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Editors of the spanish original writings in 12 volumns "Libro de la Vida Verdadera" is:
Asociación de Estudios Espirituales Vida Verdadera A.C.
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Translated by G. Michael Burns and others
Version: June 2011
By SZ Multimedia

"My word, my lecture today, apparently is only for you, but truly I say that it is for everyone, because its wisdom and love embraces all of the universe; it unifies all the worlds and all the incarnated and disembodied spirits. Come near if you need Me; seek Me if you feel lost." (Chapter 63, 30)

"Do you believe that all I have told you would be only for those who have heard Me? No, beloved people, with my Word I am speaking to those present and to those absent; for those of today, tomorrow, and all time; for those who have died, for those who live, and for those who have yet to be born. " (Chapter 7, 13)


Observance, Prologue and Introduction

I. The Second Coming of Christ, Third Era of Revelation

Chapter 1 - Waiting for the Second Coming of Christ
                 Introductory Perspective to the Sacred Event
                 Hopes and Expectations
                 Biblical Promises
                 Predictions fulfilled
Chapter 2 - The Dawn of the Third Era
                 The First Revelation
                 Messages and Signs All Around the World
                 Elijah as a Forerunner of the Lord
Chapter 3 - The Spiritual Sun of the Second Coming of Christ
                 The Coming of the Lord
                 "Every Eye Shall See Me"
Chapter 4 - Teaching through the Divine Manifestation
                 Origin of the Revelations
                 Places of the Revelations, and their Recipients
                 The Transmission of the Divine Manifestations
                 The Form of the Manifestations
                 The Presence of Beings from Beyond during the Teachings of Christ
                 Time Limitation of the Manifestations
Chapter 5 - The Motive for the Divine Revelation
                 God's Will that Humanity be Redeemed
                 The Elimination of Errors and Superficial Cults
                 Clarification about the True Life
                 The Development, the Spirituality, and the Salvation of Mankind
Chapter 6 - The Third Testament and the Great Book of Life
                 The Book of Love, the Truth and Wisdom of God
                 The Relationship between Spiritualism and the Doctrine of Jesus Christ
                 Discussions about The New Word
                 The Great Book of True Life
Chapter 7 - Influence and Significance of the Spiritual Teachings
                 The Effect of the Revelations
                 Hope and Understanding of the New Word
                 The Power of the Word of God
                 Reaction of Theologians and Materialists
                 The Effect of Spiritualism
                 The Importance of the New Revelation
Chapter 8 - The New Communities of Christ: Disciples, Apostles, Divine Envoys
                 Light and Shadow in the Congregations of the Revelation
                 Words of Warning to those who hear of the Spiritualist Work
                 The True Apostolate - The New Apostles
                 The Envoys of God in all the World, and in All Times

II. Retrospection of the First and Second Revelations

Chapter 9 - Stories and Personages of the People of Israel
                 The Story of Original Sin
                 Free Will and Original Sin
                 The Flood
                 The Unselfishness of Abraham
                 The Ladder to Heaven in Jacob's Dream
                 Joseph and his Brothers
                 The People of Israels Pilgrimage with Moses through the Desert
                 The Struggle of Elijah for the True God
                 The Twelve Tribes of Israel
                 The Prophets and First Kings of Israel
Chapter 10 - When the Time Came
                 The Waiting of the Jewish People for the Messiah
                 Mary, the earthly Mother of Jesus
                 The Adoration of the Baby Jesus
                 The Bond of Love between Jesus and Mary
                 The Wisdom of Jesus
                 The Incomprehension of the People of Nazareth
Chapter 11 - The Work of Jesus on earth
                 The Baptism in the Jordan; the Time of Preparation in the Desert
                 The Unity of Jesus Christ with God
                 The Rejection of Jesus as the awaited Messiah
                 Jesus as the Guest of Salvation among the Humble People
                 Jesus the Tireless Preacher
                 The Love of Jesus for Children and Nature
                 The Doctrine of Jesus
                 The "Miracles" of Jesus
                 The Adulteress
                 Mary Magdalene
                 Nicodemus and the Question of Reincarnation
                 The Transfiguration of Jesus
                 Lack of Courage to Commit Oneself
                 The Harassment of Jesus
                 Proclamation of His Parting
                 The Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem
                 The Last Supper
Chapter 12 - The Passion, Death, and Resurrection
                 Efforts and Suffering throughout the Life of Jesus
                 The Betrayal by Judas
                 The Passion of Jesus
                 The Saving Action of Jesus in the Worlds Beyond
                 The Appearance of Jesus after the Resurrection
Chapter 13 - Mission and Significance of Jesus and His Apostles
                 Correction of the Old Concept of God, and False Traditions
                 The Example of Jesus
                 The Importance of the Doctrine of Jesus
                 The Summoning, Learning, and Trials of the Apostles of Jesus
                 John the Apostle
                 The Apostles Peter and Paul
                 The Example of the Apostles
                 The Expansion of Christianity

III. The Era of the Christian Church

Chapter 14 - Christianity, Churches, and Worship
                 The Development of Christianity
                 Ceremonies of Worship
                 The Clergy
                 Communion and The Mass
                 Remembering the Dead
                 Material Symbols, Crucifixes and Relics
                 Veneration of the Saints
                 Religious Festivities
                 The Presence of God in spite of Misguided Worship
Chapter 15 - Pseudo - Christians, Mistaken Teachings of the Church
                 Christians in Name
                 Agnostics and Religious Fanatics
                 Adulteration of the Doctrine of Jesus Christ, and its Consequences
                 Mistaken Evolutions and Irregularities of Christianity

IV. The Law, the Love of God and Fellow Men

Chapter 16 - The Divine Law (The Law of God)
                 The Power of Divine Law
                 The Commandment of the Love of God in Spiritualist Works
                 The Failure to Obey the Divine Commandments and its Consequences
                 Fulfillment of the Supreme Commandment
Chapter 17 - The New Way of Worshiping God
                 The Evolution of Worship Services
                 Praying by rote, Empty of Devotion and Faith
                 True Prayer
                 The Four Aspects of True Prayer
                 Intimate and Spontaneous Prayer without Words
                 Daily Prayer
                 The Day of Rest as a Period of Reflection
                 Ask, and it shall be Given
                 The Blessing of Intercession
                 The Necessity of Prayer
                 The Beneficial Effects of Practicing Prayer
                 The Power of Prayer
                 The Love of God and Your Neighbor as Veneration of God
                 The Communion of Conscience between God and Man
Chapter 18 - Works of Charity and the Central Significance of Love
                 The Retroactive Grace of Good Works
                 True and False Charity
                 Spiritual and Material Acts of Love
                 The Integral Significance of Love
                 The Overall Power of Love

V. Forms of Divine Revelations and the Works of God

Chapter 19 - The Divine Trinity
                 The Unity of God with Christ and the Holy Spirit
                 The Three Forms of the Revelation of God
                 God as Creating Spirit and Father
                 Christ: The Love and Word of God
                 The Holy Spirit: The Truth and Wisdom of God
Chapter 20 - Mary, the Maternal Love of God
                 The Humble earthly Existence of Mary
                 Mary and Jesus
                 The Virginity of Mary
                 The Example of Mary for Women
                 Mary as Intercessor, Comforter, and Co - Savior of Humanity
                 The Divine Nature of Mary
                 The Universal Emanation of Mary
Chapter 21 - Omnipotence and Omnipresence of God and His Justice
                 The Power of God
                 The Presence of God in All Creation
                 The Avatars of Destiny
                 The Justice of God
Chapter 22 - The Love, Assistance and Grace of God
                 The Love of the Heavenly Father
                 The Help and Protection of God
                 The Humility of the Lord
                 The Compassion and Condolence of God
                 The Forgiveness, Mercy, and Clemency of God
Chapter 23 - Inspirations and Revelations of God
                 Divine Inspirations
                 The Adaptation of the Divine Revelations to Human Understanding
                 Different Means of Divine Revelations
                 The Need for Divine Revelations
                 The Divine Revelations without Limits
                 The Manifestation of the Presence of God in Man

VI. Creation

Chapter 24 - Spiritual and Material Creation
                 The Creation of Spiritual Beings
                 The Role of Great Spirits in the Creative Work
                 The Providential Thoughts of God
                 The Creation of Material Worlds for The Spiritual Beings
                 The Creation of Human Beings
                 The Memory of Paradise
                 The Nature of Human Beings
                 The Unity of the Creator with Creation
Chapter 25 - Nature
                 The Laws of Nature
                 The Presence of God in Nature
                 Nature is a Creation of God, and a Parable for the Spiritual
                 The Power of The Children of God over Nature
                 Man and Nature
Chapter 26 - Other Worlds
                 The Universal Light of Christ
                 The Spiritual Link between the Worlds
                 Other Worlds and Ways of Life
                 The Purpose of the Stars
Chapter 27 - The Beyond
                 The Knowledge needed about Spiritual Life
                 "Heaven" and "Hell"
                 The "Music" of Heaven
                 In my Father's House there are Many Mansions (Dwellings)

VII. The evolutionary Road to Perfection

Chapter 28 - Death, Dying, and Awakening in The Beyond
                 The Immortality of the Spirit
                 Preparation for the Parting from this World
                 The Passage to another World
                 "Eternal Rest"
                 Reencounters in the Beyond
                 The Judgment of the Spirit by its own Conscience
                 The Spiritual Conscience Recovered
Chapter 29 - Purification and Ascension of the Spirits in The Beyond
                 Remorse, Repentance, and Self Incrimination
                 Compensating Justice
                 The Ascension of Spirits to the Kingdom of God
Chapter 30 - The Development of the Spirit through Reincarnations
                 The Law of Evolution
                 The "Resurrection of the Flesh" - Properly Understood
                 The Differentiated State of the Development of the Spirits
                 The Knowledge of previous earthly Lives and of your own Development
                 Love as a Requirement for Spiritual Development
                 Various Reasons for the Reincarnations
                 The Road to Perfection
                 The Universal School of Life
                 The Power of Conviction of the Doctrine of Reincarnation
                 Stages in the Reincarnation of a Spirit
Chapter 31 - Redemption and Eternal Salvation
                 The Correction of Mistaken Concepts about Redemption
                 "Heaven" must be Earned
                 The most Powerful Force for Redemption
                 Salvation and Redemption for each Spirit
                 The Glorious Future of the Children of God

VIII. Human Beings

Chapter 32 - Incarnation, Nature, and Duties of Human Beings
                 Incarnation on Earth
                 The Real Value of the Body, and its Guiding by the Spirit
                 The Importance of the Spirit and the Conscience of Man
                 The Temple of God in Man
Chapter 33 - Men and Women, Parents and Children, Family and Marriage
                 The Relationship between Man and Woman
                 The Nature and Duty of the Man
                 Woman, Wife, and Mother
                 The Education of Children and Adolescents
                 A Word to the Girls and Young Women
                 Marriage and Family
Chapter 34 - Free Will and Conscience
                 The Importance of the Conscience and Free Will
                 The Abuse of Free Will
                 The Overriding Need to Obey the Impulses of the Conscience
                 The Struggle between Free Will and Conscience
                 The Conscience through the New Word of God
Chapter 35 - The Power of Thoughts, Feelings, and the Will
                 Sending and Receiving Thought, and its Effects
                 The Strength of Feelings, Desires, and Fears
                 The Lack of Self Control

IX. Teachings of the Divine Wisdom

Chapter 36 - Faith, Truth, and Understanding
                 The Faith that Can Do All Things
                 The Recognition of the Truth of God
                 The Recognition of the Spiritual and Divine
                 Conditions for Spiritual Recognition
                 Necessary Growth of the Consciousness of Man
Chapter 37 - Correct Understanding of the Biblical Texts
                 The Interpretation of the Word and Promises of the Bible
                 The Revelation of Jesus through the Apostle John
Chapter 38 - The Three Divine Revelations and the Seven Seals
                 The Revelations of God and Spiritual Development
                 The Three Testaments of God
                 The Third Era (Time)
                 The Seven Epochs of Sacred History
Chapter 39 - Earthly and Spiritual Israel
                 The Historic Mission of Israel: its Failure
                 The Separation of the Jewish People into earthly and Spiritual Creeds
                 The Spiritual People of Israel
                 The One Hundred and Forty - four Thousand Chosen
Chapter 40 - The Forces of Good and Evil
                 The Origin of Good and Evil
                 Arrogance and Humility
                 The Good; the Man of Good Will
                 Evil: Man in the Service of Evil
                 The Struggle between Good and Evil
                 Temptations and Seductions
                 Moral Crimes
                 The Impotence and Fleetingness of Evil
                 The Power of Forgiveness
Chapter 41 - Connections between this World and The Beyond
                 Inspiration and Aid from the Spiritual World
                 Disturbed and Malicious Spirits
                 The Struggle of the Spirits for Human Beings
                 The Bond with the Spirits of God
Chapter 42 - Guilt and Penitence, Trials and Suffering
                 The Need for Repentance and Atonement
                 The Law of Atonement
                 The Reason for Trials and Sufferings
                 Faith, Conformity, and Humility before the Trials
                 The Significance of Suffering and Pain
Chapter 43 - Illness, Healing, and Renovation
                 The Origin and Meaning of Illness
                 Healing through your own Strength
                 The Renovation of Human Beings
Chapter 44 - Life in the Divine Sense
                 The Necessary Equilibrium
                 Healthy and Unhealthy Pleasures
                 Blessed and Cursed Wealth
                 The Law of Giving
                 Compliance with Debts and Obligations
Chapter 45 - Predestination, Sense and Compliance in Life
                 Providence and the Determination of God in Human Destiny
                 In the School of Life
                 The Meaning and Value of Human Life

X. Materialism and Spiritualism

Chapter 46 - The badly Guided and Materialist Man
                 Lethargy of the Spirit, Ignorance and Arrogance of Men
                 Lack of Willingness for Abstention, Effort and Responsibility
                 The Spiritual Misery of Men
                 Earthly Misconduct and its Consequences
Chapter 47 - Materialism and Spiritualism
                 The Repercussions of the Present Materialism
                 The Essence of Spiritualism
                 Who can justly call themselves Spiritualized
                 Spiritualism in Religions and Confessions
Chapter 48 - Spiritual Gifts and Spiritualization
                 The Spiritual Abilities of Human Beings
                 Requirements and Characteristics of authentic Spiritualism
                 The Blessed Effects of Spirituality

XI. Humanity

Chapter 49 - Religion and Justice on Earth
                 No Religion or Sect is the Only Authentic
                 The Antagonism of Religions to Development
                 The Relation between Religion and Science
                 The Hardness and Injustice of earthly Judiciary
                 The Arrogant self-righteous Man
                 Earthly Justice as a Necessary Evil
Chapter 50 - Culture and Science
                 The Pride and Vanity of Knowledge
                 The Consequences of Materialist Reasoning
                 The Inspiration of Scientific Knowledge by God and the Spiritual World
                 Recognition of Scientists who work for the Good of Humanity
Chapter 51 - The Powerful; Abuses of Power and Wars
                 The Fleeting Delirium of Power and earthly Greatness
                 The Arrogant Exercise of Power over Persons and Nations
                 Reflections on the Second World War
                 The Despicable Nature and Senselessness of Wars
Chapter 52 - The Injustice and Decay of Humanity
                 The Oppression and Exploitation of the Weak by the Powerful
                 The Depravity of Humanity
                 The Misguided World of an Immature Humanity

XII. The Judgement and Purification of Humanity

Chapter 53 - The Time of Judgment has Arrived
                 The Gathering of the Harvest Sown by Man
                 The Purification of Humanity through the Judgment
                 The Love of God in the Judgment
Chapter 54 - Struggles between Doctrines, Religions and Churches
                 Spiritual Struggles before the Reign of Peace of Christ on earth
                 The Contest for Spiritual Supremacy on earth
                 The Struggle against Spiritualism
                 The Rejection of the Spiritual Revelations and Spiritual Healings
Chapter 55 - The Purification of the World and Humanity in the Judgment
                 The Warning Voice of God and Nature before the Judgment
                 The Power of Evil shall be broken
                 Apocalyptic Wars, Pests, Plagues, and Destruction
                 Natural Catastrophes and Earthquakes
                 Loving Justice and the Mercy of God
                 The Results of Judgment

XIII. The Transformation and Consecration of the World and Creation

Chapter 56 - Triumph and Recognition of the Spiritual Work of Christ
                 The Spreading of Spiritualism by the Envoys of God
                 The Fight for the Recognition of the New Word
                 The Power of the Doctrine of The Holy Spirit
                 The Acceptance of the Return of Christ in All the World
Chapter 57 - Reversion and Renewal in all Human Areas
                 New and More Profound Knowledge
                 Instruction through Human Envoys of God
                 The Metamorphoses of Human Beings
                 Transformations and Revolutions in all Areas of Life
Chapter 58 - The Kingdom of the Peace of Christ and the Culmination of Creation
                 The Determining Power in the Kingdom of the Peace of Christ
                 The New Man
                 The Earth as Promised Land and Reflection of the Kingdom of Heaven
                 The Consummation of Creation
                 The Song of Praise for the restored Harmony of Creation

XIV. The Missionary Calling

Chapter 59 - The Call to spread the New Word of God
                 Instructions for compiling Books, Extracts, and Translations
                 The Right to Knowledge of the New Word of God
                 Instructions for the Spread of Spiritualism
Chapter 60 - Work in Accord with The Spirit of Christ
                 Qualities and Abilities needed in the New Apostles
                 Comportment while Spreading the Word
                 The Correct Way to spread the Word
                 The Mission of Comforting and Healing those who suffer
                 The Moment for Beginning the Worldwide Mission

XV. Exhortations, Warnings and Instructions

Chapter 61 - Exhortations and Warnings from The Lord
                 Mandates and Obligations
                 Faith, Hope, Love, Humility, and Trust
                 Prayer, Study, Alertness, Renovation, and Spirituality
                 Warnings to the Communities of the Revelation
                 Warning about the Continuation of the Revelations after 1950, and False Revelations of Christ
                 Bad Habits, Hypocrisy and Vice
                 False Penitence and mistaken Expectations
                 Warning to the Peoples and Powers of the earth
Chapter 62 - Words for the Present Listeners
Chapter 63 - Teachings for the Congregations and All the Disciples of Christ
                 The Spiritual Work of Christ
                 Spiritual Israel and the Jewish People
                 Ministry and Spirituality
                 Purification and Perfection
                 Here, and Beyond the earthly
                 Revelations of the Divine
                 Humans and Destiny
                 Defects, Sin, and Absurdities
                 The Purification and Spiritualization of Humanity

XVI. Prophecies and Parables, Comfort and Promises

Chapter 64 - Prophecies
                 The Fulfillment of Old and New Promises
                 The Great Prophecy to the Nations, delivered on January 1, 1945
                 Wars and Natural Catastrophes, Signs in the Heavens
                 Prophecy concerning the Schism in the Mexican Communities
Chapter 65 - Parables; Comfort and Promises
                 Parable of the Poor Administrators
                 Crossing the Desert to the Great City
                 Parable: The Magnanimity of a King
                 Exhortation for Development

God's Call to Humanity

                 A Call to the Men of this Time
                 A Call to the Intellectuals
                 A Call to the Worn and Weary
                 Exhortation to Spiritual Israel

The contents of the verses of this book were chosen from the 12-volume work called The Book of True Life, and have been ordered by themes, resulting in a compendium that uses the original wording, but which offers the reader an introduction of more manageable size to this divine work.

The twelve volumes are made up of a total of 366 chronologically numbered "Teachings".

Although this book is ordered by topics, the Teachings are subdivided by verse numbers to facilitate their identification and for easy comparison between translations made to other languages. However, they are also identified, either singly, or at the end of a block of verses taken whole from the twelve volumes of The Book of True Life, by the original Teaching and Volume numbers for those who wish to expand their knowledge of the work, or who wish to check the full context for citations they find to be of special interest.

For example, a numerical citation such as: (356, 4-5) means: Teaching 356, verses four and five, of the original. Below, is a small table showing the Teaching numbers contained in each of the twelve volumes:

Volume 1 1 - 28 Volume 7 175 - 207
Volume 2 29 - 54 Volume 8 208 - 241
Volume 3 55 - 82 Volume 9 242 - 276
Volume 4 83 - 110 Volume 10 277 - 309
Volume 5 111 - 142 Volume 11 310 - 338
Volume 6 143 - 174 Volume 12 339 - 366

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