arrived on earth, Ialready knew your way and yourinclinations, and to help you in yourjourney, I put in your path a heart thatby its love for you would illuminateyour road. The heart may be that of aman or a woman. Thus I have wishedto help you so that you may serve as astaff of faith, moral force, and charityfor the needy. (256, 55)

2. I wanted you to participate in thejoy of being parents, to create beingssimilar to yourselves, beings to whomI would send spirits to incarnate.Since maternal love exists in theDivine and eternal, I wanted there toexist in the human life a being whowould represent it, and that being isthe woman.

3. In the beginning the human beingwas divided into two parts, thuscreating the two sexes, one the manand the other the woman. He wouldhave strength, intelligence andmajesty; the woman would havetenderness, grace, and beauty. Theman as the seed, and the woman thefertile land. There you have twobeings who can feel complete, perfect,and happy only when they are united,for with their harmony they will formone single body, one single will, andone single ideal.

4. This union, when inspired by theconscience and by love, is calledmatrimony.

5. Truly I say to you: I see that inthis time man and woman havedeviated from their path.

6. I discover men who forsake theirresponsibilities, women who flee fromtheir maternity and others who invadethe fields predestined for man, whensince ancient times you were told thatthe man is the head of the woman.

7. Not because of that should thewoman feel scorned, for today I say toyou that the woman is the heart of theman.

8. That is why I have instituted andsanctified matrimony, because in theunion of those two beings, spirituallyequal but corporeally different, aperfect condition prevails. (66, 68 -69)

9. How few are those who aspire tolive in the paradise of peace, light,and harmony, lovingly obeying theDivine laws.

10. Humanity has traveled over avery long path, and it still prefers toeat the forbidden fruits, which onlyaccumulate sorrow anddisappointment in its life. Theforbidden fruits are those which,while being good because they havebeen created by God, can becomeharmful to man if He has not properlyprepared himself, or if He consumesthem excessively.

11. Man and woman take the fruit oflife without preparation, unaware oftheir responsibility before the Creatorwhen they bring new beings toincarnate on earth. (34, 12 - 14)

12. Some ask Me: “Lord, by chance,is human love wrong and abominablein your sight? Do you only approve ofspiritual love?”

13. No people, it is true that to thespirit correspond the highest andpurest loves, but in the flesh I alsodeposited a heart to love with, and Igave it senses so that through themyou may love what surrounds you.

14. That love that rests only in thematerial is characteristic of theirrational beings, because they lack aconscience that illuminates theirpaths; on the other hand, I tell youthat good unions must bring forthgood fruits, and incarnate in themspirits of light. (127, 7 - 8 and 10)

15. I have not come to asksuperhuman sacrifices of you: neitherhave I asked that men cease beingmen to follow me, nor that womencease being women to fulfill aspiritual mission. I have not separatedthe husband from his wife, nor thewife from her husband to serve Me,nor to parents have I said to abandontheir children and cease working tofollow Me.

16. To one and all, upon convertingthem to laborers in My fields, I havemade them understand that by beingMy servants, they do not cease to behuman, and therefore must know togive to God what is God’s, and to theworld what is of the world. (133, 55 -56)

The Nature and Duty of the Man           

17. To you men, I have granted aheritage, a treasure, a woman ofwhom you are the overseers, in orderto love and preserve her. Andnevertheless, your companion hascome to present her complaints andtears to Me, because of your lack ofunderstanding.

18. I have said that you are strong,that you have been created in Myimage and likeness, but I have notsent you to humiliate the woman andmake her your slave.

19. I have given you strength, so thatyou may represent Me in your home;strong in virtue, in talent, and I havegiven you a woman as a companionand as a complement in your earthlylife, so that you may find fortitude towithstand the ordeals and vicissitudesthrough the love of both. (6, 61)

20. Think, men, how many timeshave you made virtuous women fallinto your net, finding in them thesensitive and weak spots; and thosemirrors formerly clean, and nowwithout their luster, you must makethem reflect once again the clarity andbeauty of their spirits.

21. Why do you today deprecate thesame that yesterday you induced toperdition? Why do you complain ofthe degeneration of women?Understand that if you had led themon the path of My Law, which is thelaw of the heart and the conscience, ofrespect and charity, loving them witha love that elevates instead of thepassion that degrades, you would notnow have reason to cry and complain,and they would not have fallen.

22. Men seek and demand thatwomen have virtues and beauty; whydo you demand what you do notdeserve?

23. I see that you still believeyourselves to have great merits, inspite of falling short in them.Reconstruct with your works, words,and thoughts what you havedestroyed, giving honesty, morals,and virtue the value that is theirs.

24. If you strive in this way, men,you will have helped Jesus in hiswork of salvation, and your heartswill feel joy when you contemplatethe homes honored by good wives andworthy mothers. Your happiness willbe great when you see virtue return tothose who had lost it.

25. Redemption is for everyone.Why should not even the most sinfulbe saved? For that reason I tell you:Men, work with Me to save those youhave led to perdition, encouragingthem with the light of My Doctrine,and make My loving thoughts come totheir minds and hearts. Bring themMy messages in the hospitals andprisons, even in the places of mire, forit is there that they cry in repentanceand pain for not having been strongwhen the world with its temptationsdragged them toward perversion.

26. Every woman was once a littlegirl, every woman was once a virgin,and so you can reach their hearts onthe path of sensitivity.

27. To the men who have nottarnished these virtues, I will entrustthis task. Remember that I have toldyou: “By your works you shall beknown.” Let the spirit speak throughthe material form.

28. However, to those who have notknown how to respect the gracesdeposited by Me in that being, I tellyou: Why say that you love, when it isnot love that you feel? Why try tomake others fall letting nothing stopyou? Think, what would your heartfeel if what you do with those pluckedflowers were done with your mother,your sister, or with a woman you love,and therefore, respect? Have you everthought of the wounds you cause tothe parents who raised their daughterswith great love?

29. Ask your heart in a trueexamination in the light of yourconscience if you can reap what youhave not sown.

30. How can you prepare your futurelife if you are wounding your fellowmen and women? How many victimswill you have? What ending will youhave? Truly I tell you, that you havesacrificed many victims to thewhirlwind of your passions, some ofwhom belong to your present, andothers to your past.

31. I desire that the heart and lipsthat have been a nest of perfidy andlies become a nest of truth and chastelove.

32. Illuminate the paths of others byword and example so that you may bethe saviors of fallen women. Oh, ifonly each of you would redeem justone!

33. Do not speak badly of thatwoman; the offensive word thatwounds one, wounds all who hear it,because from that instant all becomeunfit judges.

34. Respect the actions and secretsof others, for it is not for you to judgethem. I prefer to raise men fallen insin, over hypocrites who appear pure,but sin. I prefer a sincere great sinnerto the false pretense of virtue. If youwish to adorn yourselves, let it bewith adornments of sincerity.

35. If you find a virtuous woman ofhigh sentiment, and you feel unworthyof her although you love her, and thenspeak badly of her and deprecate her,and if after suffering andunderstanding your error you seek herfor consolation, in vain will you callat her door.

36. If every woman who has passedthrough the life of a single man hadreceived from him the word and thefeelings of love, respect, andunderstanding, your world would notnow be at the height of sin in which itfinds itself. (235, 18 - 32)

Woman, Wife, and Mother           

37. Women, it is you who with yourprayer protect what little peace thereis in the world, and who as faithfulguardians of the home take care that itdoes not lack the warmth of love. Inthis way you unite with Mary, tobreak human arrogance. (130, 53)

38. You women who water the roadsof this world with your tears, and whowith your blood mark your passagethrough this life: Rest in Me torecover new strength and to continuebeing the bearers of love, the fire ofthe hearth, and the solid foundation ofthe home that I have entrusted to youon earth. So that you may continuebeing like a mother bird, spreadingher wings to protect her husband andchildren, I bless you.

39. I exalt the man, and the place ofthe woman at his right. I sanctifymarriage and bless the family.

40. In this Era I come with a swordof love to put all things in their places,for men had put them elsewhere. (217,29 - 31)

41. Truly I tell you that theregeneration of humanity must beginwith the women, so that their fruit,which are the men of tomorrow, arefound free of the stains that have ledthem to degeneration.

42. Then, it will correspond to mento do their part in this work ofreconstruction, for all who havecorrupted a woman, must regenerateher.

43. Today I have inspired you tosave the woman who has stumbled onher path, and when you present her toMe whom you have saved, I will giveher a flower, a blessing, and verygreat peace so that she will not fallagain.

44. If you fulfill this mission in thisway, those beings wounded by theworld will feel the love of Jesus entertheir hearts.

45. I shall listen when in theirprayers they tell Me: “My Father, donot see My sin, see only My pain; donot judge My ingratitude, but see Mysuffering.” In that instant My comfortwill descend to that troubled heart,and it will be purified by its tears. Oh,If you only knew how much more theprayer of the sinner is felt than that ofthe vain who believe themselves justand clean. (235, 16 - 17 and 43 - 45)

46. Of the love with which I havegiven you life, men give little sign orevidence. Of all human emotions, thatwhich comes closest to the Divinelove is maternal love, for in it isdisinterest, abnegation, and the idealof seeking the happiness of the childeven at the cost of sacrifice. (242, 39)

47. And to you, sterile women, theMaster says, long have you desiredand asked that your wombs beconverted into fountains of life. Youhave hoped that when the evening orthe morning approaches, a tenderheart would be heard beating withinyou. But the days and nights havepassed and you have only shed tearsbecause the child has not arrived tocall at your door.

48. How many of you who arelistening to Me, and who have beendeprived of hope by science, will haveto bear fruit to believe in My power.Thus, through that miracle many mayrecognize Me! Watch and wait. Donot forget My words. (38, 42 - 43)

The Education of Children and Adolescents           

49. Parents: Avoid mistakes and badexamples. I do not demand perfectionof you, only love and charity towardyour children. Prepare yourselvesspiritually and physically, for thegreat legions of spirits from thebeyond await the instant to incarnateamong you.

50. I want a new humanity whichwill grow and multiply, not only innumber but in virtue, so that it maybecome aware of the Promised Landnearby, and its children might be ableto live in the New Jerusalem.

51. I want the earth to be filled withmen of good will who are the fruits oflove.

52. Destroy the Sodom andGomorrah of this time. Do not allowyour hearts to become familiar withtheir sins, nor do imitate theirinhabitants. (38, 44 - 47)

53. Devotedly guide your children.Teach them to obey the spiritual andthe material laws; and if they breakthem, correct them, for you as parentsrepresent Me on earth. Therefore,remember Jesus, who filled with holyanger, gave the merchants ofJerusalem a lesson for all times,defending the Divine cause, theunchangeable laws. (41, 57)

54. Today you have ceased to bechildren and you can now understandthe essence of My teachings; you alsoknow that your spirit was not bornwith the physical body you possess,and that the beginning of one is not ofthe other. Those children whom yourock in your arms, carry innocence intheir heart, but in their spirit they holda past at times much larger anddifficult then that of their parentsthemselves. How great aresponsibility there is for those whomust cultivate those hearts so thattheir spirit attains progress along theroad!

55. Not because of this, should youfeel lesser love for your children.Think that you do not know who theyare nor what they have done; rather,increase for them your charity andlove and be grateful to your Father forhaving placed in you His mercy toconvert you into guides andcounselors of your spiritual brothers,whose bodies you become parents ofby blood. (6, 31 - 32)

56. I say to parents of families, thatin the same manner that they worryabout the material future of theirchildren, they should also do so fortheir spiritual future, because of themission which in that sense they havebrought into the world. (81, 64)

57. Understand that when the spiritis made flesh, it brings with it all itsgifts, that its destiny is alreadywritten, and therefore it need receivenothing in the world. It brings amessage or restitution. At times, itcomes to gather a harvest, and othertimes to pay a debt, but always itcomes to receive in this life a lessonof the love its Father gives it.

58. You who are guiding yourchildren through this life, once theyare past the age of innocence, putthem on the road of My Law, awakentheir sentiments, reveal to them theirgifts, and induce them always to thegood; and truly I tell you, who in thisway comes to Me shall be bathed inthe light that springs from the Divinefire, which is My love. (99, 64 - 65)

59. Spiritually, you have traveled along road, and now you are surprisedby the intuition and the developmentthat the new generations show fromtheir most tender infancy, becausethey are spirits that have lived muchand now return to walk at the front ofhumanity; some on the paths of thespirit, and others on the roads of theworld according to their gifts and theirmission. Yet, in all of them, humanitywill find peace. The beings of which Ispeak, will be your children. (220, 14)

60. Do you think that confrontedwith a bad example, by a vice - riddenor evil parent on earth, the childcommits an error in not continuing inthat way of living? Or do you believethat the child is obliged to follow inthe steps of his parents?

61. Truly I tell you, it must be theconscience and reason that guide youon the straight path. (271, 33 - 34)

62. Blessed innocence iscontaminated with the evil of theworld, youth runs a dizzying race, andthe young women have quittedthemselves of their modesty, theirchastity, and their honesty; all thesevirtues have parted from their hearts;they have fed the worldly passions,and yearn only for those pleasures thatlead them to the abyss.

63. I come to speak to you with allclarity so that you rise up and make afirm step in the evolution of yourspirit. (344, 48)

64. Ignite in youth the love of theirfellowmen; inspire in them great andnoble ideals, for it will be they whotomorrow fight for an existence inwhich justice, love, and the sacredliberty of the spirit shine. Prepareyourselves all, for the great battle ofwhich the prophecies have spoken,has not yet arrived. (139, 12)

A Word to the Girls and Young Women           

65. All spirits have in Me a DivineFather and if I have endowed youwith human parents during yourphysical life, it is to give life to yourbody and to represent your HeavenlyFather near you. I have said to you:‘Love God above everything created”and I have added: “Honor your Fatherand your mother.” Therefore, do notneglect your responsibilities; if youhave not recognized the love of yourparents and you still have them in thisworld, bless them and acknowledgetheir merits. (9, 19)

66. On this day I am talkingespecially to the young women, thosewho tomorrow will have to illuminatethe life of a new home with theirpresence; you should know that theheart of a wife and mother are thelamps that illuminate that sanctuary,just as the spirit illuminates your innertemple.

67. Prepare yourselves now, so thatyour new life does not surprise you;from this moment go forth preparingthe path to be traveled by yourchildren: those spirits who await thehour to approach your womb and takehuman life and form to fulfill theirmissions on earth.

68. Be My collaborators in My plansfor restoration, and in My work ofregeneration and justice.

69. Distance yourselves from themany temptations that beset your pathin this era. Pray for the sinful citieswhere so many women are lost, whereso many sanctuaries are profaned, andso many lamps extinguished.

70. Extend by your example the seedof life, truth, and light that counteractthe lack of spirituality in humanity.

71. Pure young women of thispeople, awaken and prepareyourselves for the battle. Do not beblinded by the passions of the heartnor dazzled by what is not real.Develop your gifts of intuition andinspiration, as well as your tendernessand sensitivity; strengthen yourselvesin the truth, and you will haveprepared your best weapons for facingthe struggle this life presents.

72. So that you may transmit thelove in your blood, so that you maysustain your children with the love ofwhich I speak to you so much, youmust first live it, saturate yourselvesin it, and feel it deeply. That is whatMy teaching comes to do in yourheart. (307, 31 - 36)

Marriage and Family           

73. The law of matrimony descendedlike a light which spoke through theconscience of the first beings, so thatthey would recognize that the union ofone with the other signified a pactwith the Creator. The fruit of thatunion was the child in whom theblood of the parents was blended asproof that what you bind before Godcan not be unbound on earth.

74. That joy which the Father andthe mother feel when they give birthto a child, is similar to that which theCreator experienced when He becamea Father, giving life to his muchbeloved children. If later I deliveredlaws to you through Moses so thatyou would know how to select apartner and would not covet the wifeof your neighbor, it was becausehumanity, by virtue of its free will,had become lost in the ways ofadultery and passions.

75. Time passed; I came to the worldin Christ, and with My gentleteaching, which is always the law oflove, I elevated matrimony and withit, human virtue. I spoke in parables inorder to make My word unforgettable,and I made a sacred institution ofmatrimony.

76. Now that I am among you again,I ask you, men and women: what haveyou done to marriage? How few thereare who can answer satisfactorily. Mysacred institution has been profaned,and from that fountain of life springspain and death. Upon the purity ofthat law are the tracks and stains ofmen and women. The fruit that shouldhave been sweet is bitter, and the cupfrom which men drink is of gall.

77. You deviate from My laws, andwhen you stumble, you ask in anguish"Why is there such pain?" It isbecause the instincts of the flesh havenever listened to the voice of theconscience. Now I ask you: Why doyou not have peace, when I havegiven you all that is necessary forhappiness?

78. I have placed a blue mantle inthe sky so that beneath it you maybuild your nest of love, separatingyourselves from the temptations andcomplications of the world, living insimplicity as do the birds, for insimplicity and in pure prayer, one canfeel the peace of My kingdom andreceive the revelations of manyMysteries.

79. Everyone who is united inmatrimony before My Divinity, evenwhen their union is not sanctioned byany minister, makes a pact with Me, apact which remains recorded in thebook of God, where all destinies arewritten.

80. Who can erase from that bookthe names of those two who havebeen united? Who in the world canunbind that which has been united inMy law?

81. If I were to disunite you, I wouldbe destroying My own work. Whenyou have asked me to be united onearth, and I have granted it to you,why do you then break your promisesand deny your vows? Is it not that youare ridiculing My law and My name?(38, 32 - 37 and 39 - 41)

82. I have spoken to the heart of thewoman, wife, and mother who has notknown how to maintain thecleanliness of her heart, nor to give toher companion and their children thewarmth of tenderness andunderstanding.

83. How can men and womenelevate their spiritual lives if theyhave not yet corrected the great errorsthat exist in their human lives?

84. My Work requires that itsdisciples know how to give testimonywith the cleanliness and truth of theacts of their lives.

85. To one and all I ask: “Do youhave children? Then have charity forthem; if you could, for one moment,see those spirits, you would feelunworthy to call yourselves theirparents. Do not give them badexamples; take care not to raise ascandal in the presence of yourchildren.

86. I know that in these times, morethan ever, there are problems in thebosom of marriages that find only asingle solution: distancing, separation.

87. If this humanity had thenecessary notion of spiritualknowledge, it would not fall into suchgrave error, for it would find theinspiration to resolve the mostdifficult periods and overcome themost difficult trials in prayer andspirituality.

88. My light comes to all hearts, tothe sad and the beaten, to encouragethem. (312, 36 - 42)

89. In the Second Era I entered thehomes of many marriages joined bythe Law of Moses, and do you knowhow I found many of them? Fightingand destroying the seed of peace,love, and trust; I saw war and discordin their hearts, at their tables, and inthe marriage bed.

90. I entered too in the homes ofmany who without having marriagessanctioned by law, loved one anotherand lived like lovebirds in their nest,caressing and protecting the lovedone.

91. How many there are who livingunder the same roof do not love eachother, and on not loving each other,are not united, but distant spiritually.Yet, they do not make their separationpublic, for fear of Divine punishment,or of human law, or of the judgmentof society. That is not marriage, inthose beings there is no union nortruth.

92. Nonetheless, they present theirfalse union, visit homes and temples,go out upon the roads, and the worlddoes not judge them, because theyhide their lack of love. In contrast,how many who love each other musthide, concealing their real union,while suffering frommisunderstandings and injustices.

93. Humanity has not risen tounderstand and judge the lives of theirneighbors. Those men who hold intheir hands the human and spirituallaws do not use true justice insanctioning those cases.

94. Nonetheless, those times ofcomprehension and prudence that Iannounce to you, in which humanitywill perfect itself, shall come. Thenagain you shall see, as in thepatriarchal times before Moses, whenthe union of beings was performed asI have done on this day with Mychildren: spiritually, and as you shalldo in times to come, in the presenceof the parents of those to be joined, offriends and relatives, and amid thegreatest spirituality, fraternity, andrejoicing. (375, 25 - 27)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 34 - Free Will and Conscience

The Importance of the Conscience and Free Will           

1. Listen, O disciples: Man has ashis spiritual gifts freedom of will anda conscience. Everyone, at birth, hasbeen endowed with virtues and canmake use of them. In his spirit is thelight of his conscience; but at thesame time that the flesh develops,with it passions unfold: the badinclinations, these being the ones thatbattle against those virtues.

2. God permits this because wherethere is no struggle there are nomerits, and this is what you need inorder to ascend along the spiritualpath. What would be the merit of thechildren of God, if they did notstruggle? What would you do if youlived filled with happiness, as is yourwish in this world? Would you expectspiritual progress if you weresurrounded by comforts and riches?You would be at a standstill, for meritdoes not exist where there is nostruggle.

3. But do not be confused, for whenI speak of conflict, I refer to thatwhich you develop in order to masteryour weaknesses and passions. Thosebattles are the only ones which I allowin men so that they will dominatetheir egotism and their materialism, inorder for the spirit to take its rightfulplace illuminated by its conscience.

4. That inner battle I do authorize,but not the one which men use withthe desire of exalting themselves,blinded by ambition and wickedness.(9, 42 - 44)

5. The spirit fights to achieve itselevation and progress while thematerial form gives in at every step tothe attractions of the world; yet thespirit and the material can beharmonized, giving to each whatlegitimately pertains to it, that is whatMy Doctrine teaches.

6. How can you practice My Law inevery case? By listening to the voiceof the conscience, which is the judgeof your acts. I do not come tocommand that which you can notperform; I come to persuade you thatthe road to happiness is not a fantasy,that it exists and the way to travel it iswhat I am showing you.

7. You are free to choose the road,but it is My duty as Father to showyou the true and the shortest road, thatwhich has always been illuminated bythe light of the Divine beacon that isMy love for you, for you are thedisciples who thirst always to hear thenew words that come to affirm yourknowledge and revive your faith.(148, 53 - 55)

8. I have placed the conscience inyour being so it can be in the midst ofall your steps, since the conscience isable to distinguish good from bad, andwhat is just from what is not. Withthat light you cannot be deceived norbe called ignorant. How could thespiritual follower deceive his brotheror try to deceive even himself if Heknows the truth? (10, 32)

9. Man on earth is a prince to whomMy love and My justice gave thattitle, and the order that He receivedfrom the very beginning was to havedominion over the earth.

10. Over the Divine gift of your freewill, I put a beacon to illuminate thepath of your life: the conscience.

11. The freedom to act, and the lightof the conscience to distinguish goodfrom evil, are the two greatest gifts oflove that the Father has bequeathed toyour spirit. They are in men beforebirth and after death. The conscienceguides men, and does not leave theirside in moments of desperation, nor inmoments of lost reason, nor even inagony, for it is intimately united to thespirit. (92, 32 - 34)

12. The spirit possesses the gift offree will, through which it must earnmerit in order to save itself.

13. Who guides, orients, or counselsthe spirit during its free wandering, sothat it can distinguish right fromwrong and thereby not be lost? Theconscience.

14. The conscience is the Divinespark, a higher light, and is a force tohelp men not to sin. What merit wouldthere be in men if the conscience hadthe material strength to force them toremain on the side of good?

15. I want you to know that meritconsists of listening to that voice, inpersuading yourselves that that voicenever lies nor is mistaken in itscounsel, and in faithfully obeying itsdictates.

16. As you can understand, to hearthat voice clearly requires preparationand concentration within one's self.Who practices such obedience in thepresent times? Ask yourselves?

17. The conscience has alwaysmanifested itself in man, but man hasnot achieved the necessary evolutionto guide all his life by that Divinevoice. Man has needed laws,teachings, precepts, religions andadvice for guidance

18. When men come to enter intocommunion with their spirits, andinstead of looking for it outwardly,seek it within themselves, they canhear that gentle, persuasive, wise, andjust voice that has always beenvibrating within them without beingheard, and they come to understandthat the conscience is the presence ofGod, and that it is the true means bywhich men should communicate withtheir Father and Creator. (287, 26 -30)

19. All bear My light; every spiritpossesses that grace, yet, while insome that light has grown andincreased to show itself outwardly, inothers it has been latent, hidden, andignored. Nonetheless, I tell you truly,no matter how backwards a man maybe spiritually, He can alwaysdistinguish between good and evil,and so you are all responsible beforeMe for your acts.

20. I must tell you that responsibilitygrows in you according to thedevelopment of your understanding,for you are increasingly moresensitive to the dictates of theconscience. (310, 69 - 70)

21. I want you to know that amongall the creatures of this world, you arethe favorite being, gifted with a spiritand a conscience; I have given youfreedom of will so that you may takeby your own choice the straight roadthat leads to Me; it is not a flowerypath that I offer you, but that ofprayer, penance and struggle, andalong that road your conscience willguide you. (58, 42)

22. What would become of the spiritdeprived of its freedom of will? In thefirst place it would not be a spirit andtherefore it would not be a creation,worthy of the Supreme Being; itwould be something like thosemachines that you create; somethingwithout life of its own, withoutintelligence, without will, withoutaspirations. (20, 37)

23. I gave free will to man, but if inhis confusion He complains about it, Iwill tell him that I also gave him theability to choose and comprehend. Atthe same time, I revealed My law tohim, which is the way not to stumbleor become lost, and kindled the lightof his conscience, which is an innerbeacon that illuminates the way of thespirit and leads it to eternal life.

24. Why does sin exist and evildominate, and why do wars breakout? Because man does not listen tothe dictates of his conscience andbadly uses his free will. (46. 63 - 64)

25. The world is not listening,because the voices of these materialforms by which I communicate havelittle reach. It is then the voice of theconscience, which is My wisdom, thatspeaks to humanity, surprising manywho, enveloped in their selfishness,are deaf to the call of that voice, andattentive only to adulation and earthlyadoration, enjoying their greatnessand power. (164, 18)

The Abuse of Free Will           

26. Today I find Myself with ahumanity that is weakened in spiritualmatters because of the abuse that hasbeen made of the gift of free will. Itraced a path of justice, love, charity,and goodness; humanity has createdanother, of apparent light, which hasled them to the abyss.

27. Upon turning back, My wordshows you the same road that youhave previously not wished to take,and He would be unjust and senselesswho says that this doctrine confusesor delays. (126, 5 - 6)

28. Behold mankind occupied indestroying and hating one another, insnatching the power from each otherwithout holding back on crime, theftor treachery. There you have menwho succumb by the millions, victimsof their fellowmen and others whoperish from the effect of vice. Is therelight in all that? Does the spirit withinthem speak out? What exists there isdarkness and pain, resulting from theabuse of the gift of the freedom ofwill and from not listening to theinner voice, of not beholding the lightof that spark of God that everyonecarries within his being and which isthe Divine light that you callconscience. (79, 31)

29. Free will is the highestexpression, the most complete gift ofthe liberty that was conceded to menon the road of life so that byperseverance in good, achieved by thecounsel of the conscience and thestruggle to overcome its trials, youreach the bosom of the Father. Butfree will has been replaced bylibertinism, the conscience is unheard,only the dictates of the world areobeyed, and spirituality has beensupplanted by materialism.

30. Faced with such confusion andso much straying, My Doctrine willappear absurd to the men of this time;yet, I tell you, it is exactly theteaching that is needed so that menfree themselves from the lethargy inwhich they find themselves. (157, 15 -16)

31. My word is the road, it is theDivine law that guides you toperfection, the light that elevates thespirit but which has been dulled whenthe flesh, by its rigidity, has imposeditself, not hearing the interior voice ofits conscience.

32. Woe then to the spirit that hasceded to the impulses of the materialand has let itself be dominated by theinfluence of the world that surroundsit, exchanging its post as guide forthat of a defenseless being carriedfrom one side to the other by humanpassions and weaknesses, like dryleaves carried aimlessly by the wind.

33. The man who most loves hisfreedom, fears to submit himself tothe Divine will because He is fearfulthat the spirit will tame him, deprivinghim of many human satisfactions thatHe knows will harm him and causehim to abandon the road that leads totrue life. (97, 36)

34. The time in which men havetaken their free will to use it inpleasures, low passions, hatred, andvengeance is coming to an end. Myjustice is closing the paths of sin andopening instead the path toreconciliation and regeneration so thatthey can find the road to peace thatthey have looked for in vain by othermeans. (91, 80)

35. I gave you the gift of free willand I have respected that blessedliberty conceded to My children; but Ialso placed in your being the Divinelight of the conscience, so that guidedby it you channel your gifts, and I tellyou, that in the struggle between thespirit and the flesh, the spirit hassuffered a defeat, a painful fall thatlittle by little has been distancing itfrom the source of truth, which I am.

36. Its defeat is not final, buttransitory, for from the depths of theabyss the spirit shall rise when it canno longer tolerate its hunger, thirst,nakedness, and lack of light. Painshall be its salvation, and hearing thevoice of its conscience, it shall risestrong and enlightened, fervent andinspired, to take up once again itsgifts; but no longer with the liberty toapply them to good or evil, butconsecrating them strictly to thefulfillment of the Divine laws, whichis the best worship you can offer MySpirit. (257, 65 - 66)

The Overriding Need to Obey the Impulses of the Conscience           

37. How far from reality in thisinstant are those millions of beingswho live only for their materialpresent! How can they open their eyesto reality? Only by listening to thevoice of their conscience: the voicethat to be heard requiresconcentration, meditation, and prayer.(169, 16)

38. Always when you wish to knowif the path that you follow is that ofyour evolution, you may consult yourconscience, and if there is peace in itand if charity and good will towardyour brethren lodges in your heart,you can be certain that your light stillshines and your word comforts andheals.

39. However if you discover thatwithin your heart there hasgerminated greed, bad will,materiality and lust, you can becertain that your light has turned intodarkness and imposture. Do you wishto offer the Father a soiled harvestinstead of a golden grain, when Hecalls on you? (73, 45)

40. Disciples, if you do not wish tosuffer from errors or mistakes,examine your actions in the light ofyour conscience, and if there issomething that tarnishes them,examine yourself deeply and you shallfind the stains, and thereby be able tocleanse them.

41. Within you there is a mirror intowhich you can look and see if you are,or are not, clean.

42. The spiritualist should berecognized by his deeds, and so thatthose deeds may be clean, they musthave been dictated by the conscience.Who acts thusly will feel worthy ofcalling himself My disciple.

43. Who may deceive Me? No one. Ido not come to judge you for whatyou do, but for the intentions withwhich you act. I am in yourconscience, and beyond it. How couldyou imagine that I might be ignorantof your acts and the motives for them?(180, 11 - 13)

The Struggle between Free Will and Conscience           

44. When the first human beingsinhabited the earth, the Creator placedhis love in them, equipped them witha spirit, and ignited his light in theirconscience at the same time that theywere given free will.

45. And while some struggled topersevere in righteousness, combatingall temptations to remain clean andworthy of the Lord and in agreementwith their consciences, others, fromsin to sin and fault to fault, went alongforging fetters, link by link throughtheir sins, guided only by the voice ofthe senses, dominated by theirpassions, and sowing error andtemptation among their brothers.

46. Yet, by the side of these troubledspirits My prophets have also come asangelic messengers of My Divinity toawaken humanity, warn them ofmenaces, and announce My coming.(250, 38 - 39)

47. The flesh was stubborn andreluctant in following the voice of thatinterior light that you call conscience,and it was easier for it to follow thoseimpulses that led toward thelibertinism of its instincts andpassions.

48. Humanity has traveled much ofthe path of the life on this earth, inopen battle between the conscience,which has never quieted, and theflesh, which wishes to make ofmaterialism its worship and law;without either the material or thespiritual having triumphed, for thestruggle continues.

49. Do you ask Me which willtriumph? I tell you that it shall not belong until the absolute triumph of theconscience working through the spiritin the flesh.

50. Can you not foresee, that after somuch struggle and such combat, thatthe material, which is human andfleeting, will have to bend before theconscience, which is My eternal light?

51. Understand: After this prolongedcombat, man will finally reach thesensitivity and docility that He hasnever previously shown to that voice,and to the spiritual life that vibratesand palpitates within his being.

52. All of you march toward thatpoint without knowing it. Yet, whenyou see the triumph of right andjustice on earth, you will understandthe reason for the struggle, thecombats, and the trials. (317, 21 - 26)

53. Do you not see that man isbefore and above all that surroundshim, that He is the only being givenfree will and a conscience? From freewill have flowed all the errors, falls,and sins of humanity, but they arefleeting errors in the presence of thejustice and eternity of the Creator, forin time the conscience shall triumphover the weaknesses of the materialform and the spirit, and with thattriumph will come the victory of thelight, which is the victory of wisdomover the darkness that is ignorance; itshall be the triumph of good, which islove, justice, and harmony, over evil,which is selfishness, libertinism, andinjustice. (295, 49)

54. Nothing is impossible for Me.My will has been done, and alwayswill be done, even though there aretimes when it seems that it is the willof men, not mine, that dominates.

55. On the path of man's free will, itsreign over the earth, the triumphs ofits arrogance, the domination that withits strength it sometimes imposes, areso fleeting compared to eternity that itcould absolutely never force a changein the Divine plans; and so tomorrowor in the course of theiraccomplishment, the will of My Spiritover all beings is made manifest,saving the good and erasing theimpure. (280, 9 – 10)

56. The time shall come when theborders of this world are erased bylove and the worlds approach eachother through spirituality.

57. Until then, the struggle willcontinue between the conscience andfree will, which man takes advantageof to do as He wishes in life.

58. The struggle between these twoforces will come to its peak, and thetriumph will fall to the spirit, which ina surrender of absolute love for theFather, will say to Him: “Lord, Irenounce My free will; work onlyyour Will in me.”

59. I shall bless him who comesbefore Me in this way, and wrap himin My light; what is more, I shallmake him know that the blessedliberty that was given him will neverbe withdrawn, for He who does thewill of his Father, who is faithful andobedient, is worthy of his Lord’s trust.(213, 61 - 64)

The Conscience through the New Word of God           

60. My Doctrine, full of light andlove, comes to strengthen the spirit sothat it may impose its power on theflesh and sensitize it so that theinspirations of the conscience are evermore perceptible to it.

61. Spirituality is the purpose thathumanity must pursue, since throughit, it will come to identify itselfplainly with the conscience, and comefinally to distinguish right fromwrong.

62. Because of the lack of spiritualelevation of men, that wise andprofound, righteous and just interiorvoice has not been heard andinterpreted as it should have been; andtherefore, man has not yet reached theabsolute understanding that permitshim to distinguish truly between rightand wrong.

63. That is not all, for He also needsto find in himself the strengthnecessary to follow every goodimpulse and obey every enlightenedinspiration, rejecting at the same timeany impure or evil temptation,thought, or feeling. (329, 56 - 57)

64. How easy it will be for men tounderstand one another when theymeditate and listen to the dictates oftheir higher reason: the voice of thejudge they do not wish to hearbecause they know it will order themto do the opposite of all they do now.

65. I say to you that if you have beenunwilling to listen to the voice of yourconscience, then you have beendisobedient and lacked humility topractice My doctrine. You recognizeMy doctrine in theory but you do nottruly practice if. Although youacknowledge that it possesses Divineessence, and that Christ was trulygreat and his teachings perfect, no onewants to truly imitate the DivineMaster in order to achieve hisgreatness. No one wants to reach Him,imitating Him truly. You need torealize that I did not come in theSecond Era only to make you awareof My spiritual greatness but also inorder for you to become spirituallygreat. (287, 35 - 36)

66. I will reunite all men and allpeoples around My new message; Ishall call them as a shepherd does hissheep, and prepare for them the peaceof a shelter where they can takerefuge from the inclemencies and thestorms.

67. You shall see that although manyappear to have not the smallest traceof faith or spirituality, they conservein the purest part of their spirit theimmortal principles of spiritual life;and you shall see how many whoseem to have no religion at all, bear inthe most intimate region of their beingan indestructible altar.

68. Before that interior altar menshall have to prostrate themselvesspiritually, and sincerely repentant oftheir disobedience, cry for their faults,their evil deeds, and their offenses.There, before the altar of theconscience, human arrogance shallfall, and men will cease to considerthemselves as superior for reasons oftheir race. Then shall come therenunciations, the restitutions andfinally peace, as the legitimate fruit oflove, humility, faith, and good will.(321, 9 - 11)

My peace be with you !

Chapter 35 - The Power of Thoughts, Feelings, and the Will

Sending and Receiving Thought, and its Effects           

1. There are forces invisible tohuman sight and unknown to thescience of man which constantlyinfluence your lives.

2. There are those which are goodand those which are bad, some whichgive you health and others whichcause illnesses. There are some filledwith light and others with darkness.

3. From where do these forces arise?From the spirit, disciples, from themind and from feelings.

4. Every incarnated anddisincarnated spirit emanatesvibrations when it thinks; everyemotion exerts an influence. You canbe sure that the world is filled withthese vibrations.

5. Now you can easily understandthat healthy forces and influencesmust exist where people think anddwell in goodness, and that wherethey live outside of the laws andregulations which are determined bygoodness, justice and love, there mustexist evil forces.

6. Both of them invade the spiritualspace, struggle with each other andinfluence the sensitivity of men. Ifmen know how to distinguish betweenthem, they take the good inspirationsand reject those influences which areevil, but if the men are weak and notprepared in the practice ofrighteousness, they are unable toconfront these vibrations and are indanger of succumbing to theirdominance and becoming slaves ofevil. (40, 58 – 63)

7. Everything spiritual in theUniverse is a fountain of light, visibleor invisible to you; that light isstrength, it is power, it is inspiration.From the ideas, words and deeds, lightalso emanates, according to the purityand elevation that they have. Themore elevated the idea or the deed, themore delicate and gentle the vibrationand inspiration which emits from it.Although it is also more difficult forthe slaves of materialism to perceiveit; nevertheless, the effect which isexerted spiritually by the thoughts andelevated deeds, is great. (16, 16)

8. When from your mind emerges anidea or a thought of light, in thatmanner it reaches its objective tofulfill its beneficial mission. If insteadof kind thoughts, impure emanationssurge from your mind, they will onlycause harm wherever you send them. Isay to you that thoughts are deeds,and as such they remain written in thebook which exists in your conscience.

9. If your deeds are good or bad, youwill receive multiplied what youwished for your brethren. But it isbetter to do yourselves some harmthan to wish it upon one of yourfellow men.

10. That is why during the SecondEra I said to you: “What you sow youreap,” for it is necessary that you beaware of your experiences in this lifeand that you remember that yourharvest will give you back the sameseed that you sowed, althoughmultiplied.

11. O! Humanity, how you haveneglected to meditate, feel or live theteachings of your Master! (24, 15 -18)

12. That is why I have told you thatyou did not know the strength ofthought. Today I tell you that thoughtis voice and hearing, it is a weaponand a shield. It creates and destroys.Thought cuts the distance to thosewho are absent, and finds those whohad been lost.

13. Know your weapons before thebattle commences; He who knowshow to prepare himself will be strongand invincible. It will not benecessary to wield mortal weapons,your sword will be thought pure andclean, your shield faith and charity.Even in silence, your voice willresound as a message of peace. (76,34)

14. Keep vigil, being careful not tostain your mind with impure thoughts;the mind is creative and when yougive space to an evil idea it will leadyou to the lower planes and your spiritwill be surrounded with darkness.(146, 60)

15. The joined thoughts of amultitude will be capable of strikingdown evil influences, toppling idolsfrom their pedestals. (160, 60)

16. Today I can assure you that inthe future communication throughthought will reach great development,and through it many barriers thattoday separate peoples and worldswill disappear. If you learn tocommunicate in thought with yourFather, if you achieve spirit to Spiritcommunication, what difficulty couldthere then be in communicating withyour brothers, be they visible orinvisible, present or absent, andnearby or far away? (165, 15)

17. Your thoughts always come toMe, no matter how imperfect they are,and I hear your prayers even if theylack the faith that you should alwaysput in them. This is because My Spiritcaptures the vibrations and feelings ofall beings.

18. However, men who findthemselves distanced from others bytheir selfishness, and distanced fromspiritual life by the materialism thatthey have allowed themselves to bewrapped in today, are not prepared tocommunicate with others by means oftheir thoughts.

19. Nonetheless, I tell you that it isnecessary to begin to educate yourspirit; to do so, speak to the spirits,even if you have no apparent answerfrom them.

20. Tomorrow, when you have alllearned to give, you will begin to haveindications of a spiritualcommunication never imagined bymen. (238, 51)

The Strength of Feelings, Desires, and Fears           

21. At every moment you arevibrating mentally and spiritually, butmost of the time you radiateselfishness, hatred, violence, vanity,and the lower passions; you wound,and feel it when you are wounded, butyou do not love, and so you do notfeel it when you are loved. So, withyour insane thoughts you gosaturating the environment in whichyou live with pain, filling yourexistence with ill feeling. I tell you:Saturate all with peace, harmony andlove, and then you will be happy. (16,33)

22. Never think ill of those who donot love you, nor become exasperatedwith those who do not understandyou, for even the most closely held ofthe feelings you have toward yourfellow men is transmitted with yourthought. (105, 37)

23. Do you see those men who seekpower through force? Very soon, youwill see them convinced of their error.

24. I will demonstrate to them thatsolely through goodness, which is theemanation of love, one can be trulygreat and powerful. (211, 22 - 23)

25. You need faith to raise yourfaces smiling with hope and lookforward to the future without doubtsor mistrust, for I am in your future.

26. How often are you ill becauseyou think you are, because youbelieve every step dogged by fate ormenaced by pain? That is when yourmind attracts the darkness, and with itsurround your material life and yourspiritual journey.

27. Yet, here you have Me to re -ignite your faith in life, truth, eternity,and perfect peace, and to teach you toonce more to attract the light toyourselves. (205, 28 - 29)

The Lack of Self Control           

28. Man has two weaknesses. Hemakes no effort to remove hisblindfolds in order to study Myelevated spiritual teachings, nor doesHe want to separate himself fromthose material pleasures that preventhis spiritual progress. Thus, He hasbecome a slave to his selfishpleasures. His spirit is like a paralyzedhuman being who makes no effort toheal himself.

29. In all walks of life, wherever Ilook I see the majority of men asbeing weak. What does that mean?That you do not have enough strengthof will to escape from the mire inwhich you find yourselves, or fromthe laziness caused by the bonds thattie you to the material, and that is thebeginning of all vices and errors.

30. But men do not wish to make useof the power which they have beengiven, which is the will, the will thatshould be the supreme legislator,which ought to make itself obeyed,and in concert with reason, fightstrength against strength, empireagainst empire; on one side thepassions and desires, on the otherreason and will, until the day reasonand will win the final battle and youcan say that you are free.

31. Then you can be the greatprophets, the great enlightened ones,the supermen; then you will be able tolive among the beasts and play withreptiles, for truly I tell you, it is thefaults covering you that make you fearthese little brothers of yours, and it isbecause of these they attack you.

32. Yet if you observe men you willsee there are men who are fiercer thantigers and more poisonous thancobras. (203, 3 - 6)

My peace be with you !